Nerd Dad Podcast

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 48
  Sep 10, 2021   1578


See what happens when I take a week off. I’ve got updates on virtual school, my battle with Instagram, movie reviews, Texas loves chaos, Joe Rogan has Covid and so much more!

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 43
  Jul 30, 2021   1134

Ep. 43 – Mental Health and Mila Kunis

I have to talk mental health after Simone Biles heroic decision this week. Also how gross are Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s kids? We’ve also got a Black Widow lawsuit, a scary Ghostbusters trailer and Levar Burton on Jeopardy.

Nerd Dad Podcast
  May 28, 2021   1103

Ep. 35 – I Almost Missed This One

I’ve been busy as hell so I almost missed this. We’ve got a whole bunch of short fun topics. Charlie Bit My Finger NFT Pringles Amazon Army of the Dead God of War Movie Lipstick sales

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 32
  May 05, 2021   966

Ep. 32 – Condoms and Rental Cars

Joe goes for Dad of the year. Rental cars and condoms are economic indicators. Black Panther 2 has a title. Goldfish crackers have an incredible partnership. “Disaster Girl” gets paid! – This is a fun one.

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 25
  Mar 16, 2021   1393


Happy Birthday COVID! I talk about my year living through the pandemic we open it up for some Q&A from the fans and of course go in on pop culture in “S***t You May Have Missed.”

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 23
  Mar 02, 2021   640

Ep. 23 – Potato Head

I had to talk about the Potato Head story. It’s too dumb not too. I also discuss Robert Downy Junior, Ryan Reynolds, Superman and Movie release dates.

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 18
  Feb 02, 2021   887

Ep. 18 – LGBTQ Conversation

In this week’s episode I talk about a gay kiss being played up laughs and the bias I may have imparted on my child while playing Guess Who. I also talk Sonic, Frasier, Jon Stewart, Oklahoma and OJ Simpson.

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 4
  Oct 21, 2020   443

Ep 4. – Game Night

Finally had my first virtual game night playing “Among Us”. I also introduce a new segment called “Shit you might have missed”

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 2
  Oct 07, 2020   348

Ep.2 – Kids TV Sucks

I’m no good at playing with kids and watching TV is bad for them. In this episode I share the secret to interacting with your dumbass kid.