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Guy Nearly Drops Baby For Foul Ball

With Fathers Day recently passed and summer in full swing, it’s only fitting that in last night’s Dodgers/Mets game, some idiot almost lost his fucking baby snagging a foul ball. His wife was not impressed. But the guy beside them was. He reaches for the high five as she scolds everyone in their section.

Now, this is something we have all seen before… a guy holding his baby snags a foul liner like it was nothing. It makes him look like a total boss and no one bats an eye. Leave it to a Mets fan to turn what could have been a heroic moment into a losing effort. I’ve seen guys cradle their popcorn with more grace than this guy’s desperate attempt to juggle the ball and his baby.

Once again we can all learn an invaluable lesson. If you have a chance to catch the infamous foul ball, you fucking do everything in your power to do so. There’s no life worth protecting if it’s letting a moment like that go to waste.

Just one more reason to call this Mets season a complete dumpster fire.

Jamie Scott is a photographer, writer, comedy fan, and an avid sports enthusiast. When he isn't traveling the world you can be sure to find him talking sports and enjoying the company of his amigos. Jamie is always keen for a laugh and he's got the perspective to find something funny in everything.

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