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Thank you all so much for the support regarding the new podcasts. It has been a lot of fun so far. Just getting to know my friend Cliff is a Brony, Mike is a dirt ball, Darcy does mushroom binges and Craig is ok with adorable poop has been worth it for me. Deancast #9 will be a little different though. Yesterday I had the opportunity to chat one-on-one with councillor Giorgio Mammoliti.  This is a very candid interview, he offers a close personal perspective on the Rob Ford Saga and a whole lot more.

We also have a live event to announce.  My friends, Cliff Myers and Darcy Michael are going to join me on June 7th at The Southside Bistro in Markham.  Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster and we will also have a contest for a pair of tickets in the contest section.  I am excited about these events because we are going to combine stand-up comedy, with a live podcast and a Q & A segment. I  can’t wait to do another live event, because the roast that Saul from Korry’s, Greg from Hyundai of Oakville and Jason at X Copper put together was an absolute riot.  The three amigos there have agreed to help out with some more events, so I am pumped to get into it.  Please note that Southside is a very small room owned by a friend of mine, so if you want to go there isn’t much space. Get your tickets here.

Finally, thanks for all the feedback on the podcasts, we should have it up on iTunes very soon so it’s easier for all of you.  Also, to answer the most frequently asked question… YES, I do have a plan to do some live “Morning Show” type casts in the near future.

Cheers DEAN

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