Nerd Dad Podcast

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 65
  Jan 13, 2022   1918

Ep. 65 – Interview with James DiFiore

James sat down to discuss a number of topics regarding parenting and we ended up talking Hip Hop for twenty minutes. We also talk drugs and parenting. I love talking to James because there is no telling where the conversation will go.

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 63
  Dec 22, 2021   3481

Ep. 63 – Year End Special with @SnarkyMommy78 @mom_tho @HomeWithPeanut

I was lucky enough to assemble some of the funniest and most well known parents on Twitter for a roundtable discussion. We cover relatable parenting topics like: meal time, picky eaters, screentime, guns in schools and of course playing favorites with your kids. It’s a great conversation that I hope you enjoy half as much...

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 59
  Nov 25, 2021   1941

Ep. 59 – Interview w/SnarkyMommy78

SnarkyMommy78 aka Gretel sat down for a chat about parenting, vaccines and social media. In s***t you may have missed we’ve got news on Chris Pratt, Mario, John Kransinki, Superman and KEANU!

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 58
  Nov 18, 2021   2001

Ep. 58 – An Interview with That Mom Tho

I got a chance to connect with That Mom Tho. You might recognize her from Twitter, Huffington Post or Buzzfeed (among other places). I also give an update on the Qanon Shaman, The Rescue Rangers, Spiderman: No Way Home and my dislike of Dave Bautista.

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 57
  Nov 12, 2021   2138

Ep. 57 – Trippin with Bondzee

This week we talk about the racisit undertones of the Astroworld conversation, Black Panter news, John Wick 4 and Ted Cruz! I also have a great chat with Bondzee about parenting from afar and encouraging your artistic kids.

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 56
  Nov 05, 2021   1918

Ep. 56 – Interview with an Author

We’ve got author Priscilla Goins on the show to talk about her short story “Spoons” and share one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard. We’ll also update you on Chris Pratt, Seth Rogan, Carole Baskins & Alivn & The Chimpmunks!

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 55
  Oct 29, 2021   1811

Ep. 55 – Buzz Lightyear is HOT!

Interviews are back! I interview a parent of two young girls for his thoughts on vaccinating his children and trick-or-treating this year. I also drop some updates on Bill Murray, Idris Elba, Buzz Lightyear and Mort Sahl.

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 48
  Sep 10, 2021   1578


See what happens when I take a week off. I’ve got updates on virtual school, my battle with Instagram, movie reviews, Texas loves chaos, Joe Rogan has Covid and so much more!

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 43
  Jul 30, 2021   1134

Ep. 43 – Mental Health and Mila Kunis

I have to talk mental health after Simone Biles heroic decision this week. Also how gross are Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s kids? We’ve also got a Black Widow lawsuit, a scary Ghostbusters trailer and Levar Burton on Jeopardy.

Nerd Dad Podcast
  May 28, 2021   1103

Ep. 35 – I Almost Missed This One

I’ve been busy as hell so I almost missed this. We’ve got a whole bunch of short fun topics. Charlie Bit My Finger NFT Pringles Amazon Army of the Dead God of War Movie Lipstick sales

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 32
  May 05, 2021   966

Ep. 32 – Condoms and Rental Cars

Joe goes for Dad of the year. Rental cars and condoms are economic indicators. Black Panther 2 has a title. Goldfish crackers have an incredible partnership. “Disaster Girl” gets paid! – This is a fun one.

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 25
  Mar 16, 2021   1393


Happy Birthday COVID! I talk about my year living through the pandemic we open it up for some Q&A from the fans and of course go in on pop culture in “S***t You May Have Missed.”

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 23
  Mar 02, 2021   640

Ep. 23 – Potato Head

I had to talk about the Potato Head story. It’s too dumb not too. I also discuss Robert Downy Junior, Ryan Reynolds, Superman and Movie release dates.

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 18
  Feb 02, 2021   887

Ep. 18 – LGBTQ Conversation

In this week’s episode I talk about a gay kiss being played up laughs and the bias I may have imparted on my child while playing Guess Who. I also talk Sonic, Frasier, Jon Stewart, Oklahoma and OJ Simpson.

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 4
  Oct 21, 2020   443

Ep 4. – Game Night

Finally had my first virtual game night playing “Among Us”. I also introduce a new segment called “Shit you might have missed”

Nerd Dad Podcast
Episode: 2
  Oct 07, 2020   348

Ep.2 – Kids TV Sucks

I’m no good at playing with kids and watching TV is bad for them. In this episode I share the secret to interacting with your dumbass kid.