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Alexis is excited about our App

Alexis is excited we have an App!

So you wanna advertise on… Smart Move!

Here are some recent advertising stats to consider;

  • Last time we checked (we do often) we had over 5,000,000* page views across the site
  • Over 72,000* downloads of our App

*accurate as of 07/23/2018 (Downloads have doubled over the past 5 weeks!)

Of those user views and downloads consider this;

  • 92% Of those bought weed online…this could be you.
  • 81% Of those bought a car in the past 2 years
  • 68% of those saw a live sporting event
  • 46 percent of those use a Rogers Device
  • 33% Of those Use Bell Device
  • 94% Purchased clothing online
  • 41% bought groceries online
  • 55% Got A Traffic Ticket
  • 90% Traffic is from Ontario
  • 71% watched pornography

Do you need more info? More convincing? Give us some details below and someone from the team will contact you as soon as possible.



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