Dropping In With Mercedes

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 31
  May 13, 2021   00:37:05

E.31 DROPPING in with Martha McCabe, OLY

This is someone that knows a thing or two about the Olympics. Olympic swimmer, Martha McCabe will be my co-host for series IV. In this episode we catch up with Martha chatting Olympics, the jean jacket for Team Canada and much more!

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 30
  Feb 04, 2021   00:21:05

E.30 DROPPING IN with Marie-Philip Poulin

Marie-Philip Poulin, Team Canada Women’s Hockey team Captain at the 2018 Winter Olympics is an award winner, World Champion, 3x Olympic medalist, and one of the nicest people I know. Listen now to find out what’s in Marie Philip Poulin’s pack!

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 29
  Jan 28, 2021   00:21:26

E. 29 DROPPING IN with Aimee Fuller, OLY

In 2013 Aimee became the first woman to land a backflip in competition. She is freshly retired from competitive snowboarding. She’s a broadcaster and a qualified yogi. Let’s find out what’s in Aimee Fuller’s pack!

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 28
  Jan 21, 2021   00:27:30

E.28 DROPPING IN with Kaitlyn Weaver

Kaitlyn Weaver is a 2x Canadian Olympian and 3x World Medalist, a two-time Grand Prix Final champion, and a three-time Canadian national champion in Ice Dance. Let’s find out what’s in her skating pack!

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 26
  Jan 07, 2021   00:24:15

E.26 DROPPING IN with Addie Bell

Addie Bell travels the world in the way we all want to. She will plan your dream vacation, on a private yacht, European getaway or a family ski trip to the mountains. She owns and fund her own company, Jet set and travel. She is a trained travel professional. She is a luxury travel planner....

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 25
  Dec 31, 2020   00:37:55

E.25 DROPPING IN with Russell Chai

Russell Chai has been all over the world, traveling and filming with professional snowboarders. He’s currently traveling around and filming with professional snowboarder Mark McMorris, let’s find out what’s in Russell’s pack!

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 24
  Dec 24, 2020   00:44:08

E. 24 DROPPING IN with Robin Van Gyn

Robin Van Gyn is no stranger to the backcountry. She won the 2017 and 18 Transworld snowboarding women’s video part of the year. She has a passion for the outdoor life, this professional snowboarder, surfer, skateboarder, home builder, makes snowboarding look easy, let’s find out what’s in Robin Van Gyn’s pack.

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 23
  Dec 17, 2020   00:43:12

E.23 DROPPING IN with Julie-Ann Chapman

Julie-Ann Chapman makes snowmobiling look easy, taking drops on her snowmobile that you probably wouldn’t event take on your skis or snowboard! She respects the backcountry and has the knowledge of snow science. She owns her own company, She Shreds Mountain Adventures, it offers snowmobile clinics, guided adventures and avalanche courses for women and men....

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 22
  Dec 10, 2020   00:30:12

E.22 DROPPING IN with Erin Hogue

This accomplished photographer’s breathtaking visual imagery has gained worldwide recognition. She carries a heavy pack! We DROP in to find out what’s in professional photographer and X Games gold medalist Erin Hogue’s pack.

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 21
  Dec 03, 2020   00:29:02

E.21 DROPPING IN with Chris Benchetler

He is one of today’s most recognizable names in the world of skiing. Chris Benchetler not only has a passion for powder, drawing creative lines in the snow, but he literally draws creative lines on canvas and walls. Chris happens to have designed his own backpack, today we find out what Chris Benchetler puts in...

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 22
  Nov 26, 2020   00:00:58

DROPPING IN series III Intro

DROPPING IN series III is intended to help you prepare for the winter season. Thinking about going outdoors this winter? What’s in your pack? Listen to the experts, what do they have in their packs? I’ve hit up some extreme athletes, photographers and more to help you figure out what to put in your pack!

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 20
  Oct 01, 2020   00:33:31

E.20 DROPPING IN with Brenda Norrie and Mitch Sulkers

Episode 20 I interview my two high school teachers that helped me and so many others graduate from Whistler Secondary school Mr. Mitch Sulkers and Mrs. Brenda Norrie. We try to get to the bottom of what it is that makes Whistler Kids successful. He is an outdoors enthusiast, retired high school teacher. You’ll find...

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 19
  Sep 24, 2020   00:28:35

E. 19 DROPPING IN with Irie Smith

At 19 years old Irie Smith is leading the way for a better future for her generation and the next. We chat about her collect all her garbage for a year in a 500ml glass mason jar how she traveled over 700 km in 36 days on the Camino trail and growing up in Whistler.

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 17
  Sep 10, 2020   00:32:42

E.17 DROPPING IN with Marielle Thompson

Marielle Thompson is a Whistler Kid and happens to be one of the world’s biggest ski cross stars. She is a 2x Olympian and Olympic Gold medalist and recently the 2019 Ski Cross World Champion. On episode 17 we chat about growing up in Whistler and so much more.

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 16
  Sep 03, 2020   00:33:51

E.16 DROPPING IN with Joey Gibbons

Joey Gibbons is the President and CEO of Gibbons Whistler. This Whistler Kid was member of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club program. He raced on the BC Ski Team for 2 years and the Canadian Alpine Ski Team for 2 years, retiring from ski racing in 1997. We chat about how Joey worked his way...

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 13
  Aug 13, 2020   00:35:06

E.13 DROPPING IN with Jenna Romanin

No all locals end up being Olympians or athletes. Jenna Romanin has been in the film and TV industry for over 10 years on E. 13 we chat about how a being a Whistler Kid, going to the big screen and so much more.

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 11
  Jul 23, 2020   00:01:43

Intro to Whistler Kids series

What would you say to someone that didn’t believe you grew up in where you did? Whistler is a pretty special town! DROPPING IN this series I’ll be chatting with a diverse group of Whistler Kids who grew up in our small Canadian Mountain town, from actors to Olympians, Business leaders to DJ’s a lot...

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 10
  Jul 02, 2020   00:34:31

E.9 DROPPING IN with Jerome Blake

This week we DROP IN with on of a one of Canada’s fastest sprinters, Jerome Blake, this elite athlete, sprinter, friend, son, model, actor, RBC Olympian has some stories to tell us.

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 5
  Jun 04, 2020   00:25:58

E.5 DROPPING IN with Tara Slone

Meditation for people who can’t sit still Budweiser stage at home   LINEUP:  Saturday, May 30th @ 8 p.m. – The Black Crowes with The Trews.  Saturday, June 6th @ 8 p.m. – Blue Rodeo and Alan Doyle. Additional lineups to be announced in the coming weeks.  

Dropping In With Mercedes
Episode: 3
  May 21, 2020   00:27:30

E.3 DROPPING IN with Olympic gold medalist Maëlle Ricker

Olympic gold medalist Maëlle Ricker won the first gold medal on Canadian home soil by a female. This humble Canadian, joins us in episode 3 reminding us to look at the positive side of injuries. We talk Olympics and how she hit a 100foot jump with multiple broken ribs and a broken arm.