Pro Saints Talk

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 72
  Nov 02, 2020   01:00:48

2020 Week 9: Bears Down

Steve and Ryan (sans Pat) get into the thriller that was the Saints Bears overtime game. Saints move to 5-2 on the year with the win. Who Dat?!

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 70
  Oct 23, 2020   01:03:27

2020 Week 7: Welcome back Teddy

The boys are back after the bye week to break down the Panthers game this weekend. We welcome back Teddy Ballgame to the Dome. Are we gonna see MT back? Let’s get to 4-2. Who Dat?!

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 64
  Sep 09, 2020   01:11:11

2020 Week 1: Succaneers

Football season is here! This week we got Odell poop-gate, the Clowney fiasco, and we break down this weeks game with with Bucs.  

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 63
  Sep 01, 2020   01:08:23

Take 2!

This is the second go at this one! Can’t trust Steve with electronics. On today’s show we dive deep into the Alvin Kamara situation/hold out. And start to wrap up any news coming out of training camp getting ready for the start of the season! Who Dat!

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 62
  Aug 21, 2020   47:18


Saint are up out the gym, finished working on their fitness, and get to camp. THE PADS ARE ON! Packed episode getting into some position battles and some way too early expectations for some players. And another 6 pack of questions.       

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 61
  Aug 07, 2020   51:08

And Then There Were Three

Surprise! New host alert! We welcome Patrick to the round table and talk more covid. The news with the player opt outs and positive tests. Drew’s hair plug conspiracy and do the Pats have a master plan? Join us!

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 60
  Jul 23, 2020   01:13:47

“General Agreement”

Jam packed podcast! We talk about the new developments in the talks between the players union and the league. What would you pay AK? If Zion was on the Saints, what position would he play? Patrick Mahomes got paaaaid. We list our top 5 football movies and the Truly 6 pack of questions. WHO DAT

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 59
  Jun 29, 2020   47:00

Chris Simms Made A List

Chris Simms decided to make a list of the best QB’s in the league and its ahhhh, something. We talk the DL depth, and who will be the third receiver behind MT and Sanders. And a little more.

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 57
  May 14, 2020   01:03:22

Masked Up and Gassed Up

On this episode our answers about the Warford situation is answered. We also get into the Saints undrafted free agents and who has a shot to make the team. We then have a little fun and talk about who from the 09 Super Bowl team could help us on our team today.

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 56
  Apr 28, 2020   38:44

New Regime

On this episode we introduce you to the new regime of Pro Saints Talk and the New Orleans Saints. Introducing new hosts Steve and Ryan. Two lifelong Saints fans just trying to keep this bad boy going!

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 55
  Apr 16, 2020   01:24:16

CoRONa Days

In this stimulating, off-season episode, Pro Saints Talk puts the icing on the 2020 season and looks ahead to the mounting questions as we approach the upcoming draft and season.   Enjoy! 

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 54
  Jan 03, 2020   51:06

2020 Playoffs: Wildcard Edition

Minnesota Vikings at the New Orleans Saints. Playoffs are here Rons — what more can you want as we host the Vikings in the playoffs for the third time? Let’s get it. See you UTO.

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 53
  Dec 27, 2019   28:29

2019 Regular Season Finale

In this jam-packed episode, we quickly go over the big win in Nashville, the final playoff push, and the splash of the day — the potential signing of polarizing Antonio Brown. Enjoy! 

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 52
  Dec 19, 2019   01:14:40

2019 Week 16: The Pursuit of Perfection

Pro Saints Talk reflects on the record setting performance by Drew Brees and an overall near perfect team win. We discuss the latest injuries and transactions as well as highlight the latest playoff seeding scenarios. And don’t sleep on these Titans. Enjoy!  

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 51
  Dec 11, 2019   01:14:17

2019 Season Week Fifteen: The Dome Seeing Red

Pro Saints Talk reacts with their facts and feelings from the battle between the 49ers and Saints. The Saints may have lost the battle, but they haven’t lost the war. We assess the current playoff picture, preview the Colts on MNF, and tell you what other teams you need to be rooting for this week.

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 50
  Dec 05, 2019   01:08:29

2019 Season Week Thirteen: Plant the One Seed

In this groundbreaking episode, the Pro Saints Talk crew make history by previewing the upcoming National Football Conference clash versus the San Francisco 49ers with playoff seeding implications on the line while also reviewing the two division victories and bidding farewell to Ron Rivera. Enjoy  

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 49
  Nov 20, 2019   50:26

2019 Season Week Twelve: The Buc Stops Here

In Boogie’s triumphant return, Pro Saints Talk bids adieu to one of our favorites, Jameis Winston, as we are unlikely to face him again. We also preview the Panthers game in the Superdome as the Saints look to win two divisional games consecutively.  Enjoy

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 47
  Nov 08, 2019   01:14:31

2019 Midseason Report

In this episode of your favorite Podcast, we come well rested after the bye week to inform and entertain the Rons to discuss how we got to 7-1 at the halfway mark and predict what is in store for the second half of the season — especially this weekend’s battle with the lowly Dirty Birds...

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 46
  Oct 23, 2019   01:21:06

2019 Week Eight: Massacre in the Midway

The gang gets back to full strength to recap a dismantling of the Bears and reflects on potentially the last game without Drew Brees. We also entertain trade rumors and look ahead at the Kyler Murray led Cardinals in the Dome and UTO this week

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 44
  Oct 11, 2019   17:34

2019 Week Six: Muting Minshew Mania 

In this episode, Jansen and George quickly preview the second of two heavyweight showdowns featuring Florida versus local teams this weekend as the Saints travel east on I-10 to play the Jaguars. Hope you enjoy Jansen’s robust enthusiasm this episode as he breaks down the game in great detail. Enjoy and please share with a friend.

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 43
  Oct 08, 2019   51:16

2019 Season Week Six: The D-Line Dance

In this episode of your favorite New Orleans Saints Podcast, we discuss the win versus Buccaneers as team continues to prosper without Drew Brees — namely Teddy Bridgewater and the defensive line. We’ll have a Jaguars preview for you later this week — enjoy.

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 42
  Oct 04, 2019   07:33

Boogie’s Five Minute Friday

Fan-favorite Boogie returns for a brief Friday segment to offer his entertaining insight on the current state of affairs plus the divisional matchup versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 41
  Oct 02, 2019   01:10:17

2019 Season Week Five: Teddy Bridge H2-0

The ProSaintsTalk krewe rides the high of a 3-1 start to the season and recaps how the Saints defense was able to shutdown Zeke and Cowboys. This episode also previews the first divisional game of the year against Tampa and why Sean Payton should continue to motivate with vengeance.

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 38
  Sep 19, 2019   08:54

Boogie’s Two Cents on Life without Breesus

Here is a lagniappe episode featuring Boogie giving the world his two cents on how the Saints will fare while Brees is recuperating with Dr. Cimo. One Stat correction: T. Ginn is practicing; T. Smith is missing practice due to the ankle injury.

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 36
  Sep 13, 2019   01:18:12

2019 Season Week Two: 1-0 and West-We-Go

We preview the fourth round of The Battle of Seans as the Saints travel to the Rams in a highly anticipated rematch of last year’s NFC Championship. In this episode we also review the roller coaster of emotions in the Superdome in the victorious opener versus the Texans.  Lutz go get em.

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 32
  Aug 23, 2019   11:54

Exclusive Bonus Interview with Bruce Feldman

In this special episode of ProSaintsTalk, Fox Sports/FS1 reporter, The Athletic writer, and New York Times Best-Selling author Bruce Feldman joins us on the Program. J and Bruce get in to the 2019 college football storylines, LSU, Joe Brady, and even Alvin Kamara. You don’t want to miss this episode featuring the most knowledgeable college...

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 31
  Aug 22, 2019   01:15:57

2019 Preseason Week Three: Embrace Debate

In this episode, your favorite Saints Podcast passionately debates the state of affairs of Teddy Bridgewater, Taysom Hill, and Marcus Davenport while also reviewing week two of the preseason and previewing week three. Enjoy Rons

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 30
  Aug 13, 2019   55:59

2019 Preseason Week Two: Going Back to Cali

After a disappointing opening versus the Vikings, the Saints go back to Cali in need of a Charge. Your favorite Saints Podcasts breakdowns last week’s game as well as previews the week ahead in Los Angeles. Enjoy

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 29
  Aug 07, 2019   01:04:51

2019 Preseason Week One: Time to Shine

In this episode, we cover the second week of training camp — namely the Yulman Jamboree and the return of Mike Thomas. Plus, we cover who to watch Friday Night versus the Vikes in the highly anticipated return to football.Enjoy!

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 28
  Jul 31, 2019   01:13:45

Holding out Faith: First Week of Training Camp Completed

In this episode, we discuss the impact of Mike Thomas’s holdout, which is now no longer as he signed the contract extension on Wednesday’s rest day. We scrupulously dissect the happenings of the first week of training camp and correspondingly how they’ll impact the final roster. Plus, a weather report from our fan-favorite meteorologist. Enjoy

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 27
  Jul 24, 2019   01:10:44

Saints Restored: Training Camp Begins

In this episode of your favorite Saints Podcast, we meticulously analyze the positional battles to watch on Airline Highway while we introduce a new member of our team to the world. Saints Football is back for us to devour, so let’s enjoy.

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 26
  Jul 03, 2019   55:40


Your favorite Saints Podcast flips the script and covers the high flying Pelicans with a deep dive featuring Jake Madison of Locked On Pels. It’s a very exciting time for the other franchise we share our hearts with. Enjoy ziRONS

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 25
  Jun 19, 2019   53:16

2019 Minicamp Completed: Big Money Heavyweights

Two New Orleans Saints stalwarts, Mike Thomas and Cam Jordan, are signing lucrative deals to keep the fan-favorites locked up on Airline Drive for the long-term. Your favorite podcast discusses this plus much more as Ron returns to the host chair. Lastly, we switch gears to ProPelsTalk following the monumental AD trade

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 24
  Jun 08, 2019   42:25

2019 Minicamp: The Beginning of a Hot Summer

In this episode of your favorite New Orleans Saints Podcast, we discuss the latest and greatest happenings on Airline Drive while also going picture of what’ll presumably be the final year of the Golden Duo– Sean Payton and Drew Brees.  Enjoy and send in your questions and comments. 

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 23
  Apr 30, 2019   49:02

Eighteen Rookies Canonized: Saints 2019 Draft Unwrapped

Bullseye– Saints hit their mark on the 2019 NFL Draft by landing their target, Erik McCoy out of Texas A&M; but was the price too steep? We discuss the top prize and what it costed plus the other additions to The Who Dat Family and how they’ll impact the roster this year and beyond.  Enjoy...

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 22
  Apr 24, 2019   01:07:59

Overdraft: 2019 NFL Draft 2.0

In this episode, we brought in our very own draft guru to assist our breakdowns of the draft prospects as well as offer insight around the league. This episode will undoubtedly leave you RONS fully prepared for tomorrow night’s draft.  It’s finally here — now let’s have some fun.

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 21
  Apr 17, 2019   57:21

‘Tis the Season: 2019 NFL Draft 1.0

In this episode of your favorite New Orleans Saints Podcast, we go deep down the rabbit hole of the upcoming draft where we break down the two positions deemed as the greatest needs with the 62nd pick— Offensive Tackle and Wide Receiver. Also in this episode, we have the luxury of Statboy on live to...

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 20
  Apr 04, 2019   56:52

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered: Free Agency Finalized

A good friend of the Podcast, the New Yorker, takes a break from watching game-tape to offer ProSaintsTalk professional advice. We thought we’d sound smarter, yet a true Ron can’t hide his true colors. Highlights from the show include: Davenport trade a year later, final thoughts on free agency, and Loomis’s looming big decisions.  Enjoy

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 18
  Mar 13, 2019   40:48

The Return of the Rons: Free Agency 1.0

In ProSaintsTalk’s long awaited return, we discuss the canonization of Latavius Murray and re-signing T. Bridgewater. We say Bon Voyage to a Saints Hall of Famer, Mark Ingram. And we go over life as a Ron between the NFC Championship til now. Enjoy my brothers!

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 17
  Jan 22, 2019   53:52


This is not the ending to the season we envisioned, yet the one in which we must overcome. Let’s swallow this pill together, Rons. We love you.

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 16
  Jan 16, 2019   44:14


In this episode of your favorite New Orleans Saints Podcast, we discuss how Foles magic ended up being fools’ gold as the Saints rebounded against the Eagles after a dismal beginning. We preview the rematch of the Coach Seans as Mike Thomas looks to redial a win in this Championship Bout. Let’s get it Rons...

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 15
  Jan 08, 2019   32:02


In this week’s episode of the premiere New Orleans Saints Podcast, we discuss our range of emotions as we watched the shuffling of potential playoff opponents.  And of course, we fully dissect the Philadelphia Eagles as they are a very different team than the one the Saints smashed in November.  You are all cordially invited...

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 14
  Jan 03, 2019   34:10

13-3: Bye to the regular season, Bye in the playoffs

In this episode of your favorite New Orleans Saints Podcast, we discuss the Week 17 decisions and forecast potential playoff matchups.  Remember to send in your rants and questions; we’ll be sure to air them on the next Podcast. Love you Rons 

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 13
  Dec 27, 2018   39:11

13-2: Yes Indeed, We Are The 1 Seed

Christmas comes early for the Who Dat Nation with our 3rd straight victory and the securing of home field advantage during the playoffs! We break down the dramatic victory over the Steelers and the spoils of a stress free week 17. What/who are you looking forward to seeing this week against Carolina and what’s keeping...

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 12
  Dec 19, 2018   37:34

12-2 Onederfully Clinching

In this week’s episode of your favorite New Orleans Saints Podcast, we discuss our fourth straight win versus the Panthers and how the defense has evolved. We also dive into the offense’s temporary shortcomings and who we will see next on the offensive line.  Plus, we preview the Steelers game and the party in the...

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 11
  Dec 12, 2018   40:15

11-2 Back at One

In this week’s episode we dive into the tale of two halves in Tampa Bay, Clickbait regaining our mojo, and clinching the division. As we move forward we preview the matchup versus the Panthers and discuss which Saints offensive player will step up in this stretch run.  Plus, plenty coverage from Army vs Navy

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 10
  Dec 05, 2018   40:19

10-2 A Sad Chapter in a Great Story

Many lessons learned as the Cowboys knocked the Saints off the high horse. With our special guest The New Yorker, we dive into what happened in Dallas and how this could potentially be a blessing in disguise. Plus, we discuss so much Army-Navy, you’ll think you’re listening to George Patton Radio. Enjoy Rons!

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 9
  Nov 27, 2018   57:43

10-1 Thankful for Winning, Coach Payton, and the Podcast Rons

In this episode we recap the magical Thanksgiving thrashing of the flailing Falcons and illuminate the blessed holiday get-together we had together Under the Overpass. In addition, we interview Dallas Cowboys staff writer David Helman, and go so deep in the world of the Cowboys that you’ll momentarily think you are listening to ProCowboysTalk. Enjoy!

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 8
  Nov 21, 2018   52:06

9-1 Love the Journey

In this episode, we help the Rons become certified ornithologists as we discuss Eagles and Falcons flying into the Superdome. We have a breakdown of last Sunday’s masterpiece including live coverage from Under the Overpass plus a preview of our second bout with the Falcons on Thanksgiving featuring our favorite Atlantan.  Rons, remember to be...

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 7
  Nov 13, 2018   47:25

8-1: Who Dey Who — No Limit to 2018 Saints

In this week’s episode of your favorite New Orleans Saints Podcast, we discuss the euphoric victory in Cincinnati, the Deztracting Motivational Speaker, and preview the clipped Eagles flying into town. Enjoy Rons and see you under the Overpass!

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 5
  Oct 30, 2018   41:01

6-1 Midterm Test Coming as the Undefeated Rams Visit the Superdome

In this week’s episode of your favorite New Orleans Saints Podcast, we recap the Closure in Minnesota as the Saints avenged Marcus Williams with a triumphant victory. We discuss Marcus Davensack, the future of Ingram, the stellar play of the O-line, and ask if the Saints need to add one more piece to the puzzle...

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 4
  Oct 23, 2018   37:05

Having Fun at 5-1

In this week’s episode, we discuss the win versus the Ravens and the upcoming matchup versus the Vikings that will provide the closure to many Who Dats and Rons. We also discuss Taysom Hill and Mark Ingram’s role in the offense, trading for Patrick Peterson (recorded before the Eli Apple trade), the halt of Marcus...

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 2
  Oct 18, 2018   57:21

4-1 ProSaintsTalks Launching to New Heights

In this week’s episode of the premier podcast of the New Orleans Saints, we discuss the magic in the Dome on MNF, the legacy and future of Brees, the replacement song for the Ying Yang Twins, the storylines entering the Ravens game, and of course, recapping the live broadcast UNDER THE OVERPASS with our hundreds...

Pro Saints Talk
Episode: 1
  Sep 20, 2018   42:26

Episode Six: 1-1 Bullet-dodgers

In Episode Six of the New Orleans Saints Premier Podcast, we recap the roller coaster of emotions of the Browns game and preview the Saints at Falcons matchup coming this weekend. We also ask when will Crawley turn his season around and can we epect to see Hill in even more roles — running back?...