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Abraham Lincoln’s Bedroom Slippers Are Just The Cutest

Abraham Lincoln’s Bedroom Slippers Are Just The Cutest

Hot rod.  Abe’s baby antelope slippers.

These were the slippers he wore in the bedroom only.  After a long day of fighting racist dicks in the civil war, Lincoln would retire to his quarters and slip into these before giving Mary Todd “The Shove.”

I wish these slippers could speak.  Did he abolish slavery in these slippers?  Did he find watch Ulysses S. Grant get wasted and pass out in these slippers?

Did he dribble a little pee on these slippers?

I share a Birthday with honest Abe, so I’ve been fascinated by him for years.  A psychic told me once I am Abe Lincoln reincarnated too.  He was 6’3, and I’m 6’3.  He’s had a goatee; I have a goatee.  His first wife was nuts; my first wife was nuts.  He was responsible for ending slavery; I hate slavery.

I wonder if they fit.

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