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Drunk Tweets Work. Big Time.

Drunk Tweets Work. Big Time.

Drunk Tweets

When it comes to using Twitter, I think we’re all using it wrong. Everyone’s there throwing out political rants, re-tweeting their friends’ posts, or simply trying to get their tweet recognized. I’ve always compared it to sitting in a football stadium with 100,000 other fans and screaming at the top of your lungs. Trouble is, everyone else is screaming too.

The only way to get truly recognized (or gain more followers) is to either say some funny shit ALL the time, or buy your followers. It’s not easy being “on” all the time, and I’m not sure where the pride is in buying 25,000 followers for $39.99. But I guess when people see those inflated numbers, they feel better about themselves. Good for them…

I have a modest group of followers, and the only thing I did to get them was throw out some dumb tweets about being drunk and “fuck Trump” and see what happens. Truly, it’s just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. Sure, a lot of my followers came in a short period where I ended up on some Turkish or Arabic marketing list, but hey, it’s not like I paid for them. I just hope I’m not on some government watch list for being an ISIS sympathizer now…

So, what’s my secret for posting on Twitter? Two simple words.

Drunk tweets.

Seriously, the only way we should be posting on Twitter is through the veil of alcohol. It’s not like you’re having a real conversation anyway! Riddle me this. Where is your chat game better? At work at 11:00am on a Tuesday, or in a bar at 11:00pm on a Friday? I think we all know what the correct answer is.

When you have a drink (or six) in you, you possess communication skills the State Department could learn from. So why not put those skills to work? Mix a cocktail, grab your keyboard, and start typing away. Trust me, your brain will generate much more interesting tweets when you’ve thrown back a few.

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