Chris Trew Comedian | Sportswriter | Blogger

Chris Trew is a comedian and sportswriter from New Orleans. His sports content has been featured on, UPROXX, and ESPN Truehoop. He's been seen at over 50 comedy and music festivals in North America. The Austin Chronicle said Chris was "out of f*cking mind" and Paper Magazine said he was a "comedian you should know." He's written a book about improv comedy (Improv Wins) and another about his seat behind the visitors bench at Pelicans games (Behind The Bench). He's also the host and commissioner of the wildly popular Air Sex Championships tour. Known for being "the most sex positive comedy show on the planet" and "the world's most important sporting event", Air Sex has been seen all over the planet. From music festivals to dive bars to comedy theaters. From GQ Magazine to Playboy TV to America's Got Talent. Chris' sports gambling podcast, Good Morning to Gamble, launched in Summer 2020 along with his pop culture project, Happy Birthday Podcast. He's stoked to be part of the Dean Blundell team.