Assorted Goods Podcast

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 50
  Jul 05, 2021   54:13

#047: Greener Grass

There’s a lot of weird things that human beings do, maintaining lawns has got to be on the list. Why do we have this cultural norm of trying to make our little green spaces so perfect? Where did we get this idea from? Diving into the weird history of this quirky piece of western society...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 49
  Jun 07, 2021   01:37:45

#046: Bright Minds: With Dr. Nicole Tetreault

There’s a lot to know about the human brain, but what do we know about the inner-workings of gifted and Twice-Exceptional (2E) individuals? My guest this episode is Dr. Nicole Tetreault, as we discuss her book ‘Insight Into A Bright Mind’, as well as an assortment of topics including; anxiety, imposter syndrome, meditation, why we...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 48
  May 25, 2021   49:14

#045: Comfortably Numb

Why does it seem that when a crisis gets larger in size, its harder to get people to really care? Turns out, we can chalk this up to one of the many shortcomings of our wiring in our brains. Looking at the idea of ‘psychic numbing’ and how it affects our reactions to a crisis....

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 47
  Apr 19, 2021   54:49

Bonus Episode: Dan’s Interview on For the Trees

As a little filler for your eardrums, a special release this week of an interview I did over on the podcast ‘For the Trees’ with Jeff Feightner. We had a good conversation about life, creativity, podcasting, all sorts of good stuff. So have a listen, and then check out For the Trees for more good...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 46
  Apr 06, 2021   56:30

#044: Over-Rated

More and more things in our lives demand that we give them a rating, or a review (podcasts especially). But what’s lurking under the surface of all these 5-star ratings? Is anything what it seems? And do they even have an effect on people when they make choices? Taking a look at world of ratings...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 45
  Mar 08, 2021   59:30

#043: The Dream Machine

So many of us absolutely love to sleep, to catch some Z’s as much as we can. But what do we know about why we spend a third of out lives out cold? What’s really going on inside our bodies and brains while we’re off in dreamland? Figuring out the secrets of our nightly rest,...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 43
  Jan 04, 2021   56:15

#041: Gettng It Done: with Dr. Joseph Ferrari

Almost everyone has moments where they can’t get down to work on something important. And for some, procrastination creeps into every part of their lives. So with some serious help from Dr. Joseph Ferrari from DePaul University in Chicago, we’re starting 2021 on the right foot by figuring out why we work against ourselves by...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 42
  Nov 09, 2020   01:10:14

#040: Tick-Tock

Time. It’s so elemental to our lives that we never stop to think about the simple idea, what is time? But time is also such an overwhelming part of almost everything we do. This episode, we’re taking a look at the very idea of time itself, how it plays a role in our lives, and...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 41
  Oct 14, 2020   01:12:14

#039: The Bigger Picture

Climate stories are always feel too big to wrap our heads around, so maybe a good way to approach the topic is to treat it like the gigantic issue it is. When we talk about cities slipping underwater, or extreme heat scorching regions of the world, how come we aren’t talking about what that means?...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 40
  Sep 22, 2020   01:19:42

#038: Democratization

How much do we all really know about elections? Or better yet, about democracy itself? Where it came from, how it evolved, but more than that, what the hell is wrong with democracy right now? The systems of giving choice to the people that have taken centuries to form are now eroding away. So let’s...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 39
  Sep 09, 2020   01:23:57

#037: Bear-ing All w/ Matt Hongoltz-Hetling

An interview with author and journalist Matt Hongoltz-Hetling, where we discuss his new book ‘A Libertarian Walks Into A Bear’. Talking about Libertarianism, how bears have been misunderstood, and also, a talk about the state of local journalism and media in America. Enjoy! Check out Matt’s website as well at

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 38
  Sep 01, 2020   28:11

Bonus Episode: The Last Kilometer

A bonus episode from Assorted Goods. Dan put together this guest episode for the podcast ‘An Absolute Nobody’. September 1st 2020 is the 40th anniversary of the end of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope, his attempt to run from coast to coast across Canada in order to raise funds for cancer research. This episode is...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 37
  Jul 07, 2020   01:14:04

#036: Planet Amazon

A long dive into Amazon, the company that’s changed how we buy anything and everything. Since ’94 Amazon went from a garage and and a computer to the one of the most dominant and successful companies in history. But behind the smile-boxes and the 2-day shipping are some hard truths, about the company, its ethics,...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 36
  Jun 15, 2020   01:03:44

#035: Heroes IRL

Back to a collection of stories this episode with a bit of a continuation of the conversation had in episode 34, profiling Bruce Franks Jr, who rose from the Ferguson protests and the early stages of the Black Lives Matter movement to become an elected official. But there’s more to being the “St Louis Superman”...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 35
  Jun 01, 2020   46:20

#034: Systematic

Assorted Goods takes part in the #PodcastBlackout by standing up and speaking out about the murder of George Floyd and the past week of events…

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 34
  May 25, 2020   01:25:00

#033: Education and Technology with Carlo Trentadue

A groundbreaking episode of Assorted Goods, with the first ever guest interview on the show (Okay, its not THAT groundbreaking, but its still a big deal around here). Dan welcomes an old friend as his first guest, Carlo Trentadue, who is an educator, a football coach and an all around good guy. They sit down...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 33
  May 19, 2020   55:34

#032: Wear It Out

In the most assorted of a goodie-type episode, we dive into a bunch of bits and pieces. First, what happens to all those clothes we toss aside, donate, and drop off for other uses. Do any of them end up actually on the backs of other people? Dan then has a rant about the state...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 32
  May 04, 2020   59:59

#031: Too Faced

Ever wonder what becomes of all those age-old photos of you floating around social media and the internet? One company has built a tool that makes every findable photo of you, well, easier to find. But who’s reaping the benefits, and what are the risks? How advancements in facial recognition technology are changing security, policing,...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 31
  Apr 19, 2020   49:27

Remix: A Tale of Two Healthcare Systems

An Assorted Goods Revival episode, combining the two parts of the pod’s ‘Tale of Two Healthcare Systems’, the two-part look at the history behind the Canadian and American healthcare systems. Spanning episode’s 5 and 6, this remix crams those parts together with a little updated narration. At a time when healthcare is at the forefront...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 30
  Apr 13, 2020   52:08

#030: Lost and Found- Apr. 13/20

In an attempt to avoid the craziness of the current news cycle, Dan dives into his folder of saved stories from the past year to find some interesting bits and pieces. But avoiding the corona seems to be impossible… The role of stress in our physical health, a restoration of swampy areas, a ban on...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 29
  Mar 30, 2020   01:05:09

#029: Tweety Birds and Vultures- Mar. 30/20

An accidental deep dive episode, kind of… More of a ‘rabbit-hole’ episode. Starting with Twitter, and a potential change at the top of the company, but who are the people working to shake things up? And what does their past say about their possible intentions? Some classic, dirty, corporate boardroom politics, and just how far...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 28
  Mar 02, 2020   50:23

#028: Higher Edu-tainment – Mar. 2/20

Back with a collection of stories, this time taking a dive into the world of e-sports and how now, colleges and university are getting in on the trend, starting programs and even offering scholarships. Then, a look at how a nation is trying to change the hearts and minds of women living in isolated communities...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 27
  Feb 18, 2020   01:33:15

#027: Tulsa (Part 2)

In part 2 of our look at the Tulsa Massacre of 1921, the story of the massacre itself, how it began, and what happened in the days and weeks following. What became of Greenwood and its residents? The lies, the corruption and injustice, the struggle to rebuild, and the impossible job trying to take account...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 26
  Feb 09, 2020   49:30

#026: Tulsa (Part 1)

Almost 99 years ago, 35 blocks of an all-black neighborhood in a major American city was burned to the ground. But for all the years since, the Tulsa Massacre of 1921 has been mostly forgotten. How did the worst incident of racial violence in American history get ignored? How did it even happen to begin...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 25
  Jan 27, 2020   53:11

#025: Coocoo for Cocoa Cartels- Jan. 27/20

Back once again with the podcastin’ goodness. Taking a look at the alliance formed between the two leading producers of the cocoa bean, and what it means for your chocolatey treats. Then, the WNBA has given their players a big raise, but how big of a step forward is it for the league? In the...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 24
  Jan 13, 2020   53:30

#024: Sweet Gigs- Jan. 13/20

Dan tries to figure out what the “gig economy” is and what is means for the current landscape of work. Then, everyone loves a good Netflix binge, but is there a side-effect to all these data demands? The second half of the show includes a look at cannabis in Canada, one year later. And finally,...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 23
  Dec 23, 2019   42:15

#023: An Assorted Goods Christmas- Dec. 23/19

In a holiday edition of Assorted Goods, we take a look at a pair of Christmas-themed stories from out in the world. First, with the economics behind the iconic Christmas tree itself, why are tree prices soaring? And is there a shift coming to the kinds of trees people want to buy? Then, a look...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 22
  Dec 09, 2019   39:45

#022: Self-Check Yourself – Dec. 9/19

Self-checkouts are suddenly everywhere, driving me nearly insane. Is this shift to more self-service a good change, or something to worry about? Then, tens of thousands of satellites are planned to launch in the coming years and it may come at the expense of our best views of outer space. In the second half, taking...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 20
  Nov 11, 2019   37:09

#020: Short Supplies and Brain Maintenance- Nov. 11/19

In this episode of Assorted Goods, we get into a new report from the U.S. Military stating that supply shortages, mainly water supplies will be a major problem as a result of a changing climate, then, a study is painting a clearer picture of how our brains organize our memories while we sleep. In the...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 8
  May 05, 2019   55:03

Episode #008: Uneven Playing Field

In episode #008 of Assorted Goods we jump into the world of sports for the first time. Taking a look at the current situation for minor-league baseball players, who live on sub-poverty level wages while the major leagues clubs are signing players to record-breaking contracts. The income inequality story paralleled in the world of sports....

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 7
  Apr 07, 2019   55:25

Episode #007: A Nation Divided

In episode 7, we take a look into Ireland’s troubled past of internal conflicts, their place in the United Kingdom and how the upcoming ‘Brexit’ resolution could make or break the fragile peace that’s existed there for 20 years. Also, stories on the soon to launch 5G Networks, the dirty trick being used to withhold...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 7
  Mar 15, 2019   45:28

Episode #006: A Tale of Two Healthcare Systems- Part 2

Getting into part 2 of our Tale of Two Healthcare Systems. This time, telling the American story, and how political stalemates, the love of cash money and a general apathy towards poor and sick people left the “greatest” country in the world with a subpar healthcare system, even a century after the original idea of...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 6
  Feb 24, 2019   41:57

Episode #005: A Tale of Two Healthcare Systems- Part 1

Episode #005- February 24th 2019: This episode we get into Part 1 of our 2 part look at the history of the Canadian and American healthcare systems, examining the different paths they took, the similarities between their struggles and the long, slow reality of enacting massive change to large industries. We also get polar vortexes,...

Assorted Goods Podcast
Episode: 5
  Jan 27, 2019   47:50

Episode #004- The Evolving Workday

Episode 004 f or January 27th 2019. We take a look at a couple of interesting stories from China’s scientific community. Then, what Fortnite’s creator is doing with some of his newfound fortune and an NBA player and his feud with a dictator. Then we dive into the history of the regulated work week, also...

Assorted Goods Podcast
  Dec 30, 2018   31:00

Episode #003: Goodie Bag- December 30 2018

The pods first Goodie Bag episode. A change in the pods format, shorter episodes for your listening pleasure. This episode we touch on some bits of news from the past month, dangerous naked selfies, the dollar store takeover and more… As well, some talk about a couple of good books to stay warm with, James...

Assorted Goods Podcast
  Nov 27, 2018   59:09

Episode #002 – Booze, Tech and Random Goods

November 27th 2018- This episode we take a look at the history of liquor control in Canada, the bits of tech that are soon to take over our day to days, and a bunch of random goodies to boot. Thanks for listening you amazing person you 👍

Assorted Goods Podcast
  Oct 14, 2018   59:59

Episode #001 – October 14th 2018

The very first Assorted Goods Podcast. A little introduction, some talk about this and that. Featuring 3 main topics of discussion today. Controversy surrounding an Australian icon, a look at an ongoing conflict in the American prison system, and one company’s ambitious goal to fix a global environmental problem. Thanks for stopping by!