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Auston Matthews GF Posts EVEN MORE Pics/Video/ Bait Of Herself On Instagram.

Auston Matthews GF Posts EVEN MORE Pics/Video/ Bait Of Herself On Instagram.

Last Month we posted a Story based on a picture Model Jordyn Johnson put on her Instagram of her and Toronto Maple Leaf  Auston Matthews together.   He’s the one with the purple fidget spinner in his right hand.


A small yet vocal group took exception to the story.   They said we objectified her and in no way should be commenting on beautiful girls and what they were wearing.   You can read the original article here.

Well, here she is again in all her objectified perverseness posting more pictures of herself for us to not look at.


The first is sickening.  Jordyn’s arm is behind her back and the other on her ear to accentuate what appears to be her chest region with a slight hint of underboob.

The second, Slightly more subdued yet tasteless.  We can totally see her bra, and the fur boa is usually worn by harlots and hookers on street corners.  The worst.

The last post was a video you probably shouldn’t watch.   Jordyn is setting the women’s movement back to the 80’s.  Various states of undress (again, forcing her chest into the conversation) staring into the camera with a look that says “after watching this you’re going to go home and sin.”

I dont know what Jordyn thinks she’d done here with these pictures and videos but the phrase “nothing good” comes to mind.   Plus I think the Ed Sheeran rip off is illegal or something.

I’ll make sure to follow this closely, so you dont have too.  Our apologies in advance.



Yeah Right.  I’m not falling for the “Check out my IV bruise on my arm” trick when you clearly want me to look at your boobs.   What is this booby witchcraft she’s trying on us to get us to objectify her ample bosom and pouty lips to go with her wet hair and knitted bikini top made to look like lingerie.


Come.  ON!  Jordyn is trying her bullshit magic again this time its the old “Look at this sea creature” trick when what she really wants to say is, “Below the sea creature and under the white bikini there’s a vagina and yes, I wax”   Dirty pool and made even worse by the fact it’s a video.  Do you wonder why she didn’t put the little fucker on her shoulder?  Well, wonder no more.  She’s teasing you to come back for the next picture with the caption “Oh Look, I sat in ketchup what ever will I do with these dirty Lululemon tights”



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