Jan 12, 2022   1764

“Making It” with Mercedes Nicoll (4 time Olympian)

Mercedes Nicoll is a 4 time Olympian. But, has she “Made It?” Her answer may surprise you. Mercedes completed one of the greatest comebacks in sports history (after suffering a traumatic injury on the course) to qualify for her fourth Olympics. You’d think her story would be complete? You’d think! However, in some eyes here...

Episode: 72
  Jun 02, 2021   00:50:02

Corinne Lea (Rio Theatre Vancouver)

Corinne Lea is Owner/Operator of Vancouver’s storied Rio Theatre. After raising over Eight Million dollars during their “Save the Rio” campaign through the help of local fundraising and names like Kevin Smith and Ryan Reynolds, Corinne was able to plant her foot firmly into the Vancouver movie, music, and performance scene. Then, the Pandemic hit...