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Chinese Food Restaurant Offers Better Deals Depending On How Big Your Boobs Are

Chinese Food Restaurant Offers Better Deals Depending On How Big Your Boobs Are

Source  –  A “trendy” restaurant in Hangzhou, China has sparked global outrage by offering a special deal many see as “sexist” and “vulgar”: discounts for women with large breasts.

Trendy Shrimp first hung up a poster on August 1 that stated women could claim discounts by revealing their cup sizes to waiters.

Larger busts got better deals while flat-chested patrons were stuck paying full prices.

“The whole city is looking for BREASTS,” the poster in question read.

After people complained to the city council, Trendy Shrimp took the poster down and discontinued its titillating offer. But the restaurants stands by it. 

“Once the promotion started, customer numbers rose by about 20%,” general manager Lan Shenggang said.

“Some of the girls we met were very proud,” he added. “They had nothing to hide.”


if McDonald’s has a no shoes, shirt, no Service policy I dont see why Trendy Shrimp can’t have their own policy when it comes to prices and what you pay.

It’s the same with The cash or debit policy.  You shouldn’t be able to discriminate but we do and if you own a restaurant and decide women with big boobs should pay less because that’s the clientele you want, fuck the haters and ride that big breasted wave.  Clubs do it by only letting in hot girls and rich guys.  Steak houses do it with preferential treatment for the wealthy so why can’t trendy shrimp do it with hooters?

Seems reasonable.  The bigger the breast, the bigger the discount.

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