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Grandma Cop + Baby Shower + Boozed Up Women – Brain + Brawl= AWESOME VIDEO!

Grandma Cop + Baby Shower + Boozed Up Women – Brain + Brawl= AWESOME VIDEO!

Source  –   New footage may help clear an off-duty West Memphis Police officer’s name after being charged in a baby-shower brawl.

The family said they called police at least 6 times. The first time they say dispatch hung up on them and every time after that.

They say there wasn’t much cooperation until it was clear that the off-duty officer was hurt and bleeding.

This soon to be grandma has lost her badge and is now facing battery and assault charges after her motherly instincts may have overridden her professional code of conduct.

Now her step-son Dewayne Robinson Jr. says former officer Wendi Schuchardt didn’t start the fight.

“If police would have come when I first called and told them the female was here the very first time when dispatch hung up on me
this never would have happened,” Robinson Jr. said.

WREG uncovered hotel surveillance showing how things played out, though you can’t hear anything you can see the off-duty
officer standing by the door in a pink shirt.

“My stepmom never entered that room never touched that room. We stood outside the door and my stepmom put her hand against the wall,” Robinson said.

Robinson Jr. says his stepmom is in trouble for protecting his pregnant sister who was threatened by a Clarion Hotel Guest.

“She said I’ll whoop this pregnant B**** a** and that point I asked her to go to her room or get out the lobby because you’re being rude,” Robinson said.

He says the guest even lunged at his sister.

He and Schuchardt were at the hotel decorating for his sister’s baby shower that was on March 24th.




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