The Mark and HooGie Show

The Mark and HooGie Show
Episode: 8
  Aug 06, 2020   00:45:11


Troy “Kickasso” Cole is a leader in the sneaker customization world… and also just so happens to be our guest this week! This dude has worked with some of the biggest celebrities in the world… has his own TV show… and soon will even be painting JET! We’ll discuss KickassoTV, how he got in to...

The Mark and HooGie Show
Episode: 7
  Jul 30, 2020   00:48:45

Tommy Vext

Bad Wolves has become one of the biggest new rock acts to hit break through in the past few years. Their cover of the classic Cranberries tune “Zombie” went to #1 on the Mainstream Rock Charts… and stayed there for 3 weeks!  This week, we chat with Bad Wolves singer, Tommy Vext, about the current...

The Mark and HooGie Show
Episode: 6
  Jul 23, 2020   01:01:08

David Ellefson

Megadeth is by far one of the most legendary Heavy Metal bands of all time! On this week’s show, we had the absolute privileged to chat with legendary Megadeth bassist, David Ellefson.  Is Megadeth working on a new album? Also, Dave talks about the formation of Megadeth and how he got (and has stayed) sober.

The Mark and HooGie Show
Episode: 5
  Jul 16, 2020   00:42:05

Adam Gontier

Imagine being the lead singer for one of the biggest rock bands in the world…. and then one day you decide to just give it all up. Adam Gontier did just that. Back in 2013, Adam Gontier shocked the rock world when he announced that he was leaving the band he help create, Three Days...

The Mark and HooGie Show
Episode: 4
  Jul 09, 2020   00:48:13

Jeff Burrows

This week on The Mark and HooGie Show, we got to chat with one of the nicest guys in rock music. Jeff Burrows, drummer for The Tea Party, possibly devotes more of his time to charitable causes than he does to his own band! The Tea Party hails from Windsor, Ontario, Canada…. but you would...

The Mark and HooGie Show
Episode: 3
  Jul 02, 2020   00:58:37

Morgan Rose

Morgan gives us the scoop on his new solo project, which features guest vocals from a HUGE name in Hard Rock. Plus, who was a total dick to Morgan when he asked for an autograph? Oh, and has Morgan ever seen Tommy Lee’s penis? Find out on this weeks episode!

The Mark and HooGie Show
Episode: 2
  Jun 25, 2020   00:43:06

Danny Worsnop

Is the new Asking Alexandria album inspired by this type of animal? Danny gives us the scoop on a new We Are Harlot album. Plus, we find out why he booked, and then canceled, a show within hours. Visit us online at and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel.