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Don’s NFL Picks: Week 6

Don’s NFL Picks: Week 6

Guess who’s back, back again. Don is back. Tell some friends. Boom. I’m pumped. This past week we went 10-5 and that is a winning week in my books. I did have a few misses in Week 5. If I would’ve told you that Josh Allen would only complete 10-of-19 passes for 85 yards and an interception, you’d likely guess the Bills had lost; but they didn’t. They somehow won. The Jets, Lions, and Browns won also. I’m good, but not that good. Here are my three big takeaways.

Baker Mayfield is the new LeBron

I’m losing my [email protected]%& if I’m a Cleveland fan right now. Baker Mayfield has lead you to two wins. Which as context for those who aren’t huge football fans, is two more games then they won last season. He’s not working with much and is getting it done. Beating the Ravens is a huge win. The Ravens are a legitimate team. Therefore it gives the Browns some sort of legitimacy for the future moving forward. I don’t think they beat the Chargers, but [email protected]#%ING EH Cleveland.

The Steelers don’t suck yet

It’s been dump city for Pittsburgh fans as of late. The Steelers were 1-2-1 coming into Week 5, and they needed a win desperately. What they got was a statement game. The Steelers walked all over the Atlanta Falcons 41-17. Big Ben threw for almost 300 yards and three touchdowns. Antonio Brown went for over 100 yards and two touchdowns. And James Conner rushed for 110 yards and two touchdowns on top of 75 yards receiving. It’s gonna be tough to pick against em after that performance.

The 49ers are a hot dumpster fire

The Cardinals suck. The 49ers lost to the Cardinals. Enough said. On a positive note: it’s only Week 6, so the 49ers have a lot of time to prepare for next season. I doubt they’re going to win another game this year. So you might as well get a head start on the off-season. San Fran was banking real hard on Jimmy G. This is what happens when you rely solely on one player. When that player goes down, so does your season. Look at the Packers whenever Rodgers goes down.

Don’s Picks: Week 6

Current Record: 43-33-2

Eagles vs. Giants
Buccaneers vs. Falcons
Panthers vs. Redskins
Seahawks vs. Raiders
Colts vs. Jets
Cardinals vs. Vikings
Steelers vs. Bengals
Chargers vs. Browns
Bills vs. Texans
Bears vs. Dolphins
Rams vs. Broncos
Ravens vs. Titans
Jaguars vs. Cowboys
Chiefs vs. Patriots
49ers vs. Packers

Games to Watch

Steelers vs. Bengals

Division rivals, a long hate-filled history, what more do you need. The Bengals are coming off a win over the Dolphins. The Steelers are coming off a win over the Falcons. So both teams are coming into this week with a lot of false confidence after wins over [email protected]#% teams. I’ve got a history of jumping on bandwagons too soon, but I’m taking the Steelers.

Panthers vs. Redskins

Potential. Neither team has lived up to it this season, but both teams have a lot of it. Cam Newton gives every defence nightmares. The Redskins have captain efficiency and all day Adrian Peterson. I think this is going to be a chess match. But I think the Panthers simply have a little more. I love Alex Smith, but his safe tendencies will cost the Redskins a close game.

Chiefs vs. Patriots

Sweet mother of god, we have a game. I’m all up on this Chiefs bandwagon, but I’m making a quick exit before New England. I think Bill Belichick has young quarterbacks numbers. The Patriots are going to neutralize this juggernaut and put a temporary hold on this offence. I think it’s gonna be close. But I think the Pats walk away with the win.

Think I’m full of [email protected]#%

Prove it

Send me your picks, your thoughts, or whatever nonsense floats around inside that head of yours and tag me in it: @dschram34. Or go to the “Submit your shit” page of the website, and give us your thoughts on this weeks matchups. If it’s legitimate, I promise you Dean will post it.

See you in the comments section.

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