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SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 339
  Jan 31, 2023   00:40:18

Paul Jacobs: What Happened at CES?

Paul and Fred Jacobs start off every year by going to Consumer electronics Show in Las Vegas. It invigorates and really sets the table for the year. The show takes place the first week of January when many are still in their Christmas and New Year’s stupor when many are unaware of what day it...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 338
  Jan 25, 2023   00:40:54

Adam Seaborn: Why Sports Podcasts Work

Adam Seaborn is a sports media analyst and head of partnerships at Playmaker Capital. Last year, the Nation Network was purchased for $15 million and perhaps a few eyebrows went up. By 2023 standards, it appears to be a bargain given the dissolution of notable sports radio properties that have disappeared in markets like Calgary,...

SoundOff Podcast
  Jan 19, 2023   00:58:43

Feed Drop: Takin’ A Walk

Buzz Knight should be a familiar name to anyone who’s followed us for a while. He’s been on the podcast twice before, and we’ve talked at length about his show, Takin’ A Walk: Music History On Foot. This week, we’re doing a full-on feed swap! If you’re somehow unaware of Buzz and the concept behind...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 337
  Jan 11, 2023   00:24:35

Danny Brown: A Call to Support

At its core, podcasting has always been about marketing. So it should come as more surprise that Danny Brown found his way into podcasting. I first became aware of Danny when I found his assisting many others on Facebook groups with typical podcast problems like, “How do I get more Downloads?”, and “I just bought...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 336
  Jan 02, 2023   00:28:11

Randi Chase: Keeping it Real

Randi Chase is back for another round on the show. The last time we had her on in 2018 we talked about he adventures up and down the radio dial in 7 Canadian markets living a WKRP in Cincinnati lifestyle. Since 2018, she has remained at the same station but a few changes have taken...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 335
  Dec 24, 2022   01:33:54

The Seventh Very Terry Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Chestnuts are roasting on open fires, homes are lit up like the Las Vegas strip, presents are under trees, and I’m sitting down with my good friend Terry DiMonte for the 7th annual Very Terry Christmas. It’s our favourite tradition, especially since we no longer live close enough to...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 334
  Dec 20, 2022   00:51:55

Rob Greenlee: No Podcast Predictions, Just A Look Forward

Rob Greenlee returns to the show. He last appeared back in 2017 just after we did a panel on podcasting at the Conclave in Minneapolis. Rob is someone I hear from every week as he co-hosts the New Media Show with Todd Cochrane. So even though he has not appeared on this show I feel...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 333
  Dec 13, 2022   00:41:06

Dani Stover: It’s Her coming Through the Speakers

The last time we had Dani Stover on the show, she was between opportunities and wondering what her relationship with radio should be shaped like. It turns out that she has answered that question and the answer is a new role in the evenings on 640 Toronto. Over the last while she has been producing...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 332
  Dec 07, 2022   01:40:31

Bryn Griffiths: Over 100 Minutes of Stories

If you’ve listened to sports radio in Alberta anytime in the last three decades, you probably know Bryn Griffiths. He’s been positively prolific in covering the NHL and CFL teams in the area since the 90’s- which is around when I met him. Bryn joins us from Edmonton this week to talk about his lifelong...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 331
  Nov 29, 2022   00:42:08

Wendy Mesley: Freedom 65

If you’re a Canadian audience member who’s tuned in to a CBC News broadcast anytime in the last 20 or so years, this week’s guest should look very familiar. We’re joined by Wendy Mesley, the longtime Sunday host of CBC’s The National, among several other shows in CBC’s repertoire. In this episode, you will hear...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 330
  Nov 28, 2022   00:08:01

Sound Off Feed Drop: Three Radio Promotions in Three Minutes

This is what they call in podcasting… a Feed Drop. An opportunity for you to sample another podcast. We had Paige Neinaber on our show back in June 2021. You can and should listen to that episode here. We are sharing this because we know you may not have budget to access great radio toys...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 330
  Nov 21, 2022   00:35:41

David Phillips: The Thing is Not The Thing

nLogic has been a supporter of our podcast since 2017. In that time we have had David Phillips on to discuss the radio industry’s relationship with audience data. This episode is important in that we have more audience data than ever before, and often we can’t see what is relevant in the moment. In this...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 329
  Nov 15, 2022   00:27:48

Tony Doe: Networking Nigeria

This week, we’re making what might be the longest-distance connection we’ve ever made for an episode. Tony Doe is a Nigerian Radio and Podcast Consultant who spent years on-air in the past, and remains a podcast staple in Nigeria. I’m willing to bet most of our audience has never really thought about the podcast and...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 328
  Nov 07, 2022   00:29:16

Evo Terra: Pivoting to The End

Evo Terra is ending his Podcast Pontifications show. The show has dissected all points of the podcast business and there have been moments of punditry, contemplations, skepticism, and at times political positioning. This show along with a selection of others have been my “go-to” shows to learn more about what is happening in podcasting. In...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 327
  Nov 02, 2022   00:30:19

Tessa Malisani’s Many Roles

This week’s guest is Tessa Malisani. Tessa is a voiceover artist, and if you couldn’t tell from the title, one with quite the diverse portfolio. Aside from her current VO work, you’d probably be most likely to recognize her as the voice of the weeknight shift on 99.9 Virgin Radio in Toronto. You might also...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 326
  Oct 29, 2022   00:07:44

Is Radio Playing Dead?

Matt hears more bad radio than good radio. There are stations and shows that are mailing it in, doing smash and grab type bits that don’t brand build for either the radio station or the personalities; and radio’s share of the audience against streaming and podcasting continues to diminish as a result. Spoiler: Matt does...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 325
  Oct 19, 2022   00:42:08

Bryan Barletta, Sounds Profitable: Getting More from Ad Tech

Bryan Barletta is back to tell us about the evolution of Sounds Profitable, He started it two years ago and it has evolved alongside the podcast industry harmoniously. You don’t need even need to have podcast ads on your show to find value in its podcasts and newsletters. In this episode we speak to Bryan...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 324
  Oct 13, 2022   00:31:07

Clayton Kroeker: Local & Social on the Prairies

Clayon Kroeker came out of Don Scott’s Western Academy of Broadcast back in 2010 with eyes on becoming a sports commentator. Don suggested that he try FM Music to start as there are more opportunities avaiable. He landed the very coveted overnight position at GX94 in Yorkton, Saskatchewan which still believes in the power of...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 323
  Oct 06, 2022   00:34:33

David Yas: The Boston Podcast Network

This week, we’re joined by David Yas, founder and CEO of the Boston Podcast Network. David’s name is attached to about 1000 episodes of various shows, which have altogether garnered over 367,000 downloads. David and I talk about that network of his quite a bit, including how he got into podcasting in the first place,...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 322
  Oct 01, 2022   00:21:13

Shawn Smith: Broadcast Dialogue and the Canadian Radio Awards

Shawn Smith is the owner of Broadcast Dialogue and the parent company Momentum Media Marketing. In this episode we discuss the acquisition of the legendary Canadian broadcast magazine 6 years later. Shawn originally appeared on this podcast in its infancy. We discussed the Canadian Radio Awards and the call for nominations. Did you know that...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 320
  Sep 24, 2022   00:46:59

Fred Jacobs: Catching Up

It has been 515 days since we had Fred Jacobs has been on the show. Back then we were unpacking a lot of the surprising results from a Covid induced Tech Survey. This time we have the benefit of catching up on three pieces of research that I felt needed discussing: The two Tech Survey’s...

SoundOff Podcast
  Sep 16, 2022   00:02:16

Introducing: The Blue Hotel

Blue Hotel is the newest podcast from Jeff Woods (from the radio), and it’s all about relationships and sexuality, with weekly guests, ranging from relationship experts, therapists, sex educators and coaches, erotic authors, erotic performers, and more. Episodes feature listener submitted stories and questions via the Blue Hotel Hotline, and each episode will climax with...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 319
  Sep 13, 2022   00:50:42

Jay Nachlis: Sharing Insights

Jay Nachlis recently celebrated 5 years at Coleman Insights, he admitted that “not every career move I’ve made was the best decision, but every one of them was important for different reasons. With every single one, I made lasting friendships, learned from mistakes, and got better.” Which is why he ascended to VP of Media...

SoundOff Podcast
  Sep 06, 2022   00:21:12

Dervla Trainor: V.O. North Returns

We last spoke to Dervla Trainor back in 2019. She and Tanya Buchanan had just completed their second V.O. North conference, and it was getting to that point where the event was creating FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) for people in the Voice over community. Sadly, the pandemic caused a disruption to that momentum with...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 318
  Aug 30, 2022   00:39:13

Sam Cook: Taking Her Shots

This episode, versatility is the word of the day. Sam Cook is currently the host and executive producer of The Shot, a singer/songwriter competition show filmed in Toronto, but she’s also spent time as a radio host, podcaster, VO artist, and on-screen with other TV networks like YTV. It should go without saying that most...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 318
  Aug 23, 2022   00:58:39

Todd Cochrane: More Podcast Questions Answered

Todd Cochrane is a guest you might recognize. Last time he was on the show, in October 2019, we kept things fairly light. This time, however, diving straight into the deep end on the technical side of podcasting: RSS feeds, micro payments, Podcast 2.0, and what the future might look like for podcasts. If you’re...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 316
  Aug 15, 2022   00:47:45

Jeff Winskell: The Wind Just Pushed Me This Way

Jeff Winskell is a bit of an anomaly in radio. Most folks attend university courses specifically tailored to broadcast, which leads them into the industry naturally, but Jeff went from film student to radio show producer in just a few years. In this episode, we talk about exactly how that transition went, as well as...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 315
  Aug 09, 2022   00:49:00

Jenn Dalen-Gordon: Going Up to Country

Jenn Dalen-Gordon is the operations manager for the Interior stations of British Columbia for Stingray Radio. She was raised on Country 105.1 in Calgary and attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. She worked at Golden West Broadcasting, before the tour of rural Alberta took her to Leduc where she apart of the launch of...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 314
  Aug 02, 2022   00:40:10

Ari Daniel: Be Cool or Be Cast Out

I know what you are thinking; with a title like that, the episode involves Rush. It does not. But given all the discussion of Ari’s upbringing in the Suburbs of Toronto, and his affinity for playing the bass, this lyric from the song Subdivisions came to my head. Ari Daniel now lives in Vancouver after...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 313
  Jul 27, 2022   00:46:12

Eric Zane: Broadcast InZanity

This week’s show features yet another broadcast icon who I’ve been a fan of for a long time. Eric Zane is one of many former radio hosts who’ve made the transition into podcasting, and he’s done it more successfully than most. Back when I met Eric in 2019, I knew him from the Free Beer...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 312
  Jul 20, 2022   00:44:18

Jamie Cawdell: Producer Jamie

Jamie Cawdell is the Assistant Programme Controller at Radio Essex in England. He is also the curator the CHR Prep Service which is used on radio stations around the world including Virgin Radio in Canada and Z100 in New York. Over the years, we have seen many of radio’s best branch out into other facets...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 311
  Jul 13, 2022   00:53:16

Aaron Rand: Calling Gaddafi and other Radio Tales

Aaron Rand has been on Montreal since the 70’s. I didn’t catch on to his show until the mid 80’s where he became a household name, despite working at some radio stations that weren’t known for their ratings. Right around the time AM started its decline, Aaron Rand’s show started to take off. I ran...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 310
  Jul 05, 2022   00:33:53

Sylvia Alvarado: What Happens on the Air in Vegas…

A lot of radio personalities are initially attracted to the medium because of the music. But some hosts, like Sylvia Alvarado, go far beyond a passing interest. As the midday host on KOMP 92.3 in Vegas, she’s had incredible interviews with some of the biggest stars in rock music: Slash, Pat Carney from The Black...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 309
  Jun 30, 2022   00:47:26

Johnny Peterson is Johnny Podcasts

I have launched a new podcast! With a little help from my Podcast Super Friends. In the past you have heard stories from for radio program director Jon Gay aka Jag in Detroit, and Catherine O’Brien from Branch Out Programs. Meet Johnny Peterson who is the same age as my twin boys. Johnny went to...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 308
  Jun 27, 2022   00:44:40

Marty Forbes: Return of the Wiz

Every time we have a radio veteran on the podcast, the conversation shifts to the future of radio at least once. But it’s always about the future with Marty Forbes. He always has had an eye towards it. It’s no secret that the broadcast industry is struggling to keep up with the times. But few...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 307
  Jun 21, 2022   00:44:09

Arielle Nissenblatt: Podcast This and That

Arielle Nissenblatt’s podcast journey started with a newsletter and a call to Dan Franks and Jared Easley, the co-founders of Podcast Movement. Since then she has grown the Ear Buds Collective Newsletter, joined the team at Squadcast as Community Manager, and is now creating social media content at Sounds Profitable and co-hosting the flagship show...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 306
  Jun 14, 2022   00:25:56

Buzz Knight: Takin' A Walk

This is year three of the pandemic. Three years of being stuck in our houses. When was the last time you went for a walk with your friends? One of the nest things that came out of the pandemic was reconnecting with the simople act of going for a walk. There’s something magical and simple...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 305
  Jun 06, 2022   00:43:19

Nails Mahoney: Radio Coach

The show has been very Canada-centric for the last few weeks, so it felt like there was no better time to bring on a broadcast legend from another part of the world. This week’s guest, Nails Mahoney, has been hosting top-rated radio shows in Ireland and the UK for decades. He’s also worked as a...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 304
  Jun 02, 2022   01:01:37

Adrian Harewood: The Power Of Change

It’s not unusual for me to bring old friends onto the show. In fact, a good chunk of our episodes have come about because of existing connections I’ve had in the broadcast industry. What is unusual, though, is for me to bring on a friend from all the way back in elementary school- one who’s...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 303
  May 25, 2022   00:06:40

Should You Transcribe Your Podcast?

In the 6 years since we started a podcast, there has been a total of one (1) request for a transcription of an episode. That was the Natasha Gargiulo episode back in 2018, and the person asking was hearing impaired. Natasha has a very large Canadian following, and I would have been more than happy...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 302
  May 20, 2022   01:19:58

Jeff Walker: Betting On Yourself

There’s a lot of potential to make money, or lose it, in Las Vegas. In fact, that’s pretty much the whole point of the city. Most people head down there to try their hand at the slots, play a few rounds of blackjack, take in some spectacular shows, or bet it all on a high-stakes...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 301
  May 09, 2022   00:45:23

Mark Sutcliffe: Can You Dig It?

If you’ve ever taken a look at the other shows we offer on the Soundoff Podcast Network, this week’s guest should sound quite familiar. Mark Sutcliffe is the host of the Digging Deep podcast, one of our largest shows, where he uses the knowledge gained from his lengthy and prolific career in the broadcast industry...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 300
  May 03, 2022   00:08:04

A Short History Of The Sound Off Podcast

We’re finally at the big 300, an episode years in the making. As it’s tradition for podcasters to do something special for milestones like this, I thought it would be the perfect time to look back on how exactly we got here: Where we started, the mistakes we’ve had to correct, the ways the show...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 299
  Apr 25, 2022   00:32:35

Brady Kingsbury: Jack Of All Trades, Mastering Some

Before starting this episode, I want you to imagine the program director of a radio station. You’re probably picturing someone around my age, or maybe a bit older, depending on the station. A mature man or woman, with over a decade of experience in broadcasting, who can use that experience to run things smoothly and...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 298
  Apr 18, 2022   00:43:44

Geoff Allan: From Resorts to Rehearsals

You know Geoff Allan’s voice. No, really, you do. If you’ve ever heard an ad for Burger King, Bud Light, or Hardee’s, you’ve probably heard Geoff’s dulcet tones announcing the return of the biggest burger you’ve ever seen. I’ve certainly heard Geoff enough to recognize that baritone anywhere- although I suppose I have an advantage....

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 297
  Apr 12, 2022   00:36:20

Chris Ash: Heard Around The World

It’s not often in Canada, that we hear a British accent on the radio. Especially outside of Toronto or maybe Vancouver, most of our talent is home-grown, but Chris Ash is a notable exception to that rule. Chris was born and raised in the UK, attending Staffordshire University and beginning his broadcasting career in Kettering,...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 296
  Apr 05, 2022   00:50:09

Jeni Wren Strottrup: Find Your Bad Creative Self

Jeni Wren Strottrup is a creative. That comes with a lot of things ranging from being exquisitely detailed to sometimes scattered; thriving off a full inbox with tasks perpetually nearing completion. Those traits have led to great creations for Jeni such as Gritty Birds and the Podcasters’ Forum which is where Jeni helps small business...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 295
  Mar 29, 2022   00:53:54

Ben McCully: Change Is Brewing

Ben McCully has one of the most interesting portfolios I, and probably you, have ever seen: Radio host, car salesman, pro wrestler, brewery tour manager. If that combo of careers doesn’t have you hooked on this episode already, I don’t know what will. Clearly, Ben has worn many hats throughout his career, which is fitting...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 294
  Mar 21, 2022   00:52:01

Jim Lang: A Sporting History

Jim Lang is a legendary broadcaster who’s worked all over Canada, mostly in AM radio and almost always covering sports. You probably know him best from either Sportsnet Fan Radio 590, or his Toronto Argos coverage on AM 640. In this episode, we work our way through his broadcast history, from his humble beginnings as...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 293
  Mar 14, 2022   00:55:08

BJ Shea: Champion For the Common Man

BJ Shea is the morning show host at the legendary KISW in Seattle. The BJ and Migs show has anchored the station since 2005; if you aren’t familiar with KISW, it’s the famous underground and later grunge station that’s been home to great DJ personalities such as Bob Rivers, Howard Stern, Gary Crow, Mike West,...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 292
  Mar 09, 2022   00:18:44

A Matt Countdown: The Top 10 Reasons Your Podcast Isn't Working

The last few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of podcast housekeeping- pitching sponsors, and reviewing the stats, and thinking about what’s next for the Sound Off Podcast. As it turns out, it’s going to be more of the same, which is a good thing. It also gave me a chance to collaborate with podcasters...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 291
  Feb 23, 2022   00:47:00

Amanda Cupido: Audio Disrupter

In this episode, we talk Amanda’s journey through the industry (including receiving military training before working as a journalist in Afghanistan), as well as her thoughts on how Canadian broadcasting could evolve. There are University dissertations shorter than Amanda’s resume, so for brevity’s sake, she is currently: Director of Talk & Talent at AM640 in...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 290
  Feb 15, 2022   00:34:55

Will Nash: Strengthening Your Voice

Will Nash is the afternoon drive host for Fresh 93.1 in Barrie, Ontario, as well as the midday host on Energy 95.3 in Hamilton and Toronto. He’s a radio veteran who’s been all over Ontario, and has dozens of celebrity interviews under his belt- but his career didn’t exactly start out that way. In this...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 289
  Feb 08, 2022   00:41:23

Julie Adam: Imperfectly Kind

Imperfectly Kind is the name of Julie Adam’s first book. The President of Rogers Sports & Media had a unique pandemic experience that she shared with us and led her to write this book. In this episode, Julie and I catch up after nearly 4 years between recording podcast episodes. We spoke about baseball in...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 288
  Feb 01, 2022   00:49:00

Charese Fruge: Time For A Fresh Approach

Charese Frugé has 20+ years in the radio business with a proven track record in multiple formats as both an on air personality and an award winning programmer. She’s been successful in markets like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Las Vegas and Denver. She’s been recognized as one of Radio’s Most Influential Women by Radio...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 287
  Jan 24, 2022   00:37:08

Sam East: Creation, Mindfulness and Lessons Learned

Sam East is the afternoon host on 99.9 Virgin Radio, and host of weeknights on Virgin Radio across Canada. That means you can hear her on selected stations Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Sam has also recently launched the podcast Lessons to My Younger Self, where she chats with notables like Jully Black, The Social’s Jess Allen, sexologist...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 286
  Jan 19, 2022   00:46:54

Chris St. Clair: How's the Weather?

Chris St. Clair started at the Weather Network back in 1994. However, before that he had a worked in radio; in later years as the program director at 990 Hits in Montreal. After 26 years at the Weather Network, Chris has retired. In this episode, you will hear how Chris got his start in radio...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 285
  Jan 14, 2022   00:56:31

Shannon King: A Cut Above

Last summer when we had Vinny Barucco on the show, I mentioned that we would be having his co-host on in due time. Time is due. Shannon King’s radio journey is different in that she didn’t grow up idolizes radio personalities from the past. It was just kind of suggested to her. She cut her...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 284
  Jan 04, 2022   00:44:38

Mary-Ann Ivison: The Power of The Pivot

A few times a year, the radio grim reaper makes its rounds and kills off another round of talented people. Depending on the sociopathic behaviour of the company who executes the plan, it is described as “dislocation” or “restructuring”. To those that are on the receiving end, it feels more like a mob-hit. Mary-Ann Ivison...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 283
  Dec 25, 2021   00:40:20

The Sixth Very Terry Christmas

Every year, Terry Dimonte and I get together for some Christmas cheer. This year we wound up talking a little more about podcasting as he and Ted Bird have recently launched their new show. Terry has recently moved to British Columbia with his wife Jessica and Terry recounts his first few weeks in the area...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 282
  Dec 21, 2021   00:45:41

Gillian Foote: Going Back to Hali

Last April. Gillian Foote returned to her home province of Nova Scotia after spending the better part of two decades in Edmonton at 100.3 The Bear. Along with her co-hosts Paul Brown an Yukon Jack, they were authors of some pretty amazing radio over the course of 13 years. Gillian has now relocated to Q104...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 281
  Dec 15, 2021   00:46:10

Tom Bedell: Rocking the Atlantic

Tom Bedell is the afternoon drive host at Q104 in Halifax. His career started in the late 80’s in Saint John, N.B at the legendary CFBC, and has been driving Metro Halifax home since 1998. In this episode, Tom recalls those early days in New Brunswick and his early stints in Woodstock, NB, Halifax and...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 280
  Dec 01, 2021   00:41:43

James Cridland: A Trip Through Podland

We loved having James Crildland on our show back in 2018 when we fussed about podcast discovery when there were a half million podcasts in the universe. There are now 2.5 million and we have so many more questions to ask. In this episode, I get a little help from my Podcast SuperFriends Jag in...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 279
  Nov 24, 2021   00:46:46

The Return of Matty Staudt

We had Matty Staudt back on the show in September of 2019 and he was heading up jam street media after leaving iHeart as the head of podcasting. in that episode we talked about his early podcast career with dates back to stitcher in 2008, how he produced the G. Gordon Liddy show, and played...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 278
  Nov 17, 2021   01:02:51

Sharon Hyland: La Reine Du Rock

Around Montreal, mention the words “Queen of Rock” and that title goes to Sharon Hyland, longtime on air host at CHOM-FM. Last month she eclipsed 25 years of broadcasting at the legendary radio station. And while her name might not get lumped in with the CHOM Alumni who came before her, (just yet) her knowledge...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 279
  Nov 10, 2021   00:34:08

Callie and Jeff: All Upside

The copy just screams off the page: She was a blogger and social media maven. He, a former morning radio host. Together they struck out on their own and created The Upside. Callie and Jeff Dauler started their podcast when Jeff’s radio career abruptly changed in 2019 from Star 94.1 in Atlanta. Their success could...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 276
  Nov 02, 2021   00:49:40

Ryan Jespersen: Real Talk About Real Talk

Ryan Jespersen is one of the great broadcast to podcast success stories. After being relieved from the coveted 9 to noon position at the venerable 630 CHED in Edmonton last year, Ryan hatched a plan to move his audience from terrestrial to digital, and at the same time fill a need for real talk in...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 275
  Oct 26, 2021   00:58:43

Mike Goral: Excessive Talking

Mike Goral is someone I have only met once, haven’t seen in 7 years but we have a long track record of working together. Long before the pandemic taught us to work apart, Mike and I, along with Jamie Watson and Evan Surminski would all collaborate to make audio magic in radio. Since then, all...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 274
  Oct 19, 2021   00:34:36

Montana Getty: Journalism, Sports, Politics

Montana Getty has multiple passions for sports, media and politics flowing through her blood. Her grandfather is the late Don Getty, premiere of Alberta from 1985 to 1992, and quarterback of the Edmonton (then) Eskimos starting in 1955. Rarely does your family play into the context of a podcast episode, but given that the Getty...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 272
  Oct 03, 2021   00:42:34

Rob Walch: Putting Podcast Into Perspective

Rob Walch is the VP of Podcast Relations at Libsyn. He made an appearance on our show back in 2018, and we were long overdue to have him back given the changing nature of the podcast world. During Rob’s session at Podcast Movement in August, he manoeuvred his way through his presentation to debunk many...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 271
  Sep 27, 2021   00:52:40

Tara Sands: A Voice For Everything

Tara Sands was an imaging voice for a radio station I was programming in my radio days. It always exciting to hire new voice talent to put a fresh sound to your station. Her work extends well beyond FM, into some of the things you might hear like cartoons and commercials, but also in Anime,...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 270
  Sep 13, 2021   00:58:08

Susan Knight: Strong Female Energy

Susan Knight and I haven’t seen each other since Labour Day 1995. We had just come back from the Molson Polar Ice Party in Tuktoyaktuk, NWT. She was working at 92 Rock in Sudbury and from there went to Chatham, Ontario and then Mountain-FM in Squamish, B.C. The rest is a blur but there were...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 269
  Sep 03, 2021   00:09:46

September: The “Fall” of Radio

September is an exciting month that comes complete with the hopes and promise of a new year. I took some time to hang with family recently and take what is normally a slow time of the podcast year to unwind a bit. I took some radio notes and read a few things and am sharing...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 268
  Aug 24, 2021   00:39:21

Morgan McCarthy

Morgan McCarthy is the host of the 715 Newsroom, a local Wisconsin online radio news source that provides news in the Chippewa Valley area in a way that is never boring. They also have a podcast called News Makers that is currently on its 22nd episode. You’ll hear Morgan’s voice on radio shows owned by...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 267
  Aug 17, 2021   00:42:29

Chris Byrne: No Longer Unknown

Chris Byrne is the afternoon drive host at Pure Country 89 in Windsor. He believes a relative unknown in the radio business but we have memories and remember him changing the sign in Fort McMurray when its residents returned after 2016 fires caused a mass evacuation. Chris was let go in 2019 from his morning...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 266
  Aug 12, 2021   00:41:25

Catherine O'Brien: Podcast Superfriend

Catherine O’Brien is the owner of Branch Out Programs in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The California transplant turned in her career as a tax preparer for one in podcast. We met back in 2016 in Chicago and have made it point now to meet on a regular basis to help one another with branded podcasts. Sadly,...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 265
  Aug 03, 2021   00:45:53


We spoke with Skywalker, aka Jarrett Galeno from K104 in the Hudson Valley. Skywalker is a personality you might hear on other stations across America in Cookville, Tennesee, Rutland, Vermont or Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He lives and breathes radio and has stories from New York, Boston and Connecticut to share from his radio path which started...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 264
  Jul 29, 2021   01:00:31

JJ Kincaide: Made for Radio

JJ Kincaid does mornings at New Country 101.5 in Atlanta. He’s been in radio since the 90’s, making his mark at CHR stations across America, including KDWB in Minneapolis and Z100 in New York. I’ve been fortunate to meet JJ and get to know him over cocktails, but I also made sure his show was...

SoundOff Podcast
  Jul 24, 2021   00:34:36

Terry DiMonte: Live from My Dining Room

Terry DiMonte takes a break from taking a break from social media and joined me to talk about his summer live from my Since his “retirement” from CHOM last May, he’s enjoyed sleeping in and visiting with friends. I am very honoured to be his friends and a stop on the Winnipeg tour. Terry...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 263
  Jul 20, 2021   00:44:48

Lena Shulman: Where Shall We Begin?

Researching for podcast episodes is different in the pandemic. I often have met the person long before I interview them. Perhaps we shared a coffee or drink, maybe we worked together or I saw them speak at a conference. Perhaps I grew up listening to them, worked in the same market or interviewed them for...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 262
  Jul 12, 2021   00:20:47

Jessica Rhodes: Interview Connections 5 Years Later

Yes it has been five years since we had Jessica Rhodes from Interview connections on the podcast. Since then Jessica has grown the business to a six and now 7 figure business. How did she do it? Small steps and “grind and grit”. In this episode I reconnect with Jessica , 5 years in between...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 261
  Jul 09, 2021   00:54:59

John Mamola: Programming For a Championship

John Mamola is the program director of WDAE, the sports station in Tampa Bay. We had him on the show back in December of 2019 and his life sounded busy. With the arrival of COVID, the sports world got turned upside down. For many stations, the arrival of COVID meant a decrease in workload –...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 260
  Jun 30, 2021   00:27:45

Stu Schwartz:

There are a lot of things that come to mind when you hear the name Stu Schwartz. The Ottawa morning host has been a radio staple in the market since the mid-90’s, first making a name for himself as Stuntman Stu, then as a sports fixture on Team 1200 AND in-house announcer at the Ottawa...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 259
  Jun 22, 2021   00:43:47

Paige Neinaber: The Minister of Good Times

Paige Nienaber knows radio promotions and marketing. He’s been involved with some really big ones – and one that I definitely remember because I saw it play out on CNN. (Wild’s infamous Haircut on the Bridge). In this episode, I ask Paige all about what makes a radio promotion successful, and how they changed over...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 258
  Jun 16, 2021   01:22:35

Christian Zyp: Moving Radio

Christian Zyp is a host on Edmonton’s CJSR’s Moving Radio. But you’re not listening to this episode for that. The story of our friendship begins on the radio in 1995 with the release of Van Halen’s Balance CD. Back then radio stations were given advance copies and a “World Album Premiere”. The special we ran...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 257
  Jun 09, 2021   00:58:31

Vinny Barrucco: Un Vrai Montrealais

Sometime back in 2008, Vinny Barrucco made the call to (then) Mix 96 to see if his skills acquired at community juggernaut K103 Kahnawake would translate into the Montreal mainstream. We know today that that answer is yes. The Montreal morning host has done most of the day parts on Montreal radio at the two...

SoundOff Podcast
  Jun 05, 2021   00:13:33

Steve Goldstein: How Many Podcasts are there really?

Steve Goldstein and I had a chat for this special bonus episode about how many podcasts there are. REALLY. Steve is the Founder/CEO of Amplifi Media, an audio innovation firm that offers counsel, production, and marketing of voice-first, podcast, and branded audio. Well-known as a thought leader in audio programming, marketing, and management, Steve often speaks about the future of...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 256
  Jun 02, 2021   00:45:59

Valerie Geller: Never Lose A Listener

Valerie Geller has inspired many to be better broadcasters through her work. Many of those lessons can be found in her 2011 book, Beyond Powerful Radio, the follow up to the 1996 work, Creating Powerful Radio. I would consider this podcast to be incomplete without an episode from Valerie. She is one of the most...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 255
  May 25, 2021   00:12:13

The Great Radio Reset

Matt goes solo this week with some ideas for the Great Radio Reset. With the pandemic coming to an end and radio stations looking to the future, we’ve assembled a list of things to think about. Some are some old ideas that should come to fruition, while others where born in the pandemic. As always...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 254
  May 18, 2021   00:53:43

Skye Pillsbury: Podcast Purist

Long before I even knew that Skye was friends with my super close cousin Kingman, I wanted to have her on the show. She was a guest with Sound Off Alum Jim Harold shortly after we all convened on Orlando for Podcast Movement int the before times of 2019. Somehow, I failed to meet Skye....

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 253
  May 11, 2021   00:55:24

Sheri Lynch: Still In Control of the Show

One of our biggest podcast episodes was back in October of 2017 when we had Sheri Lynch on the show to talk about taking control of the Bob and Sheri Show. By control, that means retaining things like digital rights and having autonomy over your brand. The episode has remained popular over the years because...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 252
  May 01, 2021   00:47:45

Fred Jacobs' Tech Survey: Radio In The Year Of Covid

Tech Survey has been an annual study by Jacobs Media since 2005. But 2021 will be one for the ages. Completed during a pandemic, Tech Survey 2021 tells the radio story of what happened to our radio listeners when Work from home, Zoom, masks, no travel, and a politically charged internet took hold. Originally, this...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 251
  Apr 26, 2021   00:31:40

Dani Stover: Sunshine in the Shade

Dani Stover has a wonderful studio with a beautiful sounding microphone and produces content for radio, and podcast. She’s not the first unemployed creator to grace the podcast. Given the state of Canadian radio which is awaiting new regulations while dealing with the remnants of a pandemic economy, Dani is patiently testing the waters to...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 250
  Apr 20, 2021   00:58:46

Darryl Spring Talks To Bands

Darryl Spring is passionate about rock radio. Although it started out with an attraction for what was coming out of the club shows of then CFNY-FM 102, Darryl knew radio was his future. From Loyalist College, to Q92 in Timmins, to Corus Radio in Toronto and Hamilton. His next two stops included Kingston and Ottawa,...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 249
  Apr 13, 2021   00:36:21

Tracy Johnson: Talent Coach and Consultant

Tracy Johnson is a talent coach I had the pleasure of working with him back in 2013. His ideas and perspectives always resonated with both the Rock and Hot AC talent I was working with. I recall the ideas benefited not a personality’s development, but soon after station morale and inevitably the ratings. Tracy also...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 248
  Apr 09, 2021   00:11:37

Matt Cundill: There's No Episode to Hear Here

This week I spent some time looking out the window and thinking about a lot of the news that has been circulating in the radio business. Most of it worries me. People asking if Clubhouse is going to kill podcasting have it wrong – it stands to take the place of conversational and interactive talk...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 247
  Mar 29, 2021   00:30:33

Joel Denver: All Access Dot Com

Joel Denver is the owner, publisher and president of All If you work in radio, broadcasting and now podcasting, you likely have visited the All Access dot com website for industry news. Way back once computers began to take up room on the desk at and internet speeds hit 56k, you might have gone...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 246
  Mar 23, 2021   00:53:17

Humble And Fred: Fiercely Independent

Humble and Fred are fiercely independent. They are the original “Life After Radio” personalities, having carved out a significant piece of the media pie for themselves. Back in 2011 they started a podcast and committed to it. (That’s important component to their success BTW) They have had stints where they worked in radio for periods...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 245
  Mar 17, 2021   00:39:05

Shani Scott: The Queen of Some Media

Shani Scott is the owner of Media Room 360, a streaming and media distribution company out of Texas. Her company has been built largely through what she learned in radio. Inspired by listening to the legendary Tom Joyner on K104 in Dallas, Shani knew she was in it for the long haul. Believe it or...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 244
  Mar 09, 2021   00:58:23

Howard Kroeger: When Classic Hits Was Born

Howard Kroeger was there in 2002 when a new radio format was launched in Winnipeg. The program director of Hot AC Q94.3 was apart of the programming team that had recently acquired AC Magic 99.9 from Standard Radio. It was obvious that Magic would no longer be an AC station, but what would it become...

SoundOff Podcast
  Mar 07, 2021   00:34:39

Introducing: Women in Media with Sarah Burke

Sarah Burke has a brand new podcast. Here’s a bonus episode featuring our conversation about the show and we also catch up a bit since she was last on the podcast. You can catch our conversation on Facebook or YouTube. (And give our Youtube a Subscribe!) Please follow all the podcast social accounts and subscribe...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 243
  Mar 02, 2021   00:33:16

Bob Willette: Live From Bob's Basement

Bob Willette got his start in commercial radio working alongside Humble and Fred at 102.1 The Edge back in the late 90’s. He started as an intern but later produced the show and followed them over to the Mix 99.9 in the 2000’s. After Humble and Fred had this very strange separation, he was “excused”...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 242
  Feb 25, 2021   00:55:11

Lisa Guerrero: Between a Jock and a Hard Place

Lisa Guerrero has enough stories from her time at Fox and Monday Night Football to write a book. In fact, that is what she is doing right now. The award winning journalist for Inside Edition has a forthcoming book called Between a Jock and a Hard Place. In this episode, Lisa shares the high and...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 241
  Feb 15, 2021   00:33:30

Dahlia Kurtz: On A Mission

For Dahlia, it’s more than broadcasting – it is now a mission. She is a social good advocate, talk show host, writer, producer, actress, polyglot, certified personal trainer, and even a professional ping-pong player. She is a woman of many talents. She has recently mainly works as a radio talk show host and has interviewed...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 240
  Feb 09, 2021   00:30:20

Steve Goldstein: Amplifi Media

It’s been over three years since we had Steve Goldstein from Amplifi Media on the show. He has an excellent feel for audio and how it is consumed, whether that is podcast, radio, streaming, voice or smart speakers. In particular, I have been fascinated with the advent of the smart speaker. Is it really a...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 239
  Feb 01, 2021   00:35:01

Brooklyn Driediger: Virgin 94.5 Vancouver

Brooklyn Driediger is the midday and weekend host at Virgin 94.5 in Vancouver. She first caught my attention on social media… her feeds look so clean and the Reels so real. Her show is the same by the way. We spent a Sunday afternoon talking about her radio journey from the British Columbia Institute of...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 238
  Jan 26, 2021   00:34:49

Big Kris Bawden: 101.1 Big FM Barrie

I met Big Kris way back in 2009. We had lunch at Earl’s in Winnipeg. He was passing through and it was clear he was a rising talent in radio. A little over ten years later, we reconnected on this podcast to talk about all that has transpired in the 20 years he has been...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 237
  Jan 18, 2021   00:22:57

Evan Degenhardt: 106.1 The Goat in Lloydminster Turns 20

Evan Degenhardt is the general manager and content director at 106.1 The Goat in Lloydminster. To be honest, we are not sure if it’s Alberta, or Saskatchewan or both, but we do know that over the last twenty years the station has seen a lot of high end radio talent pass through its hallways and...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 236
  Jan 11, 2021   00:37:54

Jesse Tieman: Country 93.5 Kingston

I loved my chat with Jesse Tieman from Kingston’s Country 93.5. He does the morning show with Leanne Cater, “The Boss Lady and Jesse”. I assumed that I would be talking with someone who grew up in Montreal. You see, his dad was the legendary sportscaster Randy Tieman from CFCF, but I didn’t know that...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 235
  Jan 01, 2021   00:26:41

Happy New Year: The Stats for 2020

This show was streamed on Facebook and YouTube and Twitter on December 31,2020. To see the original stream of the show on Youtube. Please subscribe for free when you are there. We also put the show on Facebook and Periscope. For more you can see the video and all the stats on the Episode page....

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 234
  Dec 25, 2020   00:54:56

The Fifth Very Terry Christmas

For the last five years, Matt and Terry Dimonte have gotten together for a podcast chat around Christmas time. Terry loves Christmas and its a chance to talk about radio and a whole lot more. This year we ask Terry about some of his long time friendships he has had over the years. This partially...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 233
  Dec 22, 2020   00:47:01

Vanessa Newman: Z95.3 Vancouver

Vanessa Newman is the afternoon host at Z95.3 in Vancouver. She is a recipient of the British Columbia Broadcasters Performer of Tomorrow. Her radio journey starts in the late 90’s spending summers in Montreal with her Uncle Terry Dimonte from then Mix 96 and later CJAD. In this episode, Vanessa and I meet for the...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 232
  Dec 14, 2020   00:34:58

Jeff Vidler: The Canadian Podcast Listener 2020

Jeff Vidler makes his third appearance on the podcast to talk about the Canadian Podcast listener study which does an annual deep dive into the progress and behaviour of podcast listeners in Canada. Over the last year, over 4600 people have contributed their study which brings together advertising insights and podcast listening trends. This is...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 231
  Dec 09, 2020   00:46:58

Drex: Lowering DREXpecations

It’s been a long year. Humanity has spent nine months in a pandemic and six of them without Drex on the radio. He left his position at Corus last June where he did a late night talk show across the country. He is now the morning host at Jack 96.9 in Vancouver along with Lena...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 230
  Dec 02, 2020   00:58:31

Sue Tyler: Humour, Sexuality, Equality

Sue Tyler is the afternoon host on Power 104 in Kelowna, British Columbia. Recently I saw her streaming on Twitch and was reminded that I really I need to hear the whole story. Sue has been on the radio for over thirty years. Like many of us who embark on the radio journey, we have our goals...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 229
  Nov 25, 2020   00:59:28

Erica Ehm: Reinvention of a VJ

It’s safe to say that Growing up Much is something millennials and Gen Xers have in common. Erica Ehm was one of the first batch of VJs to grace Canadian airwaves back when MuchMusic launched in 1984. Her broadcast journey actually began in Montreal in the late 70’s when she entered her College into a...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 228
  Nov 17, 2020   01:05:28

Jeremy White: No Place Like Home

Jeremy White works evenings and weekends at the Beat 92.5 in Montreal. He got his start in community radio at K103 in Kahnawake in the Mohawk Territory just off the island of Montreal. The radio station played a key role in the 1990 Oka Crisis which exposed Canada’s fractured relationship was its First People. Jeremy...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 227
  Nov 11, 2020   00:32:05

Tony Coles: Mentorship, Pivoting and Gratitude

iHeart Media’s Tony Coles was not immediately drawn to radio. It came later after he was let go from a radio job and competing program director, the late Dave Robbins showed compassion and reached out. Tony will tell the story in the show better than I can write it, but it was clear that Tony...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 226
  Nov 04, 2020   00:45:49

Bryan Barletta: Ad Tech 101

When I started this podcast in 2016, it was as simple as uploading audio to Soundcloud. Then I saw what tech offered and I was hooked. Dynamic ad insertion opened up a world of possibilities as we could increase our ad inventory by selling spots tailored to regions. Ad tech has come a long way...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 225
  Oct 28, 2020   00:08:06

Death of the Diary

Last week on the Broadcast Dialogue: The Podcast, I was listening to Numeris CEO Neil McEneaney provide an annual update. I had to stop listening when he expressed confidence in the TV paper diary method for gathering listening consumption. This is 2020, but the exit plan for the paper diary should have started back in...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 224
  Oct 21, 2020   00:43:55

Tony Lorino: Throwback Nation

Things got a little weird at a conference a few years ago. There was a Michael Jackson impersonator, then the next conference it was Prince, then Madonna…. what was going on? Turns out those impersonators were a stunt by the people at Throwback Nation, a newly created syndicated show that was going to be targeting...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 223
  Oct 14, 2020   00:33:46

Corey Tremere: P.E.I. Corey

I always have a strong sense about what’s going on in P.E.I. Every morning I wake up and Corey Tremere’s twitter account has all the latest from Prince Edward Island flowing. I’m two hours behind in the central time zone, so his midday show is my morning show. Ocean 100 has been the Island’s #1...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 222
  Oct 09, 2020   00:30:11

Chris Cruise: Throwback Nation 2k

Chris Cruise never had a radio career; he’s always been a content creator. The Detroit native was let go from Entercom’s Amp Radio 98.7 and attempted the sales thing before returning to his roots as a teacher at Chris can be heard on a number of station’s across America already, but you’re about to hear...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 221
  Sep 29, 2020   00:39:06

Paul Kaye: Radio No Longer A Walk in the Park

Paul Kaye is the VP of Music Brands and In House Production at Rogers. When he was hired in July of 2017, it was mentioned that his position is an evolving one. True to that statement – his position remains as fluid as ever given the accelerating change for the medium and for the content...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 220
  Sep 22, 2020   00:31:59

Kevin Getz On My Podcast

Kevin Getz is the swing announcer at 102.1 The Edge in Toronto. He recently came out with a brand new album. What makes the album unique is that it is a spoken word album full of his radio breaks. The collection of audio is an attempt to make his audio more durable, sustainable, marketable, and...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 219
  Sep 18, 2020   00:46:27

Lili Wexu: Hear That Voice Again

Lili Wexu is a voice actress based in Los Angeles but started in Montreal. You might say this is all Howard Stern’s fault. Back in the late 90’s Howard Stern was syndicated to Q107 in Toronto and CHOM in Montreal. The result for the former was a failed venture, the latter was a near disaster....

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 218
  Sep 11, 2020   00:45:20

Maureen Holloway With the Last Word

I never realized how lucky I was to work alongside Maureen Holloway – until I no longer did. Mo is now the morning host with Darren B. Lamb on 98.1 CHFI in Toronto. Maureen is brutally honest about her career, her family, her relationships and her 2005 battle with cancer. I was working in Montreal...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 217
  Sep 02, 2020   00:05:48

More Talk, Less Rock

Matt is on the road in Quebec this week and explains that the spoken word has more than than music to radio programmers. Canadian radio regulations need to be reviewed and instead of focusing on Cancon for music – maybe the CRTC should be focusing on regulating who is doing the talking and from where....

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 216
  Aug 24, 2020   00:40:57

Tom Webster: Edison Research

Tom Webster is a Senior VP at Edison Research. There are a few spots on our company calendar we circle in anticipation of Tom. It’s either a data release for Edison’s Share of Ear, an Infinite Dial Study, or an address at Podcast Movement. This month we would have heard Tom at PM20 but with...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 215
  Aug 18, 2020   01:11:30

Pete Marier: Being Bad Pete

How did Pete Marier become Bad Pete? He tells us. I spent my teenage years listening to Pete Marier on my clock radio when he was at 980 CKGM and 95.9 CJFM. The next decade Pete was a co-worker and we’ve been friends since. We are not strangers to Winnipeg and Montreal radio, nor the...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 214
  Aug 11, 2020   00:42:51

Julie James: Musically, Vocally, Personally

In this episode Julie and I talk about working from home, having to adjust while doing multiple radio tasks including imaging, music programming, music meetings, and building a home office. It’s the little things like an extra monitor or a chair to endure prolonged periods of work. I also asked Julie about the AC format...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 213
  Aug 04, 2020   00:41:47

Alan Cross: What Happens To Music?

Alan Cross loves music. Over the last few months we have done a few episodes discussing radio on a pandemic planet. But what about the music industry? What about the business side of music? It is especially curious given that music’s entire business model has been turned on its head since 1999. Income has shifted...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 212
  Jul 27, 2020   00:50:31

Stu Jefferies: Mornings Boom 97.3 Toronto

If you’re a Gen Xer, you likely know Stu Jefferies. He was the host of the venerable CBC TV show Good Rockin’ Tonight which ran from 1983 to 1993. The Canadian reply to NBC’s Friday Night Videos carried it’s weight and powered the Cancon to kids whose parents were too cheap to spring for MuchMusic....

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 211
  Jul 20, 2020   00:41:03

Getting Messy with Jesse and Jenna

When we had Jenna on our podcast 18 months ago, she was in the throes on getting ousted from a gig she loved on a station where they were working hard and building a following. It’s a tall order to compete in a market like Ottawa where their direct competition is #1 and have been...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 210
  Jul 13, 2020   00:55:38

Jay Richardson: Power by Day, Jets Voice at Night.

Here’s something you need to know about Jay Richardson. He’s a really nice guy. Know what else? He’s a true empathetic soul who cares. Which is why he always feels a little uneasy about the present and especially the future. However, we spoke a lot about the past in this episode. Jay is the afternoon...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 209
  Jul 06, 2020   00:40:51

Lochlin Cross: Loc'r Room Talk

Lochlin Cross is the morning show host at Cruz 95.7 in Edmonton along with Grant Johnston and James White. He spent time in Winnipeg and Edmonton programming two heavy hitter rock stations in Power 97 and K-Rock 97.3. Which got switched back to K97 at some point but we were too lazy to look it...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 208
  Jun 30, 2020   00:52:41

Abe Hefter: How To News and Sports

Abe Hefter and I finally crossed paths in 2002. I recall hearing him on CJFM (FM96) in the 80’s, and in 2002 we convened on Fort Street at that station when CHOM, Mix96 and CJAD merged itself into one entity. Abe began to transition into academia in 2003 when he received an opportunity to teach...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 207
  Jun 23, 2020   01:37:42

Mistress Carrie: Now Unfiltered and Uncensored

Mistress Carrie spent 22 years on air and a handful more working in promotions at WAAF. She spent most of her life before that listening and loving the station. She figured one day it would all end with her “moving on” as many in the business do. But what she and many did not expect...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 206
  Jun 16, 2020   00:33:24

Heather Osgood: Podcast Advertising 101

Heather Osgood is the founder of True Native Media and answered all of our questions about podcast advertising. I first met Heather back in 2017 and was fascinated with the vision she had for her company. While the idea of media buying was not new, being a media buyer for podcasts was. It is believed...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 205
  Jun 08, 2020   00:46:07

Jillene Khan: Magic, Madison and Minneapolis

Jillene Khan is the afternoon host on Magic 98 in Madison, Wisconsin. Her story to radio is rooted in Minneapolis. From growing up listening to great personalities like Tony Fly from KDWB and Tom Bernard on KQRS to a time when her family was apart of Dave Ryan’s Christmas Wish back in the 90’s. Jillene...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 204
  Jun 01, 2020   01:02:00

Carrie Doll: On Air and in The Chair

I met Carrie Doll in the late 90’s at CFRN Television in Edmonton. She was a reporter and later a news anchor. She covered the events of 9/11 from the anchor desk in Calgary and learned how to report without a script. The youngest of ten children from Fairview, Alberta, Carrie was a natural when...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 203
  May 25, 2020   00:35:55

Kim Blair: Finally A Guest From New Zealand

I met Kim Blair back in 2013. He was looking to make a change in his radio career and was leaving Australia behind in search of a more a country that was going to offer more of a challenge for him. Consolidation has caught up with Australia and Canada as well. In the months after...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 202
  May 20, 2020   00:38:52

Evo Terra's Podcast Pontifications

Evo Terra is the host of Podcast Pontifications. A short form podcast providing insights into the future of podcasting. As luck would have it, news of the Joe Rogan signing to Spotify broke the day before recording of the episode. I met Evo in Orlando at Podcast Movement last August and he shared some of...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 201
  May 11, 2020   00:28:49

Jason Barrett: Sports Radio Managing the Crisis

Jason Barrett returns to answer my sports related questions. Normally I don’t bring Jason on until this first week of September when we look forward to the new NFL football season and talk about Sports broadcasting. However, these are not normal times for Sports radio and now is a good time to unpack what’s going...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 200
  May 05, 2020   00:46:18

Dana Marshall: Morning Radio, Prince and a Podcast

Dana Marshall loves radio, loves the music of Prince, and has found the perfect audio life balance with both. He does mornings and is program director at 103.3 WKFR in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He is currently seeking a co-host for that morning show, so if you think that is you – apply within. Much like Melz...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 199
  Apr 28, 2020   00:33:39

Sheryl Worsley: KSL Radio, Hit Podcasts, and Post-Pandemic Broadcasting

This week, Sheryl Worsley from KSL Radio in Salt Lake City. While being a news director for around 20 years, she shifted in 2015 to audio and audience development in the Bonneville cluster’s digital space. Sheryl and her team saw the value in podcast when a news series they were putting together was better suited for...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 198
  Apr 21, 2020   00:37:06

A Mass Shooting During A Pandemic

This episode is a little different. Over the weekend, a 22 people lost their lives in a mass murder spree that covered 100 kilometers in Nova Scotia. Monday morning, Q104 in Halifax and a number of Stingray radio stations came together to pivot programming towards the hearts of their listeners. To understand what it takes...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 197
  Apr 13, 2020   00:38:28

Steve Reynolds: Coaching Through Crisis

There I was flipping through Facebook and seeing Steve Reynolds comment about hearing something he felt was out of place on the radio in the era of COVID-19. This is not to be confused with the non-COVID comments about Sirius Yacht Rock playing a lot of crappy B-Sides on their channel. (He’s right. No one...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 196
  Apr 07, 2020   00:26:59

Kipper McGee: Brandwith on Demand

It’s no wonder that Kipper McGee wound up in radio have grown up in between two great radio markets in Milwaukee and Chicago. He’s a broadcast consultant, author and host of the Brandwidth on Demand podcast alongside David Martin. The show has been in production for as long as this show has, and it has...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 195
  Mar 31, 2020   00:25:53

Sunni Puric: From War Torn to Washington

Sunni Puric works weekdays apart of the Joe Clair Morning Show on Rhythmic/CHR radio WGPC 95.5FM. Her journey to radio is unlike any other. This marks the first time I have asked what it was like spending your teenage years in a refugee camp in Bosnia. While the world saw a picturesque Yugoslavia during the...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 194
  Mar 23, 2020   00:27:08

Susie Erjavec Parker: Content Creation in Social Isolation

Susie Erjavec Parker knows lots about social media, blogs, communication strategy and working from home. At one point she had 3 children under 5 years old in the house while juggling clients, and appointments and everything else that comes with running a business. With so many people working from home for the first time in...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 193
  Mar 18, 2020   00:12:40

Hey Radio, This is it.

It’s been nearly 20 years since radio has had to shift into crisis mode. The Corona Virus or COVID-19 has arrived and broadcasters find themselves having to write rules, redo formats, get more information sourced, while dealing with staffs that have children coming home and everyone faced with the challenge of working from home. In...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 192
  Mar 09, 2020   00:47:46

Josie Dye: Bringing The Fun

Josie Dye is the morning host at Indie 88 in Toronto. The longtime 102.1 The Edge personality who also did hosting duties for Cosmo TV, and W Network took a chance on jumping to Indie 88. It has paid off well. You can hear it in Josie’s voice. She is having more fun than ever...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 191
  Mar 02, 2020   00:43:17

Dave Jackson: School of Podcasting

Dave Jackson is the Owner/Headmaster at the School of Podcasting and also a support specialist at Libsyn. He was there back in the early days of podcast and has helped thousands launch their podcasts with his talks, online tips and podcasts. Dave is a Hall of Famer and a regular contributor to Podcast Business Journal....

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 190
  Feb 24, 2020   00:48:43

Carlos Benevides: Jacked on Radio

Radio is a lot like the mob: “Just when you thought I was out, they pull me back in.” Okay, that’s an exaggeration but for Carlos Benevides, leaving 91.5 The Beat in Kitchener and transitioning to Conestaga College to teach radio just made sense. So does his new lunchtime show for the Jack radio stations...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 189
  Feb 17, 2020   00:28:06

Zenga McCurdy: Soo Good

Zenga McCurdy called me back in May of 2018 and asked for some feedback on his morning radio show. Since then I have made a point of listening to the show every once and a while to hear the progress. I meant to grab a beer with him in Toronto last year but we only...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 188
  Feb 10, 2020   00:39:11

Jon Gay: JAG in Detroit

Jon Gay has a radio story that is probably not unlike yours if you have worked on the programming side of radio. It involves a little bit of the WKRP theme song, “Town to Town. Up and Down the dial…”. Jon’s radio career started with an internship at Kiss 108 in his hometown Boston. His...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 187
  Feb 05, 2020   00:18:15

David Phillips: No Data Strategy Required

David Phillips from NLogic is an admitted nerd when it comes to data. He really loves it. Something he is very good at is deciphering how data should be applied to your brand, your radio stations, your strategies, and your ad sales. However, one thing you should definitely not have is a data strategy. He...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 186
  Jan 27, 2020   00:30:42

Seth Resler: Solutions For The Dislocated

We invited Seth Resler back to the podcast after he penned a blog called, “Is There Life After Radio?” Many of the episodes in this series feature a moment when someone was fired and tell the story of their radio afterlife. The podcast itself was born out of my firing in 2014, the subsequent quest...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 185
  Jan 21, 2020   00:29:44

Lori Lewis: Remedial Social Media

Lori Lewis is back on our show for the third time? Why so often? Because the world of social media moves that quickly. The last time we had Lori on the show, Instagram Stories was just starting to become a thing and Tik Tok wasn’t even a thing. In fact – you might have still...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 184
  Jan 13, 2020   00:36:49

Christian Hall: More Than Radio

There’s a reason why Christian Hall thinks differently. He has to. He is the National Program Director for Harvard Broadcasting which is a radio company first. He oversees multiple alternative stations; a format which doesn’t even exist a number of top ten markets in Canada, and he believes that talent development is about airchecks, and...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 183
  Jan 06, 2020   00:36:09

Perry Michael Simon: What's Next?

It’s been 2 years since we have caught up with Perry Michael Simon from on this podcast. He has a pretty good idea of what is going on in the radio and podcast business given that he writes about it weekly, provides talk topics on a twitter account, and attends a dozen radio and...

SoundOff Podcast
  Dec 31, 2019   00:03:51

Happy NEW Year!!

Happy New Year from Matt at the Soundoff Podcast. If you want to have a chat with Matt – just click here and set up a time. Top 5 Podcast Episodes this year: Tom Leykis Terry O’Reilly Corey Dylan Dean Blundell Lisa Keys Bring on 2020! Privacy Policy and California Privacy Notice.

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 182
  Dec 24, 2019   01:09:53

Still Another Very Terry Christmas

Terry Dimonte loves Christmas, and I love doing a podcast with him to discuss… whatever. Sometimes we talk about radio, and other times it’s just life. This year it was a lot of the latter. So many of the things we spoke about can be found on the blog page which is located at Sound...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 181
  Dec 17, 2019   00:31:49

John Mamola: Talking Tampa Sports Radio

I’m reminded every time I travel through Tampa on my way to Sarasota, how busy the radio market is. Equally busy is the number of sports teams that compete for media attention. By my count there are the NFL Buccaneers, NHL Lightning, Major League Baseball Rays, and plenty of college football needing attention from the...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 180
  Dec 10, 2019   00:31:06

Laura G: Broadcasting to Gen Z

In this episode Laura discusses the changing face of radio, building a youthful audience, using social media and the importance of being on the ground in your market. Laura was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia where she attended Georgia State. In college she started out in computer science before moving to a degree in...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 179
  Dec 02, 2019   00:40:01

Matt Fogarty: Making the Jump

If you want to get pointed in the right direction to break into voice acting listen to this episode.  Matt Fogarty is a name you may not be familiar with, but if you listen to the radio in western Canada you have probably heard his voice Fogarty is currently the creative director for Island Radio...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 178
  Nov 25, 2019   00:27:37

Shannon Burns: Coming Full Circle

Shannon Burns is a familiar voice across Canadian radio. Her show iHeartRadio Nights with Shannon Burns airs nationally on 14 iHeartRadio stations, and she does evenings on the legendary radio station she grew up listening to, CHUM 104.5FM. On the podcast she talks about her career arc, how to plan a nationally syndicated show and...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 177
  Nov 22, 2019   00:34:22

Uncle Darrin Harvey: Getting Really Involved

Darrin Harvey and I met in late 1989 when he was going to fill in on some Christmas shifts on Magic 97 in Kentville, Nova Scotia. From the get go, I knew we would be friends. And while we never lived in the same time zone after I left in 1992, I never lost touch...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 176
  Nov 12, 2019   00:30:39

Ross Davies: Programming, Measuring, and Regulating Radio

I met Ross Davies briefly on two occasions. Once in Montreal in the 90’s and a second time in the 2000’s again in Montreal. It was little more than a “Hi! How Are You?’ but there was work to be done and the radio stories were going to have to come later. Fast forward to...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 175
  Nov 06, 2019   00:42:51

Justin Dove: Sound Design

Justin Dove is really good at radio imaging. (He also admits he is an audio nerd) He started in his home province of Newfoundland and worked his way across Canada for companies both big and small. Then he started his own company, Core Image Studios. We may have used the term “radio imaging” to describe...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 174
  Oct 29, 2019   00:37:45

Corey Carter: WIXX 101.1 Green Bay

Every year since 2013, I have loaded up the car for a football trip to see the Green Bay Packers. The team has a special relationship with the town that is unlike any other in sports. That extends to its local radio partner which clearly doesn’t behave like other radio stations in a medium or...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 173
  Oct 22, 2019   00:42:48

Todd Cochrane: Podcast Questions Answered

Todd Cochrane can speak to it because he was there in the early days. In 2004, he jumped into podcasting; long before Apple became involved. As time went on he began to find ways to make money at it, including an early sponsorship deal with GoDaddy, and creating the podcast hosting company that we know...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 172
  Oct 15, 2019   00:40:43

Don Kollins: Radio to TV and Twitch

Don Kollins is kind of an ideal guest for this podcast. He is a Canadian living in California. He has worked in radio on both sides of the border. And he is innovative enough to use his experience to see a path to the future for radio. When he was the program director of Toronto’s...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 171
  Oct 08, 2019   00:33:07

Jim Harold: From Radio Sales to Paranormal Podcaster

Jim Harold began podcasting on the paranormal in 2005 and is among a handful of pioneers of podcasting. His programs have stood the test of time and The Paranormal Podcast and Campfire remain among the most popular in the genre. He also developed a premium tier and much to his surprise… worked! He started out in radio sales after originally...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 170
  Oct 07, 2019   00:34:01

Sean Ross: Music's Evolution on Radio

Sean Ross really knows music and radio. He’s had a front row seat to how music has been consumed by radio listeners over the years. It’s easy to see how Sean became so knowledgeable on the subjects of radio formats and music genres; his speaks of his affinity for CKLW, and also of a cross...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 169
  Sep 24, 2019   00:22:46

Dervla Trainor: V.O. North FOMO

V.O. North is a voiceover conference that has taken place in Toronto for the last two years. I have been fortunate to attend both. The first was held in May 2018 and was a one day event. The following was a two day gathering at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, featuring some of the top...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 168
  Sep 17, 2019   00:34:24

Charles Adler: A Talk Radio Therapy Session

Charles Adler joins me from his home in Vancouver for an hour to talk radio and political therapy. The Canadian election is on the way and it is all to be Trump Trump Trump on CNN and Fox News. So what’s a media guy to do? We catch up with the wily Corus Radio News...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 167
  Sep 09, 2019   00:48:51

Dalby Does Radio

Back in 2015 when I was mulling doing a podcast, I came across Drew Dalby’s Off Mic podcast which featured other radio personalities talking about their careers. The show was in the process of starting it’s permanent hiatus once I decided to get the ball rolling on this. Drew Dalby is an excellent interviewer, drive...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 166
  Sep 04, 2019   00:41:48

Jason Barrett: Sports Radio, Rights and Redux

Jason Barrett and I started our post-program director adventures around the same time. He had a strong resume as a Sports radio programmer, having worked at mainstays like the Fanatic in Philly, 590 the Fan in St. Louis and 95.7 The Game in San Francisco. He decided to enter the crowded radio consulting field with...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 165
  Aug 29, 2019   00:32:35

Andrew Beckler X92.9

Andrew Beckler is the morning host at X92.9 in Calgary. The station is pretty special in that it started nearly 13 years ago, has only had 1 program director in its time, and has been building it’s audience since 2007 starting with a Hot Hot Heat concert to ring in the New Year. The station...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 164
  Aug 24, 2019   00:58:59

Ryan Wrecker: So How Was Podcast Movement?

Ryan Wrecker sent me a message earlier this week asking about my take aways from Podcast Movement which took place earlier this month in Orlando. In this episode we talk about where the podcast industry is headed and how radio is finding its way into it. We talk honestly and openly about where its all...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 163
  Aug 15, 2019   00:05:25

Podcast Movement 2019

A few thoughts as I muddle my way through Podcast Movement 2019. Special Thanks to Justin Dove from Core Image Studios for being a continued supporter of the podcast! Thanks also to the people who make this show possible every week including: Promosuite Matt Fogarty Voiceovers Justin Dove at Core Image Studios Megatrax NLogic Privacy...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 162
  Aug 07, 2019   00:26:32

Lisa Keys To Success

Sometimes it’s all about the people you have around you. In 2014, Lisa Keys found herself working with people who were passionate about radio imaging and who knew what a great radio imaging voice can do for a radio station. People like Rob Vavrek, Program Director of 100.3 the Bear who was it’s production and...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 161
  Jul 30, 2019   00:27:15

Matty Staudt From Broadcast to Podcast

Matty Staudt is someone I have been trying to get on the podcast for about a year. His busy work schedule at iHeart made scheduling difficult. However, a change in direction for Matty created the necessary time to have him on. Matty is starting a new venture called Jam Street Media. He had straddled both...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 160
  Jul 24, 2019   00:36:21

Yukon Jack in a Shoot!

In Wrestling, a shoot is when two wrestlers go unscripted into the ring and have it out. Yukon Jack from 100.3 The Bear and I don’t wrestle one another any more – but we did this podcast along the same lines as a shoot. Not your usual questions and not your usual answers. The longtime...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 159
  Jul 18, 2019   00:32:01

The Milkman Continues to Blast the Radio

It’s been nearly three years since we spoke to John Mielke, aka The Milkman. You might remember we had him on the show for episode 9. But that was a long time ago and so much has changed since then. He still has his websites including Blast The Radio and Milkman Unlimited. He’s also added...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 158
  Jul 09, 2019   00:39:15

Genevieve Borne: Distinctly Quebecois

Genevieve Borne is really talented. I met her in 1992 after a concert and was enamoured with her immediately. She is a bridge to the province I love, and a broadcaster I respect and emulate where applicable. In short, I love this woman’s tenacity and ability to say, “I’m going for it.” In this episode...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 157
  Jun 29, 2019   00:38:15

Terry O'Reilly: Under The Influence

Terry O’Reilly is a radio guy. He will tell you on the show that he is an ad guy – and that might be partially true. However, it is apparent that when you listen to his take on the world of media, advertising, marketing and radio, that he is grounded in radio. His show, Under...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 156
  Jun 24, 2019   00:25:42

The Big Story's First Year

It sounds easy. Produce a compelling 15 to 20 minute piece of audio every day about a Canadian news story. And then you find out it isn’t easy. For the last year, Jordan Heath-Rawlings has been doing just that with Frequency Network’s flagship podcast, The Big Story. Mildly modelled after the NY Times’ podcast, The...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 155
  Jun 18, 2019   00:56:40

Bob Harris: Some Serious Fun

Bob Harris has had an incredible radio journey that has spanned Peterborough, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Hamilton. Along the way it has been about the people. He’ll be the first to admit that he made mistakes along the way and learned on the job through the mentorship of General managers like Rob Braide, the late...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 154
  Jun 11, 2019   00:14:48

Is Radio Podcasting's Best Promo Ally?

This week, I want to give everyone something to think about. And that’s the power of radio and what it might mean to podcasting. When Tom Webster released the Infinite Dial Canada 2019 study at Canadian Music Week, one slide caught my eye. Actually a number of slides did including weekly podcasting listening rising to...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 153
  Jun 04, 2019   00:47:06

Big Rick Daniels: Evolving Terrestrially and Digitally

Big Rick Daniels grew up in Indiana. If you had to name famous people from the state, there’s the obvious like John Mellencamp, the Jackson’s and the sitting Vice President of the United States. Perhaps you are fan enough to mention David Letterman or David Lee Roth. But in broadcast circles, the state has a...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 152
  May 27, 2019   00:37:23

Kelly Alexander: Going Beyond Radio

Kelly Alexander is a team player, and great interviewer and knows her audience. It doesn’t matter what radio station she is on, or what platform she is immersed with – she understands her audience and is the conduit between what is happening in the studio, and what is going on in her listeners lives. Not...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 151
  May 21, 2019   00:48:04

Sammy Kohn: Radio, CD's, the 90's & The Watchmen

Sammy Kohn is the drummer for Canada’s the Watchmen. He will contend that he is a realtor in the Greater Toronto Area, but so long as the Watchmen keep getting played on the radio and the band continues playing a few shows a year, he will be known first as the drummer of the Watchmen....

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 150
  May 13, 2019   00:12:14

Canadian Radio: Let's Get Together

This week, Matt talks about his time at Canadian Music Week and after years of everyone staying mum on regulatory issues, there is a consensus that it’s time to install the latest Radio update. Left unanswered is the who, how and when, but the why answers are transparent. Declining revenue, changing audio consumption habits and...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 149
  May 06, 2019   00:33:06

Nat & Drew: Once Fired To Be Hired

Yes it happened way back when. Nat & Drew were fired and then were hired as their own replacements. I’ve been dying to hear the story since the day it happened back in 2008. But there’s so much more to the story in the conversation we had recorded from the QM 103.5 studios one Friday...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 148
  Apr 30, 2019   00:29:47

The Very Versatile Brad Karp

Brad Karp is the winner of the 2019 Alan Waters Young Broadcaster of the year award in memory of Steve Young. Born and raised on Montreal’s West Island, Brad grew up with a steady dose of Terry Dimonte and Ted Bird on CHOM. After Algonquin College, Brad found himself working in Thompson, Manitoba and later...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 147
  Apr 23, 2019   00:57:56

Steve Anthony: The Boy In The Box

Steve Anthony retired from active broadcasting about a year ago, moved to Prince Edward County, and took his business ventures with him for the ride. He and a wife Tanya who has been riding shotgun with Steve since 1997, have enough stories for a book he says he will never write. I spoke to Steve...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 146
  Apr 15, 2019   00:27:52

Ian Howarth: Rockin' Radio Days.

Ian Howarth taught in Montreal for many years, and one of his passions was radio. He knew one day he would want to write a book about all those wonderful moments and sounds that emanated from great radio stations like 1490 CFOX, 980 CKGM, and later CHOM 97.7 once AOR became a thing in the...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 145
  Apr 08, 2019   00:26:27

Alyssa Page on the End

Alyssa Page grew up in Connecticut, found her way on to the radio by doing everything. Then worked her ass off to get to Atlanta and then a dream position on the legendary 107.7 The End in Seattle. This podcast marks the third member of the radio station to appear on the podcast, and with...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 144
  Apr 01, 2019   00:27:14

Paul Jacobs: Stop Selling Radio

In this episode we spend time discussing the challenges involved with selling at a radio station in this digital revolution. His solution is rather simple: Stop Selling Radio. We discuss best practices for implementing new sales strategies, focus on some radio stations doing this right, and get slightly controversial (or innovative?) when it comes to...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 143
  Mar 26, 2019   00:42:58

I Am Irish Dave

I missed my first chance to meet Irish Dave. I wasn’t going to miss my second. In the days after a Saint Patrick’s Day that fell on a Sunday, I caught up with the U93 morning show host and learned a lot about the show host I have listened to on and off over the...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 142
  Mar 18, 2019   00:33:26

How Very Meredith Geddes of Her

She answered the very first question I asked her correctly. She was supposed to get it wrong. How Very Meredith Geddes of her. Meredith Geddes arrived in Vancouver at the World Famous CFOX and pretty much everything changed. She’d never been out west before and was about to take a big step in her radio...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 141
  Mar 11, 2019   00:23:54

Corey Dylan: Undeniably Resilient

Corey Dylan understands resilience. The longtime Tampa Bay radio personality was let go from Cox owned WFLA in the summer of 2016. In that time since, she continued working her voiceover clients, hosted a few television shows, and tried her hand at podcasting. She also never gave up in her quest to get back into...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 140
  Mar 04, 2019   00:51:39

Tom Leykis: Blow Me Up Tom

Tom Leykis understands how radio works. He understands people and how they engage with radio. The Long Island kid who spent his first radio show playing Glen Pitney (and loathing it), became one of America’s most renowned talk show hosts. He would go to war against other talk show hosts. He spoke in this podcast...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 139
  Feb 25, 2019   00:49:34

Dean Blundell 2.0

Dean Blundell was the host of the morning show on 102.1 the Edge in Toronto starting in 2001. As the internet age progressed, and social media took hold, the very things that elevated the Dean Blundell show to great heights became a part of its downfall. Add in some self-admitted flaws and it all came...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 138
  Feb 18, 2019   01:07:02

A Very Kolter Bouchard Thing To Do

Kolter Bouchard was on the list to be on this podcast last summer. He had an interesting tale to tell about going from Dawson Creek to Dubai, and his program director Blair Bartrem was excited to get this talent on the air a Q107. Fast forward a few months and Corus renovates their airwaves and...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 137
  Feb 11, 2019   00:44:13

Drex: Nothing To Lose

Drex became Canadian famous just before Christmas in 2012 when he asked then Premier Christy Clark on behalf of a listener if she was more MILF or Cougar. And with that started radio’s era of internet outrage. That was not the first time Drex had been fired. He has a cool back story from his...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 136
  Feb 04, 2019   00:23:23

Buzz Knight: Healthy Paranoia

This episode is titled after Buzz’s podcast called Healthy Paranoia. We spoke about his past in radio working at legendary stations like doing weekends at WNEW and programming legendary WZLX. From there we dove into radio’s future, podcast strategy, why Beasley Media Group got involved with e-Sports, and defining innovation overall. His role at Beasley...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 135
  Jan 28, 2019   00:27:15

Sean Dilworth: Change Will Do You Good

Sean Dilworth is half the man he used to be. Figuratively only. In whole, he is stronger, smarter and more confident than ever. He made a life decision to get physically stronger, which led to a number of other changes in his life. Then he came out and told his audience about it last September....

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 134
  Jan 21, 2019   00:48:12

Troy McCallum: The Classic Hits Boom

Troy McCallum had it all figured out. He listened to the episode with Gruff Gushnowski and knew that doing the podcast in the car would be a fitting place to talk radio. After all, he spends up to 3 hours a day in the car listening to the radio on the way to work as...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 133
  Jan 14, 2019   00:30:51

Lianne Laing: Jumping Without a Parachute

Lianne Laing knew there was a moment when she would have to make the jump. After many years battling a 3:40am wake call to fulfill a role in television secondary to her original passion sports, change was inevitable. In November 2017, she left on her own accord and launched her website Lianne Laing – complete...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 132
  Jan 08, 2019   00:44:51

Natasha Gargiulo: Hustle and Heart

My New Year’s resolution is to call more people and speak to them, rather than pretend I know what’s going on in their lives because I follow them on Facebook or Instagram. Natasha was my first victim. After 12 years, I spoke with her about her ascension to morning radio in Montreal, her stint working...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 131
  Dec 31, 2018   00:22:26

Jim JJ Johnston: Saluting His 365

JJ “Jim” Johnston did something rather extraordinary last year. He committed to writing a blog everyday saluting someone in the radio or music industry. In an era where the social media stratosphere is predominantly negative, The project started on January 1 with Bruce Barker, wound its way through Victoria Day weekend with a tribute to...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 130
  Dec 24, 2018   00:57:01

Yet Another Very Terry Christmas

They say three times makes it a tradition. Terry Dimonte loves Christmas and radio, so every year we have him on the show to talk about those two things… and more. We talked about our love of one of North America’s most renowned restaurants Joe Beef, and his annual visit from the Prime Minister, Justin...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 129
  Dec 17, 2018   00:56:30

Ted Bird Talks

Ted Bird has been a Montreal radio mainstay since 1984. I’d say longer but I don’t remember his fist tour in 1979 and he didn’t have fond memories of that era which was complicated given the politics at the time. From his times working with Terry Dimonte at CHOM, Mix 96 and CJAD, to working...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 128
  Dec 10, 2018   00:51:00

Danny Kingsbury: Don't Look Back

Danny Kingsbury is the National format director of Rock Radio for Rogers, and the first question is all about Rock Radio. In this episode we discussed his 30 plus years in radio, especially about his years at Q107 which were the last ones before the era of online streaming and the birth of digital. During...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 127
  Dec 03, 2018   00:38:23

Talent Coach Steve Reynolds

Steve Reynolds is a talent coach and works with some of the biggest radio talents in North America. He will help you establish what your show all about and get the show’s characters connecting. And it is all done with the long term in mind. This is a show that is 18 months in the...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 126
  Nov 27, 2018   00:38:33

The Buzz on Dave Reynolds

Dave (Buzz) Reynolds is someone I have crossed paths with twice. In the early 90’s I met him when I was doing overnights at CHOM. The AM station down the hall was 990 Oldies. We were working for CHUM Ltd. at the time. Fast forward ten years and we found ourselves together at CHOM in...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 125
  Nov 20, 2018   00:26:50

The Podcasting 411 with Rob Walch of Libsyn

Rob Walch is the Vice President of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn. The 2016 Podcasting Hall of Fam inductee is also the host of a few podcasts including podcast411, Today In iOS, and The Feed which he co-hosts with fellow HoF inductee Elsie Escobar. Rob has built a reputation on trust in the industry by being...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 124
  Nov 12, 2018   00:24:35

Mandatory Mandy James

Mandy James is the morning show host with Pat PT Thomas and Mike Dubs on Entercom’s Buz’n @ 102.9 in Minneapolis. I’ve gotten to know Mandy over the last few years at the Conclave Summer Learning Conference. I watched as she bravely networked her way through the room in 2017, eventually giving me a gift...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 123
  Nov 05, 2018   00:32:42

Amanda Logan: From A to Z103.5

Amanda Logan headed west in 2008 to Regina, Saskatchewan where she did evenings at 104.9 The Wolf. Amazingly, we still have audio from that era and it makes an appearance in this podcast. A few weeks ago, The evening personality at Toronto’s Z103.5, got married and in lieu of a wedding present, I figured a...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 122
  Oct 30, 2018   00:35:37

The Very Speakable [email protected] Lauzon

Nat Lauzon has been a mainstay on Montreal radio for almost 20 years. Her career path has moved in somewhat tidy cycles, spending her teen years working on air in her hometown of Timmins, Ontario while in high school. Then she worked at Toronto’s Mix 99.9 while she was finishing her degree at Ryerson Polytechnic....

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 121
  Oct 23, 2018   00:31:42

Osato Edokpayi: SoundCity Radio, Abuja

About 90 percent of this podcasts downloads come from two North American countries, Canada & the USA. But a look across the ocean shows the UK in a solid third with Australia and Nigeria tied for 4th, scoring higher than Ireland and New Zealand. I felt compelled to find out more about radio in Nigeria....

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 120
  Oct 16, 2018   00:32:28

Jenna Mosher's Ruthless Restructuring

In late August, Jesse and Jenna from Jump 106.9 in Ottawa were restructured out of their jobs. That’s probably not news as it is a regular occurrence in radio. However, their replacements were a syndicated U.S. show out of Seattle. The ensuing online and media outrage was heavier than in other cities where layoffs happen....

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 119
  Oct 09, 2018   00:14:18

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

I really love Thanksgiving. In Canada we celebrate it as a tribute to the bountiful harvest. There are a lot of people who enjoy it more than Christmas which gets lost in a sea of wrapping paper and Amazon deliveries. So in my turkey comatose, I offer up a word of thanks to those who...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 118
  Oct 01, 2018   00:34:10

Being Graham Mosimann

Graham Mosimann does evenings at Calgary’s alternative X92.9. I hired Graham back in 2014 to work at Power 97 in Winnipeg and decided to call him up and see how he was doing. It has been neat listening to his progress as a performer, and equally amazing watching his personal journey as he drops weight...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 117
  Sep 25, 2018   00:49:11

Fred Jacobs: 35 Years of Jacobs Media

Fred Jacobs was a guest on Episode 53 in a preview to the Broadcasters Meet Podcasters sessions at Podcast Movement in 2017. I have always wanted to do an episode where we looked back at the evolution of his company and a tweet on the 35th anniversary of the company’s creation reminded me that it’s...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 116
  Sep 18, 2018   00:22:57

Larry Gifford: When Life Gives You Parkinson’s

Larry Gifford has Parkinson’s. On his Radio Stuff Podcast last April, Larry announced that he had Parkison’s Disease. If you get the chance, please give that episode a listen. Larry is known to many through his time at ESPN in Bristol, 710 ESPN in LA, KIRO in Seattle, or from his most recent home at...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 115
  Sep 11, 2018   00:44:24

Jason Barrett: Cheers to Three Years of Barrett Sports Media

Jason Barrett celebrated the third anniversary of Barrett Sports Media last week, and we have an annual podcast chat to talk about the state of Sports Radio. After three years of doing anything, you have entrenched yourself into the landscape well enough to speak reflectively, so I asked him about the trials and tribulations of...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 114
  Sep 04, 2018   00:29:20

Matt Sutton Comes From the Land Down Under

Matt Sutton comes from Australia. There was a time when having people with funny accents was novelty. Then it became common place. With the advent of Youtube, Facebook and people consuming their media globally, it’s not a thing anymore. In 2012, I had the delight of bringing Matt to Canada as we launched Fresh-FM in...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 113
  Aug 28, 2018   00:37:12

James Cridland: Radio Futurologist

James Cridland is a radio futurologist. He will tell you he got that name because he printed it on his business cards, but he does possess a keen eye to where radio is headed. He is the man behind Podnews, a daily e-news letter and companion 2 minute podcast delivered daily. He also heads up...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 112
  Aug 21, 2018   00:52:06

Jonathan West: Getting Down to Some Real Talk

Jonathan West is a passionate about a few things, including two of our favourites, hockey and radio. We eliminated all the hockey talk from the podcast but I will bring him back at some point on “The Other” podcast to chat it up in February when the playoff races take hold. It was good to...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 111
  Aug 14, 2018   00:28:42

Logan Anderson Says the Damn Score

Logan Anderson is the host of the Say the Damn Score Podcast. He loves being a sports broadcaster and found out that podcast was a great way to network and meet new people in his field. Guests have largely been the familiar voices that call games for places like Fresno State, South Dakota, Ball State,...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 110
  Aug 07, 2018   00:46:16

Jonny Staub: Through the Out Door

Jonny Staub got his big break when James Stewart offered him a job at Calgary’s top rated Power 107 shortly after we all calmed down from the Y2K problem. Jonny had some an incredible start to his career with big ratings at an early age at big radio stations in big markets. Then came a...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 109
  Jul 31, 2018   01:04:34

Ryan Wrecker: Overnight America

Ryan Wrecker hosts Overnight America on 1120AM KMOX in St. Louis. It has been the radio home of the St. Louis Cardinals since the mid 50’s when Jack Buck became synonymous with both the team, and radio station across North America. Remember, the signal would carry for miles from Canada to Mexico, extolling the exemplary...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 108
  Jul 24, 2018   00:25:05

Siriusly Sarah Burke

Sarah Burke has been the new girl at Sirius XM for about 18 months. After a decade at London, Ontario’s heritage rock brand FM96, Sarah moved back to Toronto to work at Sirius XM’s the Verge and later take on weekend duties at Indie 88. If you pay attention closely to this interview, you’ll note...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 107
  Jul 17, 2018   00:38:58

Inside Dave Beasing

Dave Beasing is known for many things including a ten year run as program director at 100.3 the Sound in Los Angeles, (R.I.P.) as a broadcast consultant at Jacobs Media, and most recently as a part of the team that created the highly successful Inside Trader Joe’s podcast. His company Sound That Brands has taken...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 106
  Jul 10, 2018   00:34:51

Melz on the MIC: Living Local & Social

Melz on the MIC is the Assistant Program Director and midday host (12p-3p) at 103.1 Kiss FM in Killeen, Texas. Melz posted a picture of a newspaper article with the headline, “Local Man Gives Up Career to Pursue Job as a Radio DJ”. After doing some listening, it was apparent that Melz had a lot...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 105
  Jul 03, 2018   00:42:42

Gruff Gushnowski: Nothing to Hide

Gruff Gushnowski has been living life openly and honestly for the last three and a half years. If you following him on social media, he can be uncomfortably candid about his postings, and he revealed in this week’s show about how helpful it has been. We explored his radio career which has been set in Alberta...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 104
  Jun 26, 2018   00:19:28

Jax Loves This Town

Jaclyn Irwin from Kiss 92.5 Toronto and Kiss 91.7 in Edmonton. She joins me to talk about her early influences in radio and growing up Dartmouth. Yes, we both agree that Dartmouth, N.S. gets a bad wrap for no apparent reason. We talked about what inspired her to go into radio, what it takes to...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 103
  Jun 19, 2018   00:35:22

Will Sterrett: Building Rockcastle

Will Sterrett is the founder and owner of Rockcastle Media. The Kansas based network launched its first offering Think Fast! in May 2016 on just a handful of affiliates, including KWIX/Moberly, MO, where Sterrett was first heard twenty years prior. Think Fast! quickly grew as did the opportunities for Rockcastle Media Networks, with the following month’s syndication launch...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 102
  Jun 12, 2018   00:22:28

Everybody Loves Ruby Carr

Ruby Carr from Z95.3 in Vancouver is the winner of the Allan Waters Young Broadcaster of the Year in memory of Steve Young. Runners up were Lauren Hunter 102.9 Sonic Edmonton, and Jax from Kiss 92.5 Toronto. Ruby’s name came up briefly back in episode 74 where Dave Bannerman was talking about some of the...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 101
  Jun 05, 2018   00:50:55

This is Julie Adam

Julie Adam is the Senior VP of Radio at Rogers. Often I will receive suggestions about who they want on the podcast and her name comes up often. This episode was recorded on a morning when radio ratings for the diary markets were released so we talked methodology and ratings returns, Radioplayer Canada, Making mistakes,...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 100
  May 29, 2018   03:18:32

Whatever Happened to Matt & Jake?

This is Episode 100. My years in radio taught me to celebrate the milestones and accomplishments. No more so than the time I spent at 100.3 the Bear in Edmonton. Some background on why I decided to do this show. Back in January when I was planning out the shows for the next few months,...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 99
  May 22, 2018   00:40:04

Randi Chase: Up and Down the Dial

Randi Chase epitomizes the lyric in the WKRP theme song, “Town to Town; Up and Down the Dial.” The lyric conjures up images of jocks, successful or fired, who shuffle on to the next gig with a new town and call letters. Randi worked in 6 of Canada’s top 10 markets before turning 30. After...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 98
  May 15, 2018   00:38:19

Brian Munz: Growing Up Humboldt

The Humboldt bus accident that claimed the lives’ of 16 people on April 6, 2018 led to a worldwide outpouring of grief and support. In the hours after the crash, the lives of players, coaches, team support staff like a statistician and therapist were also lost; as well as Tyler Bieber who was the play-by-play...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 97
  May 08, 2018   00:31:02

Gerry Forbes: Retired and Lovin' It!

When Gerry Forbes announced his retirement, you can forgive CJAY 92’s competitors for letting out a silent cheer. For over 25 years in Calgary, Gerry’s morning show has been in the top three in a market that is sharply country. In preparing this episode, I reached out to some of the people who had worked...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 96
  May 01, 2018   00:24:53

Sales Strategies with Scott Howard of WOWO

When Scott Howard made the change from on air to sales, he will be the first to tell you that he didn’t get it right away. His first opportunity came at WMUZ in Detroit where he freely admitted that he made a lot of mistakes. Over time, he became more engrained in the sales world...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 95
  Apr 24, 2018   00:29:10

Lauryn Schaffner Living the Rock & Roll Dream

Lauryn Schaffner is a writer, blogger, YouTuber, and overall lover of Rock music. On this week’s show we ask how her passion for rock music took her down this path, and find out what role radio played in getting her there. Not surprisingly, radio did play a role. But not surprisingly, it was her parents...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 94
  Apr 17, 2018   00:16:04

Matt's Podcast Thoughts and Nerding out on the Edge

A few more thoughts about Podcasting and its relationship with radio. Recorded in Spain as I tour the country side eating tapas and watching football. As well, I call up Bob Willette at Rock 94.9 in Oshawa and we nerd out of the branding history of Edge 102. Privacy Policy and California Privacy Notice.

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 93
  Apr 10, 2018   00:13:39

Gary Begin Adding to his Book of Radio

Gary Begin is the owner of Sound Advantage Media. His company works with radio stations across America is get their branding strategy in order. One of the things I like about Gary is how is business is always working the social media space to promote the latest. At one time that was a book called...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 92
  Apr 03, 2018   00:24:47

Lori Lewis Facebooking and Conclaving

Lori Lewis knows how to deal with change, which makes her ideal to lead the way when it comes to navigating the murky waters of Facebook. From its changing algorithm to the overextension of selling your data to third party sources, Lori offers up her tips and expertise to great posting and audience engagement. We...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 91
  Mar 27, 2018   00:24:40

Mark Burley Launching, Programming and Networking

We are off to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and catching up with Mark Burley. (SUN-FM, AM 1150 & 101.5 EZ Rock) During the 12 years as Group PD and PD of the local cluster, he enjoyed enjoying 8 years with Sun at #1 A25-54 in Kelowna and garnered industry recognition with 6 consecutive Program...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 90
  Mar 20, 2018   00:31:34

Gregr and the Sound of Seattle

Gregr is the morning show host at 107.7 The End in Seattle. Last summer at the Podcast Movement, Gregr shared the stage at Jacob’s Media’s Broadcaster meet Podcaster series. At dinner he had the deer in the headlights look. Turns out he had just became a dad for the first time days earlier. Throughout dinner...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 89
  Mar 13, 2018   00:33:43

Raina Douris, Rain's World Goes National

Raina Douris has spent her entire career working in Toronto, and it has served her well. When you love music, Toronto is a great place to live work and breathe your passion. From her radio beginnings at 102.1 the Edge, to upstart Indie 88 and now working mornings at CBC Radio 2 nationally, Raina shares...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 88
  Mar 06, 2018   00:37:53

The Branding of Steve Jones

Steve Jones is the VP of Branding & Content at Newcap Radio. (Now Stingray) He knows a thing about branding having penned two books including “Brand Like a Rock Star” and “Start You Up”. His career has taken him in an east-west direction as much as has north-south to places like Boston and the Cayman...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 87
  Feb 27, 2018   00:35:54

Chantal Desjardins – Who Am I?

Chantal Desjardins is a television and radio personality, stand-up comedian, voiceover actor and event host. Those are actually the words used in her bio and it’s all accurate. What’s not in the story is how she got there. Credit her marriage and ensuing divorce for the getting her to where she is today, one of...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 86
  Feb 20, 2018   00:35:35

Jean Marie Heimrath is in the Audience Business

Jean-Marie Heimrath became interested in podcast sometime in November 2016. He has always been fascinated by the business side of the entertainment industry he has worked in. Whether it be the record industry when he worked for Island Records, the business of radio syndication when he worked for the Sound Source Radio Network., or being...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 85
  Feb 13, 2018   01:07:29

Art Vuolo, Radio's Best Friend

Art Vuolo was radio’s best friend long before Scott Shannon knighted him with that legendary slogan. Throughout the decades, Art has been a mainstay at conventions andin the hallways of radio stations with the latest video technology ready to capture incredible radio moments. From the early days of Vuolo Video Airchecks for the radio programmers...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 84
  Feb 05, 2018   00:45:06

Sharon Taylor Tells (Almost) All

Sharon Taylor’s radio career has criss-crossed the country from Moose Jaw, Winnipeg, London, Ottawa and Toronto. Her love and passion for radio programming has made her one of my calls I make when I need an opinion. This includes the time we worked at competing stations in the same market. Between our stations, we had...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 83
  Jan 29, 2018   00:21:56

Bruce Barker's Back

Actually, he never went away, but it’s great to catch up with Bruce! After a 2017 that featured a health setback, Bruce joins me to talk about his path from Ontario to Alberta and back again twice. We catch up on his career and talk about his 2 loves, radio and sports. And yes, these...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 82
  Jan 22, 2018   00:38:52

Drake Donovan's Brain Powers His Voice

Drake Donovan’s path to becoming the voice of great radio stations across North America went from the on air studio, to the production studio, and then to his home studio where he manages Drake Donovan Creative Services. The thing with Drake is that it is not just the voice; it’s also the writing, creative concepts...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 81
  Jan 15, 2018   00:35:40

Chris Scheetz Livin' Charitably, Country and CISN

Chris Scheetz spent his first 18 years in Edmonton radio as a dedicated listener. He spent his hours on his family farm in Thorsby, Alberta listening to CISN country 103.9 while driving tractor. He was hooked. In 1989, he started working overnights at CISN country 103.9. He has never forgotten about what makes the station...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 80
  Jan 08, 2018   00:27:24

Karen Steele, Radio's Woman of Steele

Karen Steele is the new Program Director at 99.9 Virgin Radio in Toronto. She has worked in radio for over two decades and in this episode, she walks us through her impressive career, from small markets to big ones, from radio to film and back to radio again. She even throws out a couple dollops of advice along...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 79
  Jan 01, 2018   00:34:38

Happy New Year Extravaganza with Perry Michael Simon

There is something refreshing about starting a brand new year with a brand new episode. Radio, and podcast should be excited for 2018; not since the iPhone and iPod has so much technological been exchanged at the holiday season. The good news is that it is a speaker and it plays radio. Perry Michael Simon...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 78
  Dec 25, 2017   00:57:53

Another Very Terry Christmas

Terry Dimonte is back for another Christmas episode. The CHOM 97.7 Morning man has a love for Christmas and radio. Last year we spent our time talking about his relationship with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This year, we spoke about his love of Canada, his morning routine, and the loss of his dear friend...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 77
  Dec 18, 2017   00:23:18

Alexa, Play the Episode with Steve Goldstein

With the arrival Amazon Smart Speaker products in Canada, I thought it would be a good time to speak with Steve Goldstein from Amplifi Media about what it means for radio stations. Indeed there is a race to secure names like Z100 and Mix 96, the same way we raced for URL’s back in the...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 76
  Dec 13, 2017   00:18:59

Amber De La Garza: E-Mail is Killing Your Productivity

Amber De La Garza is a productivity specialist and the host of the Productivity Straight Talk Podcast. She helps businesses and entrepreneurs get their act together and not waste time. We are big fans of her work and spoke with her briefly in our episode when we were live at the Podcast Movement. We see...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 75
  Dec 03, 2017   00:50:01

Blair Bartrem's Romance with Radio

Blair Bartrem is the program director at Toronto’s Q107. Over his 30 plus year’s in radio, Blair has worked in promotions and as program director at legendary brands like CHOM-FM, Q107, Mix 96 & Mix 99.9 in Montreal and Toronto. His promotions have ranged for award-winning to haven’t always rubbed everyone the right way. What...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 74
  Nov 26, 2017   00:55:30

Radio Professor Dave Bannerman

In this week’s episode, we visit with Dave Bannerman, one of the richest sources of intel on Canadian radio in the twentieth century. He retired earlier this year from his role as radio-TV-journalism instructor at Nova Scotia Community College. We even take a walk down memory lane of an overnight radio show I hosted called...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 73
  Nov 13, 2017   01:19:33

Dave Wheeler Radios Without a Safety Net

Dave Wheeler is the morning host at 92 CITI-FM in Winnipeg. Along with Rena Jae and recent addition Dave Turnbull, they continue to be one of Winnipeg’s top morning shows. I had the opportunity to work with Dave from 2006 to 2012 and really loved how he would create without a safety net: Not stopping...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 72
  Nov 05, 2017   00:27:37

Jeff Vidler's Podcast and Gen-X Insights

Jeff Vidler’s company Audience Insights teamed up with Jeff Ulster and conducted a deep dive n podcasting. The study was commissioned by the Globe & Mail. The study’s goal is to help podcasters develop content strategy, increase opportunities for monetization and create a road map for growing a young and diverse new audience. There were questions...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 71
  Oct 31, 2017   00:40:18

Seth Resler On Launching a Geo-Local Podcast

Seth Resler has just released a new podcast called the D-Brief. He has experimented with everything from backstage podcasts at conferences, to travel podcasts, and finally realized that he really hated audio post-production, and that having your hard drives full of audio created creative clutter. The D-Brief is a Detroit-centric podcast that has little post...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 69
  Oct 13, 2017   00:44:42

Sheri Lynch Taking Control of The Show

Sheri Lynch bought her own show. Yes, I know that sounds really weird considering that her name is in the Marquee, but she essentially got tired of trying to manoeuvre her branding through radio station filters, that she take ownership of the whole thing. In this episode, Sheri will share the reasons why you might...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 68
  Oct 11, 2017   00:31:06

The DAZN Dzaster

When the NFL announced they had a partnership with a British company to carry what was NFL Sunday Ticket via streaming, major alarm bells sounded in my head. Not one to rebuff change, I welcomed our UK overlords and their streaming television idea because frankly – what choice did I have. After 5 weeks of...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 67
  Sep 30, 2017   01:05:55

Donna Halper – Radio, Religion, and Rush

Donna Halper is an associate professor of media at Lesley University. She is also in the process of leading an incredible life in radio as a music director, later as a consultant, and now as a professor of media. She is largely credited for breaking new bands including Rush when she was the music director...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 66
  Sep 20, 2017   00:30:20

Lauren Hunter's Edmontonland

Lauren Hunter from Sonic 102.9 in Edmonton is in the hot seat this week. Apart from a brief stint in Kelowna, she has been in Edmonton her whole life and knows the city well. We talk about everything from how to tackle the social media beast, to what makes a post go viral, and, of...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 65
  Sep 16, 2017   00:37:35

Jason Barrett's Fall 2017 Sports Media Rundown

This week Jason Barrett from Barrett Sports Media joins us after a tumultuous summer that saw Sports and Politics further collide. There were also a number of sports personalities making the news for all the wrong reasons, and ESPN found itself at the center of most national headlines for layoffs or damage control. With the...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 64
  Sep 14, 2017   00:29:11

Socast CEO Elliott Hurst on Radio's Digital Path

Sometime around 2007, it became about websites and monetizing them. The company I was working for started to remove the digital parts our station was using. The preverbal shit hit the fan and I knew that the people in charge didn’t have a clue on how to use digital to monetize the future. Sadly, the...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 63
  Aug 31, 2017   00:34:01

Jamie Watson is Voice Boy

Jamie Watson is more than a station voice. He works with imaging producers, program directors, and morning shows. He started writing and voicing commercials, and parlayed those talents into becoming a leading voice for radio imaging, commercials and cartoons. In this episode, Jamie tells us about the writing and voicing process, and the importance of...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 62
  Aug 28, 2017   00:26:28

When Broadcaster Matt Met Podcaster Matt

Matt Sutton worked with me in 2013 and 2014. On my trip home from Podcast Movement, we went to lunch…. and made a podcast at the same time. Matt Sutton is the afternoon host at Z95 in Vancouver. I got off the play just before 11am and we went to hit the Wicklow Pub where...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 61
  Aug 22, 2017   00:17:59

Live from Podcast Movement 2017

We wander the halls of Podcast Movement 2017 in Anaheim. I provide a few takeaways of things I have learned so far, plus catch up with some of the notables who have been on our podcast before, or are starting a new podcast shortly. I was speaking on a panel this year at the Jacob’s...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 60
  Aug 11, 2017   00:31:18

Peter Anthony Holder's Great Conversations

Peter Anthony Holder has interviewed a lot of people. From the famous to the quirky, his weekly show “The Stuph File” is syndicated on radio stations around the world and delivered in podcast form every Sunday night. Peter has a new book out now called “Great Conversations: My Interviews with Two Men on the Moon...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 59
  Aug 05, 2017   00:34:15

Rob Greenlee of Spreaker Speaks Podcast Truth

Rob Greenlee is the Head of Content at Spreaker. Recently, I spoke with him on a panel at the Conclave Radio Learning Conference in Minneapolis. At the end of the session, the moderator and panelists all felt we had a few more things we could have gotten to if time had permitted. No worries. That’s...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 58
  Jul 27, 2017   00:33:33

Dahlia Kurtz is Unorthodox and Unconventional

Dahlia Kurtz does not do things conventionally. She has worked in radio, written a national newspaper column, nearly went to the Olympics, and spent her first day in radio under water. And she lived to tell me about it. We worked together for a period when she was at 680 CJOB in Winnipeg and I...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 57
  Jul 23, 2017   00:22:49

Alan Burns Answers My Burning Questions

Alan Burns has been consulting radio stations since the mid 80’s, and knows a thing or two about change. His company Alan Burns and Associates has had long standing relationships with some of the biggest brands across North America. His company is well known for their “What Women Want” research which always creates more than...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 56
  Jul 06, 2017   00:32:28

Ira Haberman on How Digital Changed Radio

Ira Haberman is the host of the Sound Podcast and passionate about storytelling, and the Grateful Dead. Put it together, and that’s a podcast. He has hosted the Sound Podcast since December, but its success has radio roots as he was working as creative director for Corus Entertainment’s Deep Sky in Toronto in 2003, and...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 55
  Jul 03, 2017   00:36:05

Tootall's 40 Years at CHOM 97.7

Tootall is a Montreal radio legend. Earlier this week he announced his retirement this September, making it an even 40 years on Montreal’s legendary CHOM 97.7FM. Tootall is well known not only to Montreal radio listeners, but in Canadian Music Industry circles. He’s interviewed every band long before they had airplay, a video, or even...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 54
  Jun 27, 2017   00:36:19

Dave Farough's Great Ideas for Radio

Dave Farough has a lot of ideas about radio. Today he published some of those ideas on his LinkedIn page entitled “If I Had a clean Sheet of Paper” and I asked them if I could add them to my page – and then the only thing that was missing, was the companion podcast. On...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 53
  Jun 13, 2017   00:35:16

Broadcaster Meet Podcaster with Fred Jacobs

Fred Jacobs is the president of Jacobs Media. Their tech surveys have become increasingly important as we progress through the digital revolution. The survey itself undergoes changes with the inclusion of new questions about personal assistant devices like Alexa. Which brings me to Podcast itself. Jacobs Media went all-in on podcasting a few years ago...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 52
  Jun 10, 2017   00:34:13

X Years of X92.9 Calgary

X92.9 in Calgary is celebrating 10 years of being Calgary’s Alternative radio station. The station launched January 1, 2007 and immediately found an audience. It’s brand promise has made it a favourite in a city where Millennials are becoming the majority. In this episode we discussed hiring talent, managing talent, and giving yourself permission to...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 51
  Jun 06, 2017   00:17:32

Mapping Radio's Future

This week, I look back on the last few episodes and provide some lingering thoughts. Special appearances and re-appearances from Georgia Beasley and Jeff Vidler. In this episode: * I make reference to Larry Gifford’s insightful conversation with Jeff Vidler which you can listen to here: * If you are talent and looking for...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 50
  May 27, 2017   00:21:55

Larry Rosin, Edison Research on Canada's Audio Landscape

If you don’t tell your story, someone is going to tell it for you; which is why we have Radio Connects. They speak to advertisers and agencies on behalf of 540 stations in Canada. Today we provide a little background on what they do for Canadian radio. Radio Connects has commissioned a Share of Ear...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 49
  May 22, 2017   00:31:23

The Millennials – Georgia Beasley, Beasley Media Group

Georgia Beasley has penned 2 articles for Radio Ink magazine called, “My Life as a Radio Millennial”. The podcast was in the midst of assembling an episode on the Millennials coming of age now that they occupy a whole key ad-buying demo to themselves. (Adults 25-34) We speak to Georgia Beasley, Digital Sales Director for...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 48
  May 19, 2017   00:43:31

Broadway Bill Lee – Coast to Coast, Post to Post

Broadway Bill Lee is one of the reasons I fell in love with radio. In the late 80’s I would watch Vuolo Video airchecks and Bill stood out amongst the crowd. Fast forward to the digital era and Bill is still entertaining people on multiple social media platforms with his unique song intros that make...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 47
  May 11, 2017   00:37:47

Pat Holiday's Great Case for Radio

Pat Holiday has spent 9 years away from work inside a physical radi station. In that time he has seen that its issues remain the same and there is both good and bad in that. He moderated the Broadcast Leadership panel “Like a Boss” at Canadian Music Week and did not serve up any softballs,...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 46
  Apr 25, 2017   00:34:08

David Phillips' Data Perspectives

David Phillips is the President and COO of NLogic, His discussions on data and surveys have been well received at media conferences, which spurned my interest in bringing David onto the podcast last fall. The timing was right this spring with the recent upgrades to the Lens product. His perspective is unique and refreshing; it...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 45
  Apr 21, 2017   00:25:30

Jesse Modz – Young Broadcaster of the Year

A few weeks ago, we had J.J. Johnston on the podcast to give us the story and background behind Steve Young and the Alan Waters Young Broadcaster Award. This year the award goes to Jesse Modz from CJAY 92 in Calgary. In this episode, you will get to know Jesse and what it takes to win...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 44
  Apr 09, 2017   00:36:37

The Wild & Crazy Radio Life of J.C. Douglas

It takes a whole conversation with J.C. Douglas to realize that the journey lies somewhere between the Grateful Dead’s “Truckin'” (What a Long Strange Trip it’s been…) and Motley Crue’s Wild Side. From the early days at Q104, to nearly 30 years at the station – and now at long-time rival C100. His durability on...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 43
  Mar 31, 2017   00:27:08

Ronnie Stanton Goes South

Ronnie Stanton emigrated from Australia to Canada in 2008 after a successful stint as a morning show host and programmer on the Sunshine Coast. His 5 years at Astral Media’s 95 Crave then Virgin Radio, morphed into a difficult decision to cross the street to Corus Radio’s CFOX and Rock 101. His latest career move...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 42
  Mar 27, 2017   00:36:17

Chuck McCoy on Audio, Technology and Talent

Chuck McCoy has been in radio for 52 years. But he won’t tell you he has worked in radio – but in audio. He is forward thinking enough to recognize that he has been an audio business all along. You might think that when we bring someone onto this podcast who has had a long...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 41
  Mar 25, 2017   01:02:40

Eric Samuels Goes from Astounding Radio to Astonishing Acts

Eric Samuels hired me to do evenings at 100.3 the Bear in Edmonton in 1994. Although Eric would move on to Vancouver a few years later, the two years I worked under him set the tone for how I would broadcast and program radio for years to follow. The best way I could describe his...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 40
  Mar 17, 2017   00:36:14

TJ Connors Elected to the White House of Rock

TJ Connors has come full circle. The station he grew up around is now his afternoon home. His father, the legendary Scruff Connors, was the morning man at 97.7 HTZ-FM in St. Catherines during the height of rock radio’s mass appeal phase in the early 90’s. A quarter century later, the Connors name is back...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 39
  Mar 09, 2017   00:39:13

What JJ Johnston Learned from Steve Young

The Allan Waters Young Broadcaster Award, (a tribute to Steve Young) will be announced this week. It goes to a Canadian broadcaster under the age of 30 for their creative contributions on radio and in the community. Past winners include Fearless Fred, Amanda Logan, Rena Jae, Adam Wylde and others. It made me wonder how...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 38
  Feb 23, 2017   00:29:08

Larry Gifford Program Director CKNW & The Radio Stuff Podcast

Larry Gifford has worked at great radio stations across the U.S.A. like KIRO in Seattle and Sports radio 710 ESPN in LA. After a stint in consulting, he found his way north to CKNW in Vancouver where he watched the American Election of a lifetime unfold from the other side of the border. Larry also...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 37
  Feb 18, 2017   00:25:19

Getting Social at the Conclave with Lori Lewis

Lori Lewis is the Chairperson for the 42nd edition of the Conclave which will be taking place July 26-28 in Minneapolis. She is also the VP of Social at Cumulus; which means this call was a great opportunity to ask her some of the social media and radio questions that I get asked a lot....

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 36
  Feb 11, 2017   00:29:10

Erica Farber from the Radio Advertising Bureau

Erica Farber is the CEO of the Radio Advertising Bureau. And as the picture says – she loves radio! If you ever get the feeling that no one has your back in radio, stop by the website and you will remember the great things radio has going for it. There are tools, tips and tricks...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 35
  Feb 03, 2017   00:31:33

The Bi-Annual Jason Barrett Sports Media Episode

Jason Barrett is the owner of Barrett Sports Media, a New York based sports programming and marketing company designed to help sports radio and television companies, professional sports teams, and sports agencies, enjoy long-term success in the audio, digital and social media space. Okay – I took that part from his website, but if any...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 34
  Jan 26, 2017   01:02:38

Hal Anderson is still the 34th Greatest Canadian

Hal Anderson has been a fixture on the radio in Winnipeg since the late 80’s. On our 34th episode, we thought it would appropriate to have the 34th Greatest Canadian on the podcast; which also coincided with his return to 680 CJOB, after being let go in a move that ratings wise, appears regrettable. I...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 33
  Jan 17, 2017   00:32:55

The Audience Insights of Jeff Vidler

Jeff Vidler has been involved in research for a long time. After the podcast had been recorded, I remembered a time when, as program director of CJFM in Montreal, he would use his research to entice clients as much as listeners. As the years went on, I worked with Jeff on music testing, perceptuals, and format...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 32
  Jan 12, 2017   00:32:31

Canadian Music Week Preview with Greg Simpson

Canadian Music Week is taking place in at the Sheraton Centre Downtown in Toronto April 18 to 23. Greg Simpson has been working all of them since 1993, and tells us what to expect this year, how the conference has evolved to include digital, and the value in attending. This week’s episode is sponsored by...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 31
  Jan 06, 2017   00:27:20

Sportscasting – That's Where the Fun is

Sports is fast becoming the format of choice for graduating media students. With the commodity value of music at an all time low, and news becoming polarizing and at time “fake”, Sports broadcasting attracting aspiring millennial broadcasters. Alex Rawnsley is the owner and creator of – a website designed to help Sportscasters get better...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 30
  Dec 27, 2016   00:42:37

Goodbye 2016 with's Perry Michael Simon

We release this episode in the moments when we say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. Perry Michael Simon is the news talk columnist for and he provides us with some year end perspective. Radio is a reflection of the community and often the format is a record of how we react to...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 29
  Dec 21, 2016   01:09:38

A Very Terry Christmas

Terry Dimonte is the morning man at CHOM 97.7 and he LOVES Christmas. Every year he spends the Friday before the morning show breaks for the holiday. Justin Trudeau has always made a point of stopping by to see his good friend and share some music from his iPod. When you become Prime Minister –...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 28
  Dec 17, 2016   00:33:29

The Spirit of David Marsden

David Marsden was inducted in the Canadian Music Industry and Broadcast Hall of Fame back in 2011. Most of us might consider hitting the beach at that point, but David carries the Spirit of Radio onward with – a high quality streaming free form station whose sound rivals that of any FM product. David...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 27
  Dec 08, 2016   00:30:11

Talent Coaching Excerpts with Mr. Paul Kaye

Paul Kaye is the National Talent Coach for Rogers Radio. He held a similar role at Newcap in Calgary (Amp 90.3) and Vancouver (Z95.3) before heading to Toronto to join Rogers owned Kiss 92.5. His blog posts are widely shared and refreshing in a era where what constitutes great content is frequently contested. What’s really...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 26
  Dec 02, 2016   00:36:56

The View from the Kowch

Steve Kowch is a talent coach, radio consultant and ran two of the biggest News Talk stations in Canada for many decades; CJAD in Montreal and News Talk 1010 CFRB in Toronto. As I was interviewing Steve about talent and journalism, I thought of all of his experiences he had with the mega-sized news stories...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 25
  Nov 25, 2016   00:45:36

The Return of Charles Adler

Charles Adler has made his way back to the Corus Radio, the place he spent nearly a decade doing a national radio show from 2004 to 2013. In this episode, Charles tells us who the best radio personality is in Canada, what makes terrestrial radio great, and how the media mishandled the U.S. election. I...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 24
  Nov 17, 2016   00:39:05

Christopher Ward's Book of Much

Christopher Ward was one of the first Much Music VJ’s. His new book is called Is This Live? Inside the Wild Early Years of Much Music: The Nation’s Music Station. There’s a lot we forgot or don’t know about the station’s early years. Partly because not everyone had the channel for the first few years;...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 23
  Nov 09, 2016   00:35:07

The End Of Radio's Millennial Apathy

Leslie Scott is the Program Director 107.7 The End in Seattle. the alternative station started in 1991 in the throes of the grunge movement. Earlier this year – they committed to their millennial audience by committing to less commercials and playing great music. Now, that’s a time old cliché that every station claims, but they...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 22
  Nov 06, 2016   00:48:03

Terry Evans is 6'5″ and Intimidating

Terry Evans has been an Edmonton radio mainstay for 36 years. I know this because 18 years ago, he reminded me that he has been in radio for 18 years. He has been written off and told time and time again that his time is over; yet maintains a solid following and entrenchment into the...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 21
  Oct 29, 2016   00:30:07

Mark Ramsey's Media Insights

Mark Ramsey is a media strategist and researcher who has a history of innovative thoughts and approaches towards the audio medium. Consider his Hivio gatherings in 2015 and 2016 which celebrated audio under the banner of a “festival” rather than “conference”, and “audio” rather than “radio”. His twice monthly podcast with author Tom Asacker is...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 20
  Oct 20, 2016   00:35:02

The First Ever Sound Off Convention

The first ever Sound Off Convention took place this week. An amazing collection of speakers came out for the Sound Off Convention and the W Downtown Hilton Hyatt Marriot. Speakers Included: * Matt Cundill, Sound Off Podcast Host.  * Jason Barrett, Barrett Sports Media discussing Sports talent. * Perry Michael Simon, All on Radio...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 19
  Oct 18, 2016   00:34:14

Five Years of Humble & Fred Everywhere

An anniversary for Humble & Fred. Five years ago they rolled the dice and took a chance that their radio brand still had cache. It was a great gamble. Their radio brand is alive and well and flourishing on Sirius XM weekdays from 7-9am Eastern, and in the podcast world daily. They have the downloads,...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 18
  Oct 07, 2016   00:31:57

The Ongoing History of Alan Cross

Alan Cross wears many hats and has many titles. My favourite two are historian and author. His perspective on music’s intersection with the digital world is refreshing. Every day he works to find the answers to what ails two of his great passions, music and radio. Also, I address the idiots in radio who won’t...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 17
  Oct 01, 2016   00:54:07

Fearless Fred from 102.1 The Edge – Unedited

Fred Kennedy is the morning show host at 102.1 The Edge in Toronto. We counted 6 cities and 2 firings on his journey to Toronto. Along the way, he worked with an A-List of Canadian radio people. He listened, learned, and took notes along the way – all while remaining blistfully unaware. Please subscribe, rate...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 16
  Sep 22, 2016   00:34:27

Getting Radiowise with Marty Forbes

Marty Forbes was the General Manager of Standard Radio in Edmonton for many years. His Father was the legendary Jerry Forbes at 630 CHED, who started many great charities including Santa Anonymous. Since leaving Standard Radio, Marty started a company called Radiowise that consults radio properties with an emphasis on Digital inclusion. This is another...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 15
  Sep 16, 2016   00:36:18

Reading, Writing and Voiceover with David Tyler

David Tyler is the voice of CTV National News and W5 in Canada, and various stations across the United States. David spent some time talking about his stint in radio and he discusses the myths and realities of the voiceover industry in the digital revolution. David has offered a discount code for a 4 part...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 14
  Sep 10, 2016   00:38:38

Two Years of Tailgate Radio

John Largent started his podcast called “Tailgate Radio” two years ago. A simple concept of a podcast about tailgating has found a following. The NFL season is underway and the return of that great American past time – tailgating. Also Jeff Woods with an update on his new radio project and how your station can...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 13
  Sep 01, 2016   00:39:24

Now, Sports with The Sports Radio PD Jason Barrett

Jason Barrett runs Barrett Sports Media and gives us insight into Sports as it pertains to radio, TV and digital. If you love sports radio, you will enjoy his perspective and I encourage you to follow him on twitter. Be apart of the podcast survey and keep the medium strong: Also in this...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 12
  Aug 27, 2016   00:46:35

The Connected Car with Seth Resler of Jacobs Media

You have heard all about the connected car and threats of its arrival. It’s here and you’ve probably heard a lot of truth and rumours about it. There’s a 12 part podcast produced by Jacob’s Media, who are actively tracking the progress of the connected car. It’s a must listen series for those in radio....

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 11
  Aug 23, 2016   00:49:41

Back to Fort Mac w/ Yukon Jack & Andrew Wilcox

The Fort McMurray Fire from May 3, 2016 changed lives. For Andrew Wilcox of Cruz 100.5FM, he is still rebuilding his staff at the station he runs. He also hasn’t been home yet. Yukon Jack at 100.3 the Bear took in a family from Fort McMurray that had recently emigrated from Nigeria. Their friendship will...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 10
  Aug 19, 2016   00:42:15

Broadcast Dialogue about Broadcast Dialogue

Shawn Smith is the owner of Momentum Media and the new publisher of Broadcast Dialogue. He tells us what’s in store for the future, and he shares his thoughts on the state of radio. Also, the Tragically Hip, Broadway Bill Lee from WCBS-FM showcasing the best thing he does, the aburdity of #NationalRadioDay, and Lauren...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 9
  Aug 11, 2016   00:53:55

Unlimited Milkman

If you are in Canadian Radio, you know – the hub for Canadian Radio Job news and information. Now meet the man responsible for it, his career on the air in Ottawa, and his latest project Also “Yup! There’s a Podcast for that!” with John Largent from – If you want to...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 8
  Aug 10, 2016   00:29:12

Show me the (Podcast) Money with Art19

One for the sales people this week. Ideas about monetizing a podcast with Sean Carr from Art 19, The Trouble with media as it pertains to the election, and a new feature on the podcast called “Yup! There’s a podcast for that!” By the way – if you are reading this and have a podcast,...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 7
  Jul 27, 2016   00:40:43

Good Guests, Bad Guests, Great Guests with Jessica Rhodes

It’s always been tough to get the right guests on the radio. The rules are different in podcasting; especially business related podcasts. Jessica Rhodes has created a business that matches podcasts and guests and she shares her secrets to preparing and executing a great interview… from both sides of the mic. Also my stint as...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 6
  Jul 21, 2016   00:26:39

The Lack of Radio Innovation with Perry Michael Simon

An over dose of Remedial Media as Perry Michael Simon from joins us to discuss the “Moment of Silence” at the Conclave Radio conference and the lack of innovation in radio broadcasting. We also reach back to January with an interview Hal Anderson did with Steve Faguy of about ongoing layoffs in Canadian...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 5
  Jul 13, 2016   00:36:57

Podcast Movement & Radio Show Prep Discussion with Pepper Prep

Matt Cundill busts out another edition of Remedial Media and describes what he saw at the Podcast Movement in Chicago. Shika Rebecca runs a show prep service called Pepper Prep. It’s not expensive and affordable for both radio air talent and podcasters. We also pay tribute to radio engineer H.A. David Morrison who died last...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 4
  Jun 19, 2016   00:37:53

Todd Hancock: From Radio to Podcast

Todd Hancock is a Vancouver based radio personality turned Podcaster. He has successfully parlayed his radio knowledge into a successful online brand, including the highly downloaded and revenue generating ToddCast Podcast. Todd shares some of the secrets of his success. As well, #ThingsToBlameonCundill – the Cancelation of the TV Show Border Security. See our Privacy...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 3
  Jun 02, 2016   00:19:01

Kate McCallum on leaving Radio and going Fulltime RVing.

When Kate McCallum was let go from her radio job in 2015, she penned a blog called “Goodbye to Radio”. When she released it in 2016, she received a lot of attention from others in the business who face the difficult struggles of an excessive workload in multiple departments. She and her partner Adam have...

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 2
  May 27, 2016   00:21:47

Jeff Woods' new book Radio Records & Rockstars

Jeff Woods, is a 30 year rock radio veteran who has just released his first book, Radio Records and Rock Stars. He was a guest on the Sound Off Podcast with Matt Cundill and discusses everything radio, records and media. See our Privacy Policy at and our California Privacy Notice at

SoundOff Podcast
Episode: 1
  May 20, 2016   00:10:55

Andrew Wilcox, from Cruz 100.5 on fleeing the Fort McMurray Fire

Andrew Wilcox is the afternoon drive announcer at Cruz 1005. in Fort McMurray, Alberta. On May 1, 2016 he and the rest of the town were forced to evacuate when wildfires swept through the town. I spoke with him in the days after he left his home and the station behind. Also Maritime weather forecaster...