Sportsman's Paradise Podcast

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 33
  Sep 24, 2020   42:21

If It Flies, It Dies

Kent and Chase bring on Rob Phillips from Longneck Outfitters. Rob talks about the Texas bird hunting experience, and it’s sweet! He hunts the panhandle where tens of thousands of birds pass through from crane to geese. Rob has us hooked, tune in to hear all about it!!! Plus the baws talk about their upcoming...

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 32
  Sep 21, 2020   24:41

Episode 32- Rainy Days

Kent and Chase’s weekend gets derailed by another storm, so they get into bait and location segments. Then, the baws talk about Sin City and their favorite spots to go!! Tune in to hear all about it and most importantly Kent and Chase talk about new tournament updates including an bigger cash prize and bigger...

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 31
  Sep 15, 2020   42:01

Lou is back!

The boys bring on hardcore city fisherman Louis Jaubert back on the pod! They talk about their friday night fishing excursion that went into the morning. They got on 60+ trout, but were struggling to find keepers. They also get very off topic at times and bash Lebron James ( cause hes a bitch) and Tom...

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 30
  Sep 10, 2020   22:11

Episode 30- “Whose wine, what wine, where the hell did I Dine”

Kent and Chase talk about their Labor Day party weekend! Not too much fishing and too much tea but they’re ready for this upcoming weekend. Tune in to hear their plan of attack for some trout and reds. Plus, the baws are pumped for teal season!!! Remember, send in any hunting and fishing pictures and...

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 29
  Sep 03, 2020   42:16

Episode 29-Swordfish Horror Stories

The boys collab with Stephen Offner from Pro Saints talk and shoot stories about good and bad fishing trips they have been on. We hear about the “Bad Weather Boys” and all the unfortunate events that have happened to them while out on the water. Tune in and Tight Lines. Sign up for our fishing...

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 28
  Sep 01, 2020   31:51

Episode 28- Mega News Revealed

Kent and Chase reveal the mega news hinted from last episode!! Tune in to find out. Plus, they talk about their past weekend and what’s to come for Labor Day. Watch out Flora-Bama..

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 27
  Aug 27, 2020   28:40

Episode 27- Wade Fishing Grand Isle

Kent and Chase talk about their wade fishing trip to Grande isle, the boys got up bright and early to have a not so favorable trip. Tune in to hear what went wrong! Also, they talk about updates to the fishing tournament and new dri fit SPP t-shirts on sale! Plus, fan and friend Michael...

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 25
  Aug 20, 2020   38:27

Episode 25- Howdy Capt Cook

Kent and Chase bring on Cook Carpenter (Chase’s Brother) who is a luxury charter Captain down in the Virgin Islands. Cook talks about how he started in the biz, catching big fish off of big yachts, and his adventures on the way. Plus, Cook locks in his spot in the Sportsman’s Paradise Podcast Fishing Rodeo...

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 24
  Aug 18, 2020   51:38

Episode 24- Josh Galt Scale Damage Charters

Kent and Chase talk more about the fishing tournament and have on awesome guest Josh Galt from Scale Damage Charters. They talk about everything outdoors from fishing redfish tournaments to duck hunting with Duck Commander. Plus, Josh talks about catching the 7th largest triple tail in the State and shares some exclusives tips!!! Tune in...

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 23
  Aug 13, 2020   14:17

Episode 23- 1st Annual SPP Fishing Rodeo

The Boys of Sportsman’s Paradise Podcast are hosting the 1st Annual SPP Fishing Rodeo! For more information visit their Instagram Page @sportsmansparadisepod OR visit: and click the SPP Fishing Rodeo link at the top right of the page! Tight Lines!

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 22
  Aug 11, 2020   01:00:26

Episode 22- Gibby Andry & 1st annual Fishing Rodeo!

Kent and Chase announce the 1st annual Sportsman’s Paradise Podcast Fishing Rodeo in memory of Parker Prince. Tune in for details. Then they are Joined by Special Guest Gibby Andry. This is one on the best guest we have had so far! Gibby has his own Sea Plane so he sight fishes in a totally...

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 21
  Aug 06, 2020   43:07

Episode 21- A Tuft Summer

Special guest Jay Tufts joins the pod. We talk about fishing from Venice all the way to lake Ponchatrain. The boys dive in to all of their favorite recipes on how to cook fish including the McGuire special sheepshead grilled cheese. If you are a fan of impractical jokers you will love this one. Tight...

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 20
  Aug 04, 2020   42:28

Episode 20- Suck Fummer

Kent and Chase have a terrible weekend during the dog days summer, struggling with both fish and the motor. They recap the funny moments during their trip and talk about what’s to come.

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 17
  Jul 23, 2020   40:59

Sight Fishin Nick

They boys have special guest Nick from Mobile Alabama who now lives in New Orleans on the pod. They talk about wade fishing to sight fishing and everything in between. TIGHT LINES

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 16
  Jul 21, 2020   39:30

Episode 16- The Lost Tapes

Kent and Chase f**ked up and lost a great interview with Ragan and Dubs with Wheaux Nelly out of Lake Charles, but Cullen Zander saved the day talking about his stud Dolphin. Also, they talk about their past trip out of Myrtle Grove and what’s to come in the future.

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 15
  Jul 16, 2020   24:43

Episode 15- Myrtle Grove

The boys talk about today’s fishing trip, upcoming weekend, GPS update, beer vs twisted tea, matrix Shad hat winner and much more! We went so off topic it was amazing. Kent also forgot his notes.

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 14
  Jul 14, 2020   38:32

Episode 14- Dog Days of Summer

Kent and Chase talk about how this weekend was hotter than Chases a**hole after bad sushi. This episode talks about future spots, Twisted Tea,  jersey shore, and more. 

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 13
  Jul 09, 2020   01:05:18

Episode 13- Matrix Shad’s, Chas Champagne

RUSHMORE GUEST! Kent and Chase hook, line, and sink Mount Rushmore guest and CEO of Matrix Shad, Chas Champagne. We talk about his knowledge of fishing lake P, the bridges, his great products and more. Tune in and Tight Lines!

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 12
  Jul 07, 2020   35:51

Episode 12- 4th of July Madness

Chase and Kent talk about fishing Hopedale, 4th of July shenanigans, blowing things up and Beer vs Bud Light. We also bring back the SHWINGGG UPDATE! Tight Lines.

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 11
  Jul 02, 2020   56:37

Episode 11- Off Shore Bandits

Kent and Chase talk about this past weekend trips. Chase went to Grand Isle and Kent went overnight fishing. Johnny and Kemper join the pod to talk about this past weekend’s overnight trip and what happened!

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 7
  Jun 17, 2020   01:02:25

Episode 7: La Fish Blog (Part 2)

Your boys Kent and Chase continue their conversation with fishing legend, Devin, from La Fish Blog. Tight Lines and Good Times ahead.   Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast and follow us on instagram @sportsmanparadisepod 

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 6
  Jun 15, 2020   54:37

Episode 6: MEGA GUEST

Kent and Chase land one of their Mt. Rushmore of guests, Devin from La Fish Blog. Devin gives great advice about southern Louisiana Fishing and more!

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 3
  Jun 05, 2020   40:20

Episode 3: Trailer Troubles 

Kent and Chase explain a little more about themselves. Then tell some of the nightmares that have happened to StormChasers trailer. Special guest Justin Napoli joins the pod to talk bow fishing.  

Sportsman's Paradise Podcast
Episode: 1
  May 29, 2020   33:53

Wild Pilot

The introduction of Sportsman’s Paradise Podcast. Kent and chase talk a little about how they got into fishing and where they started. Then totally jumps in all different directions. Tune in to listen it only gets better. Then Harris Schwing joins for the Schwing update.