Offload Delay Podcast

Offload Delay Podcast
Episode: 7
  Nov 24, 2021   00:38:40

My Shunt Doesn't Stink!….Fun with the 95.7 Cruz Fm #Lockerroom morning crew

A light-hearted podcast featuring the entire crew from Canadas top morning show – #TheLockerrrom on 95.7 Cruz FM Edmonton. I welcome radio celebs “Dr.” Lochlin Cross, James P. White and Grant Johnson to the show we discuss Lochlins (not so) legitimate medical title, Grants hooded onesie, and Jimmys shunt.. We also have a laughable quiz...

Offload Delay Podcast
Episode: 6
  Nov 19, 2021   00:56:24

PTSD & Mental Illness Beyond the Front Lines – Families and Loved Ones Are Not Immune

Following the tragic loss of her husband Sylvain, a dedicated police officer and family man, to the devastating effects of mental illness in July 2018, Sarah Routhier-Clark channeled her remarkable strength and passion towards helping ensure others could hopefully avoid a similar fate. Sarah has recently written a book that openly shares her emotional story...

Offload Delay Podcast
Episode: 5
  Nov 11, 2021   00:10:47

Remembrance Day 2021

A short tribute to all those who have served and sacrificed for our freedoms… and a special thank you to Kris Dlouhy @thearmykris

Offload Delay Podcast
Episode: 4
  Nov 02, 2021   00:50:49


Long Term Care (LTC) is in turmoil… The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed some dark truths about the state of Long Term Care facilities in the province of Ontario and across our nation. The reality is these revelations are not new for those of us on the front lines who have seen these same atrocities for...

Offload Delay Podcast
Episode: 3
  Oct 27, 2021   01:02:16


Come meet the brilliant and dedicated minds behind the very successful . Jill and Shaun, who are themselves working medics, paired up over seven years ago to promote awareness about mental health crises/suicides in first responders with a simple social media campaign. It has since grown exponentially into a very successful company, trust fund...

Offload Delay Podcast
Episode: 2
  Oct 20, 2021   00:59:33

Paramedic Stress – Life, Death and PTSD with medic Troy Ward

A real-world discussion with long-time paramedic Troy Ward. As a veteran frontline worker and a “hold-no-punches” type of guy, Troy is not afraid to say it like it is. Currently battling his own fight with PTSD, we get an inside view into many of the stressors (and joys) that accompany this frontline work and how...

Offload Delay Podcast
Episode: 1
  Oct 16, 2021   00:08:05

#1. What is Offload Delay

OFFLOAD DELAY? Say what? A brief welcome and introduction to this new podcast from the host Brad Hopper. Brad explains how he will be bringing his seasoned background as a Paramedic, Firefighter and Biologist to the podcasting world to deliver real-life discussions about the world surrounding First Responders. Learn why he (and others) feel the...