Pitlane Life Lessons

Pitlane Life Lessons
Episode: 10
  Apr 14, 2021   58:06

Learn To Innovate Like An F1 Team

In this final episode of Series One of the Pitlane Life Lessons Podcast, we look at why F1 is such a hotbed of innovation, why the wider world and industry is often left behind in that respect and how we can all learn from F1 teams to become more innovative thinkers ourselves. Thanks as ever...

Pitlane Life Lessons
Episode: 9
  Apr 07, 2021   57:01

The Power Of An F1 Legacy

This week I’m discussing how powerful it can be to tap into an inspirational legacy, how so many people & businesses have one when they think they don’t & how we can all play our part in creating our own legacy to be proud of. Welcome to Pitlane Life Lessons. Thanks as ever to www.OmologatoWatches.com...

Pitlane Life Lessons
Episode: 8
  Mar 31, 2021   1:01:20

Learning From F1’s Great Leaders

F1’s an industry populated with some brilliantly inspiring and great leaders, but also at times some, quite frankly, terrible ones. I’ve been lucky enough to learn important lessons from both types over the years that continue to shape my own leadership style and in this podcast I’m passing many of those on to you. Thanks...

Pitlane Life Lessons
Episode: 7
  Mar 24, 2021   1:00:27

Living A Flexible Life With F1 Race Strategies

The way an F1 team approaches a Grand Prix can help form the basis of a more flexible life for us all, where multiple and adaptable race strategies help to navigate a constantly changing landscape. If we want to emerge from the challenges of life, relationships and business with an advantage, and still on course...

Pitlane Life Lessons
Episode: 6
  Mar 17, 2021   1:00:12

How F1 Teams Perform Under Pressure

In this week’s episode, we take a look at the lessons we can all learn from F1 teams & drivers that can help us to cope with stressful situations in our lives. Dealing with high pressure moments & being able to perform to the highest level, no matter what comes our way, can be the...

Pitlane Life Lessons
Episode: 5
  Mar 10, 2021   59:23

How F1 Teams Deal With Failure

In this week’s episode of the Pitlane Life Lessons podcast, we take a closer look at F1’s relationship with failure. What can we all learn from the way F1 teams turn some of their most disappointing results into some of their biggest successes? Big thanks to Omologato Watches for their support of the Pitlane Life...

Pitlane Life Lessons
Episode: 4
  Mar 03, 2021   1:00:02

Celebrating Success F1 Style

In this week’s Pitlane Life Lessons Podcast, I’m looking at the importance of celebrating the successful moments in life & how it doesn’t always have to just be the big champaign moments that F1’s famous for. Thank you and welcome to the podcast’s new partner on this journey, Omologato. Beautiful & affordable motorsport inspired timepieces:...

Pitlane Life Lessons
Episode: 3
  Feb 24, 2021   1:00:25

F1 Attention To Detail

In this episode we look at how focussing on attention to detail can be both a driver for success or a catalyst for failure. The McLaren F1 team are famed for their forensic levels of attention to detail, it’s undoubtedly helped them win numerous world titles, but they haven’t always got it right and perhaps...

Pitlane Life Lessons
Episode: 2
  Feb 17, 2021   1:02:26

How F1 Can Teach Us To Take More Risks

In this week’s episode of the Pitlane Life Lessons podcast, we’re looking at what we can learn from F1 on the subject of taking risks in life. Why is it important? Why do we need to embrace risk? …& what can one of the world’s most science & data led sports, Formula One, teach us...

Pitlane Life Lessons
Episode: 1
  Feb 09, 2021   49:04

F1 Teamwork

In episode 1 of this series, I’m looking at F1 teamwork. We’re all part of a team somewhere in our life, so getting the best out of it, or contributing the maximum we can to it, can get everyone in it a little bit closer to their ultimate goals. It’s one of the things F1...

Pitlane Life Lessons
  Feb 09, 2021   7:03

What F1 Can Teach Us All About Life?

In this short introduction I’m explaining why the podcast exists & what I believe F1 can teach us all about life & being more successful. Listening to this will give you an idea of what to expect from Pitlane Life Lessons each week. Enjoy. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.