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Clay Travis Just Went On Boob Rampage On CNN And It Was AWESOME!

Clay Travis is a golden god. To go on a rampage on CNN and say the only thing you believe in is the first amendment and boobs is maybe one of the greatest first guest power moves in the history of guests on Newstalk.

And I’m sorry the guy on the left for sure likes boobs, and I know Brooke Baldwin loves boobs because she tries to show us her boobs every single day that she’s on television. No one on that panel was too good for boobs, no one. I don’t care if you’re a female you absolutely know what boobs are and to be offended by the fact that a guy holds them in as high regard as the first amendment you should even be proud of your boobs Brooke.

“Boobs? I’m Sorry. Did I hear that right?” hahahahahaaha. The Best.

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