Da Beer League Boys Podcast

Da Beer League Boys Podcast
Episode: 15
  Feb 03, 2021   02:05:48

Boys and Babes

Check out this wild ride as we interview the girls of the FUKED UP Podcast. We talk about all kinds of stories from their past, present, and future endeavors with the D! We also dive back into how women rate guys on the dating scale as well as their “FAMOUS” hookups of all times.

Da Beer League Boys Podcast
Episode: 12
  Jan 03, 2021   02:03:37

New Year.. Same Ol’ Boys

Happy New Year it’s finally here… 2021. Join us as we talk some college football smash hits, we visit all the moves the NHL has been making across our favorite teams, what we think the NHL and the Stanely Cup means now, and of course out Top 5 hottest actresses on the big screen.

Da Beer League Boys Podcast
Episode: 11
  Jan 02, 2021   02:03:43

Local Hockey Talk w/ “The Goonies”

Join us in our last episode of 2020 where we talk Local Hockey with our friends from Ellenton, The Goonies. We talk about a crazy fight they had over the other team being sad they got scored on! We also chat about upcoming opportunities for anyone wanting to join a league, we talk Lighting Hockey...

Da Beer League Boys Podcast
Episode: 9
  Dec 23, 2020   01:14:36

Beer, Babes, and Cheese.

Join us as we join our newest sponsor and co-host the Big Cheesy Meg K herself and St Pete 2 Paris. She walks the boys through how to eat and pair beer with charcuterie!

Da Beer League Boys Podcast
Episode: 7
  Dec 12, 2020   01:30:21

FU€K It We’ll Do It Live

18:37 Juicemans Squeeze 24:30 Bearded Wunders official Call out 40:10 Da boys talk Top 10 Christmas Albums 47:00 Juiceman Talks Gettin Ghosted (And we get in touch with Da boys softer side) 61:46 Sponsor Shoutouts 71:50 Boys Talk a little upcoming NHL season

Da Beer League Boys Podcast
Episode: 6
  Dec 01, 2020   02:25:00

Thanksgiving Special-LIVE

Join us in this extra special live epi as we give Thanks to our fans! We find the best TOP 5 meals of Thanksgiving and give away a random $10.00 gift card! Josh goes on a boring date and we talk about Matty’s back pillows and foot fans as he gets older! We also finally...

Da Beer League Boys Podcast
Episode: 5
  Nov 13, 2020   01:53:29

Wristy Business

8:27 Talking seltzers, hooch,and Matty’s gray Speedo season 24:24 The boys pay tribute to Travis Roy 53:02 Announcing the New Network and Podcast family 1:22:43 5 for fighting 1:44:32 Da Boys R Buzzin

Da Beer League Boys Podcast
Episode: 5
  Nov 02, 2020   01:47:57

Halloween Special

Halloween Costumes 00:1:26 Fresh Squeeze 00:15:31 Best Worst Beer League Moments 00:35:43 5 for Fighting: Top 5 Halloween Candy 1:09:33 Boys R Buzzin 1:35:29

Da Beer League Boys Podcast
Episode: 3
  Oct 28, 2020   01:35:07

Story Time with Da Beer League Boys

0:12:55- Pennsylvania Spyder Bite 0:23:00- Bait Shrimp for dinner 0:28:50- Hurricane Parties in Florida 0:39:29- Beer Poll of The Week 0:49:54-Double Meat Big Mac’s & McGangBang’s 0:56:56 Sports without Chowdah 1:11:00- Travis ” The Legend” Evans

Da Beer League Boys Podcast
Episode: 2
  Oct 22, 2020   01:45:51

We all meet Joshy

0:09-Josh and his cousin go to a Vegas strip club 0:51- 5 For Fighting- 5 Top Sports Movies  1:22- Chowdah and Matty’s backyard rodeo. 1:30- Chowdah can’t skate anymore.  

Da Beer League Boys Podcast
Episode: 1
  Oct 13, 2020   01:56:31

We are Da Beer League Boys-RAW AND UNCUT

Join us as we introduce ourselves and lead you down the rabbit hole of beer, sports, and bro science! We talk about Jucieman’s journey to Ferg’s sports bar and his special night with his first party ball…..We also introduce our first beer of the week and get buzzed along the way. Tune in to this...