Rise The Podcast

Rise The Podcast
Episode: 11
  Apr 25, 2021   01:22:57

Season 1- Ep.11- Flipping The Script With Jessica Santonato

Based in Toronto, Canada, Jessica Santonato is an inspirational speaker who shares the message of forgiveness and finding the gift in painful experiences. In her latest memoir “Flip The Script”, she shares her journey of living a criminal lifestyle, assault, attempted suicide and domestic violence before the age of 30, to her rise in conscious...

Rise The Podcast
Episode: 10
  Apr 09, 2021   00:45:48

Season 1- Ep.10: Getting Your Money Right With Leo Coronel

Special Guest: About Leo….I was introduced to the industry through an advisor that was referred to me by my accountant. It was at a point in my life when I needed some guidance with my mortgage that I had just signed up for after my parents separated due to my father’s alcoholism. As the new...

Rise The Podcast
Episode: 3
  Jan 05, 2021   01:00:42

#3: Jeff Martin (1-05-21)

On the 3rd episode of the Rise with Kwesi Millington. Kwesi welcomes Jeff Martin onto the program. Parenting advice “Don’t give your children what you didn’t HAVE; give them what you didn’t KNOW.” Thank you so much to @jeffadmartin for coming on to the RISE Podcast and sharing so much good wisdom. Make sure you...

Rise The Podcast
Episode: 1
  Dec 21, 2020   00:44:39

Episode #1: Martin Reid

Martin is a movement specialist and business owner. You can find him here on IG or follow his podcast at The Core Conversational Podcast. Of course we talk about resilience, but we also talk about the failure, fatherhood, and marriage( we’ve both been divorced and re-married) Martin inspires me to stay healthy in body and...