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Cincinatti Zoo Welcomes First Gorilla Since Shooting The Last One.

TMZ – The Cincinnati Zoo opened its doors to another gorilla for the first time since Harambe was tragically killed.

The zoo welcomed Mshindi … a 29-year-old silverback that previously called the Louisville Zoo its home. It’s the first time Cincinnati’s Gorilla World habitat welcomed a gorilla since Harambe was shot and killed in May 2016 after a 4-year-old boy fell into the gorilla’s enclosure.


Zoo officials said they had no regrets taking down the gorilla that sparked a firestorm of controversy.

Mshindi will reportedly join two female gorillas — 21-year-old Chewie and 22-year-old Mara.


Let try to not shoot this one fella.   The video of Harambe saving the Baby is still one of the greatest human/gorilla interactions caught on camera

Harambe was a hero meant for a different zoo with fewer trigger happy park security guys that haven’t shot an animal yet and their dying to.

Good luck Mshindi.  If Harambe were here, we would tell you to duck.



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