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Breaking: Gregg Zaun had a quiet history of unwanted advances with women.

Breaking: Gregg Zaun had a quiet history of unwanted advances with women.

As you know by now, Greg Zaun Was fired by Rogers/Sportsnet for “Inappropriate sexual misconduct in the workplace.”  Hard to like on TV and tougher in person Zaun apparently had a quiet history of unwanted advances with women.

According to sources at Sportsnet Zaun was “All over” a woman at an annual Rogers Media Conference to the point where the woman told him to “Fuck Off” and She “wasn’t interested.”

“He was Drunk, and she kept trying to get away from her, but she couldn’t shake him.  He couldn’t have been any more fucking obvious.  He was literally right in her face. and he wouldn’t leave her alone.”

Asked if she went to anyone and complained the source said “NO! Not a chance.  It’s Greg Zaun, Bit I do know that there’s way more to this.”

According to the source Rogers had ZERO indication of his complaints, and within 48 hours they Fired Zaun and began dealing with it.

“All the department heads send notes to say under no circumstances will ROGERS Tolerate this kind of bullshit and if you see anything it’s your duty to report it.  They’re taking it seriously and I don’t think there were any official complaints until recently but I could be wrong.”

“Off The Record, Zaun creeped a lot of people out’ another source said.

Fucken wild.  There’s zero chance Greg Works in baseball again.  Predators are treated like Ebola and it’s not only the right thing to do as a potential employer but I can tell you he was about as reliable as a fart in old folks home.

Unfortunately, you can stop bagging on ROGERS and Sportsnet.  They did the right thing as far as I know so fucken relax with the corporate hate.   Need be go look at your phone bill.

Equally unfortunate, There’s more to come.

Oh.  JP Arencibia had a very good day yesterday.  I love him.


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