Dean Blundell Off Air

Cliff Myers joins us to discuss comedy, inch worms, past/present employment situations and we revisit the shower joke!

Why do people watch wrestling? Who knows but Dan tries to explain why he still loves it! Dean shares a story about his Saint Patrick’s Day shenanigans. We discuss the world of Online dating and the poor souls that have been catfished from it.

Dean & Zeke discuss people who like to involve themselves in other peoples discussions and share the punchlines from some of their favorite jokes!

Craig Gass joins Dean to talk about interviewing celebrities and being at the World Series! @Craiggasscomedy

Cliff Myers talks about trolls, alcohol and the birth of his son.

Years after my friend Wade Belak passed, his Widow Jen tells us what really happened and why.

I was so happy to sit with some old pals and chat music and friendship. Daniel Greaves and Joey Serlin give great chat and mark our first live music performance in our shitty little studio. Up next, not sure maybe Cliff and The Pimp or a couple of dicks.

She’s back… Psychic Nikki drops by to drop some interstellar science on your ass. Talking about earthquakes and how terrorists must hate potatoes. Nice to catch up with her on all things other worldly. I almost forgot how weird she is. Up next one on one with my good friends from The Watchmen.

September 10, 2014

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My good friend and former producer Meatus is back and we got a chance to catch up. You remember Meatus right? You know the guy that spells the word ‘bingo’ with a silent k… and a 6. Yeah that guy. Fun chat great to catch up. Up next… Maybe the guys that won’t shut up or Cliff or Psychic Nikki.

Zeke and I catch up on a bunch of stuff we’ve missed in the world over the past 4 + weeks of not podcasting. Like beheadings, blue waffles, cake farts and racism on racism. Up next… More on the summer missed and a couple of guys that won’t shut up.