Darryl Talks To Bands

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 65
  Jun 29, 2021   00:33:07

Phantom Atlantic

Phantom Atlantic just released a new EP on June 18th called Your View of a Former Me. Described as cinematic alt-rock, their sound is BIG and this collection tells a story. Last we spoke was at VooDoo Rockfest, which was the focus of 2 episode back in Season 1

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 64
  Jun 22, 2021   00:34:11

The Glorious Sons

The Glorious Sons have established themselves as a force in Canadian Rock n’ Roll. As someone who got to see them in the early days in Kingston, their success isn’t a surprise.   They’re back with new music and have been producing it themselves during lockdown.     The best part is that they’ve achieved...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 63
  Jun 15, 2021   00:25:41

Maybe May

Demetrius Nath is the singer of the Mississauga pop punk band Maybe May   He also has a day job in the industry and is an all around good guy. Maybe May recently release a video for their new single “Survive, Satellite”. The song and video is getting some attention across the country.   This...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 62
  Jun 01, 2021   00:32:24

Reid Henry

Deadset Society went platinum, then went on hiatus. In the downtime, the remaining members formed the band Tense Machine. Meanwhile, Deadset frontman Reid David Henry has released some solo material, I got to catch up with him to talk about that, being a Dad and the stress of being a Leaf fan

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 61
  May 26, 2021   00:18:01

The Damn Truth

New Episode, with old friends. The Damn Truth ARE Rock n’ Roll. Their live show is captivating and their new record is OUT NOW. I got to chat with them just ahead of the release of “Now or Nowhere” 

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 60
  May 18, 2021   00:17:10

The Beaches

The Beaches are back with a new EP called Future Lovers.  I got to talk to them about the new music, their love of doing press and is everything alright with Canada’s rock power couple?

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 59
  May 11, 2021   00:29:05

Ken Tizzard And Friends

Ken Tizzard was a memeber of The Watchmen and Thornley. His latest project is a collaborative album of covers that covers a wide spectrm of music. He also shares some personal stories about how he went in to lockdown about a year befre the rest of us did.

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 58
  May 04, 2021   00:23:20

Complicit – Positions

Return appearance from Complicit.  This time to tackle an Ariana Grande song.  Don’t judge, LISTEN!  Tell me you don’t like it  PS – They’re name is Alanna Sterling

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 57
  Apr 27, 2021   00:37:38

Mobius Radio

Dylan Hennessy makes a return appearance with a new Mobius Radio single “The Jake Revival”.  We eventually get to the music, but we unexpectedly geeked out on skateboarding and it’s similarities to music

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 56
  Apr 21, 2021   00:36:40


It’s fun when podcasts are also opportunities to catch up with old friends, and meet new ones! I’m super excited about their new music. About a year and a half ago, I made an introduction that’s turned into a collaboration that will be on their forthcoming record

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 55
  Apr 13, 2021   00:25:10

Complicit – Blinding Lights

Andrew Parmelee (Parms) not only plays drums in the band Cevilain, he also runs Fill The Void studios out of his house.  He’s collaborated with some young musicians in the Ottawa area to create a series of covers under the name Complicit. This episode features the music video for their version of Blinding Lights by...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 54
  Apr 06, 2021   00:25:18

Quiet Crimes

Mike and Tony are back (without Christian) with a new banger called “CALL IT HOME”.  But as always, they’re super chill about it

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 53
  Mar 26, 2021   00:20:09


New release day for Cevilain with the song WARS.  It features Adam Gontier of Saint Asonia (formerly Three Days Grace)   This short episode features a chat with Cliff and Ed and their new single WARS

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 52
  Mar 23, 2021   00:41:54

Darryl Hurs / Indie Week

Darryl returns to share some insight on the music industry. We spoke in season 1 and things have changed quite a bit since then. Always a fascinating discussion with the other Darryl

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 51
  Mar 16, 2021   01:00:07

DJ Craig G

Craig was one of the longtime DJ’s of Club 102, The Kingdom and the Spirit of the Edge Sunday nights…. from years gone by at 102.1 the edge   He recently launched Revolution Radio, which now broadcasts 24/7 via mixcloud.

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 50
  Mar 09, 2021   00:44:11

The Motorleague

The Motorleague are back with new music!   I got to catch up with Don to talk about the new song Dischordia that features Brian Byrne By all accounts, these guys deserve to be as well known as any Canadian band.  They’ve got a decade of solid releases, we go over some key tracks and...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 49
  Mar 02, 2021   01:07:06

Marcus Visionary

The birth of rave in Toronto and the history of breakbeat, hardcore, jungle and drum and bass with Toronto Legend Marcus Visionary

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 48
  Feb 23, 2021   00:29:52


Justin Benlolo of BRKN LOVE returns to #DTTB less than a year after being one of the few that I got to interview in person, at a venue and recorded an acoustic performance. That was back in Ep. 4 – bit.ly/3fTp6fB   Their debut is stellar and has an expanded version with 4 new songs...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 47
  Feb 16, 2021   01:05:07

Barry Taylor

I caught up with Barry Taylor of Comedy records.  We worked together many years ago at 102.1 The Edge

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 46
  Feb 09, 2021   00:37:39


2 Bangers, a great chat and an acoustic jam with Winnipeg’s Ex-Omerta.  If you dig the sounds of QOTSA and Royal Blood, you’ve gotta check out this band

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 45
  Feb 02, 2021   01:37:57

David Marsden

David Marsden is best know as the creator of CFNY in Toronto and led it during it’s most revered and influential time.  New Wave and all of the wonderful, but mostly ignored post-punk music of the 80’s   He’s also one of 4 broadcasters featured in the documentary I Am What I Play, which as...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 44
  Jan 26, 2021   00:32:13

Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs

Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs have a new record coming in a few weeks.  But we talk about Sea Shanties, playing Dungeons & Dragons on Twitch and an open challenge to Pete Townshend

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 43
  Jan 19, 2021   00:54:31

Dean Blundell

This week, it’s some real talk with Dean Blundell.  The world, credibility and the nature of truth.  What a time to be alive

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 42
  Jan 12, 2021   01:01:04

Full Circle with USS

I first met Ash & Jay back in 2008.  At the time I was working in the music dept. at 102.1 the edge in Toronto and we put ‘Hollow Point Sniper Hyperbole’ in to Heavy rotation.  It was a cool thing, a mostly unheard of local indie band getting the same spins as songs like...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 41
  Dec 15, 2020   00:37:45

Neon Bloom / Kit Vale

In this episode Darryl talks to Jen Simpson of the band Neon Bloom.  We also get to her new solo project Kit Vale.  It’s a little indie rock, a little hop hop and a good chat.

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 39
  Dec 01, 2020   00:47:35

Over The Bridge

Over The Bridge isn’t a band, but it’s a name that musicians should know.  It’s a non-profit organization dedicated to the mental wellness of those in the music industry.

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 38
  Nov 17, 2020   00:29:52

Danny Van Sceney

If you like your Rock n Roll fast, loud and fuzzed, check out Ottawa’s Danny Van Sceney.  Highly recommended if you’d dig a bit of desert sound & punk rock from a duo. Drummer & bassist

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 37
  Nov 10, 2020   00:37:44

Skotti Ruffo – Open Safe Ottawa

Skotti Ruffo owns the Brass Monkey, a Rock venue in Ottawa.  He’s become a leader for small business in Ottawa through a non-profit group he’s started called Open Safe Ottawa

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 35
  Oct 27, 2020   00:39:05

Rockin’ Engine

Gatineau metal powerhouse Rockin’ Engine have a new EP out this Friday.  HALLOWEEN If the video for “Let it Burn” is any indication.  Brace yourselves.  

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 34
  Oct 13, 2020   00:48:17

Mobina Galore

The music of Winnipeg’s Mobina Galore, and a conversation with guitarist and throat shredder Jenna Priestly

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 33
  Oct 06, 2020   00:37:48

T-Rex Marathon

In this episode, discover Ottawa’s 5 piece post hardcore band T-Rex Marathon.  3 songs included in this episode.  No Filter, Sheltered & Faux News

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 32
  Sep 29, 2020   00:36:02

King Bull

Get to know Tucker McMurray and his band King Bull www.kingbullmusic.com  

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 31
  Sep 22, 2020   00:42:37

Brenton On Tour

Darryl talks to Brent from the Brenton On Tour podcast about his job running some of the biggest tours in the world, the future of live music and his experience with Covid-19

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 28
  Aug 18, 2020   01:06:32

Rich Beddoe

Some real talk from Rich Beddoe on what happened with his departure from Saint Asonia.

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 27
  Aug 11, 2020   00:41:24

Trevor Hurst

Trevor Hurst on all things Econoline Crush, his work in the health care industry and just a great chat about where we’re at in 2020.

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 26
  Jul 28, 2020   00:44:04

VooDoo Rockfest

In this episode VooDoo Rockfest organizer Joe Matthews explains how this years festival will work, doing it responsibly and taking on a ton of work in order to make it happen.  Strictly for the love of live music.  The best reason of all

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 25
  Jul 21, 2020   00:45:07

The Music of DTTB (so far)

For the 25th episode, we take a look back at the music and exclusive performances from the series.  Each song is given some context to the episode that it came from.  

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 24
  Jul 14, 2020   00:49:21

Quiet Crimes

An in studio interview with Ottawa’s Quiet Crimes at Reverence Audio.  That’s lead singer Mike Raymond’s house.  At the end, the play a live off the floor take of the song Alice from their latest EP Modern Lovers. The guys have also been kind enough to have this episode debut a brand new song called...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 23
  Jul 07, 2020   00:22:47

Taylor Momsen

Darryl and Taylor talk about their new single “Death By Rock and Roll”, some of the amazing special guests on the record and a lot about Chris Cornell

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 22
  Jun 30, 2020   00:40:26

Taggart and Torrens

This week Darryl talks to Jeremy Taggart & Jonathan Torrens about their new comedy record BAHDS.  It’s  out now on Dine Alone, AND we play three songs that are discussed in the podcast. You can watch this episode on the Darryl Talks To Bands Instagram account, but you’ll only get the music (with the podcast)...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 21
  Jun 23, 2020   00:49:30

Taming Sari

This week it’s another strong case for the quality of the Ottawa Rock scene.  Taming Sari are a 5 piece pure Rock n Roll band that are best consumed in a live setting, which all seems like such a distant memory at this point. With some new material on the way, it’s the perfect time...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 20
  Jun 16, 2020   00:46:28

Revive The Rose

RTR front man Andy C talks to Darryl this week from his home in Welland, Ontario.  Andy tells the story of how approaching the Niagara Ice Dogs lead to much bigger arenas for their music to get played in.   He also shares how Covid-19 touched his personal life, and it is a story that I’m...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 19
  Jun 09, 2020   00:45:49

Jon Harvey

Monster Truck front man Jon Harvey talks about the state of the world in 2020 (this interview was done shortly following the murder of George Floyd), his new solo project J.Harvey & The Inner Demons, we’ll listen to the first 3 songs, and we get some insight in to the next Monster Truck record.

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 18
  Jun 03, 2020   00:34:57

Kurt Dahl

One Bad Son drummer (and lawyer) Kurt Dahl of One Bad Son talks with Darryl about, life, Sask Music and what the band is up to.  Kurt is an activist, a fighter for good causes.  This interview was done before the outbreak of riots in the United States.  That is something that couldn’t be ignored...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 17
  May 26, 2020   01:28:34

Heavy In Ottawa & Gatineau Pt.1

This is a special episode that focuses on the Metal scene in Ottawa & Gatineau.  A small, tight knit community that supports itself and produces some top notch Canadian metal.  This episode features Fractures & Outlines, Jessy Dwyer from Beyond The Pit, Inire, Rockin’ Engine & Joe Moon from Dark Moon Productions and the band...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 16
  May 19, 2020   00:59:49

Brent Smith

Shinedown frontman Brent Smith and Darryl talk about the bands charitable initiative with Direct Relief and the song “Atlas Falls”.  They dug in to the vault for this one which is very fitting for 2020.  Brent also makes has some great insight in to the state of the world and his surroundings in the U.S...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 15
  May 12, 2020   00:30:00

The Standstills

What’s the weirdest thing you’d think a recovered, stolen guitar would come back covered in?   If one of Jonny’s guitars could talk, we probably wouldn’t want the details, but it makes for a funny story in a podcast.   They also discuss their cover of Alice Cooper’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and play...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 14
  May 05, 2020   01:12:37

Crown Lands

If there was any band that was set to have 2020 be THEIR year, it’s Crown Lands.  They spent the last few years opening on some amazing tours, including Protest The Hero, Primus and Jack White.  They were getting in front of so many audiences, building that grass roots fan base and doing everything right,...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 13
  Apr 28, 2020   01:07:49

The Pack A.D

Darryl talks to Maya Miller in this episode about The Pack A.D’s 8th and final record ‘it was fun while it lasted’.  Becky & Maya have decided to hang it up after this one and who knows how many trips back and forth across Canada. Of course, their tour was supposed to launch to coincide...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 12
  Apr 21, 2020   01:04:15

Leon Harrison & Philip Sayce

Remember a few months ago when Australia was burning?  We all watched in horror at what was happening to the animals.  Well Leon Harrison of The Lazys (who call Australia home) organized a great show to raise some much needed funds for all the damage that had been done.  The show sold out.  But, now...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 11
  Apr 14, 2020   00:49:15

What about live music & venues?

Skotti Ruffo owns the Brass Monkey in Ottawa, a live music venue and a great home for Rock n Roll.  Like many small businesses, he faces and ton of challenges and uncertainty under the Covid-19 pandemic.  They’ve started a Go Fund Me page to try and keep the venue alive and we also discuss a...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 10
  Apr 14, 2020   01:24:56

Double Experience & Century Surfers

Double Experience have just released the third and final installment in a series of EP’s they’ve called “Alignments”.  Ian and Brock talk to Darryl about that and they plan an exclusive acoustic take of the first single “New Me”. Then Century surfers are the next to connect via video chat to talk about this new...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 9
  Apr 07, 2020   01:30:49

Jesse Modz & Onionface

Into week 4 of isolation we go!  Darryl talks to his guests by phone or skype from his basement now.  This episode features the last interview that was done in person and was the only ‘physically distanced’ interview that was done. His guests this week are CJAY 92 Morning Host Jesse Modz.  Modz talks about...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 8
  Mar 31, 2020   00:54:00

Scot Turner

Before the outbreak of the Corona Virus, Darryl talked to Scot Turner from his home somewhere along the Escarpment in North Burlington. Darryl and Scot talked some radio stories about CFNY & Energy 108, music, electronic music on the radio and the Rave Scene in Toronto in the early 90’s

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 7
  Mar 31, 2020   01:39:15

Darrin Pfeiffer & Neuman Mannas

Since the ‘Traveling Music Talk Show’ no longer travels due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Darryl now talks to his guests on the phone.   This week, both are in California.  Darrin Pfeiffer, best known as the drummer from Goldfinger talks to Darryl about some of the amazing guests he’s met through the Dangerous Darrin...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 6
  Mar 24, 2020   02:04:29

Paul Morris & Old James

As we’re now in week 2 of the Covid-19 Pandemic, literally EVERYTHING has shifted online.  But where can it go? This week Darryl Talks To long time HTZ FM Music Director Paul Morris who speaks candidly about many great Canadian Bands from his home in Niagara.   Darryl also Talks To Ottawa hard rock trio...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 5
  Mar 17, 2020   01:13:52

Royal Tusk & Mobius Radio

Well, everything changed since last week with the developments of the covid-19 pandemic.  Darryl addresses this throughout the episode, although the interviews were done prior to the outbreak. Darryl talks to Dan & Sandy of Royal Tusk at the 27 Club in Ottawa for a fun interview which involved some stories that Sandy didn’t know...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 4
  Mar 10, 2020   01:20:44

Joel Carriere & BRKN Love

I talk with Dine Alone Records owner Joel Carriere at the Dine Alone record shop.  Really a must see for music fans.  It’s such a comfortable space to do an interview.  We talk about the label, it’s roots, how skateboarding and bmx play into that, Alexisonfire and City & Colour. I also talk to Justin...

Darryl Talks To Bands
Episode: 3
  Mar 03, 2020   01:02:56

Tense Machine

Tense Machine on Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/5ZsRi6gCwRHuNFrFg7stMA?si=L4bhj16-RqecaWlxQaPBjw