Sarah Ayres Contributor | Business Owner | Mum | Puck Bunn!

Im a business owner, mum and a puck hockey wife. I am the proud owner of a Toronto Maple Leaf Emergency Back Up Goalie. He got the gig the day after we got hitched, So I basically take the credit for it. That and the fact he has been with the Marlies for 7 years played a small role. Netting a hottie who can stop a puck or two obviously makes me super knowledgeable about the sport. I sit quietly in the shadows going to practices and games and secretly hoping for a goalie injury. I have an undying passion for sports, I’m outspoken and sometimes a little offside with my opinions. I carry a strong belief that life has to be called as it’s seen. When you’re able to do that, you influence those around you to do the same. There I did it! I wrote the whole bio up without saying ‘fuck’ once.