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This Guy Had Sex With A Chain Link Fence.

This Guy Had Sex With A Chain Link Fence.

Source – A warrant has been issued for a Texas resident who stands accused of having sex with a chain link fence, 

according to court records.  A judge last week ordered the arrest of Eliodoro Estala, 32, after he failed to appear for a court hearing in his indecent exposure case. A bond posted earlier this year by Estala, a Mexican national, was ordered forfeited by a Travis County jurist.

Estala, pictured at right, was arrested in March on the misdemeanor count after an Austin neighbor told cops that she saw him “having sex with a fence” that separates their residences. Estala disrobed when he realized that Diana Vazquez was recording him with her cell phone as he urinated on the fence.

As detailed in an arrest affidavit, Estala initially “put his mouth inside the chain link fence and stuck his tongue out moving it up and down.” Vazquez told police said that it seemed Estala “was demonstrating a sexual act of ‘eating out the fence’ (Cunnilingus).”

Investigators allege that Estala–who appeared intoxicated–proceeded to then “stick his erected penis into the chain link fence” and “have sex with the fence.” Estala apparently “thought the fence was a female,” said Vazquez, who provided police with photos and video she shot of her naked neighbor.

When questioned by cops, the “uncooperative” Estala denied getting frisky with the fence (seen below), saying he “was inside his apartment.” 


Jesus.   Just Jesus.   Thats drunk.  THAT Has to be all time right?  Number one?  has to be.  What beats it?  The guy passing out in a strip joint?  No   Cheated on your spouse?  No.

When you are on your hands and knees pretending to go chew a chain link fence, you are drunk.  When you then stand up after warming the fence up and start pounding that fence’s ass, I’m not surprized you thought were somewhere else.

Hot stuff though.  Sounds like my man Eliordoiolioloha was right into it though.


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