The Insurance Podcast

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 157
  Apr 30, 2022   00:42:10

John Cooper knows Overalls are part of the next insurance customer experience

Insurance is all about the customer journey and experience and John Cooper, formerly of, is back with a new project- Overalls. John shares his vision about how the insurance distribution channel can supercharge it’s value and the customer experience by offering service where it has traditionally let others take over. Furthermore, Overalls does more...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 156
  Apr 08, 2022   00:43:35

SEMCI- is a reality with Zack Yurch and Semsee

Not everyone understands the need for SEMCI or Single Entry Multiple Company Integration but Zack Yurch, Head of Revenue for Semsee. Zack explains the efficiencies that come with the model and how they benefit both the carrier and insurance agent/broker sides of the insurance distribution model. Dive into where quoting and binding Nirvana can be...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 153
  Mar 22, 2022   00:57:35

Robotic workers are the insurance back-office future with Quandri

Brothers Jackson and Jamieson Fregeau, founder of Quandri pledge to ‘take the robot out of the person’ with their technology for insurance agents and brokers. Curt and Pete dive into the world of robotic workers with the founders of Quandri and how those robots can lead to huge efficiencies, savings, and the ability to let...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 151
  Mar 04, 2022   00:51:29

Process Transformation with Eileen Potter of ABBYY

Eileen Potter knows a thing or two about insurance as she has worked in all sides of through out her career. Now leading the marketing solutions for insurance at ABBYY, Eileen is helping drive process improvement for an industry that relies on processes. ABBYY is more than a data company and Eileen explains how digital...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 150
  Feb 25, 2022   00:40:33

Nicos Vekairides CEO of Attestiv: Digital Authenticity for Insurance

Have you ever thought about the importance of digital authenticity? Nicos Vekairides has and the company he heads up, Attestiv, is out to show in an age if digital transformation there’s value to ensuring what’s real and what is accurate. Using various forms of technology and AI, Attestiv can help accelerate change and drive a...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 149
  Feb 11, 2022   00:54:42

Matthew Queen- Captives, Cyber, & so much more

It’s not that Matthew Queen is opinionated (he is) but it’s that he’s asking the right questions after sharing his thoughts. In this episode Matthew talks about how captives could provide an attractive solution for digital initiatives, the underlying risk with cyber coverage should a mass event happen, and where an untapped source of data...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 148
  Jan 28, 2022   00:54:24

Charles Merritt CEO of Buddy- how embedding APIs helps distribution

Charles Merritt and his buddies had a need for a specific type of insurance so they built Buddy to insure their risk seeking fun but that was only the beginning. Now they help brokers, agents and insurers deliver products and services via APIs to expand the distribution channel and where insurance can be sold. Buddy...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 147
  Jan 14, 2022   00:50:59

The Non-carrier Carrier with Jeff Radke, CEO of Accelerant

Being difference is a good thing and Jeff Radke, co-founder and CEO of Accelerant explains how they are looking at creating a more stable experience for MGA and their clients. With a tech stack, data stack, analytics stack, combined with company and capacity Jeff and Accelerant are looking to build a better experience when it...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 145
  Dec 27, 2021   00:57:42

2021 Year in Review & Thoughts for 2022

Pete and Curt look back on the year that was 2021 with top trends, thoughts about the insurance industry, news, and a look back at various episodes and guests. This freeform episode has the hosts sharing their perspectives on what they see coming for 2022 with trends and predictions about insuretech, insurance products and insurance...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 144
  Dec 20, 2021   00:43:44

Jessi Park knows how to supercharge your sales team

Jessi Park had to do it all herself. That’s not unusual but how she came to insurance and realized an opportunity is and she built a a million dollar book of business in less than a year. Jessi shares her thoughts on how to keep focussed on value to customer by explaining that sometimes what’s...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 143
  Dec 14, 2021   00:42:08

GeoX- Geospatial AI for underwriting & loss prevention

GeoX founder and CEO Izik Lavy shares his thoughts on how combining geospatial data sets with AI can lead to better underwriting for insurers. Izik describes how underwriting results can be improved by adopting geospatial technology while also using it as a claim predictor in risk rating. However, this is not just a tool for...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 141
  Nov 19, 2021   00:54:37

Rick Fox from Vertafore: Brokers, agents, distribution, & connection

Rick Fox, head of Agency Sales for Vertafore, joins the show to talk about how agents and brokers need to look at their connections with clients and what moves them forward. This episode is a thought leader seminar as Rick hits hard with many ideas based on his legacy experience and position in the industry....

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 140
  Nov 09, 2021   00:48:08

Breaking Boundaries- Trufla 2021

You’ve seen the event and heard the incredible game-changing news now dive deep as Curt and Pete go one-one-one with Sherif Gemayel and discuss the Tru-mobile app, Broker X-ray and Policy X-ray services.  Sherif shares his vision, and adds context to why it’s important to have critical mass adopt the right technology for efficiencies that...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 139
  Nov 08, 2021   00:22:24

IBAO 2021 Recap and Summary

We look back at the IBAO virtual convention and discuss some of the main topics, themes and thoughts that came out off the CEO Panel, breakout sessions, and of course the keynote speaker, Seth Godin.  See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 138
  Oct 29, 2021   00:41:34

Parametric Insurance with Tim McCosh of Yokahu

If you are looking for the next wave with insurance product innovation and technology look no further than Yokahu. Tim McCosh, the CEO and founder of Yokahu, shares who the cross section of product innovation and technology leads to a different and often overlooked model, parametric insurance. Tim explains how parametric insurance works and why it’s a...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 137
  Oct 12, 2021   01:02:59

Steve Earl Bauld and Cheep… insurance

Want to know why Steve Earle is often referred to as ‘angry Steve’?  It’s because the frustrations that exist in the industry are pushing him to find and create change.  As a traditional broker he runs Bauld Insurance but he also co-founded the online direct to consumer business Cheep Insurance as well so he knows...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 136
  Sep 21, 2021   00:48:28

Udi Ziv CEO of Earnix

Technology is not always obvious when it comes to insurance. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and Udi Ziv, CEO of Earnix explains how their use of data drives underwriting and helps all sides in the insurance product creation and sale become far more nimble.  Udi shares thoughts on where he thinks the...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 135
  Sep 03, 2021   00:46:52

Quote and Apply- Mark Tattersall

Want to talk about a family affair? Mark Tattersal principal of Back Nine Insurance shares his thoughts and journey on the evolution of Quote & Apply to add an arsenal of life and ancillary products to your sales channels.  However, the next generation is guiding the evolution and Reid, Mark’s son impromptly joins the show...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 134
  Aug 25, 2021   01:01:08

Bryan Falchuk- Vol 2: The Startups

Another past guest joins Pete and Curt to discuss the second book in his series on The Future of Insurance: The Startups.  Author, speaker and coach Bryan Falchuk shares what he learned from the next wave in the insurance channel from startup entities that are looking to change the industry by filling gaps.  Bryan talks...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 133
  Aug 13, 2021   00:43:20

Friendly Agent Book- How to build a successful agency

You heard about the leading chatbot from Avdhesh Saxena but what about his next project, the Friendly Agent book? On his second appearance Advesh shares what he’s been up to and that is talking to insurance industry leaders about what has made them successful and where they have found success with building dynamic and profitable insurance...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 132
  Aug 06, 2021   00:50:30

Scott Ferguson CEO Techficient

Want to know how to look at insurance distribution differently?  Scott Fergusson will tell you how as he comes from a beer and wine background and he’s got a very different view on the industry.  Scott shares the Techficient story and talks about how agents and brokers are often missing the cross over sales opportunity...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 131
  Jul 23, 2021   00:46:18

Bryan O'Connell CEO Huckleberry

Bryan O’Connell has start up experience but what caused him to think about starting up an online business insurance solution is a cool reveal in this episode.  Aside from inspiration Bryan shares thoughts on how he and Huckleberry addressed problems and what it took to stay focussed and launch this online business insurance experience.  Thinking...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 130
  Jul 16, 2021   00:46:55

Joel Baker: The Insurance Info Guru

Joel Baker has his hand in everything with insurance, legacy statistics and information to the current data points, catastrophic loss points, and of course Insuretech North, but there’s more.  Joel shares the story of his career into insurance and what all this data lets him see across the industry, that’s the same industry that relies...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 129
  Jul 09, 2021   00:42:02

Derek Merrill founder of Leaselock

Leaselock is not your typical insurance it’s an embedded platform that solves a problem and founder Derek Merril explains how the product works.  What comes out in the discussion is that Leaselock not only empowers renters to have better access to rental inventory it’s another step into what we call INoT- the insurance of things...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 128
  Jun 16, 2021   00:45:34

Chris Gunston VP Channel & Alliances at Embroker

Embroker is not like other direct insuretech companies, it targets potential customers that face similar needs as it did and still does as a start-up.  Chris Gunston, VP of Channel and Alliances shares some of the concepts that makes Embroker’s products unique and distinctive compared to other offerings.  Chris also discusses the journey to releasing...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 127
  Jun 04, 2021   00:49:40

Julian Stillitano- Croo Group

Julian Stillitano and The Croo Group want to change the way we think about telecommunications and insurance.  While the internet may be the best tool for distribution the phone is still a broker or agent’s best friend.  Julian explains the benefits of integrated telephony into a brokerage and how it can serve clients, sales and efficiency...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 126
  May 31, 2021   00:43:00

Broker CEO Series- Grant Wainikka IBAM CEO

The second episode in our series profiling the leadership of independent broker/agent association  features Grant Wainikka, CEO of IBAM. Grant talks about leaving one industry to enter insurance and how his past experiences already had him familiar with new challenges.  Having guided the association through difficult and problematic negotiations with provincial auto insurer MPI, Grants shares...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 125
  May 21, 2021   00:48:04

Nestor Hugo Solari and Sigo

Insurance needs change but not just with distribution and products. Nestor Hugo Solari the CEO and Co-founder of Sigo has built a platform with a purpose that has as much to do with social cause and socio-economic effect as it does with a new way to buy insurance.  He’s not on a mission, but he...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 124
  May 14, 2021   00:43:41

Policy Me CEO Andrew Ostro

We’re diving into distribution efficiency here but on the ‘other’ side of insurance, the Life and Accident business. Andrew Ostro was recently part of the Wolfpack session at Insurtech North pitching PolicyMe and how he sees the purchasing point of insurance change.  Andrew explains what he learned through development to an MVP and ultimately a product...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 123
  May 07, 2021   00:49:33

Broker CEO Series- Derek Lothian IBAS

Kicking off our broker/agent association with Derek Lothian the CEO of IBAS.  This series explores the role these dynamic leaders play and how they help steer the independent broker/agent model. Derek shares his route to this role what what IBAS is doing to address the many issues broker and agents face today with their insurance...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 122
  Apr 30, 2021   00:50:39

Adrian Lynch Executive VP- Artex Risk

This episode explores captives and how they function in the insurance marketplace. Adrian Lynch, Executive VP of Artex Risk, explains how captives look at risk and the resources they use to explore insuring a niche industry or organization.  With a diverse insurance history Adrian talks about the layers of insurance and risk management that come...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 121
  Apr 23, 2021   00:23:29

InsurTech North Day 2 & Wrap-up Thoughts

Another day and another successful virtual conference completed as the hosts revisit some hot topics and ask the question “where do we go from here?” when it comes to technology, innovation and insurance.  Plus a breakdown of content and guests and more thoughts on the Brella app that hosted the convention. See for privacy...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 120
  Apr 22, 2021   00:22:54

Insurtech North Day 1

Joel Baker and his team put on a great event in regular times but with virtual conferences come new challenges yet the first day of Insurtech North went off without a hitch.  Curt and Pete discuss some of the topics discussed, the guests and speakers as well as the virtual format and how it works...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 119
  Apr 20, 2021   00:41:34

Beneva CEO Jean-Francois Chalifoux

Mergers are never easy and often take time to complete, that was the case for SSQ and La Capitale who finally had their nuptials last year and formed Beneva.  CEO Jean-Francois Chalifoux tells the story of how this merger came to be and what he sees as advantages from scaling up.  Jean-Francois explains that Beneva...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 118
  Apr 09, 2021   00:51:36

Season 4 kickoff with Greg McCutcheon, Opta Intelligence

Let’s put data to work! That’s what Greg McCutcheon, President of Opta Intelligence wants to do and he explains how. Do you want to improve your underwriting relations, there’s data for that!  How about predicting how your book of business will perform?  There’s data for that! Want to see where loss might occur? There’s data...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 117
  Apr 05, 2021   00:50:21

Sports & Entertainment Insurance with Leigh Ann Rossi , SVP of NFP

Have you ever wondered how athletes or professional sports teams get their insurance? If you have Leigh Ann Rossi, SVP of NFP, shares her experiences around how athletes, teams and leagues manage their insurance needs along with other areas of the entertainment industry.  Leigh Ann talks about the nuances of how insurance plays a role...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 116
  Mar 26, 2021   01:01:57

Underwriting for the future- Nick Lamparelli

Underwriting is a challenge right now and Nick Lamparelli has some thoughts about how it has to change.  Think poker and betting big when opportunity arises and so much more as “Lamps” shares his thoughts with Curt and Pete about innovation and looking at risk differently.  Nick is an industry veteran and a social media...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 115
  Mar 19, 2021   00:39:21

Data for a better experience with Sandeep Kharidhi, Deluxe Corp

Agents and brokers are told they are sitting on volumes of data that can help them but is all that data useful for creating the best experience?  Sandeep Kharidhi, manager of data and analytics for Deluxe Corp joins the show to discuss how data can be used to create a better experience for insurance customers.  Whether...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 114
  Mar 12, 2021   00:42:45

Christian Harris, Founder Slip Safety Services

As Christian Harris of Slip Safety Services says, ‘there’s a hidden cost to insurance with slip and fall claims’ and he explains why during this episode.  In an era of risk mitigation and loss prevention, slip and fall claims are just as preventable as other forms of loss and Christian’s company has taken the lead...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 113
  Feb 28, 2021   01:02:11

Executive Feature: Carol Jardine, President Canadian Operations

Carol Jardine is a leader for and within the Canadian Insurance industry.  She shared her insights about the current industry challenges along with some personal thoughts about her career journey and passion for giving back.  As the COO of a large insurance company Carol has a different view, and she talked about how technology and...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 112
  Feb 19, 2021   00:44:13

Jeff McCann Apollo Cover

Jeff McCann and Apollo Cover are not trying to change the way we buy, sell, and market insurance they’re simply finding ways to improve upon the model.  Jeff shares thoughts from the inspiration of the Apollo concept and how they have tackled problems with a different mindset and a different look to who and what...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 111
  Feb 12, 2021   00:35:15

Jim Dwane, Chief Revenue Officer, Bolt Inc

Bolt Inc is not a new venture, in fact it’s over 20 years in the making as a technology company that serves the insurance marketplace.  Jim Dwane, the chief revenue officer, explains how connectivity within an open market ecosystem brings insurers and carriers together with potential customers.  But it’s more than than connecting entities, it’s...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 110
  Feb 06, 2021   00:35:41

Ty Harris, CEO Openly, talks building to a niche and beyond

Ty Harris didn’t wake up with an epiphany for Openly, he actually figured out what he wanted to do and set about building it. That’s what Openly is, an insurance company and products designed for a targeted segment.  Ty explains why it’s difficult to start out in the space and how they have targeted their...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 109
  Jan 29, 2021   00:37:00

Fire protection for agents & brokers with Rob Read

Fire protection is what insurance is for right?  That’s what consumers think but Rob Read, President of Bison Fire Protection, explains theres much more for insurance agents and brokers to know when helping their clients.  Rob explains how the handed-ness of a chef affects the design of fire suppression in a kitchen and how fire...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 108
  Jan 22, 2021   00:53:20

The future of claims settlement is Painworth

The title is a bold statement but Painworth might have cracked the code for efficient and fair bodily injury claims settlements by writing some code.  Mike Zouhri had a personal experience that led him to understand why access to justice was so hard and receiving compensation since so difficult.  Through research and some practical programming...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 107
  Jan 16, 2021   00:47:32

Colby Tunick- agents, brokers & their data

Insurance brokers and agents generate tons of data but how many of them know how to harvest it?  Colby Tunick, CEO and founder of Refocus AI, is ready to help you make sense of your brokerage data and explains why it’s time to take control of your business.  Colby shares how data can help predict...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 106
  Jan 08, 2021   00:33:23

Mike Berris- M&A Activity and Valuations

Everyone sees what is happening in the insurance distribution marketplace with mergers and acquisitions but what’s driving it?  Mike Berris from Smythe CPA explains what’s driving the flurry of activity where valuations are and where they might be heading.  Mike was also the first guest on the podcast when it started and we look back nearly...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 105
  Dec 31, 2020   00:51:42

2020 Year in Review

It’s time to look back on the year that was for the hosts Curt Wyatt and Pete Tessier and what happened over 40+ episodes, the insurance industry, the world and everything in between.  Pete and Curt take some shots at the industry, our challenges and make some predictions about what lies ahead in 2021 and...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 104
  Dec 23, 2020   00:41:16

David Duley PlanGap Founder & CEO

The times they are a changing and David Duley, CEO from PlanGap, shares his thoughts about how people should protect against potential shortfall in government pension plans with social security or insurance. David has a great story about his inspiration moment and how has built PlanGap to address both market and industry needs.  With a...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 103
  Dec 18, 2020   00:37:11

Huw Williams on Political Action

Political action is part of every good strategy but no one does it better than Huw Williams of Impact Public Affairs.  As a guiding force for insurance brokers across Canada, Huw has helped many associations advocate on behalf of their members and their clients to help make sure that insurance is accessible and available.  Huw...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 102
  Dec 11, 2020   00:37:10

Al McLeod- Innovation, Disruption & Insurance

When talking about innovating to manage disruption with insurance there’s no one better than Al McLeod.  He’s not part of the insurance world hierarchy or patriarch, he’s just Al, a guy who has a vast of array of experience from all sorts of industries and someone who thinks way outside the confines of a box....

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 101
  Dec 05, 2020   00:37:32

Risk Detection & Claim Prevention

We had two guests this week with Pierre-Andrew Meunier from PrevTech and Ken Worsley from Wawanesa Insurance talking about the latest needs and technology to help predict where a claim could occur.  As agricultural operations, and other types of large-scale manufacturing operations grow, the scale of loss increases.  Pierre and Ken share their thoughts on how...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 100
  Nov 27, 2020   00:35:41

Danish Yusuf- CEO Zensurance

Sometimes the insurance industry has tunnel vision because ‘no one gets it’.  In this case, Zensurance co-founder and CEO Danish Yusuf come from outside the insurance industry and he shares his calm and focussed approach to thinking differently about service, distribution and value.  Danish is an amazing example of someone looking outside an organization to...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 99
  Nov 20, 2020   00:35:40

Erin Fischer- The Modern Claims Experience

Insurance claims are the value part of any policy and that experience is beginning to change.  Whether it be an external disruption or internal innovation the process of being made whole’ is moving in a different direction.  Erin Fischer VP, Chief Claims Officer of Wawanesa explains to Curt and Pete how innovation, technology and hearing...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 98
  Nov 12, 2020   00:36:14

Ryan McGovern- Virtual I Technologies

Risk engineering never seemed so cool but Ryan McGovern the Chief Risk Engineer from Virtual I Technologies explains what the future looks like for insurance brokers and agents when it comes to risk analysis and data.  Virtual I Technologies is an ACORD Insuretech Innovation award winner and Ryan shares with Pete and Curt the structure...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 97
  Nov 04, 2020   00:36:51

Jeff Goldberg- Novarica

Data is everything in the insurance industry right now but what about data on the trends and technology that is shaping the industry?  That’s where Jeff Goldberg and Novarica come in, they make sense of all the different changes going in with insurance and technology and all the companies making things happen.  Jeff shares his...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 96
  Oct 28, 2020   00:30:32

Empowered- IBAO2020 The Aftermath!

Pete and Curt breakdown day two of the  #IBAO2020 virtual convention discussing the CEO panel featuring Economics, Intact, Wawanesa, and Travelers as well as clips and thoughts from the insurer town halls.  It was a different kind of convention this year but IBAO pulled it off and there was more than enough to chew on...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 95
  Oct 22, 2020   00:33:49

IBAO Convention Day 1 After Party

Day 1 from the IBAO #Empowered virtual convention got off to an amazing start with smooth music from DJ Steph Honey and then delivered great content on the state of the industry, Ontario broker technology and recruitment and retention strategies.  Pete and Curt breakdown the day and content with highlight clips from all three sessions....

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 94
  Oct 18, 2020   00:30:53

Brett & Norah- How Empowered came to be

It wasn’t just brokers and agents who had to make a pivot to a virtual service model, professional associations did too and Brett Boadway and Norah Black from IBAO share their journey.  The Empowered conference is IBAO’s 100th and it’s going on in full form in a virtual model and it’s as dynamic as ever.  Brett...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 93
  Oct 09, 2020   00:59:22

Tom Reid: IBAC data exchange & connectivity

Insurance brokers and agents want real-time transactions and Tom Reid has come on board with IBAC to ensure the industry crosses the finish line.  Tom shares his journey from entering the industry to becoming an executive while explaining how the future of broker-insurer connectivity will arrive and evolve to help deliver a better insurance experience....

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 92
  Oct 02, 2020   00:40:09

Joseph Carnevale- IBAO President

Change isn’t easy, especially when it’s unexpected and forces the shuttering of the entire way an industry does business but that’s what Joseph Carnevale took on this year as IBAO President.  In this episode Joseph talks about how to pivot, what it means to care in a de-personalized insurance world and how to look to the...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 91
  Sep 25, 2020   00:37:33

Dorian Bond Claims and Investigations

Claims can go wrong but what happens if you suspect that a claim might not be what it seems?  You might hire an investigator, some one like Dorian Bond, who can help figure out what’s going wrong.  Dorian joins Curt and Pete to discuss how brokers and agents to pick up on fraud and explains...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 90
  Sep 15, 2020   00:36:50

Dhruv Garg- President Kangaroo

Home security is changing from an old tech reactive model to a new age proactive system that integrates far beyond the traditional monitoring station.  Dhruv Garg drops by to explain how Kangaroo and its connected systems will change the way insurance looks at home security and why its value proposition is far better than what...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 89
  Sep 04, 2020   00:36:37

Charles Alexander Video Marketing for Insurance Professionals

Telling a story is never easy, but telling a story about insurance is even harder but Charles Alexander knows how.  Insurance can scare consumers into purchasing but it can also educate them into purchasing the right coverage, coverage that agents and brokers struggle to explain in the sales process.  Charles shares his tips, tricks and...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 88
  Aug 17, 2020   00:59:26

Bill Pieroni President & CEO of ACORD

Is there anyone more energetic in the insurance industry than Bill Pieroni?  If so we haven’t recorded with them yet.  However, after talking with Bill you don’t just feel energized, you are informed, educated, and empowered with a new understanding of insurance knowledge.  As the CEO of ACORD Bill sees how in the future volumes of...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 87
  Jul 31, 2020   00:42:19

Daniel Ramse- CEO My Outdesk

Outsourcing is not a dirty idea anymore, in fact it’s far more common in the insurance industry than we think and Daniel Ramsey, the CEO of My Out Desk will explain how his company and services allow for back office efficiencies.  Daniel explains how using an external service of trained and licensed people to do...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 86
  Jul 17, 2020   00:48:00

Kent Rowe- IBAC President

Have you ever wondered how the IBAC president looks at the insurance industry and its current state of change?  Kent Rowe joins Curt Wyatt and Pete Tessier to talk about what he sees and how IBAC is addressing and manager change for almost 40,000 independent insurance brokers. From data exchange and technology  to education and...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 85
  Jul 10, 2020   00:43:06

Peter Hohman CEO Insurance Institute of Canada

Education is the key to opportunity and any professional never stops learning through their career and Peter Hohman, CEO of the Insurance Institute if Canada joins Curt and Pete to discuss the importance of education.  The IIC does more than prepare people to be agents or brokers, it serves all facets of the insurance industry...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 84
  Jul 04, 2020   00:50:39

Bryan Falchuk – Future of Insurance

Insurance professional, author, and so much more, Bryan Falchuk joins Curt and Pete to talk about his new book, The Future of Insurance: From Disruption to Innovation.  Bryan’s insight and research shows how it’s not just technology that’s evolving the industry but new ways of thinking in all ares of the industry and he back...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 83
  Jun 26, 2020   00:50:23

Joshua Motta- Coalition

Coalition Cyber is a different kind of insurance company and company co-founder Joshua Motta explains how his approach is via risk management not tech solutions.  Certainly there is technology involved but the way Coalition provides value and coverage to insureds is different and unique.  Joshua explains that Coalition looks at risk management as the way...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 82
  Jun 19, 2020   00:31:09

Tom Super from JD Power Part 2

It’s rare a guest comes back so fast but Tom Super was far too interesting and informative to not continue with his insights.  Consumer data is always hard to understand and Tom with JD Power share information and what they have learned about the insurance-buying consumer.  It’s not easy managing change during tumultuous times but...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 81
  Jun 16, 2020   00:47:58

Rick Bauman- Passion and Success

Have you ever wondered what the underlying traits of successful insurance businesses are?  Rick Bauman from IC3 joins Curt and Pete to discuss how a passionate workplace leads to a successful culture. Rick brings his years of wisdom and experience to the podcast to give back some information and expertise to an industry that has...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 80
  Jun 05, 2020   00:32:01

Tom Super talks Insurance Consumer Behaviour-Part 1

The insurance consumer is changing and no one knows that better than JD Power the leader in consumer data and analytics. Tom Super, head of P&C insurance for JD Power, joins Curt and Pete to talk about what’s influencing consumers with insurance purchasing decisions and what kind of experience they are looking for from the...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 79
  May 29, 2020   00:49:35

Alyson Shane- Marketing in a Pandemic

Back for a third appearance, social & content marketing expert Alyson Shane discusses how reaching new customers is changing due to the pandemic.  Insurance has always been a difficult product to market and by touching on various media platforms Alyson explains how different tactics, some new and some old, can help become habits and regular...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 78
  May 22, 2020   00:41:27

Joe D'Souza Founder and CEO-Pro Navigator

Artificial Intelligence is still a developing technology within in the insurance industry but the misconceptions are gradually disappearing.  Joe D’Souza the founder and CEO of Pro Navigator wants to make those misconceptions disappear for ever and he’s well on his way to doing so.  With a new product called Ask Sage, Joe explains that by...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 77
  May 15, 2020   00:32:04

Stuart Bruce- First Insurance Funding of Canada

Stuart Bruce is more than a CEO, he’s a an entrepreneur who is driven to make the business experience better for everyone from owners to customers and it all revolves around the payments process.  Stuart and First Canada are leading the way when it comes to payments options for customers and insurance agencies. With a...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 76
  May 08, 2020   00:45:33

Syd Roe from bAtomic

Syd’s more than fun, she’s dynamic and cool and she’s some one you want to sit down and chat with, often.  She joins Pete and Curt to talk about how and what insurance brokers should be paying attention to when it comes to data.  Her insights are the leading edge of where the use of...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 75
  May 01, 2020   00:40:30

Data Shift with @InsuranceGenY

The generation shift is real in the insurance industry but who is the shift moving towards?  The next generation isn’t necessarily a problem as much as they want to adopt solutions soon. This episodes features @InsuranceGenY an smart but anonymous person in the insurance Twittersphere.  He works in the industry and his Twitter content is...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 74
  Apr 24, 2020   00:51:30

Insuring Cannabis with Excel Insurance Group

Cannabis has been legal for 18 months but there’s still many unknowns about the business and insurance.  Scott Treasure and Scott MacInnis from Excel Insurance Group came on the show to discuss how they went about building an insurance solution not just for the producers and retailers but all the other subsidiaries.  The two Scotts also...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 73
  Apr 16, 2020   00:35:19

Sonia Johannson- HR for Insurance and using Data

Sonia Johannson is not any HR professional, she specializes in how insurance professionals can understand how their offices and teams can best function.  Insurance agents and brokers are undergoing a transformative industry shift with technology and now with remote working- how do you measure their effectiveness and contentment?  How can you spot trouble before it...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 72
  Apr 12, 2020   00:40:37

Curtis Killen, KBD Insurance

Perhaps we should listen to millennials in the insurance industry and Curtis Killen, President of KBD Insurance in Montreal is as good a reason as any.  They look at things differently like hiring tactics, lead generation, automation, and insurer relations to name a few.  However, there’s also a blunt honesty that is deceptively appealing that...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 71
  Apr 03, 2020   00:41:26

Jack Kudale Cowbell Cyber

Cyber insurance is not new but it’s not widely accepted and understood.  Jack Kudale CEO of Cowbell Cyber explains where the market is headed and how it’s evolving when it comes to threat vectors and industries.  Furthermore Jack explains how cyber risks can be rated in real time and where the integration of product and protection...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 70
  Mar 27, 2020   00:41:11

Sahas Katta- Smartcar

The Insurance industry doesn’t need any more UBI solutions, or does it?  This episode features Sahas Katta, CEO and co-founder of and he sees the world of automobiles, insurance, drivers and data differently.  Smartcar is not simply a data aggregator for interested parties, it’s the beginning point to a user interface that bridges the needs...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 69
  Mar 20, 2020   00:31:03

Commercial Insurance and Covid-19: What you need to know

The insurance industry is focussing on Covid-19 just like all other industries and nowhere is there more pressure for answers than with commercial insurance professionals.  Cole Leitch and Chantelle Markus from Avant Insurance were kind enough to record an episode to provide advice and guidance in these difficult times.  From how to care for customers,...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 68
  Mar 17, 2020   00:26:33

Dealing with COVID-19- Remote Services and Processes

A quick discussion from 3 brokers, and IBAO on some advice and thoughts for dealing with your insurance business and COVID-19.  This is not a regular episode but something to be shared so that you can find some help, guidance, and support as insurance professionals navigate what to do when it comes to providing service...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 67
  Mar 13, 2020   00:42:59

Recruitment & Retention with Page Forron & Bettina Urban

The insurance industry is not the easiest one to sell as a career but it can be one of the most rewarding.  Recruitment and retention is difficult at the best of times so how do insurance professionals fill the talent pipeline?  Page Forron and Bettina Urban from McConville Omni Insurance might have some ideas about...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 66
  Mar 06, 2020   00:40:40

Ryan McMahon-Cambridge Mobile Telematics

Usage-based insurance is not a new concept but telematics has evolved and Ryan McMahon, VP of Insurance for Cambridge Mobile Telematics explains how.  The technology has moved way beyond plugging something into the OBD II port in a car and now uses bluetooth connected tags to prove near real-time data.  As Ryan points out CMT...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 65
  Feb 28, 2020   00:34:03

Chat Bots Expained with the Friendly Agent Chat Bot

Talking to a chat bot should not be this fun but Avdhesh Sexana, the founder and creator of the Friendly Agent Chat Bot, explains what so many within the insurance industry don’t understand about the technology.  Chat bots aren’t just about backend AI, they are about front end lead generation and store minding as Avdhesh...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 64
  Feb 21, 2020   00:35:38

Jeff Brown- Vpay

Claims service is when insurance matters most but the often overlooked part is how to make the payment of claims efficient.  Jeff Brown, the President of Vpay, explains how their service solves so many problems for the payee and the payer with the use of the ‘V card’.  It’s not just about transferring funds, it’s...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 63
  Feb 12, 2020   00:46:57

Trulfa and Broker Technology

Broker technology comes in many forms but Sherif Gemeyal has been a pioneer in the next phase of the customer-facing insurance experience.  Sherif and Marnie Osborne share their experience with how the broker distribution channel is changing and where they see the biggest opportunities for insurance companies and their partners.  Their company Trufla Technology has...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 62
  Feb 05, 2020   00:50:07

John Taylor- CEO OMIA

There’s a perception about the mutual insurers but John Taylor, CEO of OMIA, is ready to dispel it.  These aren’t smaller companies filling a niche, rather they are a group of long-standing innovators that have served segments of the economy developing products and solutions for over 100 years.  John explains why mutuals of all sizes...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 61
  Jan 23, 2020   00:30:36

Social Responsibility Matters- Catherine Brown, Aviva

All corporations are using social responsibility as part of their brand value but no on within the insurance industry does it like Aviva.  They started with the Aviva Community Fund and have now moved on to a new cause, Take Back our Roads.  This cause is bigger than simple road safety, its about engagement with...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 60
  Jan 17, 2020   00:36:01

AJ Altman- CEO Hover

AJ Altman, the CEO and founder of Hover is happy to change the parts of the insurance industry, in fact he’s inspired to do so for all the right reasons.  AJ has a incredible story about inspiration and risk and not how to look at risk as insurance professionals do. He also shares his fears...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 59
  Jan 10, 2020   00:39:40

Boost & Tryg an AI partnershiop

It’s one thing to talk to a company developing AI technology but to talk with their key customer is another thing but that’s what happened in this episode when the co-founder of Boost AI, Henry Vaage Iversen and the Business Efficiency Lead from Tryg, Benjamin Alex agreed to record.  This was a trans-Atlantic recording and...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 58
  Dec 19, 2019   00:31:28

Valerie Fehr, My Mutual Insurance

Innovation does not have to come from the ‘big guys’ when it comes to insurance companies and Val Fehr, CEO of My Mutual Insurance is proof.  Val’s beliefs formed a long time ago and once the chance arose was able to put them into place to create a flat management style operation that puts people...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 57
  Nov 29, 2019   00:41:34

Mark Evans: the new age of insurance sales

Insurance sales always seemed complicated until Mark Evans from Standard Sales reached out.  As the guest on this episode, Mark explains how creating the right experience with innovative touch points, value mapping the customer experience, and thinking how you can transform your customers are all tactics for a great sales strategy.  Yes, this is all...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 56
  Nov 17, 2019   00:39:56

David Ferriero: Insurance with values

Insurance can be seen as a ruthless business and at times it is, but David Ferreiro from USI Insurance Services has a different view.  David explains how brokers can insure to their values and how empowering the next generation to see that possibility can bridge the divide between the old guard and millennials.  Everything with...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 55
  Nov 13, 2019   00:38:20

IBAO BIP Talks: Future of Insurance Regulation

While insurance regulation may not be the most glamorous subject the new regulator for Ontario’s FSRA branch Tim Bzowey might be able to change that perception.  With IBC’s Don Forgeron asking the questions Tim explains his philosophy, his views and how a regulator can serve as an advocate for all interested parties with respect to...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 54
  Nov 08, 2019   00:40:02

IBAO BIP Talks: The Talent Pipeline

Recruitment and holding on to talent is everything in the insurance industry right now and the IBAO 2019 Convention delivered the “Talent Pipeline” Tip Talk.  This talk featured three leaders around talent and the insurance industry: JOHN MCNEIL – PROGRAM COORDINATOR & PROFESSOR, HUMBER COLLEGE, INSURANCE MANAGEMENT POST GRADUATE CERTIFICATE PROGRAM TREVOR MCINTOSH – HEAD...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 53
  Nov 05, 2019   01:30:22

IBAO 2019 CEO Panel Sessions

A round table discussion featuring 5 of Canada’s top insurance companies executives including:  Carol Jardine, Rowan Saunders, Bob Tisdale, Heather Masterson, and Louis Gagnon.  With two sessions featuring commercial and personal lines subjects the ‘podcast’ put the executives on the hot seat to discuss the major topics in the industry today. Please rate, review and...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 52
  Oct 31, 2019   00:35:20

IBAO BIP Talks with Ginny Roth on Political Climate post-election

Fresh off Canada’s 2019 Federal Election mid-October, Ginny joins us to explain how election results will impact both Canada and the province of Ontario, focusing on the implications to small and large businesses and the broader insurance industry. Having worked at Queen’s Park as party organizer for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and appearing...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 51
  Oct 28, 2019   00:11:50

IBAO BIP Talks with the Water Brothers

For many Canadians, the impacts of climate change are associated with the Arctic or low-lying tropical Pacific islands flooded by rising sea levels—a mindset that causes complacency and unpreparedness as Canadian households become increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. In this talk, hosts of TVO series The Water Brothers break down how Canadians...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 50
  Oct 27, 2019   00:44:26

IBAO BIP Talks with Andrew Au

Marketers have shifted from mass to millennial—a generation in the thick of life’s biggest moments, claiming their position as head of household—and every brand is competing for their attention. Learn Andrew’s winning formula for millennial engagement based on his research and experience working with some of today’s largest brands including Microsoft, 3M and Scotiabank. Find...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 49
  Oct 24, 2019   00:44:56

IBAO19 BIP Talks One on One

Almost live from the IBAO 2019 convention in Toronto is the recap of the BIP talk guests featuring The Water Brothers on climate change, Andrew Au on marketing to millennials, Ginny Roth on the federal election and political action, Tim Bzowey on regulation and John McNiel, Trevor McIntosh and Page Forron talking about managing the...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 48
  Oct 22, 2019   00:57:59

Bob Tisdale COO Pembridge Insurance

When you get a chance to talk to someone with Bob Tisdale’s experience and wisdom you jump at it. With his recent retirement announcement and legacy with Pembridge Insurance having Bob as a guest was a real coup.  Bob’s career has taken him to many places and he talks about that journey the journey’s he...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 47
  Oct 17, 2019   00:32:38

ITC 2019 Revisited

The final installment talking about #ITC2019 what was learned and experienced.  This episodes features guests from GIC, IBM,, Core Logic, Hover, Anthemis and Bold Penguin.  Trying to make sense of what is at Insuretech Connect is hard at the best of times but after talking to many people it seems a general theme and...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 46
  Oct 09, 2019   00:40:03

Colin Simpson IBAO CEO

The IBAO convention is coming up on October 23rd and 24th and we’ll be there to capture the entire event but before that Colin Simpson, IBAO CEO is the guest.  There are plenty of issues surrounding the insurance industry and Ontario right now and Colin provides a nuanced contextual view of issues affecting insurance brokers....

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 45
  Oct 02, 2019   00:20:27

Broker Roundtable at Wet Republic

What happens after day one at Insuretech Connect?  It’s late afternoon in Las Vegas the skies are clear and air is warm so insurance folks head to the pool deck to unwind and decompress.  So I pulled out a couple of microphones and started recording the thoughts of some of Canada’s leading brokers with their...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 44
  Sep 27, 2019   00:37:54

Brent Closs CAA Marketing Academy

CAA is launching a marketing program exclusively for insurance brokers and Brent Closs from CAA talks about why the broker distribution channel requires a specific set of marketing skills.  How do you ask the right questions when using marketing services and what services do brokers need?  Hear what Brent and CAA think about what brokers...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 43
  Sep 18, 2019   00:37:06

John McClelland from miBroker

In this episode John McClelland founder of miBroker talks about how building an online insurance solution requires understanding how ‘digital natives’ behave.  John Also shares his wisdom about how using various insurer innovation labs helped him develop his service and what he learned through the shared experience with other brokers.  There’s more than simply a...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 42
  Sep 06, 2019   00:48:40

Elias Puurunen on Cyber Security for Insurance Professionals

What do insurance broker and agents really know about advising cyber insurance products?  Are they aware of what the risks and perils really are?  Elias Puurunen of Northern HCI Solutions explains how the threat vectors in the cyber world are very different from traditional risks?  Do you know what an NCF is or how the...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 41
  Aug 30, 2019   01:01:02

Podcast Collision: Jason Cass Agents of Influence

When podcasts collide you get this episode. Jason Case from the Agents of Influence podcast and myself sat down for a virtual cold beverage and talked about insurance and what this industry is going through.  From talking data, the ethics of AI,  geofencing, the similarities of Canada and the United States, to being a good...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 40
  Aug 23, 2019   00:44:41

Rosa Nelson the Claims Experience

It’s time to talk about claims and how that process and experience is probably the most important one for the insurance consumers.  Rosa Nelson, VP of Claims and Customer Experience West Region for Intact, talks about how technology is being used to reduce bottlenecks in the claims process and how there is opportunity for all...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 39
  Aug 13, 2019   00:49:37

Jennifer Linton CEO Fenris Digital

Jennifer Linton and the company she co-founded Fenris Digital aren’t trying to disrupt the insurance industry, rather as she says, they ‘want to make massive improvement’. That’s a refreshing change from other technology companies in the insurance industry.  Jennifer’s journey to the insurance industry is common but what she’s doing is uncommon as she and...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 38
  Jul 31, 2019   00:36:56

Billy Bray-Buying Commerical Insurance

Is there a more passionate person within the insurance industry?  There might be but I have not seen or met them yet.  Billy Bray author of Buying Commercial insurance brings his insights and his passion to the podcast to talk about how to be a great commercial insurance broker.  Billy talks about his career, the...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 37
  Jul 19, 2019   00:21:29

Insurance is a Hustle but it's funny too….

There’s a point where you have to have fun and if the middle of summer is not it then when is?  If you are on LinkedIn then you might have seen the funniest account about insurance called The Insurance Hustle and hopefully had a few laughs.  The person behind the humour joins the podcast and...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 36
  Jul 08, 2019   00:27:28

Tiffany Reider YBN of Manitoba

Young brokers need to be heard and who better to talk to than the chairperson of the Manitoba Young Brokers network Tiffany Reider.  Tiffany is in a family insurance business, and like many never planned on becoming an insurance professional, but now that she’s here she’s embraced it.  As some one who falls into the...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 35
  Jul 01, 2019   00:31:07

Hale Stewart-Captive Insurance

Sure it’s a niche market but it’s also a fascinating one that is not discussed enough in the insurance marketplace- captive insurance. Hale Stewarts drops by to discuss how captive insurance serves industry, fits within the insurance landscape, and why it plays a necessary role in distributing and writing risk compared to other markets. Believe...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 34
  Jun 25, 2019   00:38:26

Dominique Zipper-DAS Canda

After the event insurance what’s that?  I certainly had to learn about it after Dominique Zipper from DAS Canada reached out to me.  ATE insurance is one of the more unusual types of products in the insurance marketplace because if you use it you don’t pay the premium.  Dominque explains how and why the product...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 33
  Jun 14, 2019   00:44:41

Barry Rabkin Market Insight Group

Maybe we don’t really understand what insuretech is?  Barry Rabkin, founder of Market Insight Group and insurance industry veteran, certainly has a few thoughts about that term and what it ‘really’ means.  Barry’s experience as an industry analyst has allowed him to witness many changes within the insurance industry and the current infatuation with technology...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 32
  Jun 07, 2019   00:37:32

Stan Ivankovic- Environics Analytics

Data is everywhere in the insurance industry but with a new focus on customer experience marketing there’s no one better to discuss this trend than Stan Ivankovic from Environics Analytics.  Stan explains how insurers are focussing on understanding customers long before they ever make an insurance buying decision so that the experience is vastly superior...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 31
  May 27, 2019   00:34:11

Ryan Mathisen from Glove Box

For insurance agents and customers in the US something cool is coming and that’s the release of the and the CEO Ryan Mathisen joined the Insurance Podcast to talk about this app.  Ryan is not your typical young CEO looking to disrupt insurance, he’s actually an agent and has been in the industry for...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 30
  May 23, 2019   00:41:59

Cari Donaldson- The Customer Experience

How many companies have a VP for Insights, Experience and Distribution?  Well SGI Canada does and that VP is Cari Donaldson who joins the podcast to talk about how the customer experience is far more intricate than we really know.  Cari shares insights on how the emotional experience is often overlooked with insurance transactions and...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 29
  May 13, 2019   00:43:27

Amber Wuollet Insurance Nerd

Amber Wuollet from Explore Information Services joins the Insurance Podcast to talk about data, customers, insure tech and insurance nerdery.  Yes, being an insurance nerd has never been so fun and Amber explains why insurance professionals need to embrace their inner nerd.  Aside from being an insurance nerd Amber talks about how data can help...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 28
  May 02, 2019   00:34:14

Personal Branding for Insurance Professionals

Alyson Shane joins The Insurance Podcast to talk how insurance brokers and all professionals can develop their personal brand.  As the founder and inspiration for Starling Social Alyson knows marketing and social media and how to brand just about anything.   There are 11 takeaways for insurance professionals with how they can improve their brand...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 27
  Apr 24, 2019   00:37:13

Sherif Gemayel-Sharp Insurance

Season 2 of the Insurance Podcast kicks off with Sherif Gemayel the founder and inspiration for Sharp Insurance. He shares his wisdom and story on becoming a leading online insurance broker including his ‘aha’ moment and how Google business listings changed the business trajectory.  If you want to understand what makes this insurtech leader tick...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 26
  Apr 10, 2019   00:22:31

Season 1 Recap- Part 2

Taking a deep dive into the best of the second half guests from the first season of the Insurance Podcast.  Great thoughts from Adam Mitchell, Dario Battista, Thomas Accardo, Graham Haigh, Justin Thouin, Katherine Ferrante, Jen Pugsley, Ron Glozman, Greg McCutcheon, Matthew Turak and Jeff Roy about how the insurance product distribution cycle has to...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 25
  Apr 01, 2019   00:29:08

Season 1 Recap Part 1

The first season of The Insurance Podcast has come to an end.  Here’s part one of the season review featuring, Alister Campbell, Stuart Bruce, Alyson Shane, Mike Berris, Chuck Byrne, Lance Miller, David Sussman, Paul McDonald,  Jay Bregman, and John Knotek.  Listeners will notice a theme develop and hopefully this episode can act as bit...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 24
  Mar 14, 2019   00:49:45

Jen Pugsley-Goose Digital

Insurance is ever-changing and Jen Puglsey from Goose Digital drops by to talk about how marketing automation is as important as ever if insurance brokers want to have an omni-channel presence.  Jen is a former insurance broker who now provides valuable insight for Goose Digital as the Director of Client Services as they prepare to...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 23
  Mar 09, 2019   00:36:09

Steve Pieroway-Policy Works

Data is the big driver in the insurance industry right now but understanding connectivity is still vital to the success of insurance distribution.  Steve Pieroway from PolicyWorks drops by to talk about how brokers need compelling solutions to change their processes and how even neophytes can use analytics in practical, functional ways to help understand...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 22
  Mar 04, 2019   00:40:49

Ron Glozman-Chisel

Artificial Intelligence never looked so cool as Ron Glozman of joins the podcast to talk about how AI will help the insurance industry be better at what it does- providing ‘bespoke service’.  That’s Ron’s term but it’s an appropriate term to what industry professionals need to understand efficiency should be to better your service...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 21
  Feb 21, 2019   00:35:58

Katherine Ferrante from ARAG

What do you really know about legal expense insurance?  If you’re anything like me it was a product that existed but you never really explored it.  Katherine Ferrante of ARAG provides fantastic insight on the product and how insurance brokers might be missing out on a great sales opportunity for their existing clients and new...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 20
  Feb 15, 2019   00:51:39

Thomas Accardo Brokerlift

The idea of change is a pretty cool thing for Thomas Accardo of Brokerlift.  His background is nothing like most people’s in the insurance industry so that’s why when he’s got something to say we should listen.  Whether it’s how retail theory should be a part of any insurance broker’s distribution strategy or how having...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 19
  Feb 07, 2019   00:32:24

Greg McCutcheon, President Opta

Do you understand how intelligent data is being used within the insurance industry? Greg McCutcheon, President of Opta joins the Insurance Podcast to discuss how brokers and insurers can use data to improve their books of business, where the future of data is going, and the reality no one wants to hear- how to deal...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 18
  Jan 29, 2019   00:58:23

The ICBC Debate

It’s the great debate on public or private auto insurance in British Columbia.  Former IBABC President Andrew Tablotney speaks on behalf of the insurance broker interest and Aaron Sutherlan VP West of the Insurance Bureau of Canada presents the case for considering private auto insurance.  There’s no shortage of controversy in BC regarding ICBC and...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 17
  Jan 08, 2019   00:38:39

Justin Thouin –

Do you use rate comparison sites? If not Justin Thouin of is going to change that because he sees where the future is for consumers with financial services. His company is so consumer focussed they do not even take ads on it. Justin drops by to explain how is there for consumers, insurance...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 16
  Dec 07, 2018   00:35:13

Matthew Turack from CAA

It’s fun to have one of the nice guys come on the show but don’t let Matthew’s gentle demeanor fool you-not only is he nice but he’s smart as well. Matthew talks about various initiatives with CAA and how they look at their value proposition as part of a customer’s lifestyle not a product they...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 15
  Nov 08, 2018   00:58:22

Jeff Roy from Excalibur Group

Is Jeff Roy the most energetic person in the Canadian Insurance industry? He might be but it’s not technology that led him to be a pioneer with online service. It started by looking at his brand. Jeff’s story is one every broker should hear as he talks about where he came from, why he changed...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 14
  Oct 29, 2018   00:47:11

Dario Battista from

Understanding brand leverage never happened so easily until Dario Battista joined the Podcast. Dario’s pearls of wisdom about brand development and offering a unique value proposition go beyond the insurance industry. It’s easy to see how he has made a powerhouse in the Canadian insurance industry. Please rate, review and follow the podcast! See...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 13
  Oct 16, 2018   00:50:27

Graham Haigh – Wawanesa

Graham Haigh joins Pete Tessier to discuss Wawanesa, the state of insurance in Canada, technology and innovation. Graham expands on the challenges in the marketplace and explains some the decision making to stop being a direct to consumer company in Quebec. Please rate, review and follow the podcast! See for privacy information. See Privacy...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 12
  Sep 20, 2018   00:51:27

Natalia Moudrak talks about climate adaptation

Understanding infrastructure has never been so much fun as Natalia Moudrak of the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation talks about how the risk of flood is affected insurance companies. More importantly she explains how cities and municipalities can design and adapt to manage the peril of flood caused by climate change. Please rate, review and...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 11
  Sep 07, 2018   00:44:53

Adam Mitchell of Mitchell and Whale

The laid back approach of Adam Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell and Whale Insurance Brokers is just a disguise for a focussed company that likes to think different. Maybe they are not quite like Apple but Adam explains why ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’ is a great way to look at change and more on...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 10
  Aug 06, 2018   00:42:40

Lance Miller – Surex Direct

Lance Miller provides some of his bountiful wisdom on how he and Surex Direct became the fastest growing insurance brokerage in Canada. With thoughts like ‘Technology is not a strategy,’ will show how any broker can find a path to success in the online world Please rate, review and follow the podcast! See for...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 9
  Jul 30, 2018   00:34:59

David Sussman – Plasmatic Technologies Inc.

Connected smart home technology never looked so cool or sounded so interesting after David Sussman of Plasmatic stopped by to discuss how the smart home will help change insurance. Brokers and consumers will soon know the value of how the smart home will enhance safety but also prevent and mitigate loss. Please rate, review and...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 8
  Jul 16, 2018   00:50:54

Alyson Shane: Starling Social

The first guest who is not from the insurance sector but don’t let that fool you.  I met Alyson through social media and quickly discovered that she and her business Starling Social are the panacea so many insurance brokers need.  Alyson sheds light on social media, marketing and explains in the marketing world, “if you...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 7
  Jul 02, 2018   00:33:35

Paul MacDonald – Economical

When Economical decided that new technology was the best used with brokers they went all-in.  Paul McDonald talks about the launch of the new platform Vyne, how the broker channel is changing with technology and what Economical has learned being a omni-channel insurer. Please rate, review and follow the podcast! See for privacy information....

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 6
  Jun 18, 2018   00:28:31

Jay Bregman – Verifly: Adaption Not Disruption

Jay Bregman from Verifly drops by to talk about changing landscape of on-demand insurance. Jay describes how the company went from insuring drones to being able to sell whole categories of insurance to contract workers in the GIG economy and beyond. In this episode there’s more than a few pearls of wisdom, there’s an entire...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 5
  Jun 05, 2018   00:32:54

Stuart Bruce – First Insurance Funding

Stuart Bruce from First Insurance Funding joins the Insurance Podcast to talk about how brokers can improve their efficiency with payments along with their value proposition. Stuart also explains that why he feels the death of the broker channel is ‘absolutely false’. Enjoy some rare insight from a serial entrepreneur who understands how to build...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 4
  May 30, 2018   00:43:01

Alister Campbell – Boxx Insurance

Known as one of the best quotes in the insurance industry Alister Campbell is as smart as he is funny.  With involvement in new MGA Boxx Insurance and their cyber liability products Alister seems to always be involved in the cutting edge of the industry.  Find out why Alister believes insurance isn’t just copyable, but...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 3
  May 07, 2018   00:44:08

Chuck Byrne – IBABC

Chuck Byrne, the Executive Director of the IBABC joins the insurance podcast to talk about issues in British Columbia, the housing market, politics and insurance technology. Please rate, review and follow the podcast! See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 2
  Apr 23, 2018   00:30:43

Mike Berris – Smythe LLP

Are you a broker owner looking at acquisitions or planning to sell, or even merge?  Mike Berris and his firm Smythe LLP are some of the best at helping any of those transactions.  Mike talks about what broker owners should be doing long before they want to sell and he gives great insight into what’s...

The Insurance Podcast
Episode: 1
  Apr 20, 2018   00:42:35

John Knotek from ClearPay

What exactly is ClearPay?  The CEO stops by to talk about what ClearPay does for the insurance sector and how it’s solution provides back office efficiency for insurance brokers and insurers.  John also provides great insight into the concept of disruption within the insurance sector and how believe it or not, cheque fraud is still...