Jeff Woods

Jeff Woods
Episode: 105
  Sep 30, 2021   1042

105. Movin' In/On/Up/Out

This should move you. The latest podcast version of the radio show.  Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 104
  Sep 23, 2021   984

104. Self Titled Albums NOT These Bands First

We tend to think of albums named after the artist or band alone, as their first albums.  But what about bands who self titled albums not their debut?  Who, why, when, and music to go with.  Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 102
  Sep 09, 2021   1875

102. Jeff Beck Interview (2010)

As in depth as it gets, with Jeff Beck, this is a treat.  30 minutes with the musician musicians rave about.  His story about “auditioning” with The Rolling Stones is a must hear, here.  Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 101
  Sep 02, 2021   1044

101. Bob Seger Interview (2013)

More you’ll ever find out about and from Bob Seger in 17 minutes than anywhere else in this engaging conversation between Seger and Jeff Woods on songwriting and so much more.  Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 100
  Aug 26, 2021   822

100. Joe Walsh Interview (2012)

You can’t help but love the artist and the insight of Joe Walsh who opens up here, as featured in a chapter of my first audio book, about what it’s like to be Ringo Starr’s brother in-law, to be mentored by Who drummer Keith Moon, how love had eluded Joe for so long, plus joining...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 98
  Aug 19, 2021   1289

98. People As Animals

Metaphorically speaking Part 1 – stories about songs that liken people to animals.   Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 96
  Aug 05, 2021   2201

96. Trevor Hurst Interview Part 2 of 2

The conclusion of our in depth conversation about so many things, including a story Trevor has never shared publicly about his past. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 94
  Jul 29, 2021   991

94. You Feel Me?

Nina Simone gets us rolling with an episode featuring stories about songs about FEELING. All the ‘feels’ in 16 minutes jam packed with music and music history. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 95
  Jul 29, 2021   2270

95. Trevor Hurst of Econoline Crush – Part 1

Come with me inside the fertile mind of a man who came to the crossroads and took a hard left, finding himself in a very unique position – one in which he could affect change in the lives of indigenous citizens while realizing incredible change within himself, on a road that leads straight back to...

Jeff Woods
  Jul 22, 2021   1070


It’s not the absence of fear but rather the decision that something else is more important than fear. An episode of stories and music inside the theme of COURAGE.   Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 93
  Jul 22, 2021   1508

93. Lindsey Buckingham Interview

The third of 3 in the series of interviews with Fleetwood Mac from Jeff’s archives from 2003. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 90
  Jul 08, 2021   1598

90. Stevie Nicks Interview

A Stevie Nicks fan’s must.  My intimate conversation with Stevie from the last time Fleetwood Mac were about to put out a new studio album.  April 2003, in Los Angeles.  Nicks opens up about the post-911 process of writing new songs, plus thoughts on her biggest regret, her proudest achievement, and so much more.  Support...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 88
  Jul 01, 2021   1071

88. Guess the Year in Rock?

No spoilers here.  You go ahead and guess the year with the clues that start this radio show podcast episode.  Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 86
  Jun 24, 2021   935

86. Short People – Rock's Small But Mighty

This time, a follow-up to Rock’s Tall Boys, it’s Rock’s Short People, and it’s a lot of fun and music and info.  Enjoy! Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 87
  Jun 24, 2021   1485

87. Mick Fleetwood Interview (2003)

This is Mick Fleetwood baring his soul to me in 2003 when I met up with Fleetwood Mac.  A must for fans to hear the founding member/drummer get personal about life and music.  Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 85
  Jun 16, 2021   1276

85. Rock's Tall Boys

Who plays Rage, QOTSA, Snoop Dogg, alongside Fleetwood Mac, The Cars, Howlin’ Wolf and Long John Baldry? Woods does.  The podcast about music, untethered by genre or era. Everyone this time is 6′ 1″ or taller, except for one.  Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 84
  Jun 09, 2021   1173

84. George Thorogood talks rock 'n' blues with Jeff Woods

A nice chunk of chapter 4 from first audiobook, features music and a rock fan’s must, my conversation with the rock ‘n’ blues legend George Thorogood who talks about getting ‘white hatted’ at Calgary Stampede, articulates the difference between Beatles and Stones, tells of the secret to his success (it has to do with dancing), ...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 83
  Jun 04, 2021   1712

83. Celebrity Voice Cameos in Rock

28 minutes of music and stories featuring songs containing spoken word by actors, voice over artists, political figures, and band members and a bonus clip of Orson Welles selling peas.  Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 82
  May 27, 2021   806

82. Born in the Water

This theme inspired by the song of the same name, we get wet this week with stories and music born in the water.  Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 81
  May 19, 2021   1958

81. Heathen Interview

A Bowie special featuring my first conversation with David from 2002 and we go deep with subjects like New York, his then 2 year old daughter, John Lennon, Pete Townshend, Neil Young, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Pink Floyd, and so much more. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 80
  May 13, 2021   683

80. Top 10 Songs about Waiting

The radio show untethered by era brings you an array of compelling songs about that thing we’re tired of doing right about now.  Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 79
  May 05, 2021   754

79. Drive She Said

Just drive she said — and the legend who had previously sung about being on a Mexican Whoah-oh, Ray-dee-oh, sang, inspiring this episode about songs about driving. Stories and music to go with. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 78
  Apr 29, 2021   2556

78. REM Reveal Interview

This is a must for fans of REM!  From April 2001 in New York, my one on one with  singer/lyricist Michael Stipe, which followed a face to face the same day with the band’s music writers, Peter Buck and Mike Mills.   Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 77
  Apr 22, 2021   1814

77. Pearl Jam “Yield” Interview 1998

Back 23 years, in advance of the February 1998 release of the 5th Pearl Jam album YIELD, my chat with Ed Vedder and Stone Gossard about LOTS of stuff.  Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 76
  Apr 16, 2021   2188

76. Vox Rea members Kate and Lauren with Jeff Woods

The audio only version of the recent Zoom session with Vox Rea whose song “Dose Me Up” is one of the best of 2020. It’s one of the four original songs from Vancouver’s Vox Rea featured in this music special.  Beautiful souls and beautiful songs.  Enjoy.  Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 74
  Apr 08, 2021   872

74. Rain Songs

Every kind of rain song from the last 70 years and stories go with April showers. Enjoy. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 73
  Mar 31, 2021   886

73. Long Time Gone

Another condensed version of the weekly hour-long radio show, this time themed around the passing of time and featuring some incredibly timeless music.  Enjoy. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 72
  Mar 29, 2021   2347

72. Nelson Sobral

Nelson Sobral is a singer/songwriter from Toronto whose passion for music is IMMENSE and his brushes with like-minded artist many, from Jeff Healey to Mick Taylor, and he has stories about both and more, along with 3 song performances inside of our conversation about favourite albums and songs and players. Support the Show: See...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 71
  Mar 25, 2021   1073

71. Things Rock Stars Told Me Part 2

Taking you into the vaults again, with highlights from my conversations with Neil Peart of RUSH (this was the very first time we talked), Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits, Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, and Robert Plant. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 70
  Mar 18, 2021   1023

70. Things Rock Stars Told Me Part 1

Some of the few hundred interviews I’ve had the pleasure of doing – this episode features things included in the audio book “Radio, Records & Rockstars”, from my chats with 3 Rolling Stones, Joe Walsh, Carlos Santana, Eddie Vedder and Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam, Steely Dan members Walter Becker (RIP) and Donald Fagen, plus...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 69
  Mar 11, 2021   1009

69. Tattoo You 40 Years Strong

It could very well be the most cohesive sounding collection of strays ever assembled. Comprised mostly of outtakes from their storied past, some that were a decade old, some that had no vocals, others that did, most given overdubs and new vocals, plus a couple new songs, it’s an album that got made because The...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 68
  Mar 04, 2021   1053

68. Gotta Get Away!

Who isn’t suffering from cabin fever right about now?  Come get away (no, not sail away) with music from the British Invasion to A-maaaaaaair-i-ca. I’m loving these new short-doc length versions of the hour-long show.  You get the whole story inside of about 15 minutes. Enjoy. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 67
  Feb 25, 2021   846

67. Eye in the Sky

Revisiting a theme from Season 3 of the radio series, keeping things light this time, as we hover in the place that resides above the horizon.EVERY THURSDAY, you get a new podcast version of the weekly Records and Rockstars Radio Show episodes. And we’ll start to add archived episodes of the show too. Support the...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 66
  Feb 18, 2021   1037

66. Devil's Music

The devil’s music, they called it, and kept calling it right up through the 1950’s, when rhythm and blues gave way to rock and roll. The push back by the “adults” would only get worse as the music became less restrained and more shocking, to some. We begin this episode in the American south, six...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 65
  Dec 22, 2020   3217

65. Joan Smith and the Jane Does

Powerful performances and conversation with the principle members of Joan Smith & the Jane Does including a scorching cover of “Where Did You Sleep Last Night (In the Pines).” Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 64
  Dec 10, 2020   3912

64. Layton

An artist of great proportion, Layton brings his voice and guitar and stories and “Film Noir” — the song that has formally launched his recording career. We go to the record for it, and to a 3 song acoustic performance alongside in depth conversation about the creative process, and the light and dark of life. ...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 63
  Dec 04, 2020   3995

63. Samantha Martin

Powerhouse soul singer with a sense of humour, Samantha Martin is back full force with a bold album and joins me for an in depth conversation and we play some of my faves from “The Reckless One”. You’ll love this. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 62
  Nov 26, 2020   3818

62. Falcon Jane

Sara May is the lead singer and songwriter of her project Falcon Jane. She might remind you of Emmylou Harris.  Sometimes there’s a hint of Cyndi Lauper.  But mostly, it’s Sara May.  Sometimes haunting and sometimes just plain sweet, she performs new songs and she’s convinced to go back to the very beginning, with the...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 61
  Nov 19, 2020   2915

61. Jay Stiles

Austin Texas based keyboardist J. Stiles is known for his working with Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar, but that’s just a bit of the story of the go-to player who’s vibe is as chill as his heart is big, and talent immense, on vintage keyboard instruments and feel-good melodies and vocals.  Otherwise known as Crystal...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 60
  Nov 17, 2020   3675

60. Mike Bennett

Ever heard a one stringed electric uke through a VOX amp?  Nobody sounds quite like this punk rock, spoken wordsmith, who counts some 65 day jobs and four countries of residence and gigs from Toronto clubs to kids shoe stores to ladies lingerie shows to the London Palladium. The obsession of writing and the need...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 59
  Nov 12, 2020   2445

59. Shane Cloutier

Passion is his only path, in playing guitar, singing, and songwriting. Handpicked by Frank Marino to accompany him on tour, when bands can do that again, Shane Cloutier is an artist the guitar and amp companies love to align with, because he’s that good. Here’s a catch up conversation and 3 songs, including one of...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 57
  Nov 10, 2020   2016

57. The Honeyrunners

We perched an iPhone atop the lighting rig at Wild Woods Blue Performance Studio, the new home of the podcast and intimate live shows, and captured the trio version of The Honeyrunners in concert, to a small and masked but enthusiastic audience.  This episode is a combination of live music and conversation between Jeff Woods...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 58
  Nov 05, 2020   3407

58. Karla Crawford

File under country soul, because she’s steeped in both. She’s Karla Crawford and she’s a character with a helluva voice and songwriting ability. She’s also put on the spot in this episode, to commit, which is something she’s long avoided. Stories galore, about Elvis’ guitarist, about writing in Nashville, and about indulging in “adult snacks”....

Jeff Woods
Episode: 56
  Oct 05, 2020   2772

56. Mattie Leon

Here’s a uniquely voiced songwriter from Toronto who has been working with producer Gavin Brown on his latest songs – Mattie Leon stops in to sing and play and talk, as we get into the want for playing publicly again, the courage of young people facing distance and daunting odds, and he talks about his...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 55
  Mar 06, 2020   3679

55. Madison Galloway

Sunshine personified with guitar and voice and sweet rootsy blues sass all rolled into adventurous original performances both LIVE and on record.  Introducing the young and incredibly creative artist Madison Galloway from Southern Ontario, Canada, who barely into her twenties has a full length album out that she co-produced with Ron Hawkins (Lowest of the...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 54
  Feb 14, 2020   1809

54. Liberty Silver

Imagine being on stage at the age of twelve, opening for Bob Marley at Madison Square Garden, or singing solo on a #1 hit alongside Burton Cummings, Neil Young, Geddy Lee, Joni Mitchell and Bryan Adams – that was “Tears are not Enough”.  Liberty Silver chats and sings.    Support the Show: See

Jeff Woods
Episode: 53
  Feb 05, 2020   2606

53. The Moon and The Sun

In the tradition of the male/female duo with harmony, these two just fit! The timing and the tone on tone, and the give/take of The Moon and The Sun is pure and sweet.  Drew McIvor and Amy Lynn Gaudette chat and sing. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 52
  Jan 30, 2020   3408

52. Mike McCarthy Band

Imagine parents so cool that their son, in his early twenties, chooses to be in their band.  Introducing Collingwood Ontario based 7 piece, The Mike McCarthy Band tell of their love of the Bakersfield country of Dwight Yoakam, plus stories of encounters with legends like Mike Myers, Robert Redford and John Candy.  This trio version...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 51
  Jan 22, 2020   3076

51. Future History

Strong original band who sound like they are from ‘somewhere else’, Future History are Guinness World Record holders, slept where The Tragically Hip slept, and share these stories and brilliant performances including a cool MGMT cover.   Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 50
  Dec 15, 2019   4340

50. Lily Frost

This time, the extraordinarily charming and creative singer/songwriter LilyFrost, joins Jeff and shares songs from her latest and perhaps finest albumRetro Moderne, as well as gems from the past.  Lily talks songwriting, Billie Holiday, The Cramps, Hank Williams, and Lily and Jeff alsoget into tattoos, relationships, nature, and more. Support the Show: See

Jeff Woods
Episode: 49
  Dec 11, 2019   5968

49. Franny Wisp and her Washboard

The Franny Wisp & Her Washboard show is a funny, self-deprecating responseto a society that is preoccupied with youth, beauty, success and romanticrelationships. Her satire and wit are expressed musically through song,spoken word, washboard rhythms and a kick drum. Franny and Jeff get along like a house on fire. Support the Show: See...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 48
  Dec 03, 2019   2767

48. Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar

7 piece soul band featuring soul singing powerhouse Samantha Martin play and we chat about touring the world and the ultimate rock and soul male singer. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 47
  Oct 03, 2019   4053

47. Dave Loopstra & The Glacial Erratic

Take an ADHD connoisseur of music, the history of glacially-deposited rock, and growing weed, and give him a guitar and a microphone and that is this. Starring the front man of the band Glacial Erratic.  When Dave started out, he simply wrote lyrics that made him laugh out loud.He’s still doing that.  And the world...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 46
  Sep 27, 2019   2839

46. Michael Costantini

When you’ve played 2000 shows, and practiced in your bedroom since you were 14, you get good. That was the age he was in NYC and got the Gibson Les Paul he plays in this episode, including original songs, a Hendrix cover, and we spin his latest from the recording studio.  For reference, beyond Jimi,...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 45
  Aug 14, 2019   3354


A capital ‘R’ rock band featuring rock stars from other bands, like I Mother Earth, and My Darkest Days, I’m joined for a get-to-know the band chat by Sal Costa and Brian Byrne.  Note:  Since this session, Byrne left the band. That’s a story for another day.  We’ll spin a demo and a finished version...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 44
  Aug 01, 2019   5517

44. Roddy Colmer and Pat Robitaille

These two tag team their way into the hearts of everyone they encounter, through music and sense of humour. Roddy led the band Rebel Emergency with whom he stage surfed, literally.  Pat’s played more shows than the Grateful Dead (maybe), including his years leading the acclaimed Walkerviles. Both have done time in NYC and have...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 43
  Jul 30, 2019   2150

43. Jake Good

“HIS VOICE is MAGIC”.  A quote from Jake Good’s website. Attributed to some guy named Jeff Woods. But where is Azilda?  The answer to that and stories of the evolution of a singer who wins hearts the second he takes the stage. Jake sings in my attic, including his trademark cover of an all-time classic,...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 42
  Jul 26, 2019   3835

42. Johnson Crook

A band of brothers featuring two “Crooks with Nathan Crook on gtr/vocals, Trevor Cook on drums, Jared Craig on bass, and lead singer Noel Johnson.  In fact they ALL SING!   And come with lots of stories and heart in conversation and performance. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 41
  Jul 09, 2019   2180

41. Sages

The return of the solo gem known as Sages, aka Racquel Hardy (ex of Falcon Jane, my guests Oct. 2018).  She is the epitome of ‘artist’, sitting on my studio floor, with synthesizer between her legs and poetry spilling from her mouth.  She had me at Massive Attack and Thom Yorke, among her influences.  She...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 40
  Jun 27, 2019   2909

40. Shane Cloutier

The guitar virtuoso makes a return visit, with an update and performances, and speaks of guitar hero Frank Marino (update March 2020 – Shane was hand-picked by Marino to be his 2nd guitarist on a 2020 North American tour!) Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 39
  Jun 04, 2019   3109

39. Jane's Party

These four are deadly together. Three lead singers including bassist Devon Richardson, guitarist Tom Ionescu , keyboardist Jeff Giles, and on drums the Levon Helm meets Ringo Starr: Zach Sutton.  Our in depth conversation and acoustic performances of songs from their 2019 album “Casual Island” Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 38
  May 28, 2019   2728

38. Skye Wallace

Shining star Sky Wallace brings it!  Joined by drummer Alfie Vienneau, guitarist/producer Devon Lougheed and bassist Jenna Strautman, Skye delivers live performances of songs  from the acclaimed album “Coal”, and more. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 37
  May 24, 2019   3283

37. Sterling & The Birdwatchers

It might get loud.  3 piece plugged-in, Sterling & The Birdwatchers are the definition of alt/surf/punk, featuring Duncan Crone on drums, Jack Doris on bass and Kailum “Sterling” MacKenzie on guitar and vocals.  3 live songs including a Metric cover, and we spin one from the studio. Support the Show: See

Jeff Woods
Episode: 36
  May 16, 2019   3119

36. Mountain Head

The most unique band I’ve encountered in forever, the Hannah Brothers – Ben (gtr and vocals), and Kyle (bass and vocals) are as kind as they are cerebral, and as creative as they are musically mindful.  This episode is an introduction to Mountain Head, complete with acoustic performances and a cut from the studio.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 35
  Apr 16, 2019   2649

35. Gracie Marino

When you get up and sing with Sting, you’re on the right track.  She sings and plays guitar and piano and says “I’m an R&B-jazz-soul singer blooming out of a meta-head child” and “Mainly a writer”, she professes.  Introducing Gracie Marino, AKA Gracie Ella.  Interview and live performance. Support the Show: See

Jeff Woods
Episode: 34
  Apr 11, 2019   1932

34. Watson & Stephens of Fourth Born

“If I don’t write, then life starts to become distorted”, says James Stephens AKA “Fourth Born”.  He’s the sister of past podcast guest, country starlet Rebecca Rain.  With his guitar, Fourth Born is accompanied by drummer Sarah Watson, in debuting his new single “Last Cigarette”, and more. Support the Show: See for...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 33
  Mar 12, 2019   3961

33. Eric Schenkman

Is that a pocket full of kryptonite or are you just happy to see me?  This time, what a performer! His talents and hits would land him on the cover of Rolling Stone (Jan 1993), and on stages around the world.  Joining me in studio, solo, for a chat and impassioned acoustic performances from his...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 32
  Feb 26, 2019   2734

32. Ron Hawkins of Lowest of the Low

His career would begin with an album that would place top 10 in the Top 100 Canadian Albums of All Time – the 1991 Lowest of the Low album “Shakespeare My Butt”. His songs sound at home alongside Elvis Costello, and Billy Bragg. Songs that are stories, odes, laments, celebrations and revolutions!  Ron Hawkins in...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 31
  Feb 14, 2019   2090

31. The Honeyrunners

This time a story that begins in South America, with multi-instrumentalist record producer Guillermo Sebauste, the soulful Dan Dwoskin on keyboards/vocals, guitarist Haig Beylarian and drummer Lewis Spring.  The Honeyrunners chat and perform. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 30
  Jan 22, 2019   2210

30. Rob Elder

This blue eyed soul singer alternates between the lower depths of his voice to its falsetto highs. With acoustic performances from his 2018 album “Changer”, Rob Elder ponders tried and true folk and rock themes of love, inequality and social unrest. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 29
  Dec 11, 2018   2978

29. Swampy & The Note Troll

Not every day a guitarist with a PhD in Biophysics who studied airflow in honeybee hives using 3D computer models, and hydroponics for outer space, drops by.  Performing acoustically, his tough-luck inspired soul-healing blues, and telling the story of Swampy & The Note Troll (featuring producer Josh Maitland),  is Cody Thompson, with percussionist Bamalamb.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 28
  Dec 10, 2018   2779

28. Jon Zaslow & Chris Scerri

Take a festival creator, and a Beatle, Byrds, Tom Petty, Mark Knopfler fanatic and  ‘em together, and you get this: stories and music from a duo featuring singer Chris Scerri and guitar veteran Jon Zaslow. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 27
  Nov 13, 2018   2846

27. Rebecca Rain

When you love old-school legends like Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, and June Carter Cash, you get bumped to the front of the line, where I live.  Introducing Rebecca Rain. She lives at the intersection of passion and ambition and brings her story and acoustic performances to my Wild Woods attic studio. Support the Show:...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 26
  Oct 23, 2018   3021

26. Falcon Jane

Sara May is Falcon Jane. Self coined as “Plez rock” (she’ll explain), they come with performances of  chill songs about heaven and earth.  Joining Sara, is Andrew McArthur, and Racquel Hardy (AKA Sages) Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 25
  Oct 09, 2018   3173

25. David Russell

He’s all heart and artist integrity.  Very much his own man, with a handful of his own albums and unique takes on other people’s music, David Russell tells the story of how music has moved the mountains of his life, and he performs live.  Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 24
  Sep 11, 2018   2107

24. Miranda Journey

There’s no better remedy for a broken heart than a song. Artists with ready smiles and laughter, sometimes have the deepest wells.  Miranda Journey is that. At the beginning of her career, she plays mostly her own songs, and isn’t afraid to bleed from the heart she can’t help to wear on her sleeve.  One...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 23
  Aug 29, 2018   2521

23. Shane Cloutier

Here’s a guy who you’d want on your team.  The opposition would be very afraid, that is until they got to know him. He exemplifies a favourite expression – a rising tide raises all boats.  For first appearance on the podcast, the guitar wiz steeped in Lemmy, Sabbath, and Frank Marino –performs acoustically. Support...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 22
  Apr 05, 2017   1918

22. Jerry Leger

One look at his record collection and you know he didn’t choose to become a musician – it chose him.  Dylan, Hank Williams Sr., Leonard Cohen, Buddy Holly, and Byrds, Jerry Leger’s collaborators and contemporaries include Ron Sexsmith and Michael Timmins (Cowboy Junkies).  Get acquainted with this gentle and inquisitive soul, guitar in hand and...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 21
  Mar 27, 2017   2086

21. Kate Kurdyak of The Katherines

It appears we’re bringing sexy back with this compelling singer/songwriter and member from the vocal trio The Katherines. “Modern men aren’t modern to me. They lack simplicity, and I don’t belong in this century”.  Beyond the sheen of some of the trio’s pop, there’s a depth and darkness to Kate’s writing that I’ve been itching...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 20
  Mar 15, 2017   3188

20. The Layrite Boys

Brothers from different mothers this time as we get downright down home with that grinnin’ and pickin’ brand of country, known as bluegrass.   Make that, countrygrass, with this Toronto based duo brought together by a love of tucked-in shirts and slicked-back hair. Mandolin player and singer Graham Mansfield and country guitar ace Nichol Robertson join...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 19
  Feb 28, 2017   2236

19. Kristen Violet May

Beyond being named one of the “35 best Canadian (jazz) artists under 35” by CBC, this singer’s middle name is ambition.  Always fresh from a trip to L.A. or NYC to collaborate in studio, Kristen dropped in to my Toronto studio to chat and sing. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 18
  Feb 06, 2017   1616

18. Mother Mother

Grounded in self-knowledge and creativity, band leader Ryan Guldemond goes deep, in a tag team of charm and introspect as the Canadian stars open up about the pursuit of the song and peace of mind.   Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 17
  Feb 01, 2017   2694

17. USS

These two are at the top of my list of bands that could rule the world, or at the very least, make it a better place to be, through their music. Singer/guitarist Ash Buchholz and MC and master of the turntable Jason “Human Kebab” Parsons join me to spread word of their latest album New...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 16
  Jan 11, 2017   1331

16. Dylan Hennessy

Music obsessed looping master Dylan Hennessy is becoming known for his bizarrely cool re-workings of other people’s songs alongside his own singer-songwriter pieces.  I know of nobody more tethered to the pursuit of creativity than he. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 15
  Dec 27, 2016   1505

15. Kalyna Rakel

The well-traveled and vocally unique Kalyna Rakel from Toronto, sings and plays guitar alongside standup bassist George Chenery. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 14
  Dec 12, 2016   1512

14. James Hetfield of Metallica

From the needs-no-introduction department, here’s my November 30, 2016 one on one with James Hetfield who opens up about everything I throw his way, the morning after Metallica delivered a blistering show at Toronto’s famed east end venue, The Opera House.  One of us is ridiculously hung over. The other is on the wagon.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 13
  Dec 05, 2016   830

13. High Valley

Signed to Atlantic Records Nashville in October 2015 a year ago, High Valley is a Canadian country duo from small-town Alberta, who grew up in a Mennonite community. Their story, here.   Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 12
  Nov 14, 2016   1913

12. Damhnait Doyle & Stuart Cameron

He’s a much in demand guitarist for stage and studio, and the son of the Canadian “Godfather of Celtic Music — John Allen Cameron: Stuart Cameron is here with the beautifully powerful voiced Canadian singing treasure, originally from Labrador City Newfoundland, Damhnait Doyle, at this point in their career, part of the Toronto band The...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 11
  Oct 17, 2016   1999

11. Rik Emmett

Time to catch up with guitar virtuoso, solo artist, and 1/3 of the legendary Canadian power trio, Triumph. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 10
  Oct 10, 2016   1951

10. Blackie Jackett Jr.

This is what the two guitar players from Finger 11 do when they really want to have fun. On acoustic guitar and vocals, is James Black.  Trading his guitar for a banj-i-tar (he’ll explain) is Rick Jackett.  Blackie Jackett Jr.  channel the time-honored tune-smithing of legends like Hank Williams and Johnny Cash.  To put it...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 9
  Oct 03, 2016   1482

9. Phil Naro

What a voice! Emmy winning performer, composer, producer, the epitome of “working musician”, and member of the band TALAS (with Billy Sheehan), Phil Naro sings a couple alongside first hand stories of life at the front of the concert stage. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 8
  Sep 26, 2016   1181

8. Finger 11

One way to define BIG rock band would be 20+ million views of your songs, including a couple of modern rock’s biggest in “Paralyzer” and “One Thing”. They’ve long killed it on record and ultimately on the concert stage, and they do it again, much more intimately in this episode, starring lead guitarist James Black...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 7
  Sep 12, 2016   2302

7. Philip Sayce

The blues guitar lover’s episode! Consummate pro Philip Sayce is here with his guitar to shine a light on the magic of legends like Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Alvin Lee, Albert Lee, Albert Collins, and the 3 Kings – Freddie, Albert and B.B., plus reflects on his days playing...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 6
  Aug 31, 2016   1547

6. Scott Helman

Upon one listen of his 2015 song “Bungalow”, you knew that Scott Helman was one to watch.  Just ten years old when he picked up the guitar, and fifteen when he got a deal with Warner Music Canada, that led to the 7 song EP “Augusta”, which led to his opening shows everywhere for “Walk...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 5
  Aug 22, 2016   1069

5. George Thorogood

George Thorogood talks about the distinctly different impacts of The Beatles VS The Rolling Stones, and touches on subjects like the importance of women to his career, help he got along the way from John Lee Hooker, Johnny Winter, and mom and dad plus reveals why Bill Clinton was so smart. For additional content...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 4
  Aug 15, 2016   2126

4. Urvah Khan

Kickass lover of Black Sabbath, Urvah is a fighter for human decency, especially for young women who have been relegated to the stereotypes of her culture.  The Pakistan born, Dubai raised, Canadian resident took what she called the scraps of punk and rock and created her own brand of music, inspiring about a million supporters...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 3
  Aug 08, 2016   2950

3. Neil Peart

Perhaps the most intimate and revealing of our chats together, RUSH lyricist and drummer Neil Peart stops in to share stories about music and life, and his latest book;  2014’s  “Far and Near On Days Like These”. Support the Show: See for privacy information.

Jeff Woods
Episode: 2
  Aug 01, 2016   1186

2. Bob Seger

Bob Seger my guest with stories about writing songs like Night Moves, We’ve Got Tonight, & Against the Wind, and Bob reflects on other artists including Thin Lizzy, Beatles, Glenn Frey, Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, and he talks about his induction to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, and riding motorbike. Support the...

Jeff Woods
Episode: 1
  Jul 24, 2016   1897

1. Jimmy Page

When Led Zeppelin first came to Canada, they played the Rockpile, AKA The Masonic Temple in Toronto.  The same venue, 5 decades later in the summer of 2015, the band’s founder and producer joins me on stage in the presence of a studio audience, to talk Zeppelin.       Support the Show: