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Female Tennis Fails Drug Test. Says It Was Her Mom’s Tortellini

Female Tennis Fails Drug Test. Says It Was Her Mom’s Tortellini

Terez Owens – Former world No 5 Sara Errani has been banned for only two months after convincing an International Tennis Federation tribunal that she ingested a banned substance via her mother’s tortellini. From the source, ” A chemical called letrozole was found in a urine sample that Errani donated in February, during an out-of-competition sample at her parents’ house in Italy. The substance is used in the treatment of breast cancer, but it has also been associated with the promotion of muscle tissue in female bodybuilders. Errani argued that the letrozole in question was part of her mother’s treatment regime. Mrs Errani – who has suffered multiple incidences of cancer in the past – kept the chemical in a blister pack of pills, which she would leave to the side of her kitchen worktop” Not buying that story, I mean, really?


Well, I am buying it.  Big time.  It sounds entirely logical that her mother’s cancer treatment pills would somehow end up in her daughter’s pasta.  I mean, if you’re cooking and you sweat into the pasta water it’s completely understandable that your sweat would contain a banned substance on the WPT tour.  I bet standing close to the food might give off some pheromone that somehow ends up in your food by osmosis.

Silly us.


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