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Conservative MP Tony Clement Resigns After Sending A Dick Pic To A Woman.

Conservative MP Tony Clement Resigns After Sending A Dick Pic To A Woman.

Well, at least I think it was a dick pic.  It might have been a pic of his bung piece but “Sexually Explicit Pictures” means dick pic to me.

Oh, Tony.  I’ve known you for a long time, and your son was an intern for us.  You were always so normal, but I guess everyone has something they battle, and that seems to be an overactive libido and the inability to give a shit, in your case.

I’ve never sent a dick shot to anyone in my life.  I’ve also never taken a selfie in the bathroom after pretending to work out. Therefore, I’m in no danger of being publically shamed for being a horny creepy old guy.  Unfortunately, that will be the long, and the short of it for Tony and the embarrassment for his family would be a crushing lesson that accompanies reputational bankruptcy.

Let Tony Clement be a life lesson for you today.  No matter if your Texas Congressman Joe Barton…

Or Tory MP Tony Clement or some shmuck who works at a lumber yard.  Anything you send can always exist and be used against you and assuming it will be used against you should be where you start.

Having said all that I’m dying to see the pic. Typically people who send dick pics are hanging meat.


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