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Dude Sprayed Shit On Produce At A Grocery Store

Dude Sprayed Shit On Produce At A Grocery Store

Source  –   A disgruntled former contractor sprayed what is believed to be liquid feces on produce at a grocery store in Charleston, South Carolina, according to police.

Pau Hang, 41, was arrested on Sunday afternoon at a Harris Teeter after a manager spotted him and called the police. 

The disgruntled former contractor has banned from the store two years ago for an unspecified reason.

The manager allegedly saw Hang empty a bottle of brown liquid with a fecal odor on the produce.

When police arrived Hang claimed the store owed him money.

The manager estimated the damage would cost at least $3,000 in cleaning fees and ruined produce.



They never Identified who’s shit it was or if it was even his but I hope no matter who’s shit he squirted on the celery he goes to jail for a VERY long time.

Dick move and no matter how mad you are at at the grocery store that fucked you over dont spray poop on other peoples food.

A friend of mine went swimming in the Detroit River when he was wasted, and he swallowed some shit.

He was sick for about two months and to this day anytime he eats cheese he barfs his balls off.   He also had a parasite that destroyed half his colon, and he’s on meds for the rest of his life.

Let’s all pray for a long pain filled term in prison more Mr. Shitsmear.




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