Good Morning to Gamble

Good Morning to Gamble
Episode: 17
  Nov 17, 2020   24:00

Ep.017: Vegas Correspondent Interview

Today’s podcast guest is coming to us live from Las Vegas. We discuss Nevada vibes during COVID-19, the awkwardness of betting on your own squad (he’s a Broncos fan), and make a joint “Blind Line” pick for Thursday Night Football. Hosted by Chris Trew!

Good Morning to Gamble
Episode: 16
  Nov 13, 2020   15:15

Episode 016 : Going With Your Gut

In another edition of Blind Lines, learn which teams look, smell, and feel like puke. Learn what piece of clothing Chris gambled on via eBay. Most importantly, learn where to put your dollars on NFL games this weekend.

Good Morning to Gamble
Episode: 14
  Oct 23, 2020   25:39

Ep.014: The Great World Series Hedge

What did Chris do with his preseason Dodgers futures bet? What NFL game is Ryan willing to risk his life for? What dumb parlay are the guys rooting for this weekend? Find out on the latest episode of Good Morning to Gamble!

Good Morning to Gamble
Episode: 13
  Oct 16, 2020   20:00

Ep.013: The Friday Fourcast RETURNS!

It’s a beautiful day when Chris drops four winning picks for you courtesy of his crystal (foot)ball. Plus: Chris leaves you with a stunning visual of him literally riding his favorite team to a mountain of cash.

Good Morning to Gamble
Episode: 11
  Oct 02, 2020   27:38

Ep.011: Sick and Demented Parlays

What goes into an absolutely bonkers parlay? Which NFL games would we bet our lives on this weekend? How much hedging is too much hedging? We touch ’em all on this week’s episode of your favorite new gambling podcast. 

Good Morning to Gamble
Episode: 10
  Sep 22, 2020   16:34

Ep.010: Live Betting Monday Night Football

Chris has a very good friend who bet a LOT of cash on the Saints game tonight. So Chris checked in with him at halftime (uh-oh) and then after the game (omfg) to see how his friend is doing. This is an experiment in sports gambling podcasts – enjoy!

Good Morning to Gamble
Episode: 9
  Sep 18, 2020   21:27

Ep.009: The NFL Sh*t List

After a week of NFL betting, find out who made Chris’ sh*t list of teams he’s never gambling on again. You’ll also get a taste of what it’s like to bet on games as Chris hilariously records this episode while watching Thursday Night Football. 

Good Morning to Gamble
Episode: 7
  Sep 03, 2020   30:32

Episode 007- Gambling Grades

Chris is joined in studio by Justin Napoli to analyze the bets he’s made so far this season. He’s been really wrong and really right and he might be REALLY right about a baseball call he made way back on the calendar. Fun gambling talk on this episode!

Good Morning to Gamble
Episode: 6
  Aug 29, 2020   19:39

Ep. 006 – NBA Players On Strike

NBA players took action this week in the name of social justice. Hurricane Laura showed up, heightened into a Category 4, and made landfall. Chris turned the microphone on and tried to talk through it all.

Good Morning to Gamble
Episode: 2
  Jul 22, 2020   28:45

Episode 002-How to bet this weird Baseball season

Tootnanny knows his way around the (former) national pastime and has some advice for anyone looking to lay some dollars on 2020 MLB. Which teams are used to playing in these bizarre conditions? Who will struggle with a lack of nightlife? Who are the Cleveland Spiders and why are they winning the World Series? Listen...

Good Morning to Gamble
Episode: 1
  Jul 15, 2020   38:54

EP 001: The Welcome Episode

What kind of podcast will Good Morning to Gamble be? What is the psychotic gambling habit our host is trying to shake? These answers and more on your new favorite comedy gambling pod.