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Exclusive: Down Goes Brown As “Local Barrie Pervert” Is Finally Getting Exposed

Exclusive: Down Goes Brown As “Local Barrie Pervert” Is Finally Getting Exposed

Source: As the Ontario PC party deals with questions of who knew what and when about allegations against Patrick Brown, an Ottawa-area MPP says she raised concerns “two or three times” prior to the serious accusations of sexual misconduct brought forward by two women this week.

One of the stories that PC MPP Lisa MacLeod knew about, was that of the woman who had worked in Brown’s constituency office in 2013 while she was a university student.

She was one of two women who came forward to CTV News alleging sexual misconduct against Brown — allegations he has emphatically denied.

The woman shared something about her experience with Brown to MacLeod after a social event in Ottawa last year.

MacLeod told CTV News Friday night: “She is why I stood up.”

Questions remain about just how far that information went within the party, because MacLeod said she did not tell anyone in senior management — some of whom stepped aside when the allegations came to light — or members of caucus about what she had been hearing.

Instead, MacLeod said that she alerted Dimitri Soudas, Tory insider and self-described PC campaign volunteer, to some unspecific rumours of “inappropriate touching, or multiple girlfriends.

It is unclear if what MacLeod presented to Soudas included the information from the woman that spoke to CTV News.

Women are speaking to CTV News and men and women are speaking to

Check out some of the comments that are being thrown our way:

The “Local Barrie Pervert” will never be taken seriously again.

This has been many many years in the making, don’t you think Mr Brown? Gone forever but never forgotten are the nights you would just creep around the downtown streets of Barrie, Ontario. It didn’t matter which bar, it didn’t matter how old, you always made it seem like you were scoping the d-floors for some of the drunkest girls in the bar. Drunk teenagers and politics don’t mix like you wanted it to Brownie. Buying bottle service for girls who wanted no part of it, pushy conversations when things weren’t going your way, Brown you always were perceived as the old creepo who stood out like a sore thumb.

From your diet coke ordering to your creepy approach with trying to pick up the servers and bartenders of Barrie, there are tens of thousands of residents of Barrie who one, aren’t at all surprised you finally got exposed, and two, are proud of the women who found the strength to reach out for help. A problem told is half a problem, and now you have some big problems Mr Brown.

Was it fun? Was the ride everything you thought it would be? Was calling every second female you came across you’re ‘favourite’ your go to? Or was whipping it out and doing the helicopter? You’re probably a Louis C.K fan then, we assume. As much as humour can be a release, this isn’t a joke. We are going to assume help hotlines and women’s shelters are currently being flooded around Barrie. Or, maybe we are being told this first hand.

Our sources continue to work the streets and the stories/comments/and detailed descriptions are going to continue here at It appears the only people of Barrie who don’t believe these allegations and are backing Patrick Brown, are the business owners who have fed money into campaigns for financially benefits of their own. – your one stop shop for exposing men who abuse positions of power, advance themselves without consent and creep around the dancefloors of downtown, like a shark circling for blood.

You think that’s pretty gross, Mr Brown? Same here.



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