Ball Hawks Podcast

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 29
  Sep 13, 2021   6319

Episode 29 – This is a Football Podcast

This week the guys FINALLY got to do an episode where we talked about real, meaningful, football games! The first one since the Ball Hawks Podcast started! Topics for the week: 1) Games of the week. Steve and Chris each picked a game of the week to highlight! 2) Players of the week. The guys also...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 28
  Sep 07, 2021   6508

Episode 28- Go Hawks with guest Mikaela Mattes

This week the guys brought in special guest Mikaela Mattes (follow her on Twitter @mikaelamattes) to talk everything Seattle Seahawks! It was a packed episode of laughs, some almost tears, lots of Seahawks insight, and even some more food takes.  Topics for the week: 1) Thoughts on the Seahawks 53 man roster. Surprise cuts, roster...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 27
  Aug 31, 2021   6111

Episode 27- Pre Season Finale Recap

Welcome back again for our Pre Season finale show! Lots of football to uncover and lots of laughs had! Episode lineup: 1) Around the NFL News (7:38). Deshaun Watson, Bills Mafia, and Minshew Mania moves to Philly. 2) Pre Season game 3 news:                                    a) Seahawks (29:43).                                    b) Ravens (45:37). 3) Third Down (71:03). All-time fantasy...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 26
  Aug 24, 2021   5487

Episode 26- Aaaandy, more camp fights, more food takes?

We’re back with another ripper of an episode! Pre Season Week 2 is almost complete and the guys have a breakdown on news around the league and deep dives into the Ravens and Seahawks pre-season games! The lineup for this week: 1) News from around the NFL (7:05) 2) Pre Season Week 2 games- Seahawks...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 25
  Aug 17, 2021   6557

Episode 25- 1st Quarter Quell Episode

Football is back and so is the Ball Hawks Podcast! This is the first time we have recorded with live football to talk about so I hope you all enjoy it! Here is the lineup: 1) Around the NFL news (4:56). 2) Training Camp/ Pre Season updates.                           a) Seattle Seahawks (29:25).                           b) Baltimore Ravens (41:01)....

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 24
  Aug 09, 2021   5996

Episode 24- Josh Allen contract, Keenan Allen wow, and Camp Fights!

An early recording this week, on Saturday, August 7th, as Chris takes off for family vacation. Lots of news and analysis to get to this week as the season inches closer. Topics on the agenda are: 1) Around the NFL news. Training camp injuries, HOF game thoughts, Josh Allen contract, Keenan Allen and Derwin James...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 23
  Aug 03, 2021   5368

Episode 23- Training Camp is HERE!

Episode 23 on this rainy Sunday! Training camps have started and we’re here for all the news as the action picks up! We also started the episode chatting the new Space Jam and taking kids to the movies for the first time. – Around the NFL news and highlights (8:56). – Training camp updates. Seahawks...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 22
  Jul 27, 2021   7335

Episode 22- Pre Training Camp Drama

We are back on a week where A LOT of drama is happening right before training camp! So much seemed to happen this week- Steve was out of internet range camping so Chris had to bombard him with all the news upon arriving back, to give you tonight’s show! Topics for today were: 1) Around...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 21
  Jul 20, 2021   7085

Episode 21- NFL Expansion Draft Protection Lists

The guys were on the corner of 21st and Prime (this reference missed big time on the recording) to bring you another fun episode! Slightly less heated than last week, but still heated enough to make it interesting! The lineup for the week: 1) Around the NFL latest news (6:24). Topics included Brady playing the...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 20
  Jul 13, 2021   6278

Episode 20- What's a Scott Fish Bowl?

Tune into this mid-July classic of an episode, presented by The Dean Blundell Network (! Things got a little heated during Third Down and one specific Mailbag question! An episode full of NFL news, fantasy football talk, and disagreements over football and non-football related topics! You don’t want to miss this! This week’s episode features:...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 19
  Jul 06, 2021   5733

Episode 19- 4th of July Special!

The guys were back in the studio Sunday, so we wish a happy 4th of July to our US listeners!  The rundown for this week: 1) Around the NFL (10:31). Demaryius Thomas retirement, Davante Adams dream scenario, Lamar Jackson contract talks, Pitts making bank, Tamorrian Terry news, Flash Gordon reinstated! 2) Fantasy Football buzz (49:21)....

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 18
  Jun 29, 2021   6778

Episode 18- It's Gettin' Hot in Here

Chris and Steve are back in the studio in 40°C+ weather to bring you this HOT episode! The guys are ready to dive into this week’s latest NFL news. And maybe a pool if one was nearby! Here’s the lineup for this week: Around the NFL news (12:00). Fantasy Football takes (49:17). Third Down (80:24)....

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 17
  Jun 22, 2021   5356

Episode 17- Dad Bods Talk Football

The guys spend Father’s Day night in the studio for episode 17! Happy Father’s Day to all of you who call yourselves dad! We are proudly hosted on the Dean Blundell Network- find our episodes and blog posts there at We had a lot of laughs during this one across the board. Chris reveals...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 16
  Jun 15, 2021   6098

Episode 16- Top 5 Position Duo's and candy?!?!!?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, the Dean Blundell Network proudly brings to you, your favorite NFL podcast on the netwooooooooooork the loudmouth, Chris Phillips, the brewmaster, Steve Fisher, the Ball Hawks Podcast!!!! That is your special treat intro from our one and only Chris Phillips this week and really set...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 15
  Jun 08, 2021   5044

Episode 15- Are the Titans Super Bowl contenders?

Julio Jones is going to be a Tennessee Titan! The guys are back in the studio to discuss whether this makes the Titans a legitimate Super Bowl contender this year, or are they, pretenders? You will hear everything from whether athletes should be forced into mandatory media obligations, to what type of ice cream reigns...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 14
  Jun 01, 2021   4936

Episode 14- WAY Too Early Record Predictions

We were LIVE for the first time on YouTube. We want to thank everyone who tuned in to listen to this episode live, interact with us and especially to Braden from the ATT (Alien Theorists Theorizing podcast – exclusively on Spotify) for doing all the behind the scenes work as our producer, if anyone is...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 13
  May 25, 2021   6927

Episode 13 – Julio Jones Drama & Tebowmania!

Lucky number 13 episode and we’re bringing some big news! We are PROUDLY part of the Dean Blundell Network on !!! We are so excited to get this opportunity so early on in our podcasting journey. A special thanks to our buddy Ryan Hank (@always90four on Twitter) for vouching for us to get an...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 12
  May 18, 2021   7136

Episode 12 – Cheeseheads assemble!!

Steve and Chris were back in studio to chat with a bunch of Cheeseheads. We were joined by J Andrews and Dave Steger from Pass the Cheese Podcast and J from the 3rd & 2 Podcast also. We catch up with the Packers Draft (16:38) and some picks that J and Dave love, as well...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 11
  May 11, 2021   5425

Episode 11- Run DK Run and #RunChrisRun

We are back on the mic’s Sunday and want to wish all the moms out there a very happy Mother’s Day, especially our own mom’s and our wives, who are the rocks of our family’s! We start the episode by talking about our #RunChrisRun event that spiraled well out of control into something that was...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 10
  May 04, 2021   6931

Episode 10- Your NFL Post Draft Show

The Ballhawks Podcast is now on the clock!!! The 2021 NFL Draft has concluded and that means it’s time to hit the record button. We intro the show by talking about Rich Eisen’s 40 yard dash time and how it relates to a little bet of our own for #RunChrisRun   Find out how this turned...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 9
  Apr 27, 2021   5961

Episode 9- Ravens Flock with Special Guest Sarah Ellison

Do we have a treat for you this week!!! We have been hinting at it all weekend and it’s finally here. The guys sat down with former Baltimore Ravens editor, creator of Man of the Crowd Podcast and the Late for Work feature on, Sarah Ellison. Give her a follow on Twitter @sarahgellison. Sarah...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 8
  Apr 20, 2021   5616

Episode 8- A Trip Down Memory Lane and Favorite NFL Postgame Rants

The guys are back for the THIRD time in 7 days!! You asked for content and we delivered with 3 episodes and this one did not disappoint. A slow week in the NFL is no problem for the Ball Hawks Podcast! Find the podcast on Twitter @ballhawks_pod Steve @ssfisher87 and Chris @phillipschris12    Please be sure...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 7
  Apr 16, 2021   5679

Episode 7- Lions & Aliens & Nicknames oh my! feat. Andrew from Alien Theorists Theorizing Podcast

The guys were back in the lab for the SECOND time this week! You wanted more content, we listened, we delivered. This episode features special guest Andrew from the Alien Theorists Theorizing podcasts, found exclusively on Spotify here: Andrew is a lifelong Detroit Lions fan and the second straight guest to claim their team...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 6
  Apr 13, 2021   6013

Episode 6- Darnold Trade, Mock Draft, and Minshew's sex appeal!

The boys are back in town with episode 6. We start the episode off by revealing our new intro song. We can’t thank Ryan aka Zelly and the boys at Lucky Monkey for the use of their song Mirror Man enough. To listen to the full song, find them on Spotify Please be sure...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 4
  Mar 30, 2021   5565

Episode 4- West Browns and Down feat. Ted Wong

The guys were back in studio to drop the 4th episode featuring a very special guest and our very first guest on the show- Ted Wong of the PP1 Podcast. He has also made an appearance on The LarschCast show on Sportsnet 650. You can follow him on Twitter @Tee3ree and follow his hockey podcast...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 3
  Mar 25, 2021   3867

Episode 3- Free Agency Wave 2 and the New Look Giants?

Another fun one from the guys this week! All of the feedback, listens, reviews, and discussions are very much appreciated! Follow @ballhawks_pod @ssfisher87 @phillipschris12 Things get started (2:33) with the news of the big Kenny Golladay contract. Talks turn to (9:20) of are the New York Football Giants for real in the NFC LEAST. Second...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 2
  Mar 18, 2021   4386

Episode 2- Free Agency Frenzy

The guys from the Ball Hawks Podcast are back with their second episode! It was a busy week in the NFL and the guys are here to discuss everything free agency had to offer in the first few days. Discussions start with the Taysom Hill contract. What it is, what it is not, and some...

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 1
  Mar 13, 2021   4217

Episode 1- Pilot

What was supposed to be episode 0 turned into episode 1. The guys talked about backwards names- Owen Daniels or Daniels Owen? Deep dive into the recent Russell Wilson situation. Chris goes into what it would take for the Seahawks to trade away Russell Wilson, focusing on the teams from Russ’ list (Bears, Raiders, Saints)....