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#TBT Bunch Of Drunk Girls Around The Pool Squeezing Each Others……

Source  –  Warning: If you’re planning on eating anything in the next hour—or really, for the rest of your life—don’t watch the video below, which was posted in June but has racked up over 3 million views on Facebook since being re-shared last week.It’s positively disgusting, and yet, tons of people can’t stop watching it.

But then we learn that one of the ladies has a massive, angry red boil the size of a golf ball on her side.Naturally, her friends decide they’re going to pop the sucker for her. When they do, an unbroken stream of yellow pus geysers out of the blemish for a good 3 seconds.

It might have been longer, but we turned away to dry heave.

Oh.  That’s so hot.  All those drunk girls around the pool.  They swear and smoke and drink straight whiskey and squeeze each other boils that squirt 6 feet of puss in the air.   mmmmm…..

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