Inner Circle with Carrie Doll

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 185
  May 17, 2022   00:51:59

Dr. Emily Splichal: How Caring for Your Feet Impacts Your Overall Health

Dr. Emily Splichal, Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist, is the mind behind Naboso. With a spirit to challenge conformity, Dr. Splichal has taken her conventional Podiatric Medical degree and combined it with years of experience and expertise in human movement and sensory science to found Naboso. Dr. Splichal believes that our experience in this world...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 184
  May 03, 2022   01:02:04

Gross Misconduct: Through the Help of her Trauma Therapist Sandra Kolbuc, Mother Tracy Stark Shares the Story of her Sons Ryder and Radek. A Story of Tragedy, Courage, Resilience and Hope

This week on The Inner Circle, we have a very heart-wrenching story that may be troubling for some. Trigger warning: domestic violence, child death. Tracy Stark and Sandra Kolbuc join the podcast this week to share the story of Ryder and Radek, their tragically short lives, and the community that rallied around Tracy in the...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 183
  Apr 19, 2022   00:54:39

A Brief but Impactful Life: Mom Karen Klak Shares the Complicated Journey of Her Daughter Haley in Her New Book, Happy Faces Only: The Story of a Little Girl Who Lived

This week, Karen Klak joins The Inner Circle to share her story of grief, learning, and loving. Karen is an introverted person by nature, but those who know her well are familiar with her inability to tell a story without a long introduction, to set the scene and copious detail, to paint a clear picture....

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 182
  Apr 05, 2022   00:43:17

Zeina El-Sayed: Divorce Doesn't Have to Break You

For too many couples, divorce is long, painful and expensive. That’s why Zeina El-Sayed founded Trusted Divorce Services. Zeina wants to elevate the divorce process from destructive and costly to simple and fair. Zeina calls this the Constructive Divorce™ Process. The Constructive Divorce™ Process has helped hundreds of Alberta couples finalize their divorces in half...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 181
  Mar 22, 2022   00:49:34

Gay Derk: 40 Years of Manifesting Love and Light

Known as Western Canada’s Bridal Expert, Gay Derk has been building her empire in the wedding industry for over 40 years as the Founder & Editor in Chief of Bridal Fantasy and CEO of Derks Fine Group of Companies. Gay has worked with renowned wedding professionals across the world and elevated her companies to a...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 180
  Mar 08, 2022   01:19:45

My Husband- Stephen Petasky: Real Estate Innovator of Dream Homes and Luxury Vacations.

Stephen founded The Luxus Group in 2007 and through his role as President has been primarily responsible for the vision of the Company directly overseeing the growth, brand development, strategy, philanthropic endeavors and corporate culture of the organization.  Before starting his career, Stephen attended the University of Idaho on a golf scholarship where he pursued an education...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 178
  Feb 01, 2022   00:48:05

Menopause & Hormones: Misconceptions, Treatments, and Research with Dr. Ron Brown

Dr. Ron Brown graduated with a degree in family medicine in 1983 and went on to specialize in OBGYN at the University of Alberta Hospital in 1995. He is board-certified in Functional and Regenerative Medicine, which led to his primary interest in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). His book, “Discovering Your Truebalance with Bioidentical Hormones”,...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 176
  Jan 18, 2022   00:43:19

How Mentorship Changed Scotia Willow's Life

Scotia Willow steps into the Inner Circle this week to talk openly about her experience growing up in an abusive household, how hurt people hurt people, and how Big Brothers Big Sisters opened up doors for Scotia to experience things she was never shown at home. Her mentors showed her that happiness, love, and peace...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 175
  Jan 11, 2022   00:43:41

Rebecca Liedtke: Health Equity, Transforming Patient Policy and Fighting Paediatric Cancer

Rebecca Liedtke is wife, mom, premedical student, and a patient family advisor with the Stollery Children’s Hospital. She has a degree in Clinical Exercise physiology, is completing a second undergraduate degree in Science, with a major in Biology and minor is Psychology, with the goal of becoming a paediatric physician. Rebecca also works on a...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 173
  Dec 28, 2021   01:07:06

Unlocking Your Inner Legend with Gair Maxwell

International keynote speaker & author Gair Maxwell is a global authority on helping organizations create iconic, “larger-than-life” brands that attract legions of customers and top talent – without having to resort to “pushy” sales or marketing tactics. Gair has presented his unconventional business strategies with audiences across 38 U.S. states, 10 Canadian provinces, the UK, Europe Mexico,...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 172
  Dec 21, 2021   00:50:11

Dean Kurpjuweit on Contentment, Service, and His Love of Community

Dean is a lifelong Edmontonian whose career focus has been social justice. Dean is a University of Alberta alumni having graduated with a Bachelor of Education. More recently, he has accomplished a Master of Arts in Christian Studies from Ambrose University. Not only has Dean completed the Arrow Leadership program, focusing on leadership development, but he also serves on a...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 171
  Dec 14, 2021   00:59:11

Pursuing a Growth Mindset with Our Teens with Ellen Weber

Dr. Ellen Weber – is both an American and Canadian citizen, recognized globally for brain-compatible leading, learning and assessment renewal based on activating people’s hidden and unused mental and emotional capabilities. Lecturer, MBA Leadership professor, TV and radio guest, author of several books by major publishers, 100s of peer reviewed articles, leader and participant in several international renewal projects,...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 170
  Dec 07, 2021   01:03:46

Fashion, Family, & a Love of Life with Krista Ference

Krista has always emphasized a love of fashion and shopping. Even as a child, she would spend her allowance and chore money on clothes. Krista moved through life as a professional athlete while supporting her husband’s 18-year NHL career, raising a family, and becoming deeply involved in philanthropy. Through it all, she never stopped shopping!...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 169
  Nov 30, 2021   01:07:08

Fashion That Comes From Resilience with Emily Salsbury

Emily has carefully crafted her reputation as a strategic leader in the retail & real estate industry. Her most recent project has been the launch of EMMYDEVEAUX, the fashion brand in 2018. She continues to disrupt the industry through testing new ideas and working with strategic partners. It is her goal to change the relationship people...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 168
  Nov 23, 2021   00:42:12

Pandemic Supermom Award – And Lisa Curtis’ Story Behind It

Lisa Curtis is the Founder & CEO of Kuli Kuli, the leading brand pioneering the sustainably sourced superfood moringa. Moringa is a protein-rich leafy green, more nutritious than kale, with anti-inflammatory benefits rivaling turmeric. Kuli Kuli’s moringa powders, bars and wellness shots are sustainably sourced from African women and other small farmers around the world...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 166
  Nov 09, 2021   00:47:00

The Impact of Sleep Apnea on Women’s Reproductive Health with Dr. Seth Heckman

Dr. Seth Heckman is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist. He studied at Boston College, went to Medical School at Rutgers University, and did his Residency at University of New Mexico. He is a carpenter, outdoorsman, cook, gardener, mushroom hunter, brewer, dog lover, and a full time husband and father. From his upbringing and medical education in the suburbs of New...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 165
  Nov 02, 2021   00:49:35

Living for Others with Doug Campbell

Doug Campbell is a bilateral amputee, and has been for 5 years now. Doug’s ultimate goal is to reach out to as many amputees both new and seasoned to let them know that support and resources are available. He has self authored an amputee resource book for those new amputees to better understand the stages...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 164
  Oct 19, 2021   01:09:50

Canadian Mom and Pitcher Lauren Regula: Third Time's a Charm

Lauren Regula’s first appearance with softball Team Canada came at the 1999 Junior World Championships in Taipei. She joined the senior national team in 2002, helping Canada to a ninth-place finish at the world championships. She made her Olympic debut at Athens 2004, starting five games and being in the winning pitcher in all three...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 163
  Oct 12, 2021   00:57:34

Dr. James Shapiro: Type 1 Diabetes and the Edmonton Protocol

James Shapiro obtained his medical degree from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and trained in surgery at the University of Bristol. After coming to Canada in 1993, he received training in liver transplantation and hepatobiliary surgery at the University of Alberta and earned a Ph.D. in Experimental Surgery. Shapiro developed a brand new approach to optimize...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 162
  Oct 05, 2021   00:46:15

Earn A Board Position! Chantel Cabaj from DirectHer tells you how

Lawyer turned entrepreneur, advocate and community builder, mom and wife, Chantel works to make complex things easy to understand and inclusive by listening to, learning from and connecting to other people. She is an educator who is driven by empowering others through knowledge, facilitating discussion and creating community. In this episode, Chantel breaks down the...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 161
  Sep 21, 2021   00:51:48

Family, Friends, Food, and Fate with Meg Tucker

Meg Tucker has been creating shared experiences through media for over twenty years. Creator of the Shaw TV original kids cooking show Just One Bite, and a top twenty-five finalist on Masterchef Canada, Meg’s catchy enthusiasm for life brings joy to everyone she meets in front of and behind her kitchen counter. When the world shifted in...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 160
  Sep 14, 2021   00:42:42

Standing with Health Care Workers with Melanie Hibbard

Melanie is the Executive Director with DRIFCan, but her involvement with the organization and the diabetes community does not stop there. After both of her sons were diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Melanie saw the impact of the disease on her boys first-hand and became involved with volunteering with the diabetes community. She has participated...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 159
  Sep 07, 2021   01:15:36

Schoena Strudwick and Her Stunning Fertility Journey

Schoena Johnson was raised in Elk Mountain, Wyoming, population 109, with one paved road and three surnames: Johnson, Jones and Palm. She grew up showing pigs, shooting rifles and chasing after her two older brothers. She met Jason Strudwick through friends of friends, and after a three-year courtship, married in 2006. This is their story...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 157
  Aug 19, 2021   00:53:27

This Is 50!

On this very special bonus episode of The Inner Circle, I have some things to share with you. It’s my 50th birthday! I’ve completed another trip around the sun and as I do, it’s time for me to embrace a new decade. Friends.. this is 50!  I compiled 10 lessons from my 5 decades on...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 156
  Aug 10, 2021   00:59:47

Chef Lawrence Duran: Cooking for Life and Mark Wahlberg

We often do not see the opportunities that will grace our lives and take us on a path far better than we could ever dream of and for Southern California native Chef Lawrence Duran, that is exactly what happened. Becoming a Chef was inevitable, but becoming a personal chef for The Wahlbergs was destiny. As a...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 154
  Jul 27, 2021   00:57:16

Jerry King: The Mental Game of Golf and How Its Mindset Lessons Serve You

A member of the PGA of America’s Quarter Century Club, Jerry has dedicated his career to teaching and coaching the game of golf for almost 30 years. He directed Kapalua Resort’s golf instruction program from 1995 – 2012 and was instrumental in the creation and overall conception and design of Hawaii’s premier state-of-the-art golf training...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 151
  Jul 06, 2021   01:27:06

Wellness, Sobriety and Understanding Who You Are with Tess Annique

Meet Tess Annique, founder of Wellness with Tess. Born in Corona Del Mar, California, Tess her health and wellness journey started four years ago. Tired of feeling unhappy with how she was, Tess decided to make a change. She started living a life of intention, making decisions that lead to a better her. Tess quit...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 150
  Jun 29, 2021   00:51:03

Emilie Iggiotti and The Photos That Speak A Thousand Words

Emilie Iggiotti is a portrait photographer from a tiny French island in the Indian Ocean, not far from Madagascar, called Reunion Island. A world traveller, she studied in Versailles, France, lived in Normandy, Paris, Montreal, and now, lives in Edmonton, AB. While she originally studied literature and law, the legal industry lacked the creativity and connection...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 148
  Jun 08, 2021   01:05:25

The Hard Work and the Heart Work in Lindsay Osmond’s Growth

Lindsay brings 20 years of expert subject matter experience as an integrated strategic human resources business partner. She is a passionate diversity and inclusion change agent and employee champion collaborator. Today Lindsay leads our leadership and management consulting practice as well as partnerships with strategic clients in our executive search practice.  Since joining Boyden, Lindsay has worked in multiple industries. In...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 147
  Jun 01, 2021   01:08:29

Ashley and Brian MacLean: Building Dreams and Dream Homes Together

Newground Developments, founded and run by Ashley and Brian MacLean, are an Edmonton-based boutique builder specializing in custom-built homes, commercial spaces and construction project consultation. Their passion is creating unique homes and thoughtfully designed spaces that respond to the demands of modern work and life. Together, Ashley and Brian work to make dream homes a...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 146
  May 25, 2021   00:50:36

How Robin Hobal balanced Career and Family

Her name is Robin Hobal, and she owns and operates MINA Consignment. Robin started to Make It New Again when she was a mom in” transition”. Long ago, Robin was an elementary school teacher who chose to stay at home with her growing family. When she returned to the paid workforce in that same field,...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 145
  May 17, 2021   00:59:33

Shar Mulligan: Dog Whisperer

WAGGLES Academy for Dogs Inc. is owned and operated by Sharna “Shar” Mulligan and is central Alberta’s positive Dog Training professional of choice! Learn with your pet in a force-free environment full of fun and support. There are many options: training at home privately, semi-private sessions, or in group classes. Training and behaviour solutions are planned...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 144
  May 11, 2021   01:08:29

Setting Intentions and Finding Purpose with Sarah Bowker

SHAKTI is the divine feminine power representing liberation. Shakti represents power, ability, capacity, strength, empowerment and all energy we use to manifest and create the life we want in all of its forms. Shakti is the foundation for a conscious life. Sarah Bowker grew up a lover; heart always wide open. When she designs her...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 143
  May 04, 2021   00:54:40

Living The Life With Autism with Kodette LaBarbera

Born in Arizona, raised in Nelson, British Columbia, Kodette LaBarbera is a wife and mother who has built her life on building better communities through a healthy, active and charitable lifestyle. Kodette is a wife to former NHL goalie Jason LaBarbera and mother to two sons, Easton and Ryder. In 2013, she began co- starring on the W Network’s hit...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 142
  Apr 27, 2021   01:07:50

The Conversation with Senator and Former Journalist Paula Simons where I Ask the questions

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Paula Simons earned a B.A. Honours degree in English Literature from the University of Alberta, and a Master’s degree in Journalism from Stanford University, before spending time as a fellow at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. She has been a radio documentary-maker, a playwright, a television pundit, a magazine...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 141
  Apr 20, 2021   00:56:43

Midlife: A COVID Anthology with Sarah Chan and Jhen Pabillano

Sarah Chan and Jhen Pabillano have stories to tell, and know others whose stories held power, meaning, and insight. 20 years ago, they met at The Gateway, a student newspaper at the University of Alberta, where both nurtured their passion to stand against the grain of what’s popular and talk about what they felt was...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 140
  Apr 13, 2021   00:59:57

How Rowena Cui Discovered Her Why and Stepped into Her Power

“Business is community. And community is our business.” These are the words that drive Rowena Cui, PlanIt Sound Co-founder, and this is how she endeavours to evolve and grow as a business owner. Her relentless hustle and passion for fusing community with marketing inspired the dual vision for her award-winning company, PlanIt Sound Inc. –...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 139
  Apr 06, 2021   00:46:02

Dr. Christina Bjorndal: A Mental Health Conversation Through the Lens of a Suicide Survivor

Dr. Christina Bjorndal, ND is considered an authority in the treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders and eating disorders using a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual approach. Having overcome many mental health challenges, Dr. Chris is a gifted speaker and writer and has shared her wellness philosophy with audiences from platforms such...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 138
  Mar 30, 2021   00:58:22

Traci Bateman: Growing Up Without Mom

Branding only works if you truly believe in what you put into the world. Traci Bateman knew what she wanted to contribute from a young age after losing her mother to breast cancer at 14 years old; a lifelong journey of wellness. Wellness came in many forms. Pursuing a desire for the education she graduated from...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 137
  Mar 23, 2021   01:02:29

Sunita Sumaru: Why a Positive Dialogue with Yourself is a Game Changer

Her name is Sunita Sumaru, and she is an Edmonton-based makeup artist and the owner of Sen Studios. Sen is a makeup studio that provides makeup services and makeup education that will empower you to find your own personal style, teaching lessons about face shape, how to bring out your best features, and boost your...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 136
  Mar 16, 2021   00:40:13

How Garrett Lombardi Saved a Woman’s Life Simply by Showing Up

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode is of a sensitive nature and deals with suicide. Garrett Lombardi was a 20-year-old pre-medicine student from San Diego on a date with his girlfriend when a day full of unexpected circumstances and new plans turned into a pivotal moment in his life, and the woman he would that day save....

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 135
  Mar 09, 2021   01:03:52

Lazina McKenzie: Community Builder, the Entrepreneurial Spirit and the Road Less Travelled

Lazina McKenzie is in love with entrepreneurial spirit. She loves working with organizations and teaching people. It was in 2010 when Lazina got one of those goose-bumpy, this-is-what-life’s-about moments. She was volunteering with Suit Yourself, which offers a helping hand to disadvantaged women seeking employment by providing them with free, quality clothing and accessories. That’s...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 133
  Feb 23, 2021   00:51:58

A Cancer Diagnosis: Hillberg and Berk CEO Rachel Mielke Shares Her Journey with Cervical Cancer

In January of 2020, Rachel Mielke received a cervical cancer diagnosis, which set her on an onerous personal journey toward recovery during a year of global suffering. During this trying year, she was able to find respite in simple things like deep breathing, journaling, and juicing. Family, support networks, and second opinions were also instrumental...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 132
  Feb 16, 2021   00:52:01

The Powerful Perspective on Black History Month & International Women’s Day from Paulette Senior.

Paulette Senior is President & CEO of the Canadian Women’s Foundation. She has devoted her career to empowering women and girls to overcome barriers and reach their full potential. Paulette started her career on the front lines of social service organizations in some of Toronto’s most economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods. She saw how social resources and...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 131
  Feb 09, 2021   00:59:06

He Doesn’t Have a Heartbeat or a Pulse, but Chef Brad Smoliak is Winning the Battle Against Heart Disease

Brad Smoliak: lover of all things starting with “F”! Family, friends, food, fine wine, and most of all, fabulous wife! Born at the General Hospital with Transposition of the Great Vessel, and shockingly survived after some intervention, Brad was raised in Edmonton in the mid-1960’s in an average house, in an average neighbourhood, in an above-average...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 127
  Jan 12, 2021   00:58:44

Resilience Might Not Be Exciting, but it Separates Businesses and Leaders.  How Resilience Helped Lara Murphy Build Her Success

Lara Murphy is the co-founder and director of business development and strategy of Calgary’s Ryan Murphy Construction Inc. (RMC), where she has managed numerous multi-million-dollar projects in corporate, commercial, health care and residential construction. Murphy has always focused on a cooperative leadership style to create a more transparent and educational company within the industry, emphasizing...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 126
  Jan 05, 2021   01:09:33

Kristina Williams: From Lawyer to CEO, to Honorary Consul for Sweden, to Mom: Life is a Continuum of Learning

Kristina Williams was named the President and CEO of AEC in 2014 and oversees the management of the $350 million Alberta Enterprise Fund with its 19 venture capital fund investments and the underlying portfolio of more than 200 technology companies. Kristina also oversees AEC’s industry development activities, creating access to external markets and mentors for...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 125
  Dec 29, 2020   01:05:03

A Perfect Nightmare: Karen Gosbee’s Glittering Marriage and How It Almost Took Her Life

Karen Gosbee is an author, advocate against domestic violence, and mother who has been through the full spectrum of life’s hardships. She had it all: the successful husband, beautiful kids, big house and a white Range Rover; filling her days with grocery shopping, exercising, gossiping over coffees, shepherding children to and from their after-school activities,...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 123
  Dec 15, 2020   00:55:13

In the Know: How Sarah Benken Created an International Community of Like-Minded Women

Sarah Benken is passionate about supporting women, specifically high-achieving businesswomen that are overworked and lacking community with like-minded women. 𝑾𝒉𝒚? Because she has been there – in the wrong rooms, stretched thin, and feeling like I was alone on the journey. As an accomplished Founder + CEO of 12 years, Sarah has built and scaled two...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 121
  Dec 01, 2020   01:00:31

Bill and Candice Farrell: Love, Legacy and Doodles

Candice and Bill Farrell are breeders of Goldendoodles, located on the outskirts of Red Deer, Alberta. Their ultimate goal is to produce happy, healthy, loving and well-socialized family pets. Candice and Bill take their dog rearing extremely seriously; you won’t find their dogs in cages and treated like livestock. They are all family pets that...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 120
  Nov 24, 2020   01:12:54

Burn Survivor Kelly Falardeau’s Empowering Story: From Near Death to Success

Dedicated to making a difference, Kelly Falardeau has used her life challenges as a burn survivor as the voice and inspiration to help redefine the definition of beauty. She is an international speaker known for encouraging and inspiring youth and adults to celebrate their differences and embrace their uniqueness. Her authentic, playful and loving soul...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 119
  Nov 17, 2020   01:03:01

From Start-Up to Game Changer: The Woman Behind Absolute Combustion International

A proud Albertan technology entrepreneur, advocate, and leader, Koleya Karringten has a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of product commercialization, ecosystem building, and fostering inclusion in the technology industry. As the co-founder and CEO of Absolute Combustion, she has spent over a decade successfully designing and developing ground-breaking cleantech solutions for multiple industry...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 118
  Nov 10, 2020   01:05:27

Talking Sex with Dr Jess: Questions You Want Answers To

Dr. Jess O’Reilly is a sex and relationship expert with a background in education. Her research and passion involves teacher training in sexual health; she volunteers in schools and universities to help bring better sex & relationship education to students across Ontario. Jess is also a television personality, author, podcast host and international speaker who...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 117
  Nov 03, 2020   00:53:51

Advice for Starting and Running Your Own Business From a CEO with Marcela Mandeville

This week, we welcome Marcela Mandeville to the Inner Circle. Marcela has explored the world of business through a globally focused business undergraduate degree, designation as a Certified International Trade Professional and more than twenty years of global experience developing and implementing business strategies. A career highlight has been taking on leadership roles at Alberta...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 115
  Oct 20, 2020   00:53:34

How to have Conversations about Diversity and Inclusion with Erin Davis

This week, it is our pleasure to welcome Erin Davis to The Inner Circle. Erin is a connector, change maker, and builder of inclusive workplace cultures. She continues to follow her passion to build workplaces that work for women and is the Director of Corporate Engagement in Western Canada with Catalyst. Prior to joining Catalyst,...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 114
  Oct 13, 2020   01:32:23

In Case of Fire: Real Life Experiences of Burn Survivor Spencer Beach

Spencer Beach was a 3rd generation flooring installer and among the best in his field when he endured a horrific flash fire that left him permanently and severely scarred. After spending 14 months in the hospital and a year more of rehabilitation he has gone on to carve out a new path for his life. He has...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 112
  Sep 29, 2020   01:17:40

Living, Reporting and Loving New York: Pat Kiernan from NY1

Pat Kiernan is a former co-worker of Carrie’s from CFRN-TV and friend of the Inner Circle. He has been a television host at Spectrum Television’s NY1 since 1997. A staple of New York City, Pat has spent decades briefing New York residents on the weather, news, traffic, and so much more. A familiar face to...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 111
  Sep 22, 2020   00:35:46

The Woman Behind the Politics: A Conversation with NDP Leader and Former Alberta Premier Rachel Notley

Rachel Notley, the 17th Premier of Alberta and current leader of Alberta’s NDP Official Opposition, has her roots firmly planted in politics, though she didn’t always know it was the route she would take. Rachel initially wanted to teach social studies, but something pulled her in the direction of public service; no doubt, it stemmed...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 110
  Sep 15, 2020   00:54:50

Sexual Violence: The Necessary Conversation with Mary Jane James

Mary Jane James is the Chief Executive Officer of the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Business at Mount Saint Vincent University, and the Faculty of Extension Program at the University of Alberta. After several years working in several different positions in the corporate world, she stepped back...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 109
  Sep 08, 2020   00:51:06

Levelling the Political Playing Field with Kacey Machin & Lana Cuthbertson

Social Media has many great uses, but there’s a seedy underbelly that exposes itself when politics are at play. It is understood that criticism is expected when one enters politics, but the abuse is at an all-time high, especially for women. Enter Parity YEG, the brainchild of Kacey Machin and Lana Cuthbertson, whose late night...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 108
  Sep 01, 2020   01:16:24

Diagnosed with COVID: Brijet Whitney Shares the Tumultuous Journey

We all are no strangers to change during these times, and Brijet Whitney is no exception. A mother of 3, entrepreneur, professional dancer, and wife of now-retired NHL player Ray Whitney, Brijet may have been more accustomed to change at a moment’s notice than most. But nothing could have prepared her for testing positive for...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 107
  Aug 25, 2020   00:54:04

COVID Perspective from an ICU Doctor with Dr. Darren Markland

Dr. Darren Markland is a Royal College certified intensive care physician and kidney doctor at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. His professional interests include education, preventative medicine, community health and in humanizing the specialty of critical care and nephrology. In his free time, he takes pride in his ability to make a damn fine cup of...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 106
  Aug 11, 2020   01:13:22

The Story Behind Behind Buns and Abs of Steel with Tamilee Webb

Tamilee Webb is an internationally acclaimed fitness guru, sometimes referred to as America’s Most Trusted Fitness Instructor, who is the star of the famous Buns of Steel fitness videos that have been around since the 1980s. Between appearing on Fit TV, ESPN, being inducted to the Fitness Hall of Fame with other legends such as...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 105
  Aug 04, 2020   00:51:32

Jane Stoller: Organizing Businesses and Decluttering Lives

Jane Stoller is a Swiss-Canadian life-biz organizer whose passion is to declutter spaces and organize a business’s practices. An author, speaker, university instructor, and business owner, Jane lends her gift of organization to people who long for less stress and more happiness. In this week’s chat, Jane shares memories from her career journey, doubts, passions,...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 104
  Jul 28, 2020   00:48:31

Ashley Mielke on Understanding Grief During the Pandemic

Ashley Mielke is a decorated psychologist, public speaker, and strategic consultant, whose accomplishments range from founding and directing The Grief and Trauma Healing Centre Inc. to co-writing her first book in 2017. Ashley has spent her career offering a safe space to explore challenging questions and offer coping strategies for life’s toughest obstacles, using her...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 103
  Jul 21, 2020   00:56:41

Chuckwagon Champion Amber L'Heureux Takes Control

Amber L’Heureux is an incredible chuckwagon racer from small town Saskatchewan who overcame adversity in 2019 to become the first female to race chuckwagons professionally in the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association. Amber attributes the strength, mental drive, and toughness required to master chuckwagon racing to the tragedy she experienced throughout her life; she speaks with...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 101
  Jul 07, 2020   01:04:28

A Conversation with Daryl McIntyre: My television co-anchor of 14 years about stories we covered, challenges of journalism today and life beyond the news desk

It is fitting that Daryl enters the Inner Circle after this show has eclipsed 100 episodes and Daryl embarks his post-CTV journey. Daryl’s last day at CTV Edmonton was September 18, 2019. In this episode, we sit down and go right back to the beginning of Daryl’s television career. We learned that his first broadcast...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 99
  Jun 23, 2020   00:58:09

Exploring Women's Health & The Causes of Infertility With Dr. Caitlin Dunne

My guest today, Dr. Caitlin Dunne is the co-director of the Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine and a clinical assistant professor at the University of British Columbia. She is a specialist in infertility and egg freezing and has participated in numerous clinical studies and published research on in vitro fertilization, gynecologic surgery, and ovarian disease.  And,...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 98
  Jun 16, 2020   01:06:34

The Holistic Approach To Health With Sherry Torkos

My guest today, Sherry Torkos, is a holistic pharmacist and leading health expert who has delivered hundreds of lectures to medical professionals and the public around the world. She has won several national pharmacies awards for providing excellence in patient care and is the author of 18 books. Her philosophy is to integrate conventional and...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 97
  Jun 09, 2020   00:56:14

The Science Behind Breast Reconstructive Surgery and Breast Implant Illness with Dr. Lisa Korus

My guest today is Dr. Lisa Korus, is a leading Plastic Surgeon in Canada who offers perspective in a a variety of controversial areas. She runs a full surgical practice focusing on breast surgery, aiming to improve surgical outcomes through her reconstructive breast surgery research in Alberta. She is also very passionate about improving the quality...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 96
  Jun 02, 2020   01:00:22

Serving a Bigger Purpose with Dawn Harsch

Dawn Harsch is a registered nurse by trade, an entrepreneur, and the creator of 3 long term care homes called ExquisiCare Senior Living and received numerous awards for her work, one of them being Edmonton’s Top 20 Future Business Leaders. She speaks on the importance of supportive living for seniors and what’s next in the...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 95
  May 26, 2020   00:55:12

The Power of a Psychic Connection with Diane Quartly

Diane Quartly is an energy worker who used her incredible psychic abilities to move beyond grief. Her son was run over and killed by her best friend and Diane talks about how she moved from anger to peace through an incredible journey. Her book “About a Blue Angel” speaks about tragedy and her ability to move...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 94
  May 19, 2020   00:50:10

Advancing Your Health with Erin Smandych

Food and diet are multibillion-dollar industries. Both are confusing and complicated ––to say the least––, especially when we are continually being bombarded with messages of what we should and shouldn’t eat. Today, we have an expert in the area of culinary nutrition and advanced female metabolism with certifications in both specialties. She helps people achieve...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 93
  May 12, 2020   01:08:25

The Blessing of a Normal Life with Bryan Mudryk

My guest today, Bryan Mudryk, was a colleague when I was on CTV and hopefully a friend for life, but, I have to confess I’ve always been intrigued by him and his stories. You may know him from his work as a sports anchor; his career exploded quickly delivering comments for some of the most...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 92
  May 05, 2020   00:58:27

Bring the Joy with Jessica Janzen

How many of us have trouble finding joy these days? We are all going to have tough days as we navigate through this COVID crisis. …But what if I told you that everything is figureoutable? Today’s guest is an expert in bringing joy. She recently finished a book named “Bring the Joy” (comes out May...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 91
  Apr 28, 2020   01:07:04

Laughter is Power with Candy Palmater

After the COVID outbreak and everything strange happening around it, I think it’s safe to say that all of us would benefit from some laughter in our lives, after all, it is the best medicine. My guest today knows all about the importance of laughter as she discovered its power. Through countless trials and tribulations,...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 90
  Apr 21, 2020   01:00:50

Understanding Your Connection With The World with Mandy Trapp

Today’s guest Mandy Trapp has spent nearly 20 years studying and teaching mindfulness and meditation. “A new world is being born; we need only to remember our source”. This phrase by Deepak Chopra stopped me in my tracks and got me thinking a lot about our new reality and the million-dollar question on everyone’s mind… What is...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 89
  Apr 14, 2020   01:11:10

Crisis Management during COVID-19 Perspective with former Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Health Minister Anne McLellan

From economies collapsing to not being able to spend time with your family, friends or colleagues; the crisis created by COVID-19 is precarious, it doesn’t seem to have a near end, and it is creating a lot of questions along its path. Lucky for us, today we have a full female powerhouse capable of delivering the...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 88
  Apr 07, 2020   00:52:50

Why Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining (COVID-19) with Janet Riopel

Exploring COVID-19, Business & Women’s Leadership, Janet Riopel joins us in The Inner Circle. It seems like we’re living in our modern version of WW2; evidently, the COVID-19 crisis is very different but way maybe worse. The impact in the global economy has been astronomical in just a few weeks. Is there a silver lining? We...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 87
  Mar 31, 2020   01:06:07

Building the uncommon bridge to change lives with Mike House

This week we have an exceptional guest joining us in The Inner Circle; his job is to change lives. It’s an honor to introduce Mike House; he is the President and CEO of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, committed to funding excellence at the Stollery Children’s Hospital and children’s health priorities. The Foundation’s vision is “to...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 85
  Mar 17, 2020   00:55:09

Conquering the 75 Hard Challenge with Stephen and Carrie

Today we have a very special guest joining us in The Inner Circle. Stephen Petasky is the founder of the Luxus Group, he is my best friend and husband, and we both are very excited to share our journey of how we conquered the 75 Hard Challenge together. From the tough lessons, to the health...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 84
  Mar 10, 2020   01:06:42

The Strength of a Mother with Lynne Rosychuk

They lived a nightmare and navigated challenges that we can’t even imagine. I’m humbled that Lynne Rosychuk has stepped into The Inner Circle. We’ll share the story of an incredible and courageous mother and her painful yet inspiring journey. This story needs to be heard and shared all around the world. Today we’ll dig into the...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 83
  Mar 03, 2020   01:00:19

The Importance of Leadership with Chau Lui

Today’s special guest Chau Lui is stepping into the Inner Circle. Her company Paris Jewellers’ purpose is to be known as Canada’s most Customer-Centric retail jewelry brand. They had a dream, to move from Vietnam to Canada to create a better life. Today Chau and Trang carry the vision and legacy of the Paris Jewellers luxury...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 82
  Feb 25, 2020   01:03:11

Living your Purpose with Kacie Rainey

From Losing your dad to cancer at 17 to finding a lump in your breast at 21, feeling completely lost in life, finding your purpose in life, and transforming the lives of thousands with your work. What a journey! Today’s special guest, Kacie Rainey is stepping into our Inner Circle to tell her tale. S...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 81
  Feb 18, 2020   00:44:21

Choosing a Life of Freedom with Marianne Cantwell

If you have ever questioned what true freedom really looks like? Then you are in for a treat. This week’s guest is Marianne Cantwell. Marianne has been helping entrepreneurs get out of the 9 to 5 race, create a life they love while still paying the bills! She helps entrepreneurs reach freedom. Her book “Be...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 80
  Feb 11, 2020   00:54:56

Voice of Empowerment with Mozhdah Jamalzadah

This week’s guest Mozhdah has a story so inspiring that she is now named as the “Oprah of Afghanistan”, by individuals like Barack and Michelle Obama as well as Ms. Winfrey herself. She joins the inner circle to share her astonishing journey of fleeing to Canada during a civil war in Afghanistan for a better...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 79
  Feb 04, 2020   00:58:32

The Art of Perseverance with Sheila O’Kelly

Sheila O’Kelly is an amazing leader, mother, and cancer survivor who set a new high standard in sports, leading a team that secured the ITU rights to stage the World Championships in Triathlon in Edmonton in 2001 which was judged as the “best ever World Championship.”. This volunteer extraordinaire is now the President of World...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 78
  Jan 28, 2020   00:59:33

An Army of Light with Thordis Elva

Thordis Elva is an Icelandic playwright, speaker, and author who embraces the power of her voice and uses it to advocate for women’s rights and gender equality. This week, she joins the Inner Circle to share the incident of sexual abuse that impacted her life and forever changed the course of her life. She talks...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 77
  Jan 21, 2020   01:07:29

Respond, Don’t React with Bean Gill

This week’s guest, Bean, has a story that serves up a dose of reality like you’ve never heard before. She joins the Inner Circle to share the unbelievable events of bullying, love lost, and the physical trauma and recovery that changed her life forever. Bean talks about how she went from dealing with a new...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 76
  Jan 14, 2020   00:50:31

Collaboration Over Competition with Nicole Rice

Nicole Rice, owner and operator of Sweet {Jolie}, started the very successful company as a place where customers can connect, shop, and perpetuate the body positive movement. Nicole is open about her own battles and challenges and built Sweet {Jolie} from the ground up. From making jewelry in her basement to countless hours of focusing...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 75
  Jan 07, 2020   00:55:43

The Healing Transformation with Ashley Mielke

It is Ashley Mielke’s life mission to empower others to move beyond pain and heal after loss. Ashley is a Registered Psychologist and founder of the Grief and Trauma Healing Center in Edmonton, and her action-oriented program has brought massive success and comfort to over 3,000 people in times of grief and loss. She joins...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 74
  Dec 31, 2019   00:56:49

Challenges Lead to Success and Growth with Courtney Buhler

Courtney Buhler, CEO, and owner of the now huge brand Sugarlash Pro, has gone from servicing fifty people a day in her basement, to running a global success of a business with over 60,000 lash professionals in her community. Courtney joins The Inner Circle to talk about how she built her empire, what wisdom she...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 73
  Dec 24, 2019   01:12:54

Surround Yourself With Great People – Don Petasky

This week, Carrie expands the inner circle of her family and invites her beloved father in law, Don Petasky, on the show. Don shares his personal stories that exemplify exceeding against all odds, the power of family, and the impact of young love. He also shares what it was really like to grow up raising...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 72
  Dec 17, 2019   00:56:50

Our Dreams Are Our Teachers with Pearl Gregor

At the young age of 74, Pearl Gregor is an example of what it means to be curious and invested in personal and spiritual growth. Pearl joins the Inner Circle to share her wisdom as an educator, Catholic, and proponent of using meditation and mindfulness as a tool to heal our wounds and clear the...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 71
  Dec 10, 2019   00:49:13

The Most Important Thing is To Try with Victoria Smith

Guest Victoria Smith knows firsthand the damaging effects that stress can have on our health, along with our general well-being. She has taken her own experience with stress, burnout, and recovery to transition to a life where she coaches others to use stress management and reduction tools. Victoria talks about the moment she knew that...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 70
  Dec 03, 2019   01:05:43

Telling People’s Stories with Lisa LaFlamme

Lisa LaFlamme is a powerhouse journalist who has been the Chief News Anchor and Senior Editor of CTV National News since 2016. Lisa was also appointed to the Order of Ontario, the province’s highest honor, and won the Radio-Television News Directors Association President’s Award in 2016. Today, Lisa steps away from the TV and into...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 69
  Nov 26, 2019   01:01:13

Finding the Silver Lining In Everything with Amy Ledin

Amy Ledin, Co-Owner and Operator at Lean Bodies Consulting, is open to the hard conversations in life that move us forward and raise us to the next level of growth, love, and understanding. Amy embraces her vulnerability and courage in this episode, sharing the deeply personal experiences that had a profound impact on every aspect...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 67
  Nov 12, 2019   00:52:57

Chasing the High with Michael Dash

Michael Dash is a best-selling author of Chasing the High, an entrepreneur and a recovering addict. Michael was living life in the fast lane chasing money, power, and external success fueled by an addiction to drugs, alcohol, and gambling. He joins The Inner Circle to share his story on when his behavior came crashing down...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 66
  Nov 05, 2019   00:57:12

The Appreciation of Honing Your Craft With Cory Christopher

When you are given a gift, you must share it with the world. At least that is what designer and artist Cory Christopher believes. Cory joins the Inner Circle to share how his experience of growing up on a farm helped plant the seeds for him to come the highly successful and sought after designer...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 65
  Oct 29, 2019   01:04:34

Turning Heartbreak into Education and Power with Shelly MacInnis-Wynn

Shelly MacInnis-Wynn is a brave, vulnerable, and inspiring woman and mother. She is also someone that endured an unimaginable heartbreak when her husband, Const. David Wynn of the RCMP, lost his life after being shot in the line of duty after responding to a call. This week, Shelly speaks publicly for the first time since...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 64
  Oct 22, 2019   00:51:23

Dream Big and Measure Your Goals with Eveline Charles

Eveline Charles is a powerhouse female entrepreneur and a brilliant example that we each have the ability to create our personal empire with the right tenacity, skill, and commitment. Eveline shares her story about the path from working in the salon and spa business to running the Eveline Charles company and bringing in over 16...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 63
  Oct 15, 2019   00:53:32

Business Growth and Personal Growth go Hand in Hand with Natalie MacNeil

Building a million dollar business is a huge accomplishment for Natalie MacNeil, but it doesn’t even come close to stopping there for this Emmy Award Winning media entrepreneur. Natalie is devoted to expanding human potential for herself and others, and dedicated to living a deeply meaningful life. She joins The Inner Circle to talk with...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 62
  Oct 10, 2019   00:40:40

Vulnerability, Growth, and Starting Before You Are Ready with Carrie Doll

As Carrie reflects on the year anniversary of The Inner Circle podcast launching, she has much to be grateful for and celebrate. Amazingly open and interesting guests, a team far more supportive than she could ever imagine, and lessons learned beyond her wildest dreams. She imparts the wisdom she has learned from jumping off the...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 61
  Oct 08, 2019   00:53:51

Redefining Impossible with James Lawrence

James Lawrence has redefined impossible and pushed the limits of what we think is capable, both physically and mentally. By doing 50 Ironmans in 50 days in 50 states, he has more than earned the title, “The Iron Cowboy”. He joins the show to talk about his bag of “why’s” when deciding to do the...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 60
  Oct 01, 2019   00:58:02

Living in a New Normal with Tawsha Klein-Sparks

Tawsha Klein-Sparks believes we are connected by one thing — love. This shining light is working to advocate for herself, her family, and to change the statistics of those suffering from any illness. Tawsha discusses her diagnosis of ovarian cancer, and how it affects her at the mere age of only 46. She is honest...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 59
  Sep 24, 2019   00:52:17

Taking the Filters Off With Sophie Gray

Sophie Gray, social media content curator, entrepreneur and founder of the DiveThru mental well-being app, knows firsthand that you don’t need followers to be valid. Sophie had more than 400k followers as a fitness influencer and was making great money selling E-books and courses, but knew she needed to honor her authentic self and be...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 58
  Sep 17, 2019   01:04:02

If It’s Meant To Be, It’s Up To Me with Mike Lombardi

Mike Lombardi joins the Inner Circle this week to challenge us on how powerful the story we tell ourselves really is, and how our mindset and perseverance can mean the difference between making it in life, and sitting on the sidelines. Mike shares his story with Carrie about growing up in and out of foster...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 57
  Sep 10, 2019   00:49:09

Opening Up a Seat at the Boardroom with Chantel Cabaj & Elsa Johnson

You all made sure Carrie knew about why she needed to book the guest for this week, and she listened! Elsa and Chantel from DirectHer join the Inner Circle, and these two powerhouse female lawyers discuss how and why they created a very successful nonprofit to help women understand and participate in the world of...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 56
  Sep 03, 2019   00:59:30

Re-Defining Family with Gina MacConnell

Gina McConnell took a chance when she was 31 and unmarried with a great career. She fostered a little girl, Gabby, who happened to crack her heart wide open and changed the course of her life forever. Today, she and her husband Matt have 10 children, including Gabby, who teach her lessons about life and...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 55
  Aug 27, 2019   00:57:41

Dare to Care with Ron Campbell

Ron Campbell worked for 35 years in the RCMP, and was diagnosed with PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder throughout his tenure there. Ron tells an amazing story of owning your voice, even when others don’t want to listen, to move past the pain and shame and into healing and connection. He joins the Inner Circle...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 54
  Aug 20, 2019   00:58:58

Playing By Your Own Book with Cal Callahan

John “Cal” Callahan uses his experience and wisdom to give men permission to question their own process, however, it shows up for them. He joins the Inner Circle today to share how really listening to our intuition can be life-changing in ways we can’t even anticipate. John went from Wall Street, golf meetings, and rubbing...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 53
  Aug 13, 2019   00:55:34

There is Always a Reason Why with Rebecca Justice

Life hands you the strangest gifts. Many, that as they are happening, don’t seem much like gifts at all, and instead a step back or even a tragedy. Today’s guest, Rebecca Justice is an accomplished model, businesswoman, furniture and jewelry designer, who knows that all too well. Rebecca steps inside The Inner Circle to share...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 52
  Aug 06, 2019   00:50:11

It’s All About Human Connection with Dr. Jody Carrington

Dr. Jody Carrington speaks her truth and calls it like she sees it, which benefits the many she has helped in her career as a clinical psychologist, speaker, and author. The most glaring issue she saw affecting the children and families she has worked with both in her private practice and at the Alberta’s Children’s...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 51
  Jul 30, 2019   01:02:47

Teaching the Message of Change with Dr. Farha Shariff

Dr. Farha Shariff is a Professor at the University of Alberta, intersectional feminist, lead instructor at CycleBar and founding coach and Champs Boxing Studio. She is also an unapologetic and thoughtful advocate for those of all cultures and backgrounds and uses her own experience to push the boundaries to help obliterate racism and bullying. She...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 50
  Jul 23, 2019   00:53:41

We Can Always Do Better with Grace Froese

Grace Froese has witnessed the power of forgiveness, compassion, and humility countless times in both her childhood and adulthood. As a young girl, she saw firsthand from her family what it was like to really forgive but not forget, and that what goes around in terms of kindness really does come back around. She talks...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 49
  Jul 16, 2019   01:02:38

Learn to Love Yourself with Glori Meldrum

Glori Meldrum is a force to be reckoned with, whether it’s fighting for herself or for the peace and dignity of others. Glori joins the Inner Circle to fearlessly and openly share her own personal experience of child sexual abuse and explains the depth of damage that it caused even in adulthood today. She talks...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 48
  Jul 09, 2019   00:45:13

The Power of a Dream with Justine Martinson

At the tender age of 6, Justine Martinson already knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. While others were dressing their Barbies, Justine was booking salon appointments for them and playing spa owner with her family and friends. Her dream held true, and now Justine has been a Medical Aesthetician and Laser...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 47
  Jul 02, 2019   00:48:52

Giving Back Stays With You with Her Honour Lois Mitchell

It’s not every day you get to say that the Queen’s representative will be inside the Inner Circle. This week, Lois Mitchell, Canadian businesswoman, philanthropist, and 18th Lieutenant Governor of Alberta joins the show. Lois is the representative of Queen Elizabeth II of Canada in the Province of Alberta. She shares her fascinating story of...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 46
  Jun 25, 2019   00:55:56

Sharing the Power of Recovery with Joel Gotlib

Carrie sits down today with a friend and longtime former colleague Joel Gotlib. Joel demonstrates big time courage, vulnerability, and character by describing his recovery from a 7 year battle with opioids. Joel explains his personal story on how he started taking them, how he got addicted, and the ways in which it took a...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 45
  Jun 18, 2019   00:49:28

When the Truth Breaks Free with Ciara McCormack

Ciara McCormack enters The Inner Circle this week to talk about the scandal that swept the news regarding Canada Soccer and the Vancouver Whitecaps, and how she was at the center of this national firestorm. Ciara shares the details of the scandal itself and describes to us how she did all the right things, used...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 44
  Jun 11, 2019   00:45:33

Life Coaching is Way More Than Just a Luxury with Rebecca Sparks

Successful people all seem to know the one trick that it takes some years to figure out — we can’t have all the answers ourselves. We need some help, and there is strength in reaching out for the expertise and wisdom of others. Carrie’s guest today just happens to be one of the best in...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 43
  Jun 04, 2019   01:01:11

Really Listen To What Your Body Is Saying with Laura Krosky

Today on the Inner Circle, it’s a powerful and vulnerable conversation that centers around listening to your body and what it’s telling you. We often allow pain to become our new normal, or spend time searching for answers and trying just to push through another day while going into our “power mode”. Laura Krosky joins...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 42
  May 28, 2019   00:49:58

The Reality of Human Trafficking with Joy Smith

Most people associate human trafficking with international borders. They would most likely be very surprised to find out that over 90% of Canada’s trafficking victims come from within the border, with an average age of 12-14, from the upper middle class. This week, Carrie invites one of Canada’s leading anti-trafficking activists, Joy Smith, in the...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 41
  May 21, 2019   00:51:07

Why Not You with Carol Leaman

Carol Leaman is a disruptor, serial entrepreneur, award-winning thought leader, and is known as “the woman who turned down a fabulous job at Google”. She is the CEO of Axonify Inc., a Microlearning platform, and is one of Canada’s Most Influential Female Entrepreneurs. She shares her perspective on what it’s like to be the one...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 40
  May 14, 2019   00:49:40

You Just Want to Be Wanted with Haley Radke

Haley Radke is a powerful voice and fierce advocate on the issue of adoption. She approaches the subject with courage, empathy, compassion, and vulnerability. She joins the Inner Circle to discuss her own personal adoption story, her 5 part series on addiction and adoption, the ups and downs of reunion and secondary rejection, and her...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 39
  May 07, 2019   00:53:22

There is Hope in Grief with Carmen Victoor

Our guest this week opens up about a complicated, painful, but extremely important topic — grief. Carmen Victoor helps others deal with their grief from the professional standpoint of a trained counselor. However, she also had an intensely personal experience that shaped her perspective on loss and healing. She steps in the Inner Circle to...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 37
  Apr 23, 2019   00:57:14

Embracing Our Sexual Well Being with Sabrina Souto

Sabrina Souto believes that sexual well being isn’t just about sex. In fact, it goes way deeper and is really a reflection of our own self-acceptance. As a traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor & Acupuncturist, with recent certification in Hypnotherapy, she has much wisdom to share about healing, cultivating self-love, and creating a safe space for...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 36
  Apr 16, 2019   00:52:32

Depolarizing Health and Wellness with Dr. Neeja Bakshi and Heather Gazley

Two very different worlds collide inside the Inner Circle this week. Dr. Neeja Bakshi, founder of Park Integrative Health and Director of Business Integration, Heather Gazley, join the show to talk about how their two very different approaches of Eastern and Western medicine have come together to create a network of support and empowerment in...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 35
  Apr 09, 2019   00:57:56

Become Your Own CEO with Kelley Keehn

Financial educator, author of over 9 books, and public speaker Kelley Keehn joins the Inner Circle today to give us the behind the scenes of all money matters. She got a first-row seat to wealth (and the lack of) while working in both the banking and financial industries and has built her own empire helping...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 33
  Mar 26, 2019   00:49:59

Fitness Equals Freedom with Paul Plakas

As an expert in the fitness industry for over 25 years, Paul Plakas has seen his clients transform right before his very eyes. Whether it’s getting someone to run for the very first time, finish that marathon or put down the cookie, Paul is the motivator and tough love cheerleader of health and wellness for...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 32
  Mar 19, 2019   01:00:22

You Can Always Still Be Somebody with Kristina Botelho

Kristina Botelho had every reason to fail. Between a challenging youth where she was in and out of foster homes, becoming a teenage mother, and the general challenges of starting and running a business, this woman had a lot on her plate in all senses of the word. However, she knew at a young age...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 31
  Mar 12, 2019   00:57:12

Beyond the Words of Mental Illness with Blake Loates

Blake Loates’ greatest passion is to educate and speak about mental health and suicide prevention. She openly shares her own struggles to help others know they are not alone, there is help, and there is beauty in resilience and connection. She joins The Inner Circle to share her own internal battles with depression, and how...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 30
  Mar 05, 2019   00:51:07

Empowerment in Fashion with Wedad Amiri

Wedad Amiri is an adventurous spirit that doesn’t let others tell her what to do. Whether she is naming her designs after inspirational women or standing up for those that aren’t able to, she has accomplished so much in a short period of time as a fashion designer, entrepreneur and Lebanese Muslim woman. Today, she...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 29
  Feb 26, 2019   00:52:59

The Struggle Behind the Screen with Linda Hoang

Today, a very brave and honest young lady joins The Inner Circle to open up and share her story on a topic that we are still continuing to learn more about. Infertility. Linda Hoang and Carrie have worked together in the past, and she shares her very personal story on what they have gone through...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 28
  Feb 19, 2019   00:58:03

Living Completely As Yourself with Marni Panas

Marni Panas is a brilliant educator, community leader, and an example of how sharing your story can impact change for thousands. Today, she shares her story with Carrie as a transgender woman and advocates for the sexual and gender minority community. She has changed laws in Canada and found her way to a strong internal...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 27
  Feb 12, 2019   00:54:07

A Life Of Adventure with Anita Bateman

If you dig deep enough, everybody has a story. Today’s guest has gone through some unbelievable events in her life and has a shocking and heartwarming story to tell. Anita Baker is one of the sharpest and best-dressed women you will ever meet, and at age 75 she truly lives life with gratitude and reverence...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 26
  Feb 05, 2019   00:50:35

Using Your Voice to Amplify Others with Kasey Machin

Kasey Machin was a passionate mom volunteering in her community, and felt a calling to venture into a new territory to use her voice to help make huge decisions for her community. Kasey comes into the Inner Circle to share why volunteerism is key when opening the door for following a path of politics, her...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 25
  Jan 29, 2019   00:46:18

Creating and Connecting Community with Brijet Whitney

Brijet Whitney knows a thing or two about moving at a moment’s notice. This mom of 3, entrepreneur and professional dancer is married to now retired NHL star Ray Whitney, and relocating was a huge part of his successful career. So much so, that she made it one of her life’s missions to create a...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 24
  Jan 22, 2019   00:52:54

To Shattering the Glass Ceiling with Shara Vigeant

Shara is a strong voice for positive body image, strength and fitness for a full life, and women finding their voice in a male dominated sport. She talks with Carrie about her career in the UFC and MMA, how she went through, and overcame the results of years of extreme training, and ways she pushes...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 23
  Jan 15, 2019   00:57:32

Inside the Red Tent with Peyton Callahan

Peyton Callahan has a true gift to help others awaken to their intuition. As a mentor and facilitator, energy worker and birth doula, she honors the spirit of women and lets them connect with their own strength and purpose. Today, she steps in The Inner Circle with Carrie to talk about what a Red Tent...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 22
  Jan 08, 2019   00:48:21

The Powerful Message of a First Responder Paul Semeniuk

Firefighter Paul Semeniuk steps in The Inner Circle today to talk about mental health issues in First Responders. As someone that arrives first on a scene when people are in their most trying of times, Paul has seen it all. He is leading a family of other heroes to help first responders face the trauma...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 21
  Jan 01, 2019   00:49:42

Food Can Heal What No One Else Can with Julie Daniluk

Today, nutritionist, food activist, TV, and radio personality, and best-selling author Julie Daniluk joins the Inner Circle to talk about her interesting relationship with food and health. Julie is a true wealth of knowledge and uplifting energy in food, and she shares her expert knowledge on some of the hot topics currently in nutrition. She...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 19
  Dec 24, 2018   01:00:37

Our Realities of Christmas

Carrie gathered three honest friends to join her inside The Inner Circle to give their version of what Christmas and the holidays mean to them. She welcomes Heather Vos, Haley Mowat and Paul Plakas in to talk about the magical and the special parts of Christmas, and also open up about their own challenges within...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 18
  Dec 21, 2018   00:42:40

Trained to Feel Good with Deanna Harder

Deanna Harder is brutally honest about her own struggles to free herself, and be a beacon of support and guidance for others. Today, she shares her experience with exercise dependence, eating disorders and body issues for over 20 years. She tells us what it was like in the depth of despair, how she hid it,...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 17
  Dec 17, 2018   00:47:02

Creating a Place for Others to Fit in with Bryiana Dyrdek

Bryiana Dyrdek is a woman that wears many crowns. As an internationally recognized model and beauty queen, clothing designer, President of Iconic Beauty, philanthropist and entrepreneur, she knows a thing or two about forging her own path. Today, she talks with us about overcoming a life threatening illness and years of bullying to go on...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 16
  Dec 14, 2018   00:44:04

Courage in Vulnerability with Christine Aziz

Christine Aziz is a brilliant Actor, Singer, Producer, and Writer in the New York area. Today, she joins Carrie to share the extremely personal and emotional story of finding strength and courage after a tragedy. Christine openly tells the story of an attack that happened to her one night in NYC, and her journey along...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 15
  Dec 10, 2018   00:47:51

Reframing our Money Mindset with Chris Harder

Today, the wonderful Chris Harder challenges us to think about money in a different way. He should know a few things about wealth – Chris has one of the top podcasts out right now, “For the Love of Money”, and was in the banking industry for 11 years. He and his wife Lori are partners...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 14
  Dec 07, 2018   00:41:49

Trusting your Instincts with Food with Erin Smandych

Today we talk about a subject that many of us love, but may also have some struggles with – food. Eating to fuel and nourish our bodies can have a profound effect on both our inner and outer wellness, but many of us have limiting beliefs surrounding eating and struggled for years with yo-yo dieting...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 13
  Dec 03, 2018   00:45:02

Empowering Us to Heal Ourselves with Dr. Jen Esquer

On today’s episode, we get down with Dr. Jen Esquer. Literally – she wants us to get down on the floor and get back up again without any help. As a former competitive gymnast, track and field star, dancer turned Doctor of Physical Therapy, Jen’s main mission is to heal the world through empowering us...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 12
  Nov 30, 2018   00:48:28

Command Your Worth – Christina Lecuyer

Christina Lecuyer is a perfect embodiment of Carrie’s mantra: You can create your own reality. In addition, her bubbly personality and confidence is downright contagious. Born in Edmonton, Christina’s father, Tony Lecuyer, was one of Alberta’s biggest names in golf. At age 18 Christina picked up the game quickly, and was on her way to...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 11
  Nov 26, 2018   00:39:53

You are the CEO of Your Own Life – Robindra

Today, we go on a learning journey and become enlightened on how yoga and entrepreneurialism can go hand in hand. Robindra discusses how the two separate ventures of business and yoga became one, and how one small idea led him on a life changing journey. He and Carrie also touch upon the importance of taking...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 10
  Nov 23, 2018   00:45:19

Family on and off the Field with Marjean Maas

Marjean Maas sets the bar high and stops at nothing to reach her goals. She puts her heart and soul into whatever she does, whether it’s growing her business, her own success, or the needs of her family. Marjean knows first hand what it’s like to be part of a team – her husband, Jason...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 9
  Nov 21, 2018   00:53:04

A Mother-Daughter Duo Powerhouse – Frances and Charlotte Gadbois

Frances and Charlotte Gadbois both possess a power presence, beauty from the inside out, and a way of making others around them feel truly seen and heard. The incredible icing on the cake is that they make some of the finest jewelry available on the market today, with the modern woman and all of her...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 7
  Nov 12, 2018   00:51:15

Jasmine Star Wants to Share Her Secret

Jasmine Star has a blockbuster story, a huge successful business, and wants to share all of it with you. Today, she talks with Carrie about how she built her huge platform to help elevate others discover and use their voice. Jasmine is an award winning social media strategist, and a self taught photographer who has...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 5
  Oct 30, 2018   00:45:43

Representing the Real You With Meghan King Edmonds

Meghan King Edmonds loves to love, and has a huge capacity to love. As a blogger, influencer, star of The Real Housewives of Orange County and individual brand, her honest perspective of living in the public eye reminds us to adhere to the tried and true saying, “never judge a book by the cover”. Today,...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 4
  Oct 23, 2018   00:54:00

Turning Lemons into a Lemon Drop Martini with Jennifer Coll

Jennifer Coll is a strong woman who is the essence of grit, perseverance, and inclusivity. The details of the story she shares today are nothing short of remarkable and admirable, as she channeled anger and heartbreak into a beautiful and thriving business. Today she shares her story with Carrie on her journey in creating her...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 3
  Oct 12, 2018   00:36:50

Setting a Higher Standard – Kendall Barber, Co-Founder of Poppy Barley

Kendall Barber, a co-Founder of the multi-million dollar company Poppy Barley, is blazing a trail of socially conscious and ethically employed business in fashion. Today, she shares her journey of co-founding Poppy Barley with her sister, how they overcame setbacks along the way, and the opportunities they needed to create for themselves long before others...

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll
Episode: 1
  Oct 12, 2018   00:49:07

Welcome to the Inner Circle with Carrie Doll

Carrie and her Inner Circle team could not be more excited to welcome you to the first episode of The Inner Circle with Carrie Doll. On today’s show, Carrie opens up on how she got into broadcast journalism, her real and vulnerable story on motherhood, and the challenges she encountered along the way. Carrie’s first...