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User Submission: What The Fuck Happened to Hop-Hop? Blame The Likes of Drake

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Drake is NOT a Gangster – He starred on the Degrassi: the Next Generation

The hip-hop music scene used to be cool. Back in the mid to late 90’s and into the early 2000’s, the amount of talent, creative new beats, and music that were being produced will likely never be seen again in this genre, at least in my life time. Whether you like that type of sounds or not, there was a respect for its place and an attitude of fear and strength that it brought to music. Anything cool or original about that time has clearly gone right to shit! 

Fast forward to 2017, hip-hop has been deconstructed and boiled down to a synthetically designed, undeniably pop orchestrated and manufactured sound experience. With the exception of some independents and some deep underground scenes, hip-hop in the mainstream will continue to expel its horrid undertones. This is further evidence that whatever this mashed-up, corporate washed, fuck it we sell out type of music genre is now, it has taken a very heavy fall from grace.

I came across a great post from the guys at Vice Land who continue doing some great stuff telling awesome stories the world wouldn’t otherwise know. (Ninja Plays Basketball with Kayne and Drake).  The feature in this video is “Ninja” (also a word commonly used universally by white guys who don’t want to yell the n-word, when quoting their favourite rap or hip hop songs) who is a white rapper from South Africa if you haven’t heard of him before. From his own account, he touches on the very essences of this article topic. Hip-Hop has gotten fucked and fake ass rappers like Drake continue to perpetuate the shitty decline of a genre that use to be feared and envied compared to most others in the industry. It’s also a sorry state of affairs when rappers like Ninja (who is an awesome dude), tend to be more feared and respected than his counter parts.


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