Unplugged Podcast

Unplugged Podcast
Episode: 13
  Jan 13, 2021   1872

David Meltzer

In this episode we are joined by business genius David Meltzer. Meltzer is the Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire. His life’s mission is to empower OVER 1 BILLION people to be happy! 

Unplugged Podcast
Episode: 12
  Dec 10, 2020   2399

Davon Reed

Meet Davon Reed the 32nd overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft and current player for the Sioux Falls Skyforce, the Miami Heat G League affiliate team. Davon is our latest guest where he shares his experience as an athlete who had limited knowledge of money and investing. His advice? Surround yourself with a strong...

Unplugged Podcast
Episode: 13
  Dec 03, 2020   2412

Buster Scher, Founder of Hoops Nation

Imagine starting a social media in high school that turns into one of the most successful brands of its kind? Enter Buster Scher and Hoops Nation. Buster shares with us the grind he started in high school to become a multifaceted social media mogul and entrepreneur. 

Unplugged Podcast
Episode: 9
  Nov 19, 2020   3336

Knockri talks the hiring process

On this episode get to know about Knockri. A team with a mission dedicated to fixing the hiring process! They talk about their story about why they want to fix the hiring process and we learn about one of their team members who was a former athlete and his transition to working in tech.

Unplugged Podcast
Episode: 7
  Nov 12, 2020   2607

Robyn Halbot on Analytics

On this episode, we bring in guest Robyn Halbot and she discussed the importance of analytics in the digital world and how you can use them to benefit yourself and your company.

Unplugged Podcast
Episode: 7
  Nov 05, 2020   3442

Tessa Thomas

This week we get to know Tessa Thomas the founder of Recruit HQ which helps high school athletes learn about life in college athletics!

Unplugged Podcast
Episode: 6
  Oct 29, 2020   3717

Alysha Newman, Canadian Olympian

On this episode of the ATG podcast, we speak to Canadian pole vaulter Alysha Newman about her success in her sport and what her mindset is like going into competition. 

Unplugged Podcast
Episode: 5
  Oct 22, 2020   2806

Quin Sandler and the power of Plantiga

Quin Sandler is a tech entrepreneur and CEO of Plantiga, which is a company that’s developing tools to help healthcare professionals and performance specialists capture and understand human movement data. Quin talks to us about his life and how he grew his business into what it is today!

Unplugged Podcast
Episode: 4
  Oct 15, 2020   3906

Swish Goswami

Swish Goswami is a young entrepreneur from Canada who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Trufan. All he knows is hustle. He has wanted to start a business ever since he was kid and has turned that into his reality along with being an Investor in Faze Clan or an advisor for many startups. If...

Unplugged Podcast
Episode: 2
  Oct 01, 2020   2973

Jimmy from Phyxable

Phyxable is a pain relief service offered for patients online. They have worked with athletes and regular joes like you and I to relieve all sorts of pain. in the body through consultation. In this episode, we talk to Founder Dr. Jimmy Feng and his journey starting Phyxable and how he got to where he...

Unplugged Podcast
Episode: 1
  Sep 24, 2020   2088

The Life of DJ Skee

DJ Skee is a DJ, investor, and entrepreneur. He owns Dash Radio and was one of the early investors of the popular resell website Stockx. He has worked with multiple platinum record artist and on our inaugural episode he talks to us about how he got to the place he is today. Welcome to ATG...