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I was so happy to sit with some old pals and chat music and friendship. Daniel Greaves and Joey Serlin give great chat and mark our first live music performance in our shitty little studio. Up next, not sure maybe Cliff and The Pimp or a couple of dicks.

She’s back… Psychic Nikki drops by to drop some interstellar science on your ass. Talking about earthquakes and how terrorists must hate potatoes. Nice to catch up with her on all things other worldly. I almost forgot how weird she is. Up next one on one with my good friends from The Watchmen.

September 10, 2014

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My good friend and former producer Meatus is back and we got a chance to catch up. You remember Meatus right? You know the guy that spells the word ‘bingo’ with a silent k… and a 6. Yeah that guy. Fun chat great to catch up. Up next… Maybe the guys that won’t shut up or Cliff or Psychic Nikki.

Zeke and I catch up on a bunch of stuff we’ve missed in the world over the past 4 + weeks of not podcasting. Like beheadings, blue waffles, cake farts and racism on racism. Up next… More on the summer missed and a couple of guys that won’t shut up.

Part #3 picks up right where we left off in # 2, with Cliff and Nick cracking up the audience and me laughing my ass off. Plus we get our final interruptions from the drunken ‘Tree’. That was one big drunk dude with a lot to say. Up next… Bring your wife to PODCAST day where Mike and Cliff bring their wives to corroborate their stories.

Greg and Saul drop by to check out more from the live podcast in Markham. Including stand up sets with Darcy Michael, Clifford Myers and the ever present “Tree”. Featuring some epic pterodactyl noises, tales of weed brownies and Clifford Myers as The Batman. Plus we chat about the next live podcast on July 31st at the Absinthe Club in Hamilton. Up next… Live in Markham part 3

On June 7th, Darcy, Cliff, Nick, Zeke and I did a live event in Markham. Easily the most fun I’ve had in a long time. This is a sample of the night where we all sat and chatted after the comedy sets about ball shaving, head shaving and ‘Tree’ the drunken heckler. We also played the “Embarrassment Roundtable game.” Cliff you are a great big mess and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Up next… Live in Markham part 2 with special guests Saul and Greg.

Gerry popped by to chat before heading out to shoot season 4 of MR. D. We got a chance to talk about Scottish name calling family members, how to deal with a car thief and basically bicker and argue. Sorry for the audio glitch on the best story, Mike the AV PIMP is slipping. Up next… ‘That Time of the Month’ cast

This is the second half of our chat with ex-NHL’er Scott Thornton. We discuss his U.G. Series of fitness events, his charity work and his best team captains. Plus his life as a player, fighter and a figure skater. Up next… Gerry Dee

I had the chance to hook up with ex-NHL’er Scott Thornton to chat about his 18 years as a pro, life after hockey, Zeke’s thriving playstation career and whether or not Ron Wilson is a dick. Up next… Scott Thornton Pt 2 – Where we discuss Scott’s U.G. fitness event series and his Battle of the Blades victory.