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Dave Grohl Would Do Anything For His Fans Including Gifting His Shoe

Courtesy @sabrynsucks

Foo Fighters hit the stage Saturday night and one of their fans was in attendance with a broken foot.

The trooper was Sabryn, who was at the show in crutches, as who the fuck would miss the show for having a broken wing, but the cool part begins when she makes her way backstage to meet the band.

Dave Grohl’s orthopedic doctor happened to notice Sabryn and her casted foot, so he advised her, she would be smart to put a shoe on the foot to help with the recovery.

Great, I’m at a concert, where the fuck am I going to find a shoe here?

That’s when Dave Grohl displays why he is a legend and one of the best dudes in Music, ever.

Dave proceeds to take his shoe off for his fan in need, showing that there isn’t anything he won’t do to make his fans happy.

What a guy.

Is he the best dude in Music?

Show me another story of a 1-A Musician giving up his shoe for his fans, and maybe we can start the debate.


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