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Does this look like the face of a women who tried to escape DUI on kids scooter?

Does this look like the face of a women who tried to escape DUI on kids scooter?

Source  –  If only she would have had a kid’s hoverboard instead.

According to the Associated Press, a 27-year-old Nevada woman was arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance, trafficking MDMA, destruction of property and resisting arrest Saturday night after she reportedly drove her Jeep Cherokee down the wrong side of a highway and later crashed it up a hill 20 yards away from the road.

Police in Sparks received a call about an asshole cruising down the wrong side of a highway, and they thankfully found the vehicle and its owner before anybody got seriously injured or even killed. To do so, however, they had to look in an unexpected place, but they eventually found Sabra Bewley and her Jeep Cherokee “some 20 yards up a hill off a highway.”

Drunk Nevada Woman Dances On Car And Tries To Flee DUI Scene On Kid’s Scooter

Photo: Sparks Police Department

The fact that Bewley was two first downs away from the road wasn’t even close to being the most shocking part of the evening for the officers, as they found her dancing on top of her SUV. When they called out to her, she decided to make a run for it, but since her ride was busted, she tried to do so on a kid’s scooter.

Yeah, that didn’t work, and now she’s in deep shit.

Things that seem like a great Idea when your wasted but arent.

Our gal here probably assumed her liquid courage would lead her to freedom but alas, the Red Flyer scooter isn’t built for getaways and her drunk legs couldn’t keep up.

Either way great effort and it’s nice to see she can dream big dreams.

Alcohol rules.

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