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The Arkells Are Headed To The Olympics, All Thanks To A Couple Of Tweets

The Arkells Are Headed To The Olympics, All Thanks To A Couple Of Tweets

The internet can be a powerful tool, and you know what they say, ‘always shoot your shot’.

Being one of the most dynamic bands in the nation, The Arkells certainly shoot their Canadian shots on occasion, but yesterday they just so happened to drain a couple threes from deep.

After finding out the Canada House in the Olympic Village had been rocking out to their music all week, the band mentioned on twitter that they needed to get over there to play live for the crowd. Air Canada caught wind of this and after 5 or 6 tweets, the band had their tickets booked and began to pack.

We hope the Canada House is ready, these guys are unbelievable live. We don’t blame you at all for choosing them as the soundtrack for the country.  For those who are not so familiar, they’re basically the perfect mix of rock and roll, soul, mo-town, with every once and awhile an acoustic seasoning. They are becoming the modern-day Tragically Hip.

Here’s some of the exchange, if you haven’t yet been to a live show, check out the rally in Hamilton on June 23rd. It’s going to be the concert of the summer; be sure to pack your dancing shoes, your drunken karaoke best, some rock and roll swagger and be ready to shoot your shots, all night long.

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