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Floyd Mayweather is full of shit


Floyd Mayweather is full of Shit

Floyd Mayweather is full of Shit

Floyd Mayweather is full of shit.

This is why I can’t stand this little turd. In yesterdays media coverage of his open workout, Mayweather was asked a question in regards to whether or not he would actively look to finish the fight. His response was yet another lie, as he stated, “This is more than a fight, it’s an event. I think we both owe the public excitement”.

That’s half true.

Floyd Mayweather owes the public excitement.

Conor does not. The truth is McGregor is about as exciting a fighter as they come. The Notorious one has finished 18 of 21 fights by knockout, and one by submission. Only two of Conor’s fights have gone to decision. The same cannot be said for Floyd. Which is why he’s so full of shit with his statement.

Floyd hasn’t finished a fight in six years when he knocked out Victor Ortiz in 2011. In fact, people are still pissed about the snooze fest we all paid for when he fought Manny Pacquiao just two years prior.

The reason for that is because Floyd has brittle hands. He’s had problems with them since he was an amateur, and has changed who wraps his hands several times. It’s why he’s become the defensive fighter he is today.

So don’t feed me your bullshit. It’s the same as when he said that he’d fight McGregor in the octagon next. We all know that isn’t true. You’re a lying, woman beating, illiterate, self-absorbed, piece of shit.

His ego wouldn’t allow himself to potentially be embarrassed on PPV. It’s why I’m picking Conor to win, and why I give McGregor so much credit for doing this in the first place. He’s got balls, big Irish balls.


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