Darryl Talks To Bands

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 8
  Mar 31, 2020   00:54:00

Scot Turner

Before the outbreak of the Corona Virus, Darryl talked to Scot Turner from his home somewhere along the Escarpment in North Burlington. Darryl and Scot talked some radio stories about CFNY & Energy 108, music, electronic music on the radio and the Rave Scene in Toronto in the early 90’s

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 7
  Mar 31, 2020   01:39:15

Darrin Pfeiffer & Neuman Mannas

Since the ‘Traveling Music Talk Show’ no longer travels due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Darryl now talks to his guests on the phone.   This week, both are in California.  Darrin Pfeiffer, best known as the drummer from Goldfinger talks to Darryl about some of the amazing guests he’s met through the Dangerous Darrin...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 6
  Mar 24, 2020   02:04:29

Paul Morris & Old James

As we’re now in week 2 of the Covid-19 Pandemic, literally EVERYTHING has shifted online.  But where can it go? This week Darryl Talks To long time HTZ FM Music Director Paul Morris who speaks candidly about many great Canadian Bands from his home in Niagara.   Darryl also Talks To Ottawa hard rock trio...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 5
  Mar 17, 2020   01:13:52

Royal Tusk & Mobius Radio

Well, everything changed since last week with the developments of the covid-19 pandemic.  Darryl addresses this throughout the episode, although the interviews were done prior to the outbreak. Darryl talks to Dan & Sandy of Royal Tusk at the 27 Club in Ottawa for a fun interview which involved some stories that Sandy didn’t know...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 4
  Mar 10, 2020   01:20:44

Joel Carriere & BRKN Love

I talk with Dine Alone Records owner Joel Carriere at the Dine Alone record shop.  Really a must see for music fans.  It’s such a comfortable space to do an interview.  We talk about the label, it’s roots, how skateboarding and bmx play into that, Alexisonfire and City & Colour. I also talk to Justin...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 3
  Mar 03, 2020   01:02:56

Tense Machine

Tense Machine on Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/5ZsRi6gCwRHuNFrFg7stMA?si=L4bhj16-RqecaWlxQaPBjw