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Road rage leads to the best one punch EVAH.


Road rage leads to the best one punch EVAH.

Source  –  “Getting angry because of someone’s driving is never wise – and it will almost always end in tears.

Which is exactly what happened to this passenger, who objected to the driver behind him sounding his horn.

He got out of the car, armed himself with a baseball bat and stormed over to the car behind to confront the offender, before swinging back the bat and smashing up the right wing.  

But the driver in the car behind did not take well to his car being smashed up so got out and reacted with equal violence and ferocity.

With a single punch he knocked out the guy with the baseball bat then took on the baseball bat-wielding man’s passenger who had, perhaps foolishly, got out to (belatedly) defend his friend.”


I used to road rage all the time. It’s easy to be super tough behind the wheel of a car doing 100. The shitty part is when you gotta show your hand.

Dude with the baseball bat thought he had it all figured out. Bat always wins, right? Meh. Technically a bat should be a deterrent, but not for this fucker. The punch he throws to light the guy up might be one of the greatest punches I have ever seen. He then follows it up with a choke-out of bat boy’s friend.

The mistake was made when bat boy decided he didn’t care about the history of the guy’s car he pounded on. That’s the thing about my new selective road rage that keeps me alive. I ALWAYS look inside the car and look at the face of the person I’m going to go apeshit on, and if there’s ANY remote chance the guy/gal looks meaner than me or like he might know something I don’t, I’m moving on.

Bat boy needed my advice before he decided to be tough. Could have avoided the concussion.




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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Errol Da-Ré

    July 5, 2017 at 10:14 am

    Yea, road rage generally only ends well for 1 party. Good reminder D.

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