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Here’s 2 Old Guys Fighting Over A Beach Umbrella

Here’s 2 Old Guys Fighting Over A Beach Umbrella

Source  – You know what’s more entertaining than seeing two idiots fight over nothing? Seeing two old guys fight over nothing, but that’s exactly what you’re going to see in the video below.

Two US (of course) tourists visiting the Caribbean were caught on video fighting over the dumbest of reasons: umbrellas. The men were on a cruise excursion in St. Kitts when the chaos kicked off in front of other people trying to enjoy their vacation. This is what occurred according to the YouTube description:

Excursion was cruise ship sponsored. When the group came to the beach there was not enough chairs and umbrellas to go around. Included in the excursion was two chairs and a umbrella. The guy with the back pack was upset when he never got what he paid for. If you watch closely the guy in the white has his beer dumped over by the back pack guy. That’s what starts the fight.

Now watch these oldies go at it:

Man, can’t we all just get along? Oh wait, we can’t.

Well, the dude in the backpack did dump that other guy’s beer out, so now I get why the dude in the white shirt was so pissed off. So kudos to him for throwing that mediocre left hook. But once again we see that Americans go out of their way to look like complete idiots when visiting other countries.

h/t Daily Mail

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