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Connor McDavid “Really Upset” NHL Not Going To Olympics.


Connor McDavid “Really Upset” NHL Not Going To Olympics.

CBC – Oilers captain Connor McDavid says he’s disappointed that the NHL won’t be sending players to the Winter Olympic in South Korea next year.

He told reporters at a charity event this morning that Team Canada will not have the same prestige at the 2018 Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, thanks to the lack of NHL players.

McDavid’s comments come a day after Hockey Canada announced it was looking for non-NHL talent for Canada’s 2017-2018 roster.

Sean Burke, the team’s GM, said yesterday that the bulk of Canada’s Olympic team will come from players based in Europe.

The NHL’s reasons not to participate in the upcoming Games include disagreements over costs as well as problems accommodating the Games during its regular season.

The NHL had allowed players its to attend every Games since the 1998 Nagano Olympics.


I realize there is a typo in the CBC story so dont shit on me I didn’t write it.   Plus this site is built on mistakes, and typo’s so I respect it.

I get that Gary Bettman is repping the NHL owners group and he’s just the messenger but he for sure loves holding the hockey world hostage and lording his influence over the IOC.  I dont think he gives a shit about the fans of international hockey and nor does he get paid to.   His decision to shine the Olympics is also an indicator he doesn’t give a shit about reputation or fans of the NHL.  There isn’t a Hockey fan on the planet that would be pissed off the NHL is taking a break for truly best on best hockey.  Not one, and if there is one, that person is dumb.

It will be interesting to see if Candian players break rank as Ovechkin plans on doing.  I can’t see impact guys making a play but if there was are you telling me Bettman or Mario will tell Crosby he can’t go if he wants? Same with McDavid.  Darryl Katz is too busy trying to pay actresses for blow jobs to care and truthfully if McDavid says he’s going what are the Oilers going to do?  Suspend him?  Good one?  Scold him?  He’s void of emotion so fuck that.

I can’t see it though.  Canadians are the people who order chicken, but they bring you steak and we eat it anyway.   I’m fascinated to see some guys send it back to Bettman though.



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