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Demar DeRozan: “The Raptors Lied To Me”

Demar DeRozan: “The Raptors Lied To Me”

Demar DeRozan Is delusional if he thinks Kawhi Leonard is “a little bit of nothing”

Source  –  The NBA world was rocked in the early morning hours of July 18, when word broke that a deal was in place to send Kawhi Leonard to the Toronto Raptors, with DeMar DeRozan joining the San Antonio Spurs. While much of the attention has been paid to Leonard and what appears to be the end of the road after a lengthy set of trade talks, there is another massive story in DeRozan’s exit from Canada’s team, particularly given the fact that he has been committed to the organization for the entirety of his career.

With that as the backdrop, DeRozan shared his apparent displeasure with the deal on his Instagram story.

Under any circumstance, it wouldn’t be a shock to see an All-Star player expressing some negativity over a trade he was surprised by but, in this case, DeRozan reportedly has even more fuel. As part of a story from Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, it was revealed that “sources close to DeRozan told ESPN’s Chris Haynes that DeRozan met with Toronto brass in Las Vegas during summer league and was told he would not be traded.”

Whatever.  If Gretzky can be traded, the softest playoff performer in Raptors history can be traded too.

Look, I like Demar, and I feel sorry for Kyle, but Masai hasn’t started a bff club.  He’s trying to make the team better for the fanbase and get to the NBA finals where anything can happen and believe me, LeBron going to LA absolutely shifted the plan moving forward.  It’s that signing that made Masai change course.  Demar can call it a lie and sulk about loyalty, but loyalty doesn’t win championships.  The best players and the best team does.

Kawhi Leonard is a superstar.  Demar is a regular season star.  Kawhi plays the best defense in the league and is a top three offensive player in the NBA.  Demar, not so much.  Kawhi gets the ball when it matters on any team that doesn’t have LeBron.  Demar, no way.

The Raptors defensive upgrade with this trade is night and fucking day too.

Raptors starting 5






Sorry Demar lovers but even without an extension trading for Kawhi Leonard with the NBA’s power shift in the west was the only move Masai had to make and his nuts are firmly on the line now so if it fails, he’s next.

And you get to watch one of the NBA’s superstars play for your team for at least one year, and we can start.

BTW, if your keeping track, Toronto has landed the best free agent in the NHL and The best available player in the NBA within a month.  Suck on that.



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