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Apparently Lowry is Worth $100M…

Apparently Lowry is Worth $100M…

Let me be the first to say that I love Kyle Lowry. I’m happy to have him back. I truly am but 3yrs, $100M, really? I know the salary cap has increased and players are getting PAID right now but regardless, is Lowry really worth $33M per year?

I would think not.

Lets just look at the facts. Lowry had a career year this season averaging 22.4pts but that’s only the second time he’s averaged 20+ in his 11yr career. In his last five seasons, Lowry has averaged the following: 22.4, 21.2, 17.8, 17.9 & 11.6. How do you pay someone $33M per year, who averages 14.3pts for his career?

It would somewhat make sense to me if he was the driving force behind a Championship contender but the Raptors struggled to put away a Milwaukee Bucks roster who were only two games above .500 and it’s quite clear they’re no where near contending with the likes of the Cavaliers.

Lowry is without question the heart & soul of this Raptors squad and I think he makes them a better team but $33M per year for a player who struggles to stay consistently healthy is a reach in my eyes. But what do I know.

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